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  1. Gary D

    Supreme court passes new legislation

    Gator I think you need to read it again as there is an or in there so foriegners are not subjuct to the 6 year rule.
  2. Gary D

    Shipping (Again)

    As you probably will also know anything half decent will grow legs very quickly.
  3. Gary D

    fork and spoon

    I left the fork and spoon on the plate after eating, not chicken, the the waiter took the greasy utensils off of the plate and put then down to eat the desert. Had the lick the grease off before using them again.
  4. Gary D

    fork and spoon

    I was in Maxx's and didn't realise you eat all courses with the same utensils, just lick them between courses. I always assumed the fork and spoon was picked up in the american era.
  5. Gary D

    Why are so many men alone?

    Why are so many men alone, because women have wised up at last.
  6. Gary D

    Should have gone to Specsavers. LOL

    I thought it said 12" but then I don't use it as a rule.
  7. There is the perception in the Philippines that due to lazy policing murders are often put down as suicide even when it seem obviously not to be the case.
  8. Probably it had been wired properly and he didn't recognise it so was just suggesting that he could bodge it up for you.
  9. Gary D

    Bottled gas up again

    I don't see where the extra safety is, looks like a gimic to me. I can't see how a plastic tank can be any safer than a steel tank.
  10. Gary D


    We were at a market in Olongapo and the wife wanted some dried fish, evil stuff, anyway we aproached a couple of women venders sitting with their basket of fish. The two venders were talking back and forward in visayan about us as the business was done, half way through the wife had switched from tagalog to visayan and it took a moment for them to catch on.
  11. Gary D


    If she is from Mindanao her Tagalog might not be too good and as a foreigner herself will be open to scams as well.
  12. The Philippines can be quite old fashioned in many ways. The 13a is a residence visa and they would much prefer you to be a resident.
  13. Not a problem in the Philippines as often the Sikh is the bank.
  14. Gary D

    Bottled gas up again

    Can't imagine how they could explode, must have had the tank on the counter top next to the burner. The gas in the tank is not gas but a liquid which if you draw off too quick turns to a jelly as it cools. i have seen the valves changed with very little lose of gas because it can't convert quick enough.
  15. Gary D

    Bottled gas up again

    You must have a hole there somewhere.