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  1. Gary D


    I don't know about rectum burger but he's certainly wrecked that chicken.
  2. Gary D


    Is that any different than mechanically recovered meat in the west.
  3. Gary D


    A bit like KFC who proudly advertise they use 100% chicken.
  4. I brought a cordless drill be me and it's been a godsend. I also have a Black and Decker hammer drill that I brought from the UK sometime ago. Not good, drill more than three or four holes and it's about to melt.
  5. There's often a grab booth outside where the taxis pull up.
  6. We have our own well and a three stage water filter for drinking water. Initially I was using bottled water but now just use the filtered water. Back to teabI think the milk is the real problem. Tried Selecter and Nestles, now we are on Cowshead.
  7. Yes either slippers or chinelas.
  8. Was looking at the Craftsmen tool sets in American Hardware today in Subic Freeport.
  9. What's wrong with beans in a balikbayan box, we had a 24 pack of Heinz, they were about 10% of the price here. Also a pack of Carnation milk, the local stuff is like water. Had our first Christmas pubbing the order day with tinned custard.
  10. They have a fleet of ejeepneys at the Allhomes mall in Balagna Bataan.
  11. Be very careful as you can get into deep trouble volunteering here due to the labour laws here.
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