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  1. $2500 sounds a good amount but in the end it's all down to expected lifestyle. Yes get your wife's US citizenship but then reaquire her Philippines citizenship to become a dual citizen. You also need to consider your own visa status, there are several options.
  2. It's should be 1 year if the spouse is resident in the Philippines to stop resdents popping in and out to take advantage of the duty free perks, such as they are. If the spouse is resident abroard there doesn't appear to be a minimum limit. We will be doing 6 months in and 6 months out every year.
  3. Just had my BMW Mini done, the first place I went the young lad connected a cylinder like in the video and it showed that it was ok. Took it to a garage with the proper kit who sucked out tbe old gas and put back in the correct weight and it now works a treat. When the system gets down to a certain weight the system won't cut in. Mine only had 186 grams, should have been 460 grams. The gauge on that cylinder only measures pressure, it's not an indication of how much gas is in there.
  4. But the human body is designed to do the first. The second tends to cause over straining resulting in piles.
  5. It's your employer that applies for tbe work permit. Some say they will but never get around to it. The first you will know is when you are being deported. You must have the permit before you start work.
  6. What about dry rice on the roads, mind you aircon oaches just drive through at speed scattering it to the four winds.
  7. Government figures, I don't have them to hand at tbe moment give the life expectancy as 60 years.
  8. A good volcanic eruption can make a degree or two change in average temperature for a year or two after the eruption. Pinatubu had this effect and the famous 19th century Chelsea sunsets in London were cause by an eruption in Indonesia.
  9. Looking into an account with HSBC we are struggling with the requirements, being a 40 year + UK account holder doesn't count for anything. We don't have a title yet on our land or any utility bills in my name. But......in the land of who you know, not what you know. lola's cousin 's daughter is an assistant VP and works in the Quezon branch which is our nearest side of Manila.
  10. Your nearest is probably Alabang.
  11. Why do you think most seats are missing, they break when the olds squat on the seat. It's only the youngsters that use the seat properly.
  12. Also check that rental is allowed until fully purchased, some don't. If you are reliant on rental for the project to fly you could soon be in trouble as rental can be patchy.
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