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  1. Gary D

    Metal Detecting in the Philippines

    You would be very popular as everybody knows where there is buried gold to be found.
  2. When the German pilot did it a few years back he took passengers into the mountain side with him.
  3. I'll have to get that upgrade for our Smart car, do you think they are available from the local Merc dealership.
  4. Yes, it's the asawa that requests the 13a visa so sure she needs to be there.
  5. I was talking about the concent laws in the philippines not the strenght of relationships.
  6. The age of consent in the Philippines seems very fluid compared to the clearcut west. I would think anything under 25 could be on shakey ground.
  7. Yes never got my head around cheese in the fruit salad.
  8. Gary D

    Second visit

    " do you have a girlfriend " I answer "I'm married but I don't have a girlfriend yet".
  9. Gary D

    Second visit

    Asda are doing 4 tins for 90 pence, that's 5.1p per 100ml
  10. Gary D

    Second visit

    Supermarket beer here in the UK is around 15 peso for a 440ml tin.
  11. Gary D

    Hard Hit By The Rain!

    That looks as though it was filmed just across the rice lands from our place.
  12. Gary D

    Hard Hit By The Rain!

    Can we have some, it's not rained here in the UK since 28th May, we're not far from water shortages. Our family are on the Dinilupihan side of Hermosa, no one has been on line for a day now so can only assume there is a brownout in the area. Our house won't flood but the barungy will most likely be cut off. Food will become a problem as no one stocks up, often buying for a couple of days at a time.
  13. Gary D

    Got burgled last night

    Geese, geese are the best guard animals. The sister in law has a couple and they don't care who they chase, the geese that is. Mind you I wouldn't want to be chased by the sister in law either.
  14. Also getting your future wife to the UK later in the year is going to be a bit of a push and it's not a guaranteed pass either.