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  1. Gary D

    XMAS agggggggggggggh What's the date?

    Only 38 sleeps to santa
  2. Gary D

    Going back to Cebu in November to see GF...

    The other way would take the bus to Dumegeute then ferry to Siquijor. Two ferry trips but an interesting ride.
  3. That's where the pistol under the drives seat comes in handy
  4. Gary D

    Brexit turmoil

    Junker is just an elected bureacratic not a dictator. He has 27 boses telling him what to do, soon to be 26.
  5. Gary D


    My wife's favourite meal is what we call in the UK a sunday roast, roast beef, roasted potatoes, yorkshire pudding etc. It's the first meal we will have when we get back from visiting the Philippines, even if it's not sunday.
  6. Gary D

    Philippines Expat Merit Badges

    Also being a godparent to half the barungy.
  7. If your wife has siblings then they are infront of you.
  8. Gary D

    Hong Kong Disneyland Trip

    We visited a few years ago and it was a good day out. The only thing I struggled with was all the chinese faces on the Disney princesses.
  9. If they have entered the US on a visitors visa they will surely need the same to enter Canada. Where they are travelling from will have no baring.
  10. Gary D

    State pension ( British )

    I think it was something like 2012 that gov stopped further contracting out and paying into the second pension. They just took the 2% as extras tax but kept quiet about it.
  11. Gary D

    State pension ( British )

    My last forcast was about £225 a week. My worry is that they change their minds over the next 15 months and screw me over. Add to that the £150 week the asawa will get and we should be ok.
  12. Gary D

    Shall we put the Christmas tree up

    The wife put the tree up 3 weeks ago at mama's. Here it's still in the loft. As I tell the wife every year the tradition is that the family all gather round and dress the tree on Chistmas eve. I don't think I have fully convinced her yet.
  13. And the teachers could make a bit of extra money seller it to the kids.
  14. Gary D

    Suburb of China

    The next thing you know they will complain that they feel unsafe and the locals are threatening them so the Chinese army will move in to protect them.