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  1. Widely and continuously reported here in the UK virtually from after it happened.
  2. Might work in a country that has trains, but the Philippines......
  3. This may or may not be relevant but when out walking at night with Filipinos they don't seem to have as good night vision as myself. This I assume is due to their eyes being adapted to the brighter tropical daylight levels, a bit like they are waring sunglasses at night.
  4. Mentioned this to my wife as she has local lady in when we visit, apparently the ladies husband boils her tools the night before visiting my wife to give the manicure so I guess they get sterilized once in a while.
  5. My bad I thought Stevwool was touring Scotland.
  6. And the night rate on a park would be frightening. Probably cheaper in a B & B.
  7. If you are leaving it until your 58th day you are cutting it a bit fine. Best to sort it at least a week before expiry in case there is a hiccup.
  8. You need one of the Polish run hand washes we have here in the Uk. They would do 11 cars in about 20 minutes.
  9. Buying for cash might not help, all of their profit is in the credit deal.
  10. I think one problem has been a lot of people have been hedging around what they really wanted to say right from the start not wishing to offend. But BJ has been moving far too quickly, he needs to slow down before he really gets burnt.
  11. That's why if you crash landed in a desert you will walk in a large circle.
  12. The US size 10 is equivalent to a UK 12.
  13. The rabies shots can be taken after the event although in a timely fashion. I've never bothered. Another one that could be good is the TB shot, assuming you didn't get the shot in childhood. That's another one that can be dangerous to have a second shot so be certian that you haven't already been given it.
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