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  1. You have to remember many filipinos are out and out opportunists. You were caught, I've been caught and wife was too embarrassed to call them out. Just be less trusting in future.
  2. There are many foreign words in english so would said foreigner wonder why we keep throwing in words from their language.
  3. I keep theatening to buy my wife a walkie-talkie because she will insist on talking to me from the next room and I'm always getting to go and see what she has said.
  4. Safety between the Philippines and Thailand, Thailand has a specific tourist police force, the Philippines doesn't.
  5. Something to considder is the the country girls tend to be quite conservative and good catholic girls. There is a saying " you bed me you wed me. It's not unknown for a girl to jump in the sack with a foreinger thinking they have trapped them.
  6. I think american english is known as such to to distinguish the different spelling. Colour/color, the use of s and z etc. Prehaps we should call is microsoft english.
  7. I think unintentional sniffing glue as when doping the wings of biplanes in an inclosed space the smell would be quite heady.
  8. You're the rich foreigner, why are you complaining. I think we all get caught by that one at first, not being caught the second time is the trick.
  9. I believe the reason cash is disappearing is due to the increasingly rising costs of handling cash.
  10. So is that Mayaman and Mamatay
  11. Ah 0.454 kilograms so a henway is 1-1.5 kg.
  12. Here in the UK dope firstly is a type of varnish used on early fabric winged aeroplanes and secondly short for dopey or stupid ( your a dope). Don't know where the modern drugs reference came from.
  13. I automatically keep mine up to date and will add rabbies and Japanese encephalitis to the mix once I arrive in the Philippines. Not sure about flu as I will not be in the UK or Philippines during their respective flu seasons.
  14. Obviously, so what is a Henway?
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