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  1. It may be listed at that but can you actually buy it at that price. Would it take a year or two to work the commission out of your purchase.
  2. I wired our current house plus a bil and two sil with UK wiring, outlets etc but the problem is that one of the bil thinks he is an electrician/plumber/carpenter etc won't stop interfering when we are away and I have to put it back together on my return. When I wired one sil's house she was complaining about getting shocks from metal parts like the switch and outlet fixing screws, someone had cut the earth wire for the copper. She was recently complaining that she was getting shocks from her iron, the earth wire was still there just hanging, someone had stolen the earth stake.
  3. And then we come to the Philippines where the average house load is a TV, fridge and 3-4 5W light bulbs all supplied by a piece of wet string.
  4. I'll have to go and look for ours, I think the feed to our houses is only something like 40A.
  5. An enlarge prostate is not necessarily cancerous. A large percentage of men of a certain age have enlarged prostates and a PSA is not going to indicate that.
  6. The flu shot is just a best guess what the next strain will be, the effectiveness varies year to year depending on how good their ( WHO I believe) guess was. There are also different strains of pneumonia and there are different shots that cover broader strains than others.
  7. PSA is not a good indicator, finger up the bum is far more accurate.
  8. And started in June. The shot should cost about 700p
  9. I would have thought it would be the other end that needed to see proof of inoculation like coming from a yellow fever high risk area.
  10. Any flu shots available now would be old stock for last season. Next season is likely to be a different strain so different shot.
  11. The flu season follows the rainy season so you should get your jabs in about April.
  12. We live on Luzon sort of between Olongapo/Subic and Angelese so although very rural good amenities are on our doorstep. The wife is from Dumeguete and mother in law from Baybay Leyte so we are fairly well travelled, many filipinos have barely been to the next town let alone the next island. Negro is ok but becomes very remote once you get outside the large cities, only two really. In the Philippines they have different levels of city, so of the lower grades we would think of as little more than large towns, but hay it gives them some civic pride I guess. Leyte, the small bits I have travelled is not dissimilar to Negros. We spent a couple of nights on Bohol and it gave a nice feel, a bit sleepy and easy going. I would like to see more of Bohol. I've been to Cebu City 2-3 times and to me it was the sort of place to pass through as quickly as possible, a bit like Manila, a necessary evil on your travels. Bicol on Luzon was nice, we stayed near Lagaspi for a few nights. I think wherever you end up the most important thing is to make yourself comfortable. Just putting aircon in our bedroom so I could sleep nights made such a difference.
  13. There's lots of dodgy coins on ebay, especially gold pandas and krugerrands
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