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  1. Gary D

    Cabinetmaker in Cebu or Bohol

    Most use concrete to stop the little blighters
  2. Gary D

    Very sick wife

    That's your cultural version of HONESTY, she come from a different culture where they have their own version.
  3. Gary D

    Buying a car

    Clocking seems quite prevalent so check the usual ware points to the km.
  4. And PAL was banned from Europe for a few years a few years ago for the same issues.
  5. Why not, we used them several time a few year ago and they quite acceptable.
  6. Gary D

    Very sick wife

    Did you buy the ticket or just sent the money, if you just sent the money I will say no more.
  7. Gary D

    Very sick wife

    Find a good attorney and then sit back and see how a real scammer works. Just walk away and save your sanity.
  8. Gary D

    20,000$ US for soon to be expat

    NPA used to camp out on our mango land in Bataan some time ago when passing through. Don't kid yourself they are all over.
  9. Gary D

    Very sick wife

    You may be but Arizona Kid wasn't.
  10. Gary D

    Scrub it... or it won't be clean.

    After 20 years of using automatic washing machines my wife is fully on my side. No beating it to death at ther local pump for her.
  11. Gary D

    Very sick wife

    I think that one passed you by. Short time in the Philippines is 2-4 hours hotel room where a boss takes his secutary or you take a working girl.
  12. Gary D

    Home schooling

    Home schooling is widespread in the Philippines, the kid stay home and don't go to school.
  13. Don't forget the fish to eat the mozzi larva
  14. The departure can be anywhere in the Philippines as you are not going to use it anyway.
  15. Gary D

    Filipina giving driving instructions

    My wife has been driving 15+ years here in the UK so she gets the hassle driving in the Phils, not me.