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  1. Accessible from Bacalod so does that make it Occidental?
  2. Iv'e had a Kindle Fire HD for a few years now which also has a brouser. I also have a kindle app on my android phone so I just use my phone at work and in bed. The book keeps its place on both devices so swapping is seamless.
  3. I beleive it was only a 100 or so pesos more for the six month compared to 3x2 months but in the make work society it's only 1/3 the work.
  4. If you can find insurance to cover you in your later years you probably couldn't afford it.
  5. It's the wavelength of the signal that is the determining factor rather than distance and signal strength. As the wavelength approaches the size of the raindrops the signal starts to be absorbed. Increase the power and you just get warmer rain.
  6. Yes but when I retire it becomes free because it's everyone elses taxes that pay for mine.
  7. Just trying the head off at the pass the Davao members coming along to sing the praises of wonderful Davao which we all know is a paragon of civilization, an oasis in the desert.
  8. Wasn't it Davao that only gave 6 month visas to foreigners married to filipinas.
  9. I think the above comments apply to the Philippines in general. I have seen wheelchair ramps in Manila but they tend to be very narrow and very steep. Perhap Davao would be better as reportably Davao is more progressive than the rest of the Philippines.
  10. We used to have satellite broadband at work because there wasn't enough landlines to the site. It didn't like rainy days.
  11. It's not universally available so perhap it has been dropped at Bob's BI.
  12. The UK hasn't checked people out for many years, the government doesn't have a clue who's still in the country. All done to save a few boarder control officers.
  13. Ah but that involves getting married.
  14. That's not crap work that is the accepted norm. Just need the machine gun towers and electric fence. Pilfering will be an ever present danger. Often the caretaker is in on it even if family.
  15. A lot depends on how well the right to left hand drive conversion has been done but you can have any configuration that you want.
  16. No makes it shrink. Bing problem in the western world with the amount of oestrogen in the environment largely from washing powders.
  17. The splash was big enough that you probably didn't need a direct hit.
  18. Before the 30 days is up you need to get a tourist visa, start at 29 days then every 2 months until 3 years. You will then need to leave the country and return to start again. A day trip to Hong Kong will suffice. I'm sure someone will be along shortly with the costs
  19. You can get something to wear under your shorts for that.
  20. If you mean come out to stay then tourist works but there is also the spouse visa or the retirement visa. Citizenship is 10 years and probably not worth the bother.
  21. Here in the west it's more usually used by post menopausal women.
  22. Multicabs are hand build from parts that arrive in containers from Japan. A lot depend on how well it has been put back together and how much has been left out.
  23. Balikbayan is a special deal and only works into the Philippines. In the other direction is just normal sea freight.
  24. I'm sure the OP can use google the same as I did, just comes up with HRT for ladyboys so I suspect there is little call for it otherwise.
  25. The Philippines version is cheaper, they just leave you in a corner to die.
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