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  1. Yes my phone has that feature, the wife moans that she can't ever phone me because it's always turned off.
  2. If I have a headache I take a couple of paracetamol and keep away from children as it says on the back of the packet.
  3. Gary D

    Last Supper

    Don't forget the picture with eight horses.
  4. Just wait until she wants a pair of 100 peso slippers and the cheapest she can find are about $10.
  5. The EU is socialist not fascist so hammer and sickle not swastika.
  6. So could be a good saving to wait until I get the the Philippines.
  7. My understanding is that the vaccine is dangerous if given once you have already had dengue. That's why they stopped giving it because of people not knowing they had already had it as it can be like a mild flu.
  8. Anyone know how much the shots cost in the Philippines. Here in the UK they are 3 shots at about £55 (3700 peso) so £165 or 11k
  9. You will usually just be bundled into a tricycle, unless you live in Davao.lol
  10. Having the dog or cat injected is often free but the locals often don't know or don't bother.
  11. Never had a problem with BB but there is always the first time.
  12. The transit package will fit a jumbo box with about a cm all around to spare.
  13. I think the lack of taxis is more due to the full line in the carpark being fed by the fixers.
  14. Thanks OnMyWay, Dinilupihan is our local town, I'll pass on you info. I had also suggested the place as you crest the hill before going down into Olongapo. Did stop their once many years ago and as you say they have lots of bits and pieces there beside the road.
  15. Thanks Mike, I was thinking somewhere more local so that I can send an inlaw along to have a look. Looking at those prices I could save 10k shipping one from the UK in a BB box, that's including the shipping.
  16. Does anyone know where I could purchase a cement mixer in the Subic/Olongapo area. I'm looking for one with a drum size in the region of 140 lts. Electric or petrol.
  17. I think what I should of said was "surely would want to leave. So I guess you could say I was asking a question but in the vein of "is the pop catholic" or " does a bear shit in the woods.
  18. Yes my pension pot has been going down quicker than I can put into it. Probably cost me sometrhing like about £15k since it all started 3 yeras ago.
  19. If the Philippines was that bad all of the locals would want to leave.
  20. Brexit ~ Noun The undefined being negotiated by the unprepared in order to get the unspecified for the uninformed.
  21. The locals do get bitten just as often as vistors it's just that after a long enough exposure you stop reacting to the bite. So they no longer show the big red welts when bitten.
  22. From known resources, it constantly changes as they discover new fields, I vaguely remember the oil was going to run out by the end of the 70s until they found some more.. If the planet survived the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs it will survive us. Changes happen continually, what seems to be occurring is that the rate of change has increased. So it's not the planet that needs saving it's the human race.
  23. If you think you can do it go for it. Only one word of caution the Philippines will most likely be more expensive than you first expect.
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