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  1. This whole corona virus thing is really just one big scheme to introduce, REMOVED BY ADMIN Do not try to stir shit as I am not in the mood and grow up or stop posting to cause crap. Had enough,, get it.
  2. In my locale common sense is pretty thin on the ground. Can't remember where is was on the news but one country was kicking out all of the foreigners, even a US hospital ship with 400 doctors and nurses on board. I think it may have been Senegal.
  3. A ganta is a measure of volume, often a square box. You can get half ganta as well. We now need a pass to leave the barangay, the only way out is over a bridge so easy the control. Our barangay is only allowed to go to the local market on Tuesday and Friday and you need the pass to get into the market. I seriously need to work on my wife's panic buying skills as she doesn't try anything like hard enough.
  4. Our son is working from home now and is most concerned that his PS4 won't be delivered. His girlfriend lives in London, about 60 miles away and last night Phils time he messaged ask if she could move in for a time but later yesterday the government put in a total lockdown with no movement unless dire emergency. So no PS4 or girlfriend to fiddle with.
  5. Well its just happened, total lockdown from this evening UK time, no one goes out.
  6. And in many cases boundary either.
  7. I'm just waiting for the xenophobia to kick off here. My wife has already been ask why as a foreigner I'm here. Being that they are all simple country folk here it is generally beyond most of them to work out that if I caught covid-19 it would be because one of them gave it to me.
  8. There was and maybe still is a scheme for locals to dob in overstaying foreigners for a reward.
  9. And you get tbe SRRV before you buy the condo, not after.
  10. Yet the virus survives very well at temperatures of 37 deg.
  11. Didn't the original Alison engine suffer from a disintegrating flywheel.
  12. Well couldn't put it off any longer, all moved in.
  13. Nothing beats a swollen helmet as long as you take something to take the pain away.
  14. Yes the Vulcan was another plane like the Lightning than could go vertical at the end of the runway. A favourite at 1960s airshows.
  15. Our son was telling us yesterday evening that the company he works for just sold two 200 lts reactors to Chine for producing a vaccine. 10 days from order to installation, that's going some, although he thinks the units were already in China. What he is a little surprised about is that they have gone straight to such large units as normally one would use the small millilitre units to get the heat and nutrient mixes right before going bulk. He thinks they must still be at stage 1, stage 3 would be a 20,000 trial. I guess we will be able to buy 200 lts reactors on alibaba in a week or two.
  16. So it's close or not closed, make up your mind.
  17. All the inshore and river fish here are fed on shit so nothing new. We walked across a bridge over shit river in Olongapo a week ago and by the bridge was an outlet which was teaming with little fish. You can't tell me it was prime fish food coming from that outlet
  18. A bit like Spain who are also well up the league table. Looks like a trend developing.
  19. More than 50% of the houses in our street the idea of a window is a hole in the wall, a bit rural here.
  20. No no bars. Not thought too much about it. Bars aren't going to stop kids throwing rocks through them but as they are all sliding they are much more secure than jalousie widows.
  21. Transferwise is giving 58.99 whereas my bank is 58.10
  22. When I looked about a week ago it was around 63
  23. I've seen average costs quoted between 15-20k per square metre for a middle class house so mine looks top end, but then we have probably built better than the average filipino house as it's more like a filipino built western house. Having been in a couple of subdivision houses they are pretty poorly built.
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