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  1. The Philippines will be hard on you if you have COPD. There is a fair amount of pollution, particularly from jeepneys and other diesel powered vehicles. Province areas will be better but have much spottier medical assistance, imho. Many medications are available at better pharmacies such as Mercury Drug. I lived in the Philippines for almost 10 years, but in Baguio City. The pollution and the elevation made my COPD worse so that I was almost bed ridden by the end of my time there. Returning to the States in 2016, with the lower pollution and with the aid of oxygen full time, I became much more active again. Still miss the Philippines a lot. Not perfect but sure made some great memories there!
  2. Sounds like my situation almost exactly, except sadly, I'm no longer living in the Philippines. Thank you for your input!
  3. hk blues, that is a real concern for me as well. They all promise to be good, but this one tends to ferret out trouble. If there was a way I could monitor my Netscape account and see the number and times of log ins, I'd probably do it. But just crossing my fingers and hoping someone doesn't block me out of my own account due to loose lips seems like poor odds at best. I know someone said they could have 5 connections on their account so I dug around for the terms of mine and it allows all of two. And we will have two televisions here shortly. (I have a hard time with some of the wife's favorite teledramas and her penchant for Vice Ganda is a bit more than I can sit through regularly.) Though to be honest, I end up watching Amazon Prime a fair amount more than Netflix. Thanks for the good conversations and thoughts on this one folks.
  4. Yeah, they wouldn't let me watch some show the other day when I had my VPN running on my so-called smart tv. I had to shut off PIA in order to access the movie. Kind of had forgotten about that until you mentioned it.
  5. Unless she comes in with a VPN, but I don't think I'm going to pony up for that.
  6. Okay, so no problem for her to log into my account from the Philippines. Just wondering if Netflix is going to get tiffed when we are both logged in at the same time, me: Washington State USA, her: Cebu Philippines. But thank you for the input, Old55! I will probably let her try. Good point Rayj, we are roughly 12 hours off of each other give or take a couple of time zones. MikeJ, Oh ... I do so remember the years I got by with 512k down because going to a full 1 mb down was triple or more the cost. I wonder if there is a way to see how many are logged on my account. If it gets out, I can always change passwords! The youngest says they are going to get 12mb down for 2k pesos a month. I'm thinking, yeah ... sure, for 5 seconds once a month.
  7. Hi folks, long time since I've visited here. Hope to start dropping by more often. I'm an ex-expat. I lived up in Baguio for 10 years but have returned to the USA, about three years ago. I have great memories of the PI and miss it often. My wife, a Cebuana, misses it even more but is adapting to life in the States as best she can. So, the wife's family may be getting wifi in their remote province house. And the youngest daughter, 18 years old, wants to use our US Netflix account to watch movies. I'm leery because I can imagine Netflix getting a bit tiffed at simultaneous use of their service in the USA and the Philippines. Has anyone else used their American based Netflix account overseas and did Netflix notice, get angry, threaten to shut you off, or just ignore it? Hope everyone is well and enjoying themselves. Have a San Mig for me! (Actually, make that a Cevaza Negra, please.)
  8. So if next week you get accused of something we will print it here even if you may have been out of town for all we know.You may say whatever you want about me. Please consider my membership in this forum terminated.
  9. For evil to prevail, it only takes good men to remain silent. While I understand that you do not want to participate, his owning another forum is significant only to you. Legal charges are not hearsay, they are a matter of public record. If people come here to learn about the good and the bad of the Philippines, stifling warning by suppressing names of shysters and criminals is of no service to anyone. That's the end of my spiel for today.
  10. Damn shame we can't name names and help protect others from this cockroach!
  11. They do sell gas sprays here and batons. If you kept a big knife in your car or bag (not for air travel of course), I'd keep a couple thousand peso notes and some business cards showing you were in the catering or meat processing business. For technical answers in terms of dealing with best technological answers, that depends on training and ability. For legal answers, a Filipino attorney familiar with case history of self defense as it applies to foreigners is required, something most of us simply do not qualify for. However, you will be outside the USA in a system that is not overly friendly with expats, so even if you use legal means to dissuade illegal assault on your person or family, you may still be considered in violation of whatever they choose to apply. There are NO "get out of jail" cards. Example for attitude: Not a fight, just the legal system doing its thing. Similar to the USA, night shift work is often paid at a higher rate than day shift work. A friend owns a phone center/web design business. He hires a group of individuals that turn out to be only marginally effective workers. Knowing they are not producing, their contracts will not be renewed. So they go to the Department of Labor, file a complaint against the company. Company is effectively owned (though not in name) by expats so Dept of Labor decides to sue the company for unlawful wage discrimination. The crime? Not paying night shift differential to day shift workers. Even though that is common practice by hundreds of companies here. But this company is a Kano company so the law and common sense does not apply quite the same way. My example is civil law, but it works in criminal law cases too. Read the thread about the Swede picked up for having an underage child in his company. Even though it turns out to be the cousin of his girlfriend who is also with him. There simply is no guarantee things can't get all screwed up even if you do it right. That said, I love it here anyway.
  12. Well, if the helper was bent, the guy didn't have a chance. But if she is easily duped by a fast talker, then a mandatory phone call is a good solution to that sort of robbery. There are some very slick con men (and women) that con maids and helpers into bringing cash, jewelry and valuables out of the house because of an emergency, usually some sort of medical thing. But if the helper was still there, she was either innocent but stupid, or part of it and very stupid. Note: Sword canes/walking sticks are ILLEGAL in the Philippines for use outside of your house. They are legal, as far as I know, in your own home. I encourage wives to develop an interest in skeet or some similar sport. Long bladed knives are good, but most of us have little training on them. Yah, I know, poke and hope, same strategy we used as teenagers. :thumbsup:
  13. The guy didn't give the helper a cell phone and check to be sure she had load? All his fault then. A good gun is first choice if you have a Filipino wife. I prefer a short barreled shotgun over a handgun. Next, a sword or sword cane. Guy in Pampanga very nice ones for about 5000 to 6000 pesos. A cheap fix is a good bludgeon, preferably of the sporting variety. That would be a baseball bat for an American and a cricket bat for the Brits. Scuba divers can keep those spear guns in handy reach. Blackthorns go for roughly $100 plus shipping. Shillelaghs are a bit shorter so I prefer the walking stick to the traditional weapon. A good 11 inch Kitchen Knife isn't all that bad, but a Chinese meat cleaver is even better. Intelligence is a good defense but not always the equal to every situation. Or so my experience has been.
  14. Trauma can leave scars. Look for a family counselor such as a priest if she is religious or psychologist if she prefers professional assistance in dealing with it and finding good coping strategies. There should be both available in any larger metro area.
  15. Dave, you are right. I have done a bit of both in terms of house hunting in the Philippines. Hired a taxi driver and wandered around. Also got a local friend of my wife (then brand new girlfriend) to help find a place. The results were variable to say the least. One customs official wanted 30k for a 10k or 15k smallish house, there was 50k a month house that was B E A U T! I couldn't afford it but I sure enjoyed looking through the place. Word of mouth, making friends and acquaintances, checking the classifieds in the local paper (with my wife doing the talking) and so on works for me, but that is boots on the ground approach. If I left Baguio City (unlikely) for Cebu, I'd rent a room at a pension house for the month and take my time. Meet other expats and Filipinos and decide what "good" and "bad" are based on my expectations. Those are very "non-specific" terms that make a lot of sense to the person that uses them but can mean something totally different to the person hearing them.Sadly, I cannot offer any alternative (other than the one above) and taking the 1000 an hour offer seems like a good choice if a qualified, honest, English fluent guide is necessary immediately.
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