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  1. TimL

    Who holds the purse strings

    Me. It's my purse, so my strings. hahaha
  2. Yes but, TOR tends to be extremely slow.
  3. Yes OMW, it’s been happening to me now for the past month or so. I have three vpns, Express, IPVanish and Private internet access. I was finally able to get Express to work the other night by using Express along with Firefox in Private mode. I have no issues with Netflix, DirecTV, Kodi etc. On any of the VPN’s. It could in fact be a browser cache issue but, I am not clearing my primary browsers cache. I stay logged into too many things with my Company back in the US to go through the hassle of clearing everything out and having to relog in.
  4. Very sad. :( Based on how everything is stacked up against everything else here, it’s almost impossible to keep fires from wiping out huge amounts of homes in one fell swoop. It seems that buffer zones between buildings is pretty much non-existent here.
  5. TimL

    I love the weather this time of year!

    It has definitely been very nice lately. :)
  6. TimL


    Better hurry, next they’ll tell you no ports available. Lol
  7. TimL


    More like “at all times”. I have yet to run across anyone here who knows the meaning of the word service. You’ll get it, when you get it seems to be the order of the day. Oh well, can’t fight city hall so to speak. I just suck it up and try to roll with it.
  8. TimL

    Maid to order? We have a dilemma!

    Like Ronald Reagan once said, “trust but verify”. Seems very plausible to me that when you mentioned the flash drive missing that it turns up in the bottom of the trash. If she did in fact take it, she wouldn’t want to get busted with it and prob would be worried at that point of trying to get it out of the house as well. Add to that it was opened and both wrapper and drive are in the bottom of the can?? Your kids doubtfully are going to hide the entire contents, wrapper and all at the bottom of the trash. I smell a rat. Time to get a nanny cam put out some cheese. :)
  9. TimL

    Online Sales to supplement income

    What are you selling in the store?
  10. TimL

    Very sick wife, no it was a scam

    As you wish my friend. Good luck either way.
  11. TimL

    Very sick wife, no it was a scam

    And did you get that info from the NBI themselves or are you taking someone else’s word for it?
  12. TimL

    Very sick wife, no it was a scam

    NBI. No way would I go to local authorities. As many have pointed out ready, they could be her family or close friends of the family if it’s a small place. The Feds are the place to start.
  13. TimL

    Newbie question

    Well, we answer anyway.... 😂
  14. TimL

    Very sick wife, no it was a scam

    That’s another angle you could play. Don’t divorce her yet, keep her hemmed up in marriage, send your investigator to get proof of adultery. Nothing wrong with having an additional charge against her. Hahaha..... Damn, I’m vengeful. Once you divorce her in the US, she is free of you in PH as the divorce would be recognized here.
  15. TimL

    Very sick wife, no it was a scam

    Excellent advice Ken and you’re most likely correct about the local police burying it. Corruption is way too rampant here. NBI is the way to go.