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  1. I would have sent them packing also. They are wrong on so many levels.
  2. Something to consider. My PLDT fiber modem has a 5G Wi-Fi and a non 5G Wi-Fi. Attached are Speedtests from both of those Wi-Fi connections. Non 5G makes a big diff in speed. Maybe your laptop is connecting to non 5G.
  3. TimL

    Food panda

    I use Panda and Grab Food quite a bit. Keeps me from having to go out when I don’t feel like it. Panda is very efficient here in Cebu.
  4. Great, I have a connecting flight in Shanghai in April. 🤧
  5. Glad that she’s okay Steve. Yes, they would’ve all had their phones out recording but most likely wouldn’t have offered any assistance. Be careful ranting at people, ugly things happen to those who are deemed to have caused someone else to lose face, even when their in the wrong. Yes, there is right and wrong In our world but dying over it would be counterproductive as they never seem to see the error of their ways. He probably sees it as, if you were in your own Country where you belong, that never would’ve happened. Lol. Anyway, seems to be a hellish visit for you over here. Ready to relocate here permanently yet? Hahaha
  6. Glad things are semi-normalizing for you. You’re really not saying anything that most of us haven’t experienced and felt as well at one time or another. It’s definitely a completely different animal over here. The rules I try to live by here are, accept that this isn’t where I came from, never, never, never be in a hurry here and accept that there will be a lot of outside pressure on me to do or give what I’m not prepared to do or give. Blow off the small stuff and hold your ground on things that you believe strongly. I’ve only been here for 17 months. No idea if I will make 5 years or not but, I am trying. Haha... Good luck, hang in there Steve. Things will get better as you get more used to them.
  7. It definitely takes some getting used to Steve. Being in your own place say a good island or two away from the family would probably go a long way towards keeping your sanity. Like you, I can’t handle all of that either. For a mostly broke population, they sure do spend a lot celebrating. Hahaha... Hang in there and move to your own place. ;)
  8. I was just in the BI office @ J Centre Mall on Thursday to Get my ECC. The ACR that I applied for Oct 17, still wasn’t it yet. The guy said that they are running at around 2 months now. Guess it’ll be in after I leave. Haha
  9. I bought one like that from Lazada about 6 months ago. So far, it works great. Knock on wood....
  10. I saw a 250 ACR fee on my visa renewals also. Tourist ACR is good for 1 year and they def charge 2,500 ph to renew it so I’m not sure what the 250 is on the visa extensions. Probably just another way to squeeze out more cash from us. check the tourist ACR for an expiration date. Should be 12 months from when It was issued.
  11. My ACR expires today and I am heading out of the Country for a while in early December. Hopefully, I don’t have any issues with getting ECC w/o a valid ACR.
  12. That’s what I was thinking as well. I know that I’ve had ll of my childhood immunizations and also any boosters as required by the Army in 1981. Pretty sure polio was on that list as it seems that that’s been a mandatory vaccine for DOD for a long, long time. Proof on the other hand, is going to be an issue for me to show.
  13. Just saw a couple of things that are worth reading.
  14. Hmmm.. I went into the US Army back in 1981. Don’t recall what vaccinations I got but, definitely got some. I don’t have the records anymore. Wondering if there’s any way to get those records.
  15. Can always use this as a perpetual visa I guess. Sir, you need booster before you can leave. I’m not getting one. Okay Sir, then you can’t leave. Okay, then I won’t.
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