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  1. I was just in the BI office @ J Centre Mall on Thursday to Get my ECC. The ACR that I applied for Oct 17, still wasn’t it yet. The guy said that they are running at around 2 months now. Guess it’ll be in after I leave. Haha
  2. I bought one like that from Lazada about 6 months ago. So far, it works great. Knock on wood....
  3. I saw a 250 ACR fee on my visa renewals also. Tourist ACR is good for 1 year and they def charge 2,500 ph to renew it so I’m not sure what the 250 is on the visa extensions. Probably just another way to squeeze out more cash from us. check the tourist ACR for an expiration date. Should be 12 months from when It was issued.
  4. My ACR expires today and I am heading out of the Country for a while in early December. Hopefully, I don’t have any issues with getting ECC w/o a valid ACR.
  5. That’s what I was thinking as well. I know that I’ve had ll of my childhood immunizations and also any boosters as required by the Army in 1981. Pretty sure polio was on that list as it seems that that’s been a mandatory vaccine for DOD for a long, long time. Proof on the other hand, is going to be an issue for me to show.
  6. Just saw a couple of things that are worth reading.
  7. Hmmm.. I went into the US Army back in 1981. Don’t recall what vaccinations I got but, definitely got some. I don’t have the records anymore. Wondering if there’s any way to get those records.
  8. Can always use this as a perpetual visa I guess. Sir, you need booster before you can leave. I’m not getting one. Okay Sir, then you can’t leave. Okay, then I won’t.
  9. I’m on a tourist visa Tommy. I’ve been here for over a year so I have to get an ECC before I head out. Honestly no, I can’t see anything getting ramped up that quickly but, who knows.
  10. I’m flying out in December. The last thing I need is to get jammed up and not allowed to leave. Or maybe even denied when I come back in January cause I don’t have proof of an adult booster.
  11. Are you in Cebu Marvin or elsewhere in the Visayas?
  12. It was the link in my original post. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/notices/alert/polio-philippines
  13. Agreed Marvin. I’m not sure just how much faith I have in the medical system when it comes to a disease of that magnitude. Sorry Sir comes to mind.
  14. Get it or don’t I guess is up to the individual but, the part that I find worrying is: If you will be in the Philippines for more than 4 weeks, the Philippine government may require you to show proof of polio vaccination before you leave the country. To meet this requirement, you should get the polio vaccine between 4 weeks and 12 months before you leave the Philippines. Talk to your doctor about whether this requirement applies to you. That would indicate that they could keep you from leaving if you don’t have proof that you got it.
  15. Health Alert - U.S. Embassy Manila (October 9, 2019) Location: Philippines Event: Health officials have reported an outbreak of polio in the Philippines. Actions to Take: The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that all U.S. citizens living in or traveling to the Philippines be fully vaccinated against polio. Before traveling to the Philippines, adults who completed their routine polio vaccine series as children should receive a single, lifetime adult booster dose of polio vaccine. Read the Center for Disease Control's (CDC's) Polio in the Philippines webpage: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/notices/alert/polio-philippines. Assistance: · U.S. Embassy in the Philippines +63 (2) 5301-2000 · ACSInfoManila@state.gov · State Department – Consular Affairs 888-407-4747 or 202-501-4444 · Philippines Country Information · Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive security updates · Follow us on Twitter and Facebook
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