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  1. I’m a member of both Landers and S&R. They both leave a lot to be desired as far as I’m concerned but, it’s better then the alternatives here. On a good note, it’s nice to see Landers delivering now especially since HonestBee bailed out. Same bs with S&R when HonestBee was delivering though, ie. no this, no that. I call bs. I guarantee I could walk in there while they were preparing my delivery and find everything they claim that they’re out of. Oh well, end of rant. It’s cool to at least be able to get some stuff delivered, especially heavy or bulky items.
  2. TimL

    Paying for Meal

    I think that it’s been pretty well documented over the years on this forum and others that, foreigners are by the majority, expected to foot the bill for parties and get togethers. Same goes with inviting a few and the whole family shows up. It is, what it is, set the ground rules ahead of time if you want to deviate from what is considered their norm. If I attend any get togethers or have dinner with folks here, I am already resigned to the fact ahead of time that I’ll be the one footing the bill. With that in mind, it doesn’t happen very often. I also limit the number of any family members staying at my condo to 2 at any one time, along with a set departure date and an onward ticket. 😂
  3. Hi OMW, Yes, I did see that. I was wondering what it was going to be. Yes, we went all back around the airbase. Really cool. Lots of abandoned properties back in there. Kind of sad as it looked like they were pretty nice back in their hey day. Lots of nice houses up towards and past the airbase as well. I really need to get into the gated communities as that seems to be where the nice housing is. Had a heck of a time drilling down a realtor. My fault though as it was more of a whim trip then a planned out one. I will definitely plan things better this time around. It also rained a lot while we were there so it kind of hindered us quite a bit. That’s why I was thinking of maybe going in July rather then August this year.
  4. I was there last Aug with my GF and I/we didn’t have any issues either. Of course we weren’t hanging near fields or perimeter. Haha. The mall and the infrastructure was quite nice there and I am still pondering a move from Cebu to there. The biggest issue I had there was a lack of Grab Taxi’s. I ended up just renting a car for the 10 days that we were there. Driving was a breeze for the most part. My hangup now would be in getting a drivers license as I have been here a year now so I cannot legally drive any more. I’m thinking about another trip there maybe next month to scout things out again.
  5. LG Oleds are pretty sweet. Expensive but, awesome picture. I can’t even begin to imagine what an 8K or 12K would cost here. Exhorbitant I’m Sure.
  6. I don’t know, I was reading yesterday that the US ship was recovering a Helo going in a straight line which a photo clearly showed, a straight wake whereas the Russian ship showed a clear turning wake. According to what I also read, any ship recovering aircraft should be yielded to and allowed to recover said aircraft. Who knows. The interesting thing noted here, is that this happened in the Philippine Sea. Normally all of this kind of action happens closer to Russia, not far away from it. My guess, China has asked Russia to start messing with us now in the S China sea. Based on the Russian jet hassling the US plane the other day, this sounds just like more of the same so, if I had to guess and based on the photo that I saw, I would doubt that the US made any aggressive maneuvers.
  7. I have a Cigna Global that covers worldwide, except the US. You can add a rider for the US if you want though.
  8. I saw a legal office with “Notary” on the window in the next block after Landers on F. Cabahug going towards Ayala between Lhuiller and the bank on the corner. Sorry, I didn’t pay much attention to the bank name there as I use HSBC which is further up the road. Speaking of which, I just found out the other day that they moved HSBC around the corner from the old one. Guess I’m a little slow on the uptake around here.
  9. Always amazes me the number of people that swing over for a couple of weeks, go home and want to start the marriage process, move here, buy property, etc. Seems to never end well for them, just saying. Not dumping on you Ryan, just a red flag for you. 2 1/2 weeks is hardly enough time to hang out with someone and to form the opinion yes, I want to be with this person forever. Are you aware of the law can get you jammed up and jailed for living with a married woman? Plenty of other laws and idiosyncrasies you might want to sharpen up on also. Like putting all property in her name because you can’t own it, etc. All or most has already been well documented in other threads. I would urge you to study this and/or other PH forums like your life, financial future and well being depends on it. In some cases, it just might. Good luck to you, I really do hope that everything goes well for the the both of you.
  10. Of all places that I’ve lived, here is definitely a place that one should have a generator. At least big enough to power the essentials. Way too many power interruptions here.
  11. PLDT has been pretty stable for me. I’ve seen no outages or slow downs recently. <knock on wood> Sky, is another matter entirely. They seem to be going to hell lately.
  12. PIA doesn’t keep server logs. ;)
  13. Oddly. Netflix gave me a warning last night about being on a VPN. Maybe that’ll be the next one to go for US content.
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