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  1. fototek1

    How did you decide to move to the Philippines

    Thanks everyone. I am trying to stick to our plan of retiring in 2021 but it is difficult. I was away for work (my wife came for vacation because its a rich people tourist area)7/11 to 7/13 with what I thought was an impossible deadline. I worked 18 hour days (while my wife and dog vacationed) and actually met the deadline.....Anyway I am back at that location Tuesday for another crazy deadline..........If only I could be a lottery jackpot winner. At least I was able to enjoy a nice Glenfiddich for the first time in 5 months due to latent TB treatment.
  2. What made you decide to move to the Philippines? How old were you? How long have you lived there? Do you have any regrets? I know some of you will say you regret not retiring earlier and that is why I want to know as much as possible about your situation. I am 48 and trying to decide if its time to try out early retirement. I have worked more hours than the average 60 year old and its catching up with me. Financially I am above average (for a 50 year old). Not rich by any means but I own a house (no mortgage) and have no debt and also have a decent 401k. The nice thing is my wife is from an above average filipino family and they want her to move home so they offer incentive..... We both want to retire and spend part of the year in the US and part in the Philippines and we don't want to depend on anyone else. I am not sure we have enough money to do that yet but we are considering taking a chance. We are confident that if our current investments preform as expected we can retire in 4 years. We all know things don't always turn out as expected.....
  3. fototek1

    Good name for a motel

    Mahogany Motel "where you can get some hardwood"
  4. fototek1

    Good name for a motel

    Minuteman Motel
  5. fototek1

    Good name for a motel

    I know there is a lot of comedy on this site.....but how about a few unoffensive names (to filipino's) for a motel that rents rooms by the block of time. If we use the name you suggest we will give you some free rentals :)
  6. fototek1


    They do not give TB immunization in the US anymore. They stopped doing that here in the 60's
  7. fototek1


    The area is yet to be determined. We own 2 businesses in Bulacan and my wife's family is there. I personally like Cebu as I have friends there and it was the first place I visited in the Philippines. We have seen a bit of the country, Palawan, Bohol, Most of Cebu, alot of Luzon, Samar, Lagazpi, Bicol. If I were to have to choose Luzon I would like Baguio, Sagada, Tagaytay, Bataan (wifes family owns property and business' here) or Batangas. BTW I was born early 70's how about each of you?
  8. fototek1


    Long story short....Last November I got sick while in Bulacan and spent some time in the hospital. After a bunch of testing (back in the US) I was diagnosed with Latent TB. It is a long story if I give all the details. Basically, at some point, some time in my life, I was exposed to someone with TB (likely in the Philippines). Treatment for Latent TB is optional in the US and I opted to complete the treatment while I am healthy. Just finished today. Have you ever been tested or treated for TB in the Philippines? I have been to the Philippines many times and we (wife is filipina) plan on retiring in 3 years and spending half the year there. I have been lurking and reading this forum for years :) now its time to start asking questions and preparing.
  9. fototek1

    Grounding of electric appliances

    This gives a thorough explanation of the way the power system is wired. If you are only worried about the fridge, you can take the dangling ground wire and connect it to a copper ground rod. It is likely your neutral does not have a good contact to ground and is floating.
  10. fototek1

    We are talking about moving to the Philippines

    Oh, I know that as well. My wife was hard to train...I guess I need 2 bathrooms . Actually that is on the want list not need.
  11. fototek1

    We are talking about moving to the Philippines

    Hilarious!!!! Its funny, the first month I spent in the Philippines those things bothered me....Now when I visit I enjoy them, Thank god I have not been exposed to the Bakla Lovemaking
  12. fototek1

    We are talking about moving to the Philippines

    I will be on a Balikbayan status or 13A. We will also have travel costs figured in to travel back to the US once a year. We really want to keep the house here in the US and may have a family member move in just to pay the taxes and insurance . If need be it can be sold and then we have another $400k
  13. fototek1

    We are talking about moving to the Philippines

    Davewe, you have an excellent point and it sounds as though you and I think the same way. I actually have been simplifying life and expenses here in the US for many years. We have enough cash outside of our 401k to live for 10 years in the US......I am 45 and can tap my 401K at 59 1/2 and that in todays dollars at todays expenses would get us another 15 years. Then at 65 I have a tiny pension ($1300/ month that will always be just $1300). Then there is Social security at 68. I have also tried to figure out what things cost in the Philippines "that I can not live without". I am not willing to give up good coffee and I want an American style bathroom . I really dont like the wet toilet and the tabo. I would like to be able to do things in retirement and enjoy life. I am not interested in sitting around and rotting away. Thank you all again
  14. fototek1

    We are talking about moving to the Philippines

    Thank you all again for your advice. I really want to settle in Cebu as that is where most of my (filipino) friends are. If we are lucky and my father in-law is correct in his advice to my wife, we will be all set and can travel alot . I am cautiously optimistic. We are currently planning to make a decision in October. From now until then, I will look to replace the income I have lost and go back to my 6 year plan. At the same time we will investigate business plans and making the big move. If we do make the move we will have my mother move into our house and rent hers out. When we arrive in the Philippines we will stay in the family compound as long as I can take living by someone else rules. They really treat me better then family when I am there on vacation. What we will invest in the hotel can afford to be lost although it would hurt psychologically. Tatay said that he would get everything up and operational and if we wanted out he would give us back all of the money we invested. He just wants his daughter back home. She is one of 7 kids and he has all of them (except her)running their on business and living independently.
  15. fototek1

    We are talking about moving to the Philippines

    Thank you all for the quick responses. I will supply some more information. The hotel will be the type that is rented by the 3 hour block of time in a strategic location in Bulacan (few hours north of Manila). The idea of the Hotel comes from father in-law who owns 4 "Hotels" and is to provide our annuity income . . Neither my wife or i are into the us of these types of hotels but I do not have an issue using the business to make money. The father in-law wants his daughter back in the Philippines so he gave her a gasoline station (but he still takes the profits from the lease until she moves home). I wish it was not illegal to own a gun and load ammunition in the Philippines. I could easily make this my business. Open a gun shop, reload ammo, teach shooting, start competitions. We actually live a simple life here in the US although we have a big house (It's paid for, no mortgage). We both drive mid level Honda Accords ($24,000 cars). We have enough cash on hand to live here in the US for 10 years without working plus a healthy 401k. My wife is the accountant for the city we live in but doesnt even pay half what I made. We could just squeak by on her salary As for woodworking, I have built most of the furniture in our house, a canoe, jewelry boxes, doors, cabinets, bee hives and fancy mirrors. I do it because I am not good at doing nothing. I take pride in what I am able to do and the payment is seeing how it impresses others. I am not flashy with the cars, jewlry and clothes, but I do like to show off my skills . My wood shop takes up a 4 car garage and is really high end. Jake, my job was in telcom as well.