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  1. Am I the only one that thinks its a good excuse to buy a new car? Good luck with the repair.
  2. Jack, I think Americans do fight to many wars and I am to busy and extremely stressed.....Oh I mean Americans are to busy and to stressed. I am curious to see how I will do in retirement. I am good at doing nothing for about an hour!
  3. When you get old, you miss the details. Or is it, the details don't matter. I don't remember.
  4. This is for sale 10 miles from me in the US. Shall I inquire about price and put it in a balakbayan box for you?
  5. Maybe if you buy a huge piece of land and put your house in the middle you will never have to hear the dogs again. I have a rich friend here in the US that bought 50 acres of land and built his home. He is isolated just outside the city. Its an amazing place!
  6. Kawanor, I think I should tour around with you :) I hope you have a great time!
  7. Have you considered using the Plastic corrugated roofing? We used that instead of the metal to avoid corrosion. The roof has been on 3 years now. So far the only issue is the squatters on the higher land behind us. They have thrown some really big rocks (5 pounds or more) and made a few holes. We bought extra materials and paid someone 500 peso each time to go make the repair :)
  8. I went and threw some metal around today with these
  9. You can be exposed to TB and have the bacteria in your system with no symptoms. You can live a normal healthy life and one day your immune system gets weak and the bacteria become active. This is Latent TB. I was diagnosed with this a few years ago. They can treat Latent TB but you will always test positive for TB after this.
  10. Some people drive fancy cars to show off. This guy has an Internet controlled gun storage area. You have to agree it's cool automation, but not for guns. I am a firearm collector and classified High Master Long range shooter. I would never install a system like this in my home.
  11. Flying into Clark is nice. It's a small airport and no traffic in comparison to leaving (MIA) Manila. With that said, Corona virus and lock down could create some issues for you. Seeing you are from NC I guess you are planning to fly from Atlanta. I made that trip once and I believe one leg was the longest continuous flight in the world of 18.5 hours in the air. I can't remember what airline but I will never fly that many continuous hours again.
  12. Clint I just sent you a private message with my telephone #. Give me a call tomorrow late morning if possible and we can chat about your visit. Have a great evening.
  13. Hello Clint. Your current location is about 45 minutes away from me and my wife. My wife worked in Dubai and was from Quezon City. I have traveled all over the world and have a had a few blind friends. I will tell you Manila Philippines and Mumbai are 2 cities where I would not recommend a blind person visit. Other parts of the Philippines will be ok! It's nothing like being in the woods. As far as your security question, my wife says it's unlikely you will be able to find security. We may be able to help you out with lots of information and suggestions. If you want, send me a private message
  14. In Em's defense (defence for you Brits), Brits do speak funny. BTW, I am from NEW ENGLAND so I have a bit of a mix. As long as the ladies are peng, what does it matter how she pronounces Enamel She is still great to look at.
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