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  1. Maybe if you buy a huge piece of land and put your house in the middle you will never have to hear the dogs again. I have a rich friend here in the US that bought 50 acres of land and built his home. He is isolated just outside the city. Its an amazing place!
  2. Kawanor, I think I should tour around with you :) I hope you have a great time!
  3. Have you considered using the Plastic corrugated roofing? We used that instead of the metal to avoid corrosion. The roof has been on 3 years now. So far the only issue is the squatters on the higher land behind us. They have thrown some really big rocks (5 pounds or more) and made a few holes. We bought extra materials and paid someone 500 peso each time to go make the repair :)
  4. I went and threw some metal around today with these
  5. You can be exposed to TB and have the bacteria in your system with no symptoms. You can live a normal healthy life and one day your immune system gets weak and the bacteria become active. This is Latent TB. I was diagnosed with this a few years ago. They can treat Latent TB but you will always test positive for TB after this.
  6. Some people drive fancy cars to show off. This guy has an Internet controlled gun storage area. You have to agree it's cool automation, but not for guns. I am a firearm collector and classified High Master Long range shooter. I would never install a system like this in my home.
  7. Flying into Clark is nice. It's a small airport and no traffic in comparison to leaving (MIA) Manila. With that said, Corona virus and lock down could create some issues for you. Seeing you are from NC I guess you are planning to fly from Atlanta. I made that trip once and I believe one leg was the longest continuous flight in the world of 18.5 hours in the air. I can't remember what airline but I will never fly that many continuous hours again.
  8. Clint I just sent you a private message with my telephone #. Give me a call tomorrow late morning if possible and we can chat about your visit. Have a great evening.
  9. Hello Clint. Your current location is about 45 minutes away from me and my wife. My wife worked in Dubai and was from Quezon City. I have traveled all over the world and have a had a few blind friends. I will tell you Manila Philippines and Mumbai are 2 cities where I would not recommend a blind person visit. Other parts of the Philippines will be ok! It's nothing like being in the woods. As far as your security question, my wife says it's unlikely you will be able to find security. We may be able to help you out with lots of information and suggestions. If you want, send me a private message with your phone # and my wife and I will give you a call. We have many friends in Dubai and my brother-inlaw is a Kagawad ( Barangay Councilor)in Manila. I do strongly recommend you bring someone with you for safety and in the event things don't work out. Why Manila anyway? Is that where the girl is from?
  10. In Em's defense (defence for you Brits), Brits do speak funny. BTW, I am from NEW ENGLAND so I have a bit of a mix. As long as the ladies are peng, what does it matter how she pronounces Enamel She is still great to look at.
  11. I eat Durian and Balut but I can't drink Red Horse. I swear hazardous waste is an ingredient in that beer
  12. I think we have the political situation all set. My Father in-law owns a motels and many other businesses in the area and is good friends with the Mayor. Not the best picture but this is the motel. We will be finishing the area above the office next year for our own use. Right now we are staying in one of the rooms.
  13. Warning, THIS IS A RANT ABOUT MY FRUSTRATION. I am getting so annoyed at the poor quality of work done here and the TF (Talent Fee or Wage). I designed and built our home in the US and spent the extra time and money to do things the right way to help with future maintenance. Its been 20 years since I finished building and all is good. My wife and I are currently here in the Philippines for 3 weeks and she decided it would be good for me to spend a week doing maintenance at her/our Motel so I get a taste of retirement. It was probably a bad idea on her part as now I want nothing to do with this place. The motel is new construction and a nice place but some things need fixing. I do not have my own tools and trying to work with what I have here is making things worse. I am sometimes labeled as a perfectionist. The materials I have access to at the hardware stores are limited, quality is poor and prices are expensive. It has taken me a week to do what would have taken me a day in the US and I am not happy with the quality of the work I have done due to the limited supplies and tools. So now on to the TF rant. Our staff called in an electrician because the light on our sign was out. The lazy bastard showed up spent some time out there and cut off the connector on the light and said "this is your problem you need one of these" P600. He didn't fix the problem he just said this is your problem. So this is a task on my wife's list. Long story short, the connector wasn't bad, it was the connection feeding the connector but now I needed to buy a new connector because he cut the old one. It's fixed but WTF. I am an Electrical engineer and the way they do electrical work here makes me cringe. Half of our hotel is done well and half not so much. The fire Marshall came yesterday and said we need to install a fire alarm system with pull handles and bells. Long story shortened, we had to get the wired in version because we need heat/smoke detectors. Now I am trying to figure out how to get the wires run so it looks ok. The building is finished and looks really good. I am worried someone is going to do hack work when I am not here and I have decided I am not doing the work because it is to frustrating for me......first TF price is P30,000 estimate for 14 rooms and "maybe" more.....Its only a 2 story building and made of brick, its not going to burn! waste of money. Thanks for listening I will stop complaining for a few minutes and go drink a beer.
  14. My wife is from a wealthy family in Philippines and never had to do household tasks and enjoys life In the Philippines. Her family has been running her/our business in Philippines but had said she needs to come back and run next year. On the US side, I enjoy convenience of life here. I designed and built our home and have close family ties. Long story short is the life split between two countries is a compromise for financial, family and many other reasons. I really want her to take US citizenship but it's best to be fully informed
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