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  1. As many have stated, the numbers seem to be up due to the way the media presents the cases. We live in the US and I travel a lot for work so the wife is home with the 2 security alarms (Dogs). She wanted a gun to protect against the Asian hate crimes (in the house.....you gotta see where we live), so I talked to her about the fact that she has never seen or heard of a hate crime except in the media and that hate crimes usually happen in public where to protect yourself you need to carry a defensive weapon/firearm at all times. She wanted a gun anyway but just to protect in the house while I was gone so then I told her my gun rules. Shotguns are for home defense If you have a gun you need to know how it works If you have a gun for self defense you need to practice with it on a regular basis She agreed and abides by my gun rules. When I am gone she keeps it close to the bed loaded. I hope she doesn't shoot me or the dogs some night when i come in at 2 am. I think I will talk to her today and ask how many hate crimes she has seen/or heard of first hand now? Interesting fact, my wife works in the tax department for the largest city in the area. Property taxes were raised last year between 8 and 15% and people were pissed. There were angry people, the police had to be called a few times but no hate crimes. Occasionally people comment about her accent and say they can't understand her and want to speak to an American. Her boss is from Grenada but is an American Citizen. Its awesome when someone then tells the boss same thing. My wife and her boss are the top 2 people in the department, if you want a higher rank you have to go to the mayor. Still no hate crimes or targeted attacks and they work in a place that makes people angry! Most people know the tax collector doesn't make the rules, they just enforce them.
  2. Where there is a will there is a way! Voltage can be changed with a transformer. If for some reason frequency needs to be changed it could get a bit more complicated. A power converter can change both. I have used both GOHZ http://www.gohz.com/frequency-converter and Layer https://www.layer.it/en/category/power-en/frequency-converters/ for commercial applications throughout the world.
  3. We got here on 5/30/22 and spent a total of 4 full days at the bank and 2 half days. After 13 years of months long trips, I am still baffled by the banking system. The easiest transaction was transferring a repaid loan (I know you are all shocked) to our US bank account. The one outstanding issue is getting my wife's married name onto her bank account so she has remote access. They gave her a new ATM card but no remote access. We head back to the US tomorrow and hope the bank can resolve it without another visit. Time will tell. Anyway good luck, it must be difficult to live here if you can't get access to your money in the homeland.
  4. In 2010 I was in Cebu Philippines for Sinulog and visiting my Filipino friends. I was supposed to travel to Samar to visit another friend but a landslide shut down the Airport. One of my friends in Cebu said he had another Filipino friend coming from the US and they were heading to Bohol. They invited me to tag along since I had no plans. These guys (both doctors) labeled me an "Albino Filipino" because I like to eat everything, have a few drinks and just have fun learning how much I was like them. I will now shorten this very long story of many coincidences (ask and I will tell you). My wife was visiting the Philippines (from Dubai) and touring around with her sister and best friend. My friends encouraged me to talk with her but I told them I had no interest in a 19 year old. This turned to a bet about her age which I lost (she was 29 and single). The rest is a long story but short version is, the 6 of us spent 2 weeks hanging out together (because coincidently we were traveling to same places separated by 1 day. No one got any action but I tried which made me like her more! She invited me to see parts of Luzon and I took her up on it. While there I got sick and she and her family took care of me. After spending almost 1 month with her and trying like hell to get some, she sent me on my way back to the US and asked me to visit her in Dubai. I told her maybe and that likely we could only be friends. Anyway, multiple trips and many skype calls over a few years and next thing I know, we are married. At this time I still had no idea her family was well off since they live in their businesses. Anyway we have been married for 10 years and 2 weeks. We still live in the US and both work there. There is so much pressure from her family for us to move here and I think its going to happen for at least half the year soon. We could easily afford to retire to the Philippines now but neither of us wants to give up the American life yet. Our relationship is not perfect but we love and respect each other!
  5. Price for 50KVA transformer installed with new 1/0 (60mm2) wire is P250,000. I gave approval but was over ruled by Tatay! The best part is that Father-in-law doesn't want us to spend the money because Meralco said the issue with low voltage was damaged wire and its now replaced. I am fortunate to have great in-laws that want us to keep our money in our own pockets. Tomorrow I will systematically turn on all 25 air conditioners (as I measure voltage and a few hot water heaters (if voltage is not dropped to brown out levels) and see how low the voltage drops. We have 4 meters hanging off a 100KVA transformer along with many (maybe 20)low power users (maybe a few lights and fans each)...... I am curious to see what happens here. BTW, Did I mention I am an American Electrical Engineer????? It's been extremely difficult for me to deal with the way electrical is done in this country but I am just rolling with the process here.
  6. Our building is large enough for lots of solar panels. 40m x 13m . The issue is rocks falling from the sky! We are constantly repairing the roof because the kids behind us are practicing their pitching skills. It's a design flaw on our part. The land behind our building is 7 meters high and when we built the retaining wall we only left 4 meter space from back of building to the wall. When we add another building (2025) maybe we will put solar. For now I wish I could come up with a plan to prevent rocks from landing on the roof. Apparently this is a common problem in the Philippines according to the inlaws.
  7. Reviving the old topic! We just arrived back in the Philippines and need to address the power issue I brought up 3 years ago We have not installed the new transformer yet. Instead, we did things the Filipino way, we (I mean they) installed 4 meters to power different sections. When our place is full, low voltage is still an issue (not surprising since they all run off the same transformer over the same wire that the single meter was tied to) so now we are going to install the transformer. As I previously mentioned, its a Motel and we have 21 rooms with Aircon (window units) and electric hot water. We could get by with the 25 KVA but are planning on the 50 KVA in preparation for expansion. Hopefully we can get the price straight this time. Was over 1 million in 2019. The Father inlaw just had a 75 KVA installed in Bataan for 280 000 so he is having his electrician look into having ours done. 280K is ok but 1 million no way
  8. You will also waste the extra day in line to pay the fee
  9. We arrived back in Manila on 5/30/22, the first day of the recent changes. My wife and I own a Motel and we wondered what would happen since our place is not certified. We Entered our Hotel name like we were customers and brought ownership papers just incase they didnt allow. No one asked us for anything, they just let us pass. We did still need the One health Pass which we filled out correctly, so we were allowed access to the Express lane. It's the fastest (about 5 minutes) I have ever been through Immigration in the 13 years I have been coming here. It did take over 1 hour for our luggage to come out though! Happy to be back!
  10. @Old55Did you sign up for Starlink? We were considering it for our place in Bulacan but I determined the upfront fees were too high at the present time. If I see more people signing up and raving about the speeds and service then maybe we will sign up. For now we will stick with a cell phone data plan and tether. Fortunately that works fine for us. I was on a 1 hour Zoom call (for work) with 22 people this morning and it worked great.
  11. We made it! Married 10 years and 3 days now. I think we are ok . I will update people on the one health and Covid test needs when I get time. You know, so busy
  12. This is a nightmare We were rebooked on another airline by Japan Air because it was going to be a multiple day delay from Narita to Manila. The only problem is they never told us. Now we are scheduled in 12 hours on another airline BOSTON to LA (Jet Blue) then LA to Manila (Philippine Airlines) wish us luck. Today is our 10 year anniversary. I am think our marriage will last a total of 10 years 1 day That is her hitting me with the hammer. Wish Us leg tomorrow.
  13. Departure Day has Arrived. Headed to the airport and we get a message from Japan airlines that a Volcano exploded and our flight is delayed 24 hours. https://watchers.news/2022/05/28/high-level-eruption-at-bezymianny-volcano-ash-to-15-km-50-000-feet-a-s-l-russia/ We payed $500 for 2 Covid tests which are no good due to our good planning (we did them Thursday evening)and bad luck. Now we need to go do Covid tests again even though we will now arrive May 30 when the Negative Covid plan is lifted because we are departing before the change goes into effect. This is an expensive trip! Hope we can leave tomorrow as planned.
  14. No offence taken to any comments here. It's all amusing to me. BTW, 3 1/2 bags packed. I have a weight limit left for my things of 25 pounds. Looks like I will bring some underwear and a few shirts and then I will wear 1 pair of shorts every day for 3 weeks or maybe I bring 1 pair of underwear and a few pairs of shorts. Truthfully I just need a break from work and a good long look at retiring. I think I can do it but I am scared to make the leap.
  15. We are heading back to the Philippines for the first time since Feb 2020! My wife has 1 bag packed at maximum weight and we just spent the day buying pasalubong which I estimate will take about 2 more full bags. The Asawa, has been almost non-stop on calls with her friends making plans for our 3 weeks there and taking requests for more pasalubong. After 10 years of marriage, and 10 trips back to the Philippines I am still amused by this part of the culture. She bought about 15 pairs of slippers (for no one in particular) because they were on sale. She bought 5 pairs of Jeans at Banana Republic (for no one in particular)because they were so inexpensive and name brand. We went into Coach and thankfully the sale was not good although she had previously bought about 5 bags when the sale was good (I thinks that is what is part of the cargo in the first packed bag). I will finish by saying we spent 4 hours shopping, the bags were heavy and I am lucky she used her own money!
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