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  1. Do any of you keep bees or practice falconry in the Philippines? Do you raise cockerels for Derby? Please tell me about your experience there. I am still living in the US and trying to prepare for my life in the Philippines. The missing part of my plan is what I will do for hobbies and where to find quality friends who don't look at me as an ATM. I would like to keep some old hobbies and try some new. I have never done Falconry or raised a Derby participant.
  2. I am in a very similar position. Almost 50, (my wife is 10 years younger) and ready mentally to retire. I am fortunate that I like my job but I want to do many things that I can't while I am working. It's not an easy decision but as I have been reading here for 2 years, the majority are happy they did it! Go for it and share your experience here.
  3. There are many gays in the hair salons in the area. Most of them are girly boys.
  4. I only know the Muzon San Jose Del Monte area ( 10 miles from Tungko)and there are almost zero white people :) There is a German gent that's been living there for 15 years.
  5. I am curious to know the price. I will guess P30,000,000.
  6. For those of you in Cebu, I am friends with 6 doctors that work at Cebu doctors and they have had great training. I am also friends with Doctors that did their residency at Cebu doctors and now practice in big city hospitals in the US. There are also some very good hospitals in Luzon. Last year I spent some time in a new hospital in Bulacan. I was treated better than the filipinos and felt I got similar treatment to that I have had in the US.
  7. I am trying to teach my filipina wife how lucky she is......I do her laundry here in the US and I am the one who works 70 hours a week......She is lazy but she is smart
  8. It looks great. Is this in Manila? I am not accustomed to seeing such nice clean construction.
  9. Hey, who isnt interested in this?
  10. Most businesses in the Philippines are cash only. It is best to bring newish $100 bills and exchange for Peso's. I recommend coming up with a plan of places to go and things to do. Most people do not like being in Manila. Luzon is a big island and it takes a lot of time to travel from one end to another. Good luck and enjoy your trip!
  11. Check out NATIONAL TROPHY INFANTRY TEAM MATCH USAMU videos. The last time I shot in the US national championships my team beat the USAMU. This match was one of the quickest, most fun long range matches I ever shot. 6 man team, 384 rounds, open sites, 50 seconds at each yard line from 600 yards, 500 yards and 300 Yards.....If you had ammo left after 300 yard line you lost :)
  12. Hello all, It's been almost 2 years since I started this post and I thought I would provide an update. After getting laid off I found a new job that I really liked, then I got called back to my telecom job. I couldn't decide what to do, so I worked both jobs for 6 months. It was a tough decision, but I quit the job in telecom to take a chance on the start up I enjoyed working at. The 14 room Motel I talked about is now a 21 room motel (set to open in January) pictures attached. We are on track for 2021 retirement unless the hotel can really perform. Mentally I am ready to retire next year.
  13. Thanks everyone. I am trying to stick to our plan of retiring in 2021 but it is difficult. I was away for work (my wife came for vacation because its a rich people tourist area)7/11 to 7/13 with what I thought was an impossible deadline. I worked 18 hour days (while my wife and dog vacationed) and actually met the deadline.....Anyway I am back at that location Tuesday for another crazy deadline..........If only I could be a lottery jackpot winner. At least I was able to enjoy a nice Glenfiddich for the first time in 5 months due to latent TB treatment.
  14. What made you decide to move to the Philippines? How old were you? How long have you lived there? Do you have any regrets? I know some of you will say you regret not retiring earlier and that is why I want to know as much as possible about your situation. I am 48 and trying to decide if its time to try out early retirement. I have worked more hours than the average 60 year old and its catching up with me. Financially I am above average (for a 50 year old). Not rich by any means but I own a house (no mortgage) and have no debt and also have a decent 401k. The nice thing is my wife is from an above average filipino family and they want her to move home so they offer incentive..... We both want to retire and spend part of the year in the US and part in the Philippines and we don't want to depend on anyone else. I am not sure we have enough money to do that yet but we are considering taking a chance. We are confident that if our current investments preform as expected we can retire in 4 years. We all know things don't always turn out as expected.....
  15. Mahogany Motel "where you can get some hardwood"
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