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  1. I am with you Tommy T. I've been reading your posts and I think we have much in common besides the coffee.
  2. Imagine my surprise to find out the price to wire the transformer and connect our panel is P 950,000. That is in addition to the price of the transformer. So now we are investigating other options.
  3. Its a Motel so lots of air con, water heaters, and laundry. The Meralco engineer came back today and his figures were the same as mine. 50KVA for current building and 75KVA if we do an expansion. He wanted to double check the loads. If we switched the water heaters over to a gas system with a storage tank......When we were building everyone told me not to do it that way so I didn't. The cost to install would have been a little more than all of the individual units and cost to run so much less......I think. Anyway its done for now.
  4. I did the calculations and we need a 50KVA. The local power company (Meralco) engineer came out and counted all the light bulbs (hahahaha), looked at the aircon loads, water heater loads and all other electrical appliances and fixtures and said they will have the calculations complete on Monday and will get back to us with the price. The engineer said that we would have to pay up front for the transformer and they would discount our electric bill 70% for 1-3 years depending on the size of the transformer. They also said that the transformer installed would be bigger than what we need because others building next to us would be connected but they will guarantee that we will have the supply we need and if we have voltage drops they will fix it. Basically he told me everything I would like to hear but I don't believe it.
  5. Excellent information! We need a big transformer :) and now I am seeing that the price is actually not that bad.
  6. Thank you for the responses. I will send someone down to Meralco to see about a better more accurate price. I need to do the calculations but we will need a larger unit. In the US we have 200AMP service and I believe that will equal a 50kva transformer. For the Philippines the equation goes like this ; for a 50 KVA transformer we will multiply 50 x 1000 and then divide it by 240v. That gives us 208 amps.
  7. jimeve, did you buy the transformer? How much?
  8. How far from your house is the power transformer? Ours is almost 1 kilometer and when we turn on to much power voltage drops to 170 volts. power company said P200,000 to install a new transformer. I am also assuming it would not be our transformer and we would be sharing with others.
  9. I had some bad luck in 2017 while visiting and ended up in the hospital as well. I was satisfied with the treatment and very happy with the prices. Long story short, I had pneumonia and they saw mass in the lung. I was 46 years old and a week away from traveling back to the US. Anyway I made it back to US for follow up care and the mass was just nipple shadow but I was found to have Latent TB. Latent TB means that at some point I was exposed to someone that had TB and was contagious and the disease was in my system but I was not contagious. I Went through the optional treatment in the US and paid thousands out of pocket. The mistake in the Philippines was they never should have let me travel until determining it was Latent TB and not full blown TB. I have many friends that are physicians in the Philippines and they say almost half of Filipinos will test positive for TB (being Latent TB). The determination between latent and full blown contagious TB is a mass in the lungs...... It was actually one of my Filipino physician friends that recommended I get tested for TB when back in the US. He had worked in a TB hospital whiel in school and told me lots of stories. Anyway my Asawa and I are headed back to the Philippines in January for three weeks.
  10. 150000 complete. The well is a bit above average as we are using much more water than most. The in-law's put wells on all of their properties in the last 2 years.
  11. Apparently they are having the exact same issue north of Manila. Our place is very close to the Angat dam which supplies parts of Manila. The water has been turned off for more than half of each day for the past 2 months. Every time its turned back on its dirty so as many others have done, we now have a well.
  12. Looks just like my 1968 minus the pipes. That was a great car
  13. Interesting that all the photos I found are from the same angle. I will try to post up some of the others when I run across them. I would really like to have a nice jeepney too
  14. FIRST TIME | DOH declares National Dengue Alert July 15, 2019 , 12:28 PM JULY 15, 2019 – For the first time, the Department of Health (DOH) on Monday declared a National Dengue Alert amid the rapidly increasing number of cases in several regions. Health secretary Francisco Duque said among the regions that have exceeded the localized epidemic threshold are MIMAROPA, Western Visayas, Central Visayas, and Northern Mindanao. The following regions, meanwhile, have exceeded the alert threshold: • Ilocos • Cagayan Valley • CALABARZON • Bicol • Eastern Visayas • Zamboanga Peninsula • Davao • BARMM • CAR The Health department said 106,630 cases of dengue have been recorded nationwide from January 1 to June 29 this year, most of which were in Western Visayas (13,164), CALABARZON (11,474), Central Visayas (9,199), SOCCSKSARGEN (9,107), and Northern Mindanao (8,739). The overall figure was 85 percent higher than the 57,564 cases recorded on the same period last year. Duque reiterated that early detection and proper case management are needed to prevent dengue-related deaths. He said the code blue alert on dengue is seen to last from three to four weeks.
  15. I asked, "Can you recommend a dermatologist in Cebu that can identify and test for skin cancer and do a removal if needed?" In typical Filipino fashion my friend responded "Sure". I had to clarify my question and am waiting for the name of the person he would trust to check/provide service to his own family member. I may have to ask his wife who is also a very well respected doctor in the Philippines with strong ties to the US and cancer treatment through Lungevity. She has written a series of articles for the Lungevity foundation.
  16. I have a few friends that are doctors at Cebu Doctors. I will ask them for recommendation
  17. The time for the process varies but expect between 9 months and 3 years. $5000 is an accurate amount when counting all US gov fees, exams, appointments, xrays and the fiances plane ticket. My wife flew from Dubai alone when she came on K1. As many others have said that cost is small when you need to support the fiances whole family in the Philippines. I can't relate to this part since my wife is from a self supporting family.
  18. I know the place with Buko pies. We bought 30 pies the last time we were there. They are amazing! People line up and wait hours to get them.
  19. I am from New Hampshire and would recommend you visit during various times of the year and decide for yourself. The Third weekend in January is a great time to be in Cebu for Sinulog. The first few times I traveled to the Philippines was at this time and I thought it was hot and humid. I believe April May and June are the hottest months. If you are set on the Philippines and want cooler weather you can Travel to Baguio and Sagada, Both on the Island of Luzon. To give you an idea of temperature differences, The current temp in Cebu is 77, Manila 80 and Baguio is 62.
  20. Best of luck redfeather. 90 days isn't really enough time to get to know someone. My wife and I met while we were both vacationing at the same resort. We did the K1 visa after flying all over the world and vacationing with each other for a few years. We have been married for 8 years and I think we were lucky as we really didn't know each other for years after our marriage was official. Watch 90 day fiance on TLC (in the USA) and you will see some of the cultural hurdles you can expect.
  21. If you open a Metro Bank account in the Philippines you can transfer money to Metro Bank in the US with the US routing # and then have it go directly to your Philippines bank account. If you need more details and the US routing # let me know and i will get all of the info needed. Basically, if you are sending a large amount of money (more than $2000) you need to appear in person. If you are doing a transfer of less money from one bank to Metro the fee is $8. If you happen to have a USD Philippine account with Metro Bank you can receive USD in your account. If you have a peso account the rate exchanged is .35 less than the rate posted on the Metro Bank site https://www.metrobank.com.ph/
  22. Do any of you keep bees or practice falconry in the Philippines? Do you raise cockerels for Derby? Please tell me about your experience there. I am still living in the US and trying to prepare for my life in the Philippines. The missing part of my plan is what I will do for hobbies and where to find quality friends who don't look at me as an ATM. I would like to keep some old hobbies and try some new. I have never done Falconry or raised a Derby participant.
  23. I am in a very similar position. Almost 50, (my wife is 10 years younger) and ready mentally to retire. I am fortunate that I like my job but I want to do many things that I can't while I am working. It's not an easy decision but as I have been reading here for 2 years, the majority are happy they did it! Go for it and share your experience here.
  24. There are many gays in the hair salons in the area. Most of them are girly boys.
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