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  1. I would like to see that ad on in the US during the Superbowl!
  2. CLF was a great buy at $6-$10. I am steering clear now in the 20's. Time will tell. I have made some bad choices in the past.
  3. Best of luck. I don't remember the entire process but you should be able to verify if/when the USG receives the documents. My wife and I live very close to Portsmouth and some of her paper work went through that office. It did take a month or so before the NVC showed the records in their system. BTW that was over 10 years ago
  4. My wife is an illegitimate child. Her mother and father were never married and she is the only child with them together. Her mother married another man and had 2 kids. Her father got married and has 2 legitimate children and 2 other illegitimate children. My wife owns 2 parcels of land with buildings on them. I am an American citizen and not planning to kill my wife but trying to see what happens for each of us if the other dies. She will be set for life if I die but if she dies what happens to her assets as far as I am concerned? BTW, she is the one doing this research and dictating here as I type (except this line). Who and how much inheritance will the "illegitimate" mother, "Illegitimate" father and foreign spouse (ME ) inherit? If the Illegitimate parents are dead prior to my wife's death, will the the foreign spouse () inherit everything? Look at article 992 of the civil code Art. 992. An illegitimate child has no right to inherit ab intestato from the legitimate children and relatives of his father or mother; nor shall such children or relatives inherit in the same manner from the illegitimate child. (943a) The wife's minor in law is showing here! She plans to not make a will so "intestate succession" (INTERSTATE INHERITANCE) takes place and a foreigner can inherit property/land.
  5. Very nice. The photo would have been better with some beauties in bikinis.
  6. We always used bank to bank ETF and it cost a few hundred dollars maximum. There was a fee in the US and then a fee at metrobank where we sent the money. The nice thing with Metrobank is they have an office in the US and you can do an ETF like its still in the US but money really goes to Philippines. We sent over 100k on multiple occasions and have also sent large amounts back to the US.
  7. Everyone can use my address in New Hampshire for a fee. I like single malt Scotch....and beer....maybe wine....cough syrup...just no Red Horse
  8. Are you a US citizen and just planning to reside in the Philippines or are you a Green card holder in the US? If a green card holder and giving up residency in the US your choices will be limited. If you are a US citizen you have many options.
  9. @ JJReyes I recommend contacting some Rotary clubs to see where your funds can help. Do you have a particular area of the Philippines you would like to donate to? I am in touch with Rotarian's I trust in Cebu and Samar. Another thought would be to hold onto the money until you go and randomly give it away as you travel. Buy some of the begging kids lunch and have a chat with them. See someone that needs new shoes or clothes. Walk into a store and buy them stuff (don't let them pick). You know, random acts of kindness.
  10. My wife and I have decided that if my company agrees to my terms I will make a 2 month trip to Thailand. Does anyone know of any good active Thailand expat sites? All of the ones I am finding seem to have very little activity. I would be happy to find something half as good as this site which has good people and great information.....
  11. Thank you all for your comments. My company confirmed that the offer was because of previous inquiries and its going to create a position if I want it. @OnMyWay my job is in manufacturing and is "Hi tek" as @Tommy T. indicated. My comments seem disjointed but they are actually all related. If I were to write a novel you would see the connection. @Snowy79 My company would keep a position open for me if I took a temporary assignment. Another snippet of information is that I need to be busy when I am not sleeping. If I have nothing fun to do, usually with other peeps, I build things in my woodshop or I work. For the last 3 years I have been working 70 hours plus a week. I would like to ease into retirement and this reassignment to Thailand could help me evaluate that move. Have any of you lived in Thailand? This position would be 2 hours south of Bangkok and as I mention I speak no Thai and I don't know anyone in Thailand. Do you think these things will present an issue? Traveling and being away from home is not a huge deal except for the Coronavirus situation. I lived in hotels 75% of the time of 2018 and 2019. The longest continuous stretch was 6 weeks December 2019 - Feb 2020. I did have my wife meet up with me for a few weeks on that trip. She will occasionally take a vacation and come on the trip when I am in a nice place.
  12. I am still working in the US and retirement is planned in the next five years which will include time split between the Philippines and the US. My wife is a Filipina working here in the US and we own a business in the Philippines. Our business in the Philippines is doing well but we want to finish some construction which is very difficult while not there. We were trying to manage the construction remote but all of our construction staff quit because they didn't like that we were watching them No joke, but that can be a long post on it's own. Now to the real point! My company just offered me a position in Thailand. They are asking me what my requirements would be and left it totally open. I asked if it was temporary short/long term or permanent relocation and they asked what I propose. I know to ask for housing, transportation, health insurance and a few round trip flights. Should I ask for a salary increase as well? What else should I ask for? If I agree to 3-6 month contract or move to Thailand what should I expect? I do not speak Thai but I do speak some Tagalog which will do me no good. This opportunity was presented to me because I am awesome Ok so maybe it was offered because for 3 years prior to Covid I asked if there was potential of a position in SE Asia. My thinking at the time was to get closer to our(my wife and I) business in the Philippines which she would run and I would travel home every 2 weeks to month. I have been traveling all over the world but have never lived abroad. The longest stretch outside the US was 2 months and was no big deal.
  13. All of my pictures from the Haiyan/Yolanda relief were posted on Facebook and I am not really sure how to share it here. Basically I raised a large sum of money in the US through Rotary connections. The Rotary connections I had in the Philippines included some doctors who volunteered their time and delivered food and medical supplies to hundreds of people. Here are some pictures.
  14. Look for your local Rotary Club. Ask them to contact a club in the area you want to volunteer. Rotary is a great organization. If you don't like the local club try another. If you'd like, I can reach out to some Rotarians that could point you in the right direction. I can send you some links to the relief efforts I was part of for Typhoon Haiyan. 100% of all money raised through my efforts hit the ground.
  15. Am I the only one that thinks its a good excuse to buy a new car? Good luck with the repair.
  16. Jack, I think Americans do fight to many wars and I am to busy and extremely stressed.....Oh I mean Americans are to busy and to stressed. I am curious to see how I will do in retirement. I am good at doing nothing for about an hour!
  17. When you get old, you miss the details. Or is it, the details don't matter. I don't remember.
  18. This is for sale 10 miles from me in the US. Shall I inquire about price and put it in a balakbayan box for you?
  19. Maybe if you buy a huge piece of land and put your house in the middle you will never have to hear the dogs again. I have a rich friend here in the US that bought 50 acres of land and built his home. He is isolated just outside the city. Its an amazing place!
  20. Kawanor, I think I should tour around with you :) I hope you have a great time!
  21. Have you considered using the Plastic corrugated roofing? We used that instead of the metal to avoid corrosion. The roof has been on 3 years now. So far the only issue is the squatters on the higher land behind us. They have thrown some really big rocks (5 pounds or more) and made a few holes. We bought extra materials and paid someone 500 peso each time to go make the repair :)
  22. I went and threw some metal around today with these
  23. You can be exposed to TB and have the bacteria in your system with no symptoms. You can live a normal healthy life and one day your immune system gets weak and the bacteria become active. This is Latent TB. I was diagnosed with this a few years ago. They can treat Latent TB but you will always test positive for TB after this.
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