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  1. January & February are the best months, lowest rainfall & coolest temperature. March starts to get hot, April & May are death & more rain too.
  2. 60 pesos for mine, 8,000 for the wife. Sums up my life
  3. There's a condo we always used to stay in in BGC on airbnb because it was always the cheapest. Ended up looking it up and it pre sold for 4.5 mil in 2007, now it sells for 6-6.5 mil. Barely kept up with inflation despite the price of new condos going up 10-20% every year in BGC which obviously won't continue forever. Better off investing the money in something else and just renting.
  4. In the tourist/expat areas they are. You can get them much cheaper in less popular areas. Studio condos in my subdivision in Novaliches (North Manila) are 900k, there's just nothing to do outside the subdivision for a 30 minute drive. I wouldn't recommend buying a condo personally, you can rent 7 mil condos for 25-30k per month.
  5. There's one here, wouldn't recommend though: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fti-Indian-Restaurant/321116331415203
  6. I gave up trying to find a decent Indian Restaurant here, always end up average at best & very expensive by Filipino standards, normally more expensive than the UK.
  7. There's schools that charge more than that here to be fair, British School Manila is 1-1.5 mil pesos per year depending on the age. Think there's a couple even more expensive.
  8. I'd just put it in the girlfriends name or not bother. How you going to explain buying a franchise on a tourist visa (which is also on the foreign investment negative list anyway) to the BI if she reports you, pretty sure the BI would count that as working here whether you think it is or not. Plus it would make taxes etc too complicated if you're planning to do it properly, you'll be paying for all the supplies & the rent from your personal account so you won't be able to claim any expenses.
  9. That's why I live in a subdivision now. 95% of the slummy people (as my wife would call them) are really friendly but 5% is still a lot of people to cause shit. If I end up building a house in the province I'll be building a very big wall.
  10. You can't automatically stay 3 years, it's 'at their discretion' which means they can do what they like. I'd go for Manila, normally seems to be Cebu hassling people from what I've heard.
  11. No, he said he's completely banning it but yeah the police did illegally ban it outside lol.
  12. Doubt it will happen to be fair, Duterte starts going on a rant about something nearly every week that never ends up happening. He said he was banning vaping & banning rice imports last month, didn't happen.
  13. My wife used to work for them in Manila, they pay well to be fair. Used to get free healthcare at St Lukes, even had her teeth whitened there for free.
  14. Imee Marcos is suggesting they should bring back the death penalty for serious crimes such as...plunder
  15. Maybe gotten a little harder but I doubt you'll find a country where it's easier for a foreigner to get a woman. Even a 70 year old guy can literally just go on a dating site, message 20 girls in their 20s-30s and you'll definitely get a date for the night. Try it in the US or UK and you'll probably have the police round.
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