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  1. The HOA went round there and posted a video of the dog perfectly fine the next day but then the guard and neighbors told the HOA that they used to have 2 dogs. The wife says one was given away months ago. One of the neighbors told us that they used to have a big dog aswell and they saw the guy punching it one night and that dog was never seen again either. Went to the police station & barangay and they were disgusted by it but seems you have to sort out the case filing yourself here. My wife has an animal welfare group who have a lawyer to help her and I told her to just hire her own lawyer aswell. There's the CCTV & 2 other witnesses aswell so hopefully he gets fcked for it.
  2. Get woken up at 7:30 by the wife saying that someone posted in the 'villages' fb chat that some Chinese man had just attacked his dog just near our house, go downstairs and we check the CCTV and you can see him full on swinging this small dog by his leash against the wall then dragging it across the road and smashing it against the wall again, all whilst a woman and her 2 kids were watching. Can't believe the dog is still alive. My wife posts the video in a facebook group for the larger subdivision and most people were outraged. Then around lunch time the Chinese guys wife posts in the group chat 'blah blah sorry we've been through a tough time but he's a nice guy really', now there's 3-4 people in the group chat for the 'posher' village area saying my Wife is out of order for trying to publicly shame the man/family. Got my wife to remove the video now but still filing a case at the barangay/police tomorrow.
  3. Apparently he's dead now, died of natural causes and was quickly cremated. Sounds legit. https://rappler.com/nation/wirecard-cristopher-bauer-dies-philippines-jan-marsalek-immigration-fake-data
  4. Maybe because you're supposed to go on the blacklist if you stay over the 3 years. 25k was the 'motion for reconsider' fee when I got removed from the blacklist, plus a non optional 5k express fee.
  5. I think you're doing ok to be fair, I'd be happy if my wife managed to stick to spending 20k per week, let alone per month.
  6. I think I got unlucky with a bad office, they have a lot of reviews on Google of people saying the same. Never had an issue at any other offices, but it's definitely a possibility.
  7. Too hard to say eh, somewhere between $800-$4000 per month. I only spent about $1200 per month for me and my wife during my first year here, now into my 4th year here and it must be close to $3k per month. The novelty of living cheaply wears off after a while (or it did for me atleast). $40 per month electric turned into $200, $5 restaurant turned into $20 restaurant, 20 peso jeepney turned into our own car etc.
  8. No guarantee they'll give you a tourist extension though, I've had a BI office tell me they wouldn't extend mine again when I'd not even been here a year. Wouldn't want to be risking it if I'd just put 10mil+ into a house here.
  9. Covid seems to be targeting the drug lords in this prison: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1309104/covid-19-kills-9-high-profile-inmates
  10. Not just China either. Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand all handled it much better than most of Europe and the US. Wouldn't surprise me if the UK was classed as a 'developing nation' in 20-30 years.
  11. He didn't say good food isn't available, he said it's imported and expensive and he's not wrong. I had to stop going food shopping with my wife as it would end up with me ranting about how expensive everything is. I'd normally end up starring at the ready meals in S&R for minutes saying '?????? hell 350 pesos, that would be 70 pesos in the UK' then my wife would tell me to go home then.
  12. This is just referring to how the minimum wage works, small businesses with less workers are allowed to pay a slightly lower wage, doesn't mean you need a minimum of 30.
  13. Not a big fan of them but they've got a point to be fair, taxing a casino 5% of every bet is never going to work, their profit margin is probably 5%
  14. Mostly businesses paying for it I think. My wife had to get employees tested or they weren't allowed in the subdivision her warehouse is in.
  15. I was following their Facebook page and it wasn't either of those, that's why it irritated me
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