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  1. The police were defending themselves, lucky the guy missed from about 1 meter away: While a police officer was transferring the suspect’s handcuffed hands to his front, Bagtong took the opportunity to grab the officer’s service pistol and fired at his escorts, although no one was hit. https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1199179/cop-fatally-shoots-man-who-beheaded-woman-in-misamis-oriental
  2. I think he meant corruption happens to 5/10 foreigners, not getting locked up. Sounds like there's a little more to the story: 'What happens to me happens to every five out of ten foreigners here, and they're afraid to talk about bribery and stuff,' he wrote.'I am detained for standing for truth and resisting extortion. I just want to go home.' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7744511/Tradie-locked-Philippines-meeting-girl-overstaying-visa-shares-video-inside-cell.html
  3. In Manila there is. Everytime I go to extend to my Visa in Quezon City there's literally dozens of them in big groups.
  4. Yeah my step daughters best friend kept hassling her mum to spend 400k+ on her debut then her mum couldn't afford to send her to college.
  5. I'll take a nice cold British winter over the Philippines weather personally. First year here I got flu about once per month, got acne all over my back for the first time in my life and developed a red blotchy face
  6. Low infant mortality rate and iodine deficiency are supposed to be the biggest factors. China/Japan eat a lot of seaweed that has a lot more iodine in than anything else. US also got a lot of African Americans pulling their average down.
  7. Sold a business in the UK, didn't have as much saved as you do but I have another business there that runs on auto pilot that more than covers the bills. I think you'll have plenty of money but the budget crept up pretty quickly for me, the first 6 months or so I lived in about $1k a month but then the novelty wears off. Aircoin on at night only becomes aircon on most of the day. $400 a month condo starts to feel small and turns into a $700 per month house. Sitting in a cramped and dangerous bus every time you want to leave the city gets annoying and you get a car. $3 per kilo chicken turns into $8 per kilo beef etc etc.
  8. I did that 2 and a half years ago when I was 27, got pretty boring after a year though so I help my wife out with (my) her business here now. I don't really find it much cheaper here though to be honest, if you want to go out a lot then yeah. If you like good quality home cooked food and want to blast the aircon like me then nah.
  9. If you were born a Filipino citizen (one of your parents is Filipino) then you can be a dual citizen. If not then you can't, wouldn't recommend lieing to the Philippines immigration about it, that's got 3 months sleeping with rats in a detention center written all over it
  10. Just because you've lived somewhere for 4 years that doesn't really make it safe. If nobody could manage to live there for 4 years without getting blown to pieces then it would be upgraded to the most dangerous shit hole in the world.
  11. That's why I won't be going anywhere near there. I'll take my chances getting shot by a crack head in Manila but having my head chopped off by muslims on youtube isn't for me.
  12. 12 mil for a fairly big 5 bed in a decent subdivision but cheaper area of Quezon City. About 30% of the subdivision is empty and they struggle to rent them out for 30k per month. Pretty obvious bubble.
  13. My wife's family have an ice cube business, lets just say I wouldn't recommend ever getting ice in drinks here. Even the local Mang Inasaal & Jolibee order in the Summer when their machines can't make enough. Good luck to them
  14. Yeah it's shite but decent for the Philippines, I've adjusted my standards since being here
  15. Not great to be honest but ok for the price, about the same standard as the 1 pound frozen pizzas from Iceland in the UK. Their lasagne is decent though. Shakeys or Dominoes is my favourite for pizza, Banapple for pasta.
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