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  1. Not saying it's right but visa extensions are 'at their discretion' which means they can do what they like. They'll just say you're not a tourist if you're staying here for so long.
  2. Probably won't let you get a tourist visa now. Just have to do as they say, doesn't really matter what the official rules are as they have a 'at the discretion of the immigration officer' clause on everything. Wouldn't bother messaging the main office to be honest, I did that (or my wife did) when a local office wouldn't extend my visa past a year. Then the main office phoned the local office, local office said I was disrespectful and they blacklisted me.
  3. Can't see the advantage of doing that here rather than the US, especially if you don't even live here. Higher loan interest, lower rental yields, higher risk with you being a foreigner etc etc.
  4. Wife sells on both, Lazada definitely faster delivery on average. Shopee probably cheaper normally, they've never even asked us for any business documents etc so it's easier for the Divisoria Chinese guys to sell there
  5. Electric 6-7k water 1k (total) gas not much, maybe 500 per month. Wifes got an unlimited internet on her phone that we use from years ago, only 1k per month.
  6. Not really as simple as foreigners spending a few pesos on food so they're good for the economy though. They send inflation through the roof for property etc, pretty much impossible for 99% of employees in Manila to ever hope to own their own property there. Pretty sure it is fairly easy to avoid most taxes here aswell, either legally or illegally. Even on Lazada where my wife sells they have a nice tax avoidance scheme, sellers selling 3 mil pesos or less per year pay no tax as they put it through a cooperative first.
  7. Bournemouth to finish top 10 is 5/1, thank me in 9 months
  8. I feel safe walking round the decent areas but to be honest a 3rd world country is never going to be as safe as the US. People get killed for 5k pesos here, the police go round murdering drug addicts and people fairly regularly get sent to jail for no reason. You'll probably be fine though, maybe a 5% chance of a girl seriously fuking you over if I had to guess
  9. 26 dead now according to CBN. Mental (even for here) that 2 boats sink and then the Coast Guard decides to let boats still travel, the 3rd boat to sink was even smaller than the first 2 aswell.
  10. Plenty of evidence of what goes on floating around a few facebook pages.
  11. Most don't get any lessons lol. Most people have a relative who has a friend in the office who can sort it for them, if not just pay 3-4k pesos and done.
  12. I wouldn't bother risking it to be honest, sounds like the start of a Daily Mail headline. ' Australian detained and being held in detention facility in the Philippines despite leaving before his visa expired' lol
  13. I can't have a proper conversation with most people, even if they speak good English they don't understand my accent and I'm only from Bournemouth, not like I've got a Glaswegian accent lol.
  14. Tesco long grain rice 45p per kilo boss, cheaper than the Philippines
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