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  1. Philippines police often won't even investigate after a crime either though, unless the evidence is 100% banged on you'll have to sort it yourself with a lawyer.
  2. fillipino_wannabe

    Salaries for Helpers

    Not heard of anyone paying 20k, not even heard of anyone paying 6k lol. 2-4k in my area.
  3. fillipino_wannabe

    Why So Much Traffic?

    Probably partly due to the time of year. Everyone has just got their 13th month pay, splashing the cash on grab lol. Other than that the ease of getting finance on cars is probably a big factor.
  4. fillipino_wannabe

    Possible Senior Discounts For Expats Coming!

    Googled it and read forums etc. Seems the average tip is recommended to be 18%, they're certainly making decent money if that's the case. Your link doesn't include tips does it?
  5. fillipino_wannabe

    Possible Senior Discounts For Expats Coming!

    Just been reading about tips in the US, seems the average a server makes $5k+ per month in a low-mid range restaurant. BRB, just sending my wife on a 6 month 'holiday' to California.
  6. fillipino_wannabe

    planning for my trip in february, advice needed

    Sounds like you're all set. I'm sure you'll be popular with the ladies as soon as you mention the hotel you're staying at
  7. Just because you're out in the open, in a car you can lock your door. I see videos of people getting robbed on EDSA nearly every day on my wifes facebook, as a white guy you'll be their first target. The roads may be safer than Saigon but they're still very dangerous. But up to you, I was fairly care free until I had my dog stolen, got blacklisted, someone try to snatch my wifes bag, house burgled and my maid attempt to burn my house down during my first 2 years here lol and I barely even go out or talk to anyone, let alone piss them off lol.
  8. You're not allowed a driving license on a tourist visa, you could give it a go though, I've heard of some people getting one anyway. You live in Manila don't you? I wouldn't be driving a motorbike round there as a white guy personally, either get run over or robbed.
  9. fillipino_wannabe

    Brexit turmoil

    The treasury (George Osborne) predicted we'd go into recession straight after the vote and a load of job losses.
  10. fillipino_wannabe

    Brexit turmoil

    Remain told far more lies than leave. They said spending cuts and tax rises would happen as soon as the vote was done, we'd go into a recession, 3 million jobs would be lost, there were even people insinuating we'd be fighting WW3 by this point. It was obvious that the EU would offer us a shit deal though, if we got a good deal then the Netherlands, Ireland, France, Italy would all be quick to leave too. If they're offering a shit deal then anyone with a bit of sense would just decline it and go with no deal, would probably cause economic problems short term just because investors don't like uncertainty but would be fine long term, we were in a far better situation before joining the EU.
  11. fillipino_wannabe

    English man retiring to Philippines, can work?

    You could try looking for an online photography job, my wife just got one paying $800 per month, supposed to be fulltime but only takes her about 10 hours per week, literally just has to take pictures of cakes and sweets. 800 pounds per month won't be too bad if you're single if you've got savings for any emergencies etc.
  12. fillipino_wannabe

    English and the Conversation

    I didn't think I had much of an accent before moving here, from Bournemouth. They seem to struggle with it here though, had to tell the woman in Jolibee that I wanted 'royal' 10 times this morning, then she got the manager over and I had to tell her another 3 times lol.
  13. fillipino_wannabe

    The Car Service!

    You got off lightly, we paid 7500 for a ?????? oil change for our 6 month old truck with Nissan lol, wife seems to think it's a good idea to have the most expensive oil.
  14. fillipino_wannabe

    knife crime in England

    A quick search showed about 270 murders per year in the UK with knives compared to 15,000 murders per year with guns in the US. Doesn't look that bad.
  15. Had it happen to me, searched around a lot and saw it happens to quite a few people, some with a valid reason, others not. He's lucky he's not stuck in their detention facility. Have to find out if he's on the blacklist, probably is. Lawyer will cost atleast 100k pesos to try and get it removed, probably about a 20% chance you pick a decent lawyer who doesn't just string you along. There's so much paperwork with about 5 different departments involved that it takes ages, took me a week to get everything finished after being told I'd already been removed from the BL. Then there's probably a fine aswell, I had to pay 30k pesos for a 'waiver fee' and 5k pesos express fee which didn't appear to be optional even though it was from the commissioners office lol. Even had to pay an extra months overstay fee because they messed up the form and made me wait another 2 days which put me over 1 months overstay lol.