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  1. 180k pesos for a 12 meter wall? Surely not, you could get it done cheaper in the UK.
  2. Seems a bit exaggerated to be fair, from what I read the Filipino boat was still floating for a long time and the Chinese probably knew there were a bucket load of Vietnamese ships around to pick them up anyway. They see that sea as theirs anyway so I doubt they like random little Filipino boats there.
  3. No study showing nicotine from vaping is more addictive then?. I don't think vaping is completely safe but better to choose the option you're not sure about than the option you know is really bad. So far most of the studies have shown it's a lot safer. If vaping does end up being bad for you then it won't be the nicotine that's the problem, we already know that's not too bad for you, it's just a stimulant. It will be the food flavorings as they're the unknown aspects.
  4. My business sells vapes. Any link for the study showing vaping nicotine is more addictive than smoking it? Pretty sure it's the opposite if anything. There was a study a while ago from NZ where rats were given a choice of picking either a nicotine dose or a dose of smoke from a cigarette with no nicotine in and they kept choosing the smoke. There's other chemicals that are addictive in cigs other than just nicotine. Still need more studies on vaping but it's quite apparent it's a lot safer than smoking now, it's been popular for about 10 years already.
  5. Used to get pretty angry in those types of situations. Don't have to deal with here now I'm the pogi white guy though, it's more the other way round
  6. I remember reading Chinese laborers were on 4k per day here whilst the Filipinos got 5-600. Quite amazing really, loan a country money that you know has collateral then make them pay the money to contractors from China lol.
  7. Politicians, government employees, OFWs and business owners. There's pretty much zero jobs here that pay $3k per month, I doubt even brain surgeons earn that much on average.
  8. I was tempted before but can't see much point in buying here over the UK. rental yields are much better in the north of the UK. House prices of houses outside of Manila have been going down against inflation here for the last decade or so and can't see that changing. Plus it would give the wife more incentive to suffocate me with a pillow in my sleep.
  9. local politicians sponsor them and normally want something in return. My wife used to do them, they were all trying to ?????? her by the time she was 13-14, lucky she's so mouthy or she'd of probably got raped. Her daughter is nearly 20 and still not allowed to do any lol.
  10. Yeah maybe 2.5 years now, that's buying the panels/inverter and then hiring an electrician locally. Probably around 3-3.5 years if you get one of the package deals.
  11. population is expected to stabilize around 11-12 billion, should be manageable. It is economically viable in the Philippines, I installed 5kw of solar panels for around 220k pesos a year ago, it's saving me 6-7k per month. You could do it even cheaper now, I paid 6.5k pesos for 250w panels, I see them for 5-5.5k now. Would be a bit higher to have it off grid but still definitely viable.
  12. When you start to actually like jollibee spaghetti. When you nearly orgasm over a bottle of Tesco mayonaise in SM which used to be the dirt cheap option when you were skint in the UK. When you say 'ano' to your mum on the phone. When you move back from the province to a decent sub division in Manila and your dogs are the loudest animals around.
  13. Me and the Mrs only spend about $1500 a month with aircon on 24/7, 23k going on rent, eating out/take aways 4-5 times per week and 3-4 night holidays every couple of months. No idea what some of you are spending your cash on lol. 25-30k seems steep for a studio in Cebu, that's pretty much BGC prices.
  14. Where'd you get that from? It was 67 pesos to the pound the day before the brexit vote, now it's 68 pesos to the pound. The pound has gone down a lot against the $ but so has the peso.
  15. Go for it, you've got plenty of money, must be well over $500k from what you posted. Maybe buy some properties and rent them out or something. I pretty much retired at 27 when I came here 2 years ago, just have a couple of small businesses that other people run for me, only takes an hour or so of my time per week.
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