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  1. fillipino_wannabe

    Who holds the purse strings

    The wife lol, she's got 2 little plastic bags that she keeps in her purse, 1 for the food budget and 1 for our 'personal expenses budget'. Just pay the bills when the guy comes round to collect it. I'm just in charge of pushing the trolley round Robinsons and carrying the bags at the palengke. I get rewarded with a Mcdonalds or Jollibee if I've been good. '
  2. fillipino_wannabe

    Repatriation:  Yes, you can go home again!

    I don't think there's an age gap rule anymore, it's called something else now. It's only about a total of 4k though anyway. https://www.gov.uk/bereavement-support-payment
  3. fillipino_wannabe

    Repatriation:  Yes, you can go home again!

    Obviously not all, but you can't really compare countries by comparing the worst schools in one country to the best schools in another, otherwise no big comparison would ever work lol. Some of the private schools might be ok here but the only ones that aren't ridiculously expensive are too religious for me, the big international schools are nearly as expensive as a private school in the UK. Cost of living is lower but it's not 10x lower like the salaries are, 500 pesos per day max to work in a shop here, 5k per day in the UK. 1000 pesos per day for a skilled worker here tops, 12-20k in the UK. It's only really houses that are a lot cheaper here and a lot of that is offset (if you buy) by the lower interest rates in the UK and the fact that a house is a good investment aswell.
  4. fillipino_wannabe

    Repatriation:  Yes, you can go home again!

    I think there's just as much political violence here, the NPA try to recruit a lot of students according to the government so I expect there's just as much slightly less extreme left wing shti here. Statistics might show that education is on the decline in the US but they also show it's a million miles better than in the Philippines. Even if you do manage to get a really good education here then what exactly are you going to do here? Manage 100 staff in a call center, lawyer, doctor, they're lucky to get 50k pesos per month after tax. You're better off (financially) working on a building site in the US.
  5. fillipino_wannabe

    Repatriation:  Yes, you can go home again!

    Personally I'll probably move back when I have kids. Some things really shouldn't be up for debate: Schools and Universities are better in the UK/US Job opportunities are better in the UK/US
  6. fillipino_wannabe

    Filipino Jails

    Not sure about jail but I visited the BI detention center. Absolute dump as expected, have to bribe the guards if you want medical attention without waiting weeks. Koreans run the place, some of them deliberately get fake cases filed against them here so they don't get deported as they'll be going to jail for 20 years once back in Korea. They can pay about 20k pesos per month to get their own little air conditioned room. Have to pay the guards if you want any gadgets (phone, laptop etc).
  7. fillipino_wannabe

    Repatriation:  Yes, you can go home again!

    You get cute girls in their 20s flirting with you in the Philippines though. Say hello to them in the US and they'll probably call the police
  8. fillipino_wannabe

    New Drugs

    I'd just make all the 'decent' drugs legal and regulate them. A lot of the 'legal highs' are nasty, either too strong or impure because there's obviously no legal option anyway. I remember when mephedrone first hit the UK and was legal about 10 years ago, loads of people just sniffing it off the pub table lol. Not for me though, tried it once and was staring at the wall on a come down for 12 hours the next day.
  9. IloIlo would be my choice, big enough city that there's plenty to do, developing quite fast. Close to a lot of places for a day trip, Guimaras and a lot of nice places in Antique (where I live now). Planty of beaches for your metal detecting. But the wife is dragging me back to Luzon, near Bulacan lol.
  10. fillipino_wannabe

    Rental Property Income

    Yeah you're right, my mistake. Read an article that said over 15k charges VAT, didn't mention the threshold lol. You should be good then.
  11. fillipino_wannabe

    Rental Property Income

    If the rent is less than 15k per month then it's VAT exempt, higher then you'll need to add VAT to the price. No income tax if she earns less than 250k pesos per year, can file a form but pay nothing.
  12. fillipino_wannabe

    Health issues since moving to Philippines

    Same for me and same reason I think, must of got the flu about 10 times in the 2 years I've been here. Got ill about once every 3 years in the UK.
  13. fillipino_wannabe

    Old fathers raising a child in the Philippines

    You don't need to register in the UK, can use Filipino birth certificate to apply for UK passport.
  14. fillipino_wannabe

    Manila bay clean up

    Saw this on Facebook lol
  15. fillipino_wannabe


    The formaldehyde is a low amount, there's a lot more in most vegetables.