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  1. fillipino_wannabe

    Playing with fire.

    Here it is lol, the planks on a tourist visa aswell, thought he atleast had a 13a. What an idiot. Should just leave the country now before it gets really ugly but obviously he won't because Terrence knows best.
  2. fillipino_wannabe

    Ultra Lottery

    You could buy every ticket for 800 million, just have to hope nobody else wins lol.
  3. fillipino_wannabe

    Playing with fire.

    I've been following him for a while, seems like the NBI are being nice to him so far from the updates he's done since that video. Blokes an idiot, he was already warned by the DSWD but seems to think it's fine as he doesn't directly ask for donations, just makes it really obvious how to donate lol. He's making about $5k per month from youtube and has guys buying him holidays etc, only the last few months he's got popular though to be fair. Pretty sure the 'million dollar property' video is a joke though, his house is a dump.
  4. fillipino_wannabe

    Inflation? or Government GREED?

    It's hardly surprising, taxes were cut so people have more spending power, obviously not good for the 50%+ of the population who were paying no tax anyway. Add that to the value of the peso decreasing so the price of imports has gone up and the additional taxes put on sugar, gas, cigs etc and you have 7% inflation.
  5. fillipino_wannabe

    Cost of living

    Yeah, everything is flying up. Petrol/Diesel is up about 30% in the last 12 months, electric up about 40%, food up about 10%. Plus the supermarkets are absolute shit here, I find myself day dreaming about Tescos lately. I've been analyzing it quite closely as I can't decide if I want to move back to the UK or not. Really it's only housing that's a lot cheaper here and anything that heavily involves labor, e.g taxis, maids, mechanics, eating out but then eating out is about the same quality as a 1 pound ready meal from Tesco anyway to be fair lol.
  6. I was under the impression most high street based estate agents in the UK were struggling with the overheads as everything is just through rightmove now. I think a website would be a better idea, Lamudi or whatever it's called sucks.
  7. fillipino_wannabe

    Voluntary Work on a Tourist Visa.

    You'd probably be fine but not worth the risk. I recently had a very stressful 6 weeks after being blacklisted for supposedly being rude to an immigration officer, they don't always issue warnings first. Lucky my wife knows a few people that helped sort it out or I'd probably be eating chicken feet and getting my head kicked in by Koreans in their detention facility lol. Still ended up taking ages to sort out and having to pay a 35k peso fine to have it removed. Just not worth the risk.
  8. fillipino_wannabe

    Health Costs - the big ones...

    My wifes aunt died of lung cancer a few months back. Chemo was 40k pesos per go, had 12 sessions. They paid about 800k pesos in total for the 7-8 months she lasted. I'd go back to the UK personally, NHS is better than the best private hospitals here (in my opinion). Good for things like Dementia here though, my Wifes mum pays about 25k pesos per month and has a full time nurse, all her meds, maid etc. My gran pays 4.5k pounds per month for a care home in the UK lol.
  9. fillipino_wannabe

    Jungle house

    Well the 3 years is based on buying the panels/inverter and just having a local electrician install it, would of been 4-5 years this time last year but my electric is up from 9 to 12 pesos now. I didn't factor in typhoons to be fair lol but hopefully they'll be ok.
  10. fillipino_wannabe

    Jungle house

    +1 for solar. I'm going to get it installed after I move next year. A grid tied system should pay for itself in 3 years based on the current electric rates. Panels last over 25 years on average and the inverter 10 years. Electric should work out at less than 2 pesos per kwh over the 25 years.
  11. fillipino_wannabe

    Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    I tip 20-50 pesos normally aswell. That's more than enough in my opinion, if every customer did that then the waiter would be earning more than most jobs here already.
  12. Was a sticker actually not a stamp my bad, his will be different if he's just entered for the first 30 days. Better tell him to be careful though, visa extensions are at the immigration officers 'discretion' which apparently just means they can do whatever they like. Even when I was getting it sorted at the commissioners office, they were all really friendly and surprised I'd been blacklisted but doesn't seem like they can or aren't willing to do much about it. I think they get paranoid they'll get accused if being corrupt if they get involved.
  13. Yeah thats what happened to me, then ended up being blackisted for being disrespectful. They originally put me on an internal thing just for their office but then my wife complained to the head office. Head office phoned them up and they told them I was rude and then decided to take it further and blacklisted me lol. Is the stamp he got exactly the same as normal? May be that it can't be renewed, after I got the blacklist removed they told me that was the last extension I'd get and I'd have to leave and return again. The stamp looked the same as normal but was a different color.
  14. fillipino_wannabe

    The realities of VERY low income living here

    10-16 red horse a day? I couldn't manage that. Used to have no problem putting away 10-15 pints in the UK on a night out but it's not happening here, not sure if it's the weather or the beer strength but 7 or 8 red horse and I'm gone, start feeling it after just 2 or 3.
  15. fillipino_wannabe

    Manila Expats Groups???

    Yeah heard about that quite a few times lol, before my time. Doubt we'll have the support you lot do, happy to be 5th in the prem though