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  1. Me and my wife always seem to get paid back to be fair. My wifes got a ridiculously high credit limit with BPI for some reason so her family are always asking her to take a loan out for them, always gets it back. Only one time that it was hassle getting money back, wife threatened to post it on Facebook and she had the money within 2-3 hours lol.
  2. Maybe Shopee, it's like an online Divisoria.
  3. Really though? Literally says to murder non believers in the Quran and the Quran is supposed to be the final word of God. If I wrote that book now I'd be put in jail in most countries.
  4. You know you're in a 3rd world country when a Government department gets a foreigner to come and video their new number plate machine. Bonus points for inviting all the media to come and see your new machine and it doesn't work
  5. Just 6? There's about 50 on our wall lol. Loren Legarda is running for congresswoman in my province despite never even living here. Got her poster up absolutely everywhere.
  6. Main reason I love it here, everyone is moody in the UK. Get eye contact with a bloke here on a Saturday night and he'll smile at you, in the UK you'll end up having a fight
  7. Don't need to do anything, can get them a UK passport using the PH birth certificate. Can register the birth in the UK if you like but costs 150 quid and doesn't do anything. https://www.gov.uk/register-a-birth
  8. To be fair it didn't really need people to keep commenting his girlfriends Dad was trying to rip him off after he already said he'd get more quotes first if he ends up paying for a well. From what he's said his girlfriends family are middle/upper class, still possible but not as likely they'd try to rip him off as the family of the 25 year old maids/barangay girls a lot of you are after. Not a chance my Wifes relatives would rip me off, they don't want chismis at their rotary club meetings or doctor christmas parties that they ripped off a foreigner lol.
  9. I started saying Filipinos don't treat their dogs well to my wife before. Then she went and researched how many horses and greyhounds die in the UK each year just so we can watch them run round a track. Gave up on that argument
  10. Jesus you got away with that. If your dog killed any of our dogs then my wife would 100% have you murdered, wouldn't matter the circumstances lol.
  11. https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1101562/police-nothing-illegal-in-ops-that-killed-14-in-negros-oriental Tacaca did not confirm if the fatalities were indeed farmers, but he said that they were being suspected of being hitmen and supporters of the New People’s Army and were allegedly involved in foiled assassination plots against police officers and members of the military in the province. He also said those who were killed opened fire at the arresting officers who were supposed to arrest them for alleged illegal possession of firearms. 14 'hitmen' opened fire first but there's zero dead police, clearly not very good at their suspected job.
  12. I remember my wife telling me a story about her ex's family. They had an auntie working in the US, making about $60k a year and sending $20k a year here to put in the bank. They spent everything, her ex is paying his share back in fairness but the sisters & Mum just get annoyed they don't get anything in balikbayan boxes anymore lol.
  13. Both been going down big time against USD the last few years. 5 years ago it was GBP:USD 1:1.70 and USD:PHP 1:44. Now it's 1:1.3 and 1:52
  14. Absolutely mental. She went crazy at me about twice a week for the first 6 months or so we were together. Now it's just once every few months thank God.
  15. Lazada had their birthday sale yesterday, Wifes store sold double her previous best day despite prices being the same. Some of her competitors had their prices higher, add 20% then offer a 10% discount lol.
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