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  1. Not a big fan of them but they've got a point to be fair, taxing a casino 5% of every bet is never going to work, their profit margin is probably 5%
  2. Mostly businesses paying for it I think. My wife had to get employees tested or they weren't allowed in the subdivision her warehouse is in.
  3. I was following their Facebook page and it wasn't either of those, that's why it irritated me
  4. Late fees aren't that much for anyone who missed the 30 day period. Was only 11k in total for a 5 month extension, quite irritating seeing as I went there last week and they said you had to book an appointment which they didn't think to post online anywhere but oh well
  5. You've got me searching for Boracay condos now, you should be an estate agent
  6. BDO & BPI both denying ever having the money. Wirecards ex COO supposedly flew in to the Philippines and left the next day but he's not on CCTV anywhere in the airport according to the DOJ: https://www.cnnphilippines.com/news/2020/6/25/wirecard-coo-bi-records-doj-menardo-guevarra.html
  7. I don't think it's much better in Manila, one of my wife's friends kids has some existing heart condition and they've been throwing up blood for nearly a week, they're in some small hospital down in Bicol. Trying to get into a decent Manila hospital and they say they're full.
  8. I don't think we should lie to ourselves boss, there's plenty of great looking women in their 20s/30s from the west but they aren't interested in the majority of expats living in the Philippines. Good looking Filipinas in their 20s/30s are though
  9. Some stay ill for a long time, people died 2 months or so after getting infected on that Diamond Princess cruise ship.
  10. Did you not like Malay? Me and my wife are buying a beach lot about 30 minutes south of there, white sand beach only 2-3k per SQM. I think you mean Aklan btw, Malay is a municipality.
  11. Probably because nobody wants to go to the hospital so it doesn't get diagnosed lol.
  12. A lot more of the more expensive restaurants delivering to my area on Grabfood, used to only be about 8, now there's 50+.
  13. The Department of Education (DepEd) has removed around 60 percent of the curriculum to adjust for the remote learning approach this coming school year, its official said on Wednesday. Aside from the usual textbooks, Sevilla said they will provide self-learning modules for students and guides for parents. She added that online learning will be a combination of recorded and live teaching. https://www.gmanetwork.com/news/news/nation/741936/deped-slashes-60-of-curriculum-for-remote-learning/story/?fbclid=IwAR3LvfQNATQbv8AQ_zbG4TVdYobc5IIIk2AlrQM_OBCdQM8R7eTmOmwTWp8 May aswell just watch youtube videos instead
  14. I can't see it working in the Philippines, I doubt many companies want their employees scrolling on Facebook all day with a chicken in the background whilst their taking a call. They don't seem to be too bothered about saving on rent either, they could save 80% of their rent costs by moving their office 5 miles down the road out of BGC/IT park if that was a major issue for them.
  15. Everything I've read says they'd let you in if you're married to a Filipino, not actually with a marriage visa? I think they'd let you in on a Balikbayan if you're with your wife but could be wrong.
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