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  1. Just because you've lived somewhere for 4 years that doesn't really make it safe. If nobody could manage to live there for 4 years without getting blown to pieces then it would be upgraded to the most dangerous shit hole in the world.
  2. That's why I won't be going anywhere near there. I'll take my chances getting shot by a crack head in Manila but having my head chopped off by muslims on youtube isn't for me.
  3. 12 mil for a fairly big 5 bed in a decent subdivision but cheaper area of Quezon City. About 30% of the subdivision is empty and they struggle to rent them out for 30k per month. Pretty obvious bubble.
  4. My wife's family have an ice cube business, lets just say I wouldn't recommend ever getting ice in drinks here. Even the local Mang Inasaal & Jolibee order in the Summer when their machines can't make enough. Good luck to them
  5. Yeah it's shite but decent for the Philippines, I've adjusted my standards since being here
  6. Not great to be honest but ok for the price, about the same standard as the 1 pound frozen pizzas from Iceland in the UK. Their lasagne is decent though. Shakeys or Dominoes is my favourite for pizza, Banapple for pasta.
  7. Most of it is available but very expensive, kind of defeats the point of living in a 3rd world country lol. e.g Tesco mayonnaise 150 pesos in SM here, about 40 pesos in the UK. Not sure if 'Lady's choice' was a serious suggestion but that stuff is vile, I used to find the Tesco mayonnaise vile in the UK but it's 10x nicer than Lady's choice lol.
  8. I just put everything in my wifes name personally. If your wife is mad enough to try and rip you off for a few mil pesos then she's probably mad enough to do a lot worse anyway. Only needs to go and tell the police and/or immigration that you hit her and you'd be giving her whatever she wanted anyway.
  9. It's just normal life here, step daughter showed me a video this morning that her professor sent her. Girl had been raped (I assume as her top was pulled up), then her head was chopped off and on the floor in another room. It's not even made the news yet.
  10. If they're allowed to, my Wifes brother is studying to be a doctor, once he's qualified he has to work for atleast 10 years in the Philippines before he's allowed to go abroad, he'll be about 40 by then lol. Not sure if it's a requirement for all doctors or just because he goes to UP.
  11. In our 'home province' Antique, 2k+ if you want it in the town, 1k+ for a random rice field they've decided to subdivide a few miles out of town. In Quezon City 15k+, probably 25-30k in a decent subdivision.
  12. This is the country with a president that calls their main tourist attraction a shit hole and closes it for 6 months, then starts threatening to turn 50-500k peso per sqm land into a farm. I don't think economics is their first consideration
  13. There isn't even any money in the premier league, not profit anyway, you have to spend everything on wages/transfer fees to stay there. My club Bournemouth are the smallest club in the league and have a 102 mil wage bill according to their last accounts, probably more like 110-120 now.
  14. Not saying it's right but visa extensions are 'at their discretion' which means they can do what they like. They'll just say you're not a tourist if you're staying here for so long.
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