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  1. what i must do for my NBI and police clearance1st get letter from my HOA manager to certify where i live2nd pay my community tax cost 5 peso3rd get barangay certification cost 20 peso4th go to NBI MANILA fill in form for travel abroad have my fingerprints and photo taken show items 1,2,3 with receipts and then wait for the clearance certificate cost 115 peso5th go to local city hall pay police clearance tax for travel abroad cost 100 peso6th go to local police station fill in form for travel abroad have my fingerprints and photo taken show items 1 to 5 with receipts and then wait for the clearance certificate cost 150 pesoNote you can not get local police clearance for travel abroad without doing NBI clearance for travel abroad first
  2. well i am one of them who has to do police clearance and NBI clearance to take with me on my return to the UK this is only if i have been out of the the UK for more than 6 monthsi also have to do UK police clearance on my return to the UK as this is required to keep my security clearance update for my work in the UK
  3. For all those who use the bureau of immigration office in Sta Rosa just to let you know the office has relocated to the shops within caltex across the road from walmart Sta Rosa
  4. great photos art i have found a new place across the road from paseo called the windsor tavern it very nice
  5. Philippines to query Saudis on maids 'ban'The Philippines is to ask for clarification from Saudi Arabia after it announced it would stop granting work permits for Filipino domestic staff, President Benigno Aquino's spokesman said Thursday.*Philippines officials will also look for other markets for workers in the event that the freeze, announced in Riyadh on Wednesday, is put into full effect, Aquino spokesman Edwin Lacierda told a news conference.Saudi authorities announced the new policy, which also affects maids from Indonesia, after failing to agree on hiring conditions imposed by the Asian countries.Labour Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz "is sending a labour attache to Saudi Arabia to verify these things", Lacierda said.Some 1.3 million Filipinos work in Saudi Arabia, a key market for the nine million-strong overseas-based Filipino work force.There had been rising concern in Manila that the dispute could impact on the economy of the Philippines, where a fifth of the workforce is jobless or looking for more work."There are other countries that would be ready to absorb those that cannot be accommodated by Saudi Arabia, so the Secretary of Labour already anticipated that," Lacierda said.However he declined to provide details, saying Baldoz was set to issue a formal statement later Thursday.The Aquino government had its demand for higher pay and greater protection for its women workers turned down by Saudi Arabia in May.Rights groups say millions of mostly Asian domestic workers are regularly exposed to physical and financial abuse in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states due to poor or non-existent labour laws.
  6. Saudi bans domestic workers from Indonesia, PhilippinesSaudi Arabia announced Wednesday it would stop granting work permits to domestic workers from Indonesia and the Philippines, following hiring conditions imposed by the Asian countries.*The ministry of labour said it would "stop issuing work visas to bring domestic workers from Indonesia and the Philippines, effective from Saturday" due to "the terms of recruitment announced by the two countries," according to a statement carried by state news agency SPA."The ministry's decision coincides with its great efforts to open new channels to bring domestic workers from other sources," said the statement in English quoting the ministry's spokesman Hattab bin Saleh al-Anzi.Last week Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono denounced the beheading in Saudi Arabia of an Indonesian maid and accused Riyadh of breaking the "norms and manners" of international relations.His comments signalled Indonesia's growing anger over the treatment of its manual labourers in the Gulf countries, after a spate of cases of abuse and killings.Ruyati binti Sapubi, 54, was beheaded on June 18 after she was convicted of killing her Saudi employer, prompting Indonesia to recall its ambassador in Saudi Arabia for "consultations."Indonesia also announced a moratorium on sending migrant workers to Saudi Arabia, where hundreds of thousands of Indonesians toil as maids and labourers.Saudi Arabia and the Philippines have also clashed over the working conditions of Filipina domestic workers in the oil-rich kingdom.Earlier this year the Philippines asked Saudi Arabia to guarantee higher pay for Filipina housemaids but the request was turned down.The Philippines demanded $400 in monthly wages for for housemaids but Saudi authorities offered a base monthly salary of $210, Filipino labour official Carlos Cao had told AFP in Manila in May.Manila had also demanded proof that that Saudi households employing Filipina housemaids would pay and provide humane working conditions.Rights groups say millions of mostly Asian domestic workers are regularly exposed to physical and financial abuse in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states due to poor or absent labour laws.
  7. well i don't know what you class as inexpensive but try here you will get a discount if you book for a whole monthhttp://www.rothmanhotel.com/promos.html
  8. all i can say is try living in London for a day then you will see the cost of living is much cheaper here
  9. my understanding of the discount is the business off lays the discount against there tax return so it is paid by the government not the business owner
  10. why not just fit a metal door you can get them in the same styles as wooden ones
  11. Sure they do, at least 3 channels to my knowledge, at least in our area! i second that i watch playschool here
  12. the answer is yes it is sold in handyman
  13. full story here http://www.gmanews.tv/story/208924/suspected-fixers-barred-from-entering-bi-premises
  14. For all you lovers of classic cars and bikes you will love this place ,you can spend the day in the museum while your wifes sit around the pool.only a 30 minute drive from tagaytay .http://casacorazonresort.com/
  15. if you are all like me and sometimes you are sitting at home thinking what shall i do tomorrow this site is the place to look at to get ideas for days out .http://www.travelbook.ph/
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