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  1. Thank you guys for your posts. I went a bit forward on my negociation Just to see his Modus Operandi. I told that I was affraid of the Nigerian mafia acting in the Philippines, the guy become angry and I asked him why he was using a Benin number. He replied that he was on vacation. To be short, he sent an email telling me to deposit some amount of Money to prove that I was a serious buyer and that amount would be deducted from the car balance. I told him, let's let's stop whith the game, because now was confirmed that he was a scammer. By the way, I bought a second hand Toyota Revo.
  2. Hi, my name is Eduardo. I'm a brazilian living in Hong Kong, I'm trying to buy a car in the Philippines. I've been contacting many sellers, some of them replied me, but the curious is that all the messages are quite similar. I'll attach here one message, to know if someone knows if is a fraud or not, thanks. I am out of the country because of the health of my Wife's really all for me. My is the secretary of the Honda home in philippines.If I sell my car has a low price is to quickly get the money in the immediate time to care for the health of my Wife's
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