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  1. After 2 months will try again, but I think that my arguments not arguments for filipinos.
  2. I think the same - it's just personalities of BI officers. Like in every other organization.
  3. Just visited BOI at Naga city, I married, but on russian girl. They said that i need philipino spouse for 6 months extension.
  4. Thank you, I'm got it. I already understand what it not a reason for philippines and not work.
  5. Sorry, friend, but i don't need to transfer money on domestic account. And it is not problem for me. I have a money here, and i need domestic Visa/Mastercard for add in PayPal account and for online payment.
  6. Oooo, my friend, now i will say for you very funny story, but absolutely not funny for my friends. My friends too foreigners, live in Philippines many years, and very good clients in LandBank. They say me - let's go, Sergei, we know very good manager in this bank, he will open account 4 you without problems. We visited this manager in office, and i ask for account. Manager say, what i need only "permanent resident" status. I opened requirements page on landbank website, where says, what account for foreigners available and opening with 2 documents, and show this page for manager. Manager invite head office manager, and she say only one - "this is bank policy, no tourist, only residents". This time my friends tried to transfer money for they account. Ok, then i ask they - guys, how it real? My friends in same tourist status have account, but i don't have permit to open? Manager ask my friend's documents, saw TOURIST on ACR and say…. ooo, sorry po, you don't have permit to transfer money, because you not resident. You need change status and try again. My friends say - how so? We a yours clients!!! But nothing more, only "need change status". - "Ok, when, how we open account?" - "it's our error, we very sorry" I write email in head office, and after 1 month i don't have answer. Now my friends don't know what to do. … i don't know who is fool in this situation, but i think it's not normal... One good man say about Philippines peoples very right phrase - "it's not difficult, but complicated".
  7. Hello all! A lot of my friends with same tourist status have ATM accounts in different PH Banks. 4 example, LandBank, BDO, PNB, BPI, ChinaBank. I live in Philippines since November 2016. All last month i trying to open account, and all banks say only one - NO TOURISTS, YOU NEED PERMANENT RESIDENT. I'm read requirements on all banks websites, and every bank (exclude BDO) let foreigners open accounts with 1-2 documents. I have ACR-ID, Passport (Russian), Bank statement from previous bank in my country, Lease contract on 1 year, Police and immigration clearance, give all this documents for bank managers and nothing at all. Maybe somebody know, which bank may open account for me? Or what i doing wrong? P.S. i visited: BDO, BPI, PSB, PNB, LandBank, ChinaBank. Thank you for help!
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