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  1. Thanks for the advice all, I went with the Bajaj even though they misquoted me on the price, it wasn't 41,000 but rather 49,000, same as the TMX. The TMX was a bit too small and uncomfortable. Yamaha has a nice looking and very comfortable bike for 49,000 too, their 125, but I don't see any on the road and a couple of shops said there are sometimes mechanical issues with Yamaha. I like the Kawasaki so far, good power, comfortable and fun to ride, I just wish it had a 5th gear.
  2. Thanks Sonjack. I know the TMX is the safe bet. Any thoughts on the reliability and durability of the Kawasaki? If they are reasonably good in those departments I would probably go with the Kawasaki due to the bigger motor and better features.
  3. Hi, I'm from the US and interested to meet other expats staying here in Puerto Princesa.
  4. I'm thinking of getting a bike for my extended visits here, mostly for driving around town plus the occasional long distance trip of about 3 hours. I want something cheap and easy to work on, reliable etc. I'm thinking I might want to add a sidecar at some point in the future. I have narrowed my choices down to the Honda TMX 125 which I can buy for about PHP 50,000, or the Kawasaki 150 which is PHP 41,000 new. The Kawasaki has a few more features and bigger engine obviously. The Honda in my mind is probably more reliable, easier to buy parts for and work on, and might hold on to its value
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