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  1. brock


    What is the price of a pint of beer in the bars now ?
  2. By rights you shouldnt get a Schengen visa for your home country, A Schengen visa is for any other country in Europe other than your own,( Unless your country is different ), All Countries do not allow their own Citizen to bring their None European spouse into the country without lots of financial requirements and regulations. The Surinder Singh or SS Route as it is called allows people to get a Schengen visa and travel to any EU Country in the Schengen area other than their own, were they must live and work for a minimum of 3 months and 1 day, After that period of time if they have received a Resident card for that Country they are then allowed entry into their own Country.
  3. This is for Ireland but its nearly the same for any European Country in the Schengen area https://www.hashdoc.com/documents/77893/surinder-singh-for-newbies-pdf
  4. If you want to ask me specific questions I will do my best to answer them for you. Tourist Schengen visa is harder to get than a family member or partner schengen. she will have to show money in the bank and bank statements and good reasons for returning to the Philippines, ie work, owns property etc. She will need to get CFO before she can leave, Be careful if getting a one way ticket as she can be offloaded if they think she wont return at the end of her visa. You can get the schengen for any country in the schengen area, It is supposed to be issued by the country you first enter or the place that you will be spending the most part of your trip....( My Wife Nesa got a visa for Denmark because it was the most convenient for her to get without having to travel to Manila to apply for it, But she will arrive in Amsterdam tomorrow and then onto Ireland, We are not even going to Denmark at all ) You can just say you have changed your travel plans, If you intend to do the Surinder Singh Route, You cannot do it in your own Country, You must live and work in another EU Country for a minimum of 3 months and 1 day, As I say, Just ask me anything you need to know, Will help if I can.
  5. I am doing the ss route at this minute. As soon as I get on my laptop I will help in any way I can. Much easier if u r married. If not then u will need to prove u have been living together for 2. Years... Only 6. Months if you do the ss in the Netherlands... Will answer ur questions when I.m on the laptop.. At airport now waiting for my flight to Amsterdam from Ireland. Will get back later when I can.
  6. It depends what area you are getting married in if u need a local CNI or not, Some areas just a CNI from the UK will do. They gave us ours within 1 hour in Cebu.
  7. Didnt u believe me,,,,lol Cost me about a couple of thousand. And 6 Wedding receptions....I forgot the last one.
  8. Just done mine Kev. You cant have the Birth or Marriage registered in the UK, It has to be registered in the Country of Birth.and where the Marriage took place Waste of money getting birth Registered with British Embassy over there, Doesnt do you any good whatsoever. You can get a British passport for your Child online, Just fill out the form online, But, the form doesnt ask for everything that you need to show them.....No need for DNA,,,,, You need.everything translated into English. The Form you need is OVS Form online. Time of Birth Documents, such as baby inoculation records, Mothers antenatal notes/Postnatal/Delivery notes from the Hospital. Your Child's Health or Medical cards. Ultrasound scans relating to the Pregnancy/Birth of your Child if available. Child`s Birth Certificate. Immunisation/Vaccination cards or records. Your Child`s Baptism Certificate if available. Your Passport. Your Marriage Certificate. Evidence of your present Address, ie,Utility bill, Voters card,National id card, Rent agreement, etc. Family Photographs showing you with your Wife and Child covering her Birth to Present. Signed on the back stating who it is and dated. You and your Wifes Birth Certificate. Section 10 of the form needs to be signed by someone who knows you or your Child and should sign the back of one of the two Child`s passport Photo`s stating that it is a true likeness of your Child, Signed and dated. If you cannot submit actual Passports they will accept colour Photocopies of all the pages, Even the Blank pages too. I think thats about it mate,,,,,As I say they do not ask for those things on the form when you submit it, But they will ask for them after you have done the form, So send them all together to save you messing about. Regards Brock.
  9. Kev, Get ur own stick, I,m sure u have enough bottle tops to make up ur own Band. :cheersty: Give Regards to Sim, Also to Mat and Claire for me please
  10. My baby was born 1 year ago in 2 days time in Cebu City... The main thing is to make sure your name is on the Birth Certificate. U will need a Birth Certificate, copy of scan, anything to do with the Birth at the Hospital, Hospital records etc, Any doctors appointments, etc,Immunization jabs etc, Photo`s of the baby with the Mother and you if possible, But doesnt matter if your not there in the Philippines when baby is born, Copy of your passport and the mrs too. also copy of the mrs Birth certificate and yours too. No need to register the baby at the British Embassy, Return to England and apply at the post office for British passport for the baby, Takes about 3 weeks if you have all those documents.
  11. Lived in Chiang mai for over 3 years, In my opinion much better than Cebu. If I didnt have a Filipina wife now, I would be back there
  12. I will tell you exactly what rights you have being the father of a newborn child, Absolutely None,,,,,The Mother has full rights to any child under the age of 7, Unless she is deemed unfit in some way, Then you might have a chance if you were married,If not then the womans family woulf be involved in the upbringing of the child,,,,If that woman doesnt want you to have contact with the child, Then you wont, Simple as that,,,,,If she wants to see you now it is because someone has told her she can get child support from you,,,,,Like I say as for Fathers rights, You have none. That is Fact from 1st hand experience.
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