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  1. Exactly Jack. I got the usual foreigner 'Hit' back a few years ago going for NBI clearance for the 13A. I was told the same thing; inked cards get sent to Manila for foreigners.
  2. For me, not a question of feeling good for a while. On the few occasions when I say no, I'm consistent. Meaning she will say or ask the same the next day, the answer will still be no. So pretending to misinterpret or not listen does not work. Alter a while she will accept the answer. Keep in mind though, she KNOWS that I love her and trust her judgement in most cases, especially regarding the home and family, it works OK. Key = being consistent with your once in a while 'NO'. It works for me. My wife is a keeper, she has good sense, etc. But, so do I. BTW I don't drink. ( ave a few beers a month only ).
  3. Don't worry Jack, I'm very calm. These lighthearted quips, as well as not so lighthearted t-shirt type quotes like; 'Men are stupid', 'Girls rule' , etc. we've been hearing, reading, seeing them for 40 years now.....aren't you all tired of it yet? Like hear the same old, tired joke over and over again. I get like , ya, whatever. Same goes for the magazines, news opinions etc. Sorry, Jack, I like most of your posts, but.....this I felt like expanding on/sharing thoughts.
  4. Ummm, I guess you mean being ruled by.....referring to something spiritual? I don't debate that here, besides, it will become a never ending off topic.
  5. You want honesty? OK......saying NO once in a while will cause the wife to respect you more. Giving in all the time will lower that respect to the point she walks all over you. It's just human nature at it's most raw form. When I first entered the working world way back in the 70's, there were lots of much older married guys giving advice (referring to the WWII generation). The above paragraph was part of that advice. I use to hear other aphorisms like the popular; "Give a woman an inch and she'll take a mile." When I would ask what that meant, the response was usually something like; "Just wear the pants in the family....then it will all work out fine. Advice from the distant past when most marriages lasted a lifetime. Of course, based on my observations, I've only seen it work properly when the husband is worthy of respect; being a good provider, not sleeping around, even God fearing. If you're one of this type - well, just wear the pants in the family and it will work out in most cases I believe. Of course, there are some unfortunate relationships; being married to a woman that doesn't respect an honorable man, well that's a different ballgame all together.
  6. Russia and China alliance??? Not nearly big enough though. If a shootout starts, my bet goes with the USA, Israel, Japan, NATO, India alliance. No contest. This talk of a Russian/China alliance is them just knowing POTUS won't take any of their crap.
  7. One of the reasons I always liked Hank Williams Sr...... a few lines from his song "I'm A Long Gone Daddy" ....I been in the doghouse so doggone long That when I get a kiss I think that something's wrong I'm leaving now, I'm leaving now I'm a long gone daddy, I don't need you anyhow I'll go find a gal that wants to treat me right You go get yourself a man that wants to fight I'm leaving now, I'm leaving now I'm a long gone daddy, I don't need you anyhow
  8. CoffeeRulzMe

    Why oh Why

    A good guy that loves his wife, good provider, not a drinker, etc. Loss of trust; I agree with Jack, hard to mend. I'll take it a step further; impossible to mend (from my personal experience but with a western woman). Tried to get past it.....for a few years for the benefit of kids.....then one day, I just got up out of bed after thinking all night, packed a few bags, and walk out. No regrets.
  9. I did not either, but isn't it part of the registration fee? Looking at my registration OR cost breakdown includes items; Cost of stickers, legal research fund, MVUC, Transfer fee, TXfee, Comp fee. I guess road tax is bundled in MVUC.
  10. Agree. I'd rather hear the truth from a friend. I'm not a shoot the messenger type for that reason - those who are that type will end up living in their own vacuum.
  11. Yeah, my wife will sometimes comment (joke) about my ass; sagging now and getting flat. I'm 65. But with cloths on, she says I can pass for 55. I work out just enough to keep a flat belly at least.
  12. Your post is a good summary of a big problem. Jordan Peterson on the PragerU channel has a great segment on this very problem. I think it's called something like 'Dangerous people are teaching your kids'.
  13. I agree. These days, many in the USA get triggered when they see large age-gap, especially if the man is the older one. Could be the stink-eye from strangers on the street, or reading about it in various forums, etc. I ran into hassles years before coming here. Dated a woman 21 years my junior (same race, she was an adult of course). Even caused some political unrest at work (company picnic). Some people just can't resist being d#ckheads. Eventually, we went our separate ways, but not due to age gap.
  14. Just do a youtube search on SJW's you'll find plenty of examples.
  15. So true! Saying hello is 'thought rape' to some crazy types over there.
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