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  1. I think the forum is fine. Good mix of old timers and some new ones to ask the questions. There are enough ppl that there is representation from several different idologies about everything. I have seen that the mods and even that JGF person seem to stay on top of problems and shutdown silly stuff, and even through out trouble causers. I like to see the answers and ideas of the old timers as well as the new, it makes it real. I am not quite retired yet. But looking forward to it. If you just want only old-timers or only that currently live in the Philippines or that have lived there for a certain amount of time that all have the same ideas it could be easily screened at the time of account creation with a few questions. Being in and from the US I can attest to the fact that the political issues are completely over the top and in everyone face all the time. I can still remember times from being a kid where everyone sat with respect when the leader would speak. Jack, you seem (from your writing) to be a good family man, with nothing not to like. I can see you dedicate a huge amount of time to this forum. I don't think everyone else in every other place is in the same good position, albeit you have likely earned it. I only read about 1 in 30 of the threads based on available time. This one really caught my attention. I can respectfully disagree with anyone, or are we looking to have everyone agree ? Best Regards,
  2. Not the first time someone disagreed w/ me . I seen a lot of really good hearted nice guys get mowed down by ladies. And is seen it go the other way also. For me personally the sun and moon sets on my Filipina and has for years. I still would hold w/ my advice. It works well for me and many others I have seen. But your right, it is not for everyone. If what someone is doing is already working well for them then stay the course. Thanks for sharing an apposing viewpoint.
  3. wealth == stored power (security and influence) And, ya gotta watch what ppl do; not what they say. -- IMHO it is like this; Ladies spend time/money/effort to look as sexy as they can with what they have. Standing in the mirror seeing if there behind is just right. Eyeliner, heals, is the hair just right. I don't think they believe that other ladies are interested in there behind, its for the men. Everyone knows it, I mean why does a swim suite cost as much as complete pants and shirt. For context it is very possible to dress really quality and nice without going sexy. Men spend time/money/effort to look as sexy as they can AND OR time and effort to get more money. Laws should be enforced, strictly, such as don't touch, don't detain, don't rape, etc... – Question is; why is it always the same sort of guys that end up in trouble. Part of the answer is that it is those guys that the women really want to be around. Many ladies really don't want to be together with a really nice and boring guy, unless he has enough power that she can either take or indirectly use. Its not that ppl are bad, it is that they are people (really smart animals). – For a formula how to behave and not be boring or a jerk, watch some old Cary Grant or John Wayne movies.
  4. IMHO I believe a house that foreigners will want to buy will likely only sell to another foreigner. Local ppl in those price ranges often time will select a small office building or very small business building in city and live in an upstairs apartment instead of a nicer house on a side street. There are always some exceptions. As for how to negotiate, you won't get the best price until you have walked away at least once. Probably seller will get annoyed w/ you also. When you offer low, be silent until they speak. Unless you must have a certain house, keep trying until you get a great deal. It can be done. One thing you can do is ask your bank (in the Philippines) how much they would pawn the house for. Seller is not going to take less than that unless there is some problem. You probably already know, but watch out for the paperwork if you buy, really really watch out for the paper work.
  5. http://www.k12.com/virtual-school-offerings/online-private-schools-courses/online-private-schools.html They also have an office out of Switzerland.
  6. yep, what you say is true. It is my believe that there is a large difference between Manila/Cebu vs other large cities. But I don't have any proof. Do you think/feel that the top 5% is greater than 500k per month not including Manila/Cebu, or only > than 100k or ??? And I know there are always one or three that are in the .001% that are special and or negotiated really well, I am not thinking about those ones. Not looking to be super precise, just a ball park... I am pretty sure anyone above 500k per month outside of Manila/Cebu is in it. But is it a lot less than that ?
  7. What do you guys think the real salary is for top professionals in the larger cities excluding Manila and Cebu. Not the business owners, but the top professionals in the top 5%. thanks.
  8. Congratulations on your choices. We have done similar and more or less followed the advice of this guy Dave Ramsey for some time. It results in something similar to what you tell, although sounds like you got with it earlier in life . You could find some jealous ppl, so just beware. IMO, as young as you are, 3.5% is really safe. I think it is possible going forward to get into trouble on 4%. To think/plan for the future look about 4 generations back in time as that is about the cycle of things. The 3.5 or 4% rule doesn't work for some generations and for others 6+% was ok. For sure what has worked for the immediate past generation is not going to for us. Then to think of the kids, usually kids don't exactly follow the parents example and teaching. Sometimes they do better, sometimes they need help. As for the cost of living, it doesn't matter where the money comes from. There are a lot of threads already in history on costs of things. So just figure out how much you need to live each month or each day... and then separately how to get that money. It sounds like you have plan for how to get it already. So the info on how much to live is what you need. To do that you will list (yourself) all the items you need and then figure how much they cost. Sounds like you have been doing budgets for some time now, this is nothing different. Folks on this forum know what most of the things cost. If you decide to buy a house and or property really take your time. The legal landscape works much differently. For example the way you verify a title is to PERSONALY go the the relevant registry of deeds and check on it. If it is an existing house, the house might have a different title or tax dec than the property. Each can have there own issues. Don't be afraid, just be really careful. Many times ppl that need to leave quickly for one reason or another will sell something nice for a low price. If not in a hurry can end up with a great deal. Maybe rent in an area for awhile and watch for one of the great deals.
  9. Your fine, however would not suggest the same course of action for just anyone... Not everyone has the ability to assess the overall situation. If you had a child or family in tow yourself, then keep out of it. If your by yourself or with another guy(s) that are of like mind then it is noble to defend other friends.
  10. Great analysis of this topic; Reasons for moving or living in Philippines vary, if it is financial based looking to live low cost, car is one of the places that can be saved on because of public transport. I can get anyplace anytime as long as have a cell phone and half a dozen drivers numbers. The overall topic about the car cost I think is even important in western countries. Seen many a person spend there future retirements on having several luxury cars on credit.. If the cost of a car is in the budget, along with the convenience of having it I think it is even more of a status symbol hear than in western countries and slightly in a different way.
  11. ClearSky

    How to say it

    Polite ways of saying no. I know the more direct ones also, but sometimes we try to use the softer ones. They usually work just as well, and also leave no hurt feelings. Do you have others that work well for you ? - Sorry, if you had asked me last week I could have done it. - Ha ha, I am married so I have no money.
  12. same for me. After moving that should be one thing that will get better.
  13. One idea that some do is to have a couple of places, one in a city and also one in the province perhaps near family instead of just one more expensive place. As a side benefit, if something going on around is annoying, you can need to go to the other place for some time.
  14. ah... that would be the maids job to pick/clean up. I am guessing don't have one outside the Philippines.
  15. well, once we establish quickly that whatever is my fault, she then quickly works on fixing it. Huge difference between what is said and what is done. That actions are always sweet, the commentary sometimes not so much.
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