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  1. I fear that this might be the first sign of what could become a 'hot' war. Am I allowed to say that on this forum? Time will tell, eh.
  2. Nah, Vice Ganda is already doing the profiling anyway... it would just save time for more singing if they each wore a pin or a badge.
  3. Does anyone watch ‘It's Showtime’ on ABS-CBN or TFC. My wife and I like to watch the ‘tawag ng tanghalan’ part of the show, but recently it seems as if it’s much harder than usual to tell the boys from the girls. It’s become almost painful to watch/listen to Vice Ganda ask so many contestants questions that include: - Are you a bakla or a transwoman? - Are you a tomboy or a transman? Don’t get me wrong, since I’m perfectly OK with the diversity of genders in the Philippines and the rest of the world. The world would be a much duller place without diversity of all types! However, wouldn’t it be easier if the contestants had some type of color-coded badges or pins to identify which gender or preference they identify with? Wouldn’t that be an easy solution for knowing more about the contestants? (without being grilled by Vice ganda)
  4. For me, the lessons never ceased... there's always something new to learn, which is definitely part of the charm of being a foreigner in the Philippines.
  5. I guess that things are much different in Davao, since such matters are much different in Batangas.
  6. Sorry to have offended you... please accept my apologies.
  7. Depends on what you consider to be far... I've gone as far as 38 km with a tuk tuk. I've had way too many of those experiences myself... and my wife has lost family members during their commutes to and from work on the roads in the Philippines... so many funerals that didn't have to happen.
  8. I don't blame you... I always took the Tuk Tuk after having too many bad experiences on the jeepneys.
  9. But it could very well be the 22nd century in the rest of the world (at least in the West) when that ever happens.
  10. I was in college during the War In Vietnam, but I became 1A (while enrolled and attending college) when the college deferrments were eliminated. While I was in college, there was a draft lottery, and my number came up in the high 300's, so I was never drafted... but if I had been drafted, I would have went to war (instead of running to Canada... not that I diasagree or disapprove with those who did that). I just wanted to finish my college education. Am I at fault for wanting that? By the time that I finished college, the war in Vietnam had ended with the unification of North and South Vietnam.... and upon graduation, I went to work in the civilian branches of the US Government for many years.
  11. Scott, I was over that age in 1990 and on 9-11.. and I'm still too old to serve on the front lines. I sincerely hope that none of our citizens (of both the US and UK) have to serve on the front lines in an outright war with Iran. Thank you for not closing this topic.
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