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  1. I am very sorry about this post, I been up all night, wife had cataract eye surgery.
  2. this hits me big time my friend, first time in the Philippines was 1981, as a young merchant seamen
  3. Hi Jack, On Planet love, there’s a Asian section forum Also Latin forum. Combine type forum. He was posting pictures from the internet. He was a member of the Latin side. There was a few exchanges of words, so I got heated. He ask who I was, I told him did you forget who I was. He has user name called kilt boy. No problems it got me banned.
  4. It’s all great stopping at the forum. Some good folks here. I was on Planet love in early stages of Asian section of the forum, I had drop to a couple of F bombs there about year ago. This guy was belittling Pinays. I told the guy I was his troll that sat under his Scottish dress
  5. Bigfoot will be a great editor. Then he posts do your Pinay has anger issues.
  6. Hey Jolly, when is book coming out, How to train your Filipina.
  7. That’s the thing about the Philippines you never know.
  8. San Jose Del monte is a growing area.’the next major airport in the Philippines will be sitting in your back yard.
  9. hey bigfoot, you have a problem with my town thank God for Felon way
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