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  1. hey bigfoot, you have a problem with my town thank God for Felon way
  2. Tell her to get a life, I had to get off Facebook because my cover was becoming undone
  3. Head to Ecquator the mountains there
  4. Steve To me you seem to be a good stand up guy. Not like s bilge rat like myself. If anybody been around the block, it’s been me.. You need to keep your fight to yourself.
  5. Seriously Jake, you are welcome to stay at my place.you have the boss em stamp approval. She likes you, I plan to go next Christmas. i need some one for my alibi, if you know what I mean. I am still working, why retire I get 30 days paid play from work. I got 3 bedroom place. End of the year MRT 7 should be ready to roll. There will be a station outside the sub division.
  6. What affluences are there . it's dirty, gritty, I love the place. It's reminds me old time NYC, BEANTOWN, Emerald city Seattle. The city reflects my life style, at one time. My old stomping grounds has gone soft, But Manila keeps on ticking. Different strokes for different folks.
  7. Good luck, Red Feather. I love to travel to southern islands. Some day I guess. It's a real hassle traveling around Manila, but things are changing big time in transportation around me. I can't wait for the new San Magoo airport to open, that will be right in my back yard
  8. You should my merit badges and trophies from the philippines. it' on the wall, called sham on you oldutot
  9. Did you find the bench, I might have to join the line. Everything has become real expensive in the Philippines. But like they say it’s always fun here. I have not found one person smiling yet. Kanu oldutot
  10. My wife, She always corrects my English, I say go park the car in Harvard yard
  11. I wish the best for you, such a sweet lady,
  12. Seattle is looking to be the next Silicon Valley, Jake . Kitsap now is overprice in real estate value. Seattle was nice living eighties and nineties. I see Dan and myself paying the Seattle's head Tax real soon
  13. oldutot


    I might need this boat patrolling the shores when I visit a Mactan resort
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