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  1. Thanks for your service to the US, and thanks for the advice. I understand your point about universities abroad that are frequently underrated in the US, and the US-centric view of the world by many people in HR departments. This valuable advice, and I appreciate it.
  2. Grandma (my mother-in-law) is the one of most down to earth, practical, unassuming, genuine, honest, and caring people I have ever met. I'd love to bring her over. However, she does not want to leave her home for more than a couple of days because she needs to feed her goats and cows. She knows she could get a niece, nephew, cousin or friend to do it while she was gone, but she loves her little farm, rarely ventures far from home. And far for her is 20 kilometers.
  3. Reminds me of a joke. An Englishman was out for a row in a boat on the Thames river. He somehow lost both oars and was adrift, slowly moving with the current. He saw another Englishman with two young English ladies in another rowboat about 50 meters off. The first one shouted "Can I borrow one of your oars for a short time?" The other replied "Them ain't 'hores, them's me daughters."
  4. Reedster

    Fat Maid

    Maybe if she had one more hobby (boom-boom), she'd not be your ex?
  5. Wow, thanks for a very thoughtful and enlightening answer, Intrepid!
  6. We are working on the saving part, but with twins heading to college in a couple years, it is hard to save for anything but that... I know I need to save as much as possible.
  7. Good point! I know once I finished college I never looked back and was on my own, with infrequent visits to my parents, and took off working in Hawaii, then soon Asia, and they stayed in the city of my birth.
  8. Definitely! We've already been once and are coming again soon.
  9. One of the reasons is to give my daughter a chance to bond with her maternal grandmother (the only living grandparent she has). Another is because my wife, although she is a great sport about it, misses her mother, brother, and extended family. Another is my view that with high tech and the Internet, the location one lives is getting less and less important. Financial is also an issue.
  10. I am a fairly new member of this group. I married a wonderful Filipina almost three years ago, and we have a daughter, who is almost two. I also have twins (boy and girl), almost sixteen, from a previous marriage. We all live together in one big happy (mostly) family. The twins love their tiny sister, and she has made our family life much richer. My wife is cheerful, kind, loving, and non-judgmental, which is the opposite of my ex, and which is such a great example for the older two. I am 57, and thinking about retirement five or ten years from now, with an eye on moving to Cebu. I have
  11. Has anyone tried to use a US-approved home schooling program for their child? I have a two-year-old daughter, and we are considering home schooling here. If it works well, might move to Cebu and continue it. Thoughts anyone?
  12. I appreciate all the responses. Thank you sincerely.
  13. What experience do people out in the provinces rate their Internet access? Any suggestions for planning? I am very computer dependent (probably a bad thing). Do Roku streaming devices work? How about Apple TV or Amazon Fire? Can you stream live games (such as US NFL or MSL leagues)? Just trying to get my head around what I am going to be in store for. Last fall I was in Cebu City and had no trouble steaming in a Hotel, but then from a hotel out in Danao streaming was impossible. It is hit and miss? Are satellite Internet providers available?
  14. So glad to hear this. That is the same for me. I've heard there are a lot of ex-pats there who are less than faithful to their spouses, and I just would not want to hang out with them. I know I don't know all the facts for these guys, and there are many types of relationships. But I have found hanging out with people of like minds is better for me. So when I move there, it's good to know there are some men there with a good relationship with their wife like I have with mine.
  15. Thanks Robert, appreciate your thoughtful response
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