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  1. No we generally send Balikbayn box, no worries, sometimes a bit slow but a proven method. If you want an address just stop the first PI on the street there's plenty of PI's in OZ nowadays.
  2. That's what QANTAS boss, Joyce, reckons. From the talk the wife gets, I seem to think about then too. Anyway I don't think it would be much fun being in and out of lockdown. Cool the heels, get on the p-ss and read a few girly magazines, time will fly.
  3. When we are over there the step son rings us GRAB, can certainly vouch for there cleanliness and the fare is fixed before you hang up, try them.
  4. Sign of the times, next breathalyzer testing, wont that be fun, no craft or corruption for road violations, what's the PI's coming too.
  5. Qantas boss said about April they'll be flying to Manila, other countries by Crissy, The PM just got 4 million doses from Britain to be paid back later in the year, 500 k from Singapore last week as well as our allotted ration from Pfizer. PI just got a big whack of vaccines, so by the way countries are swapping the vaccines around and the literature starting to float around on opening up, I'm thinking a bloke could be over there full time by Easter.
  6. What problem can anyone see with coming in and out of the PI's every six months?
  7. Please keep us informed of what trouble you had, February will be our month.
  8. Must be related to a girlfriend I had, she could talk for half an hour without taking a breath, I kid you not.
  9. Gee everyone knows who Greg Norman is; he is an Australian legend.
  10. Your a gamer man than me.
  11. Worldremit: used them for over six years, direct to bank, just follow their starting procedure and set for life, 5 star.
  12. Thanks for that, you'd think there'd be a time frame on that order, it doesn't sound right, I'd imagine it would be the country you're trying to visit that would put the brakes on you're visiting. If the pandemic has settled a bit by Easter we'll be there full time.
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