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  1. Clermont

    Second visit

    If the perimeter is 10500 sq mts someone has made a mistake in their arithmetics and you need to fix it before you start ( per sq mts it works out about 28 Peso per mt, ). If the block is 10500 sq mts the perimiture will be roughly 400 mts which works out about 750 peso per mt. Why I asked did you get a few quotes or is it a family related concern. The 750 sounds about right maybe on the high side but be careful and don't leave materials lying around of a night, only get materials delivered for the days work. It is fertile ground over there, anything will grow legs and walk over night.
  2. Clermont

    Second visit

    Just a question, how much per metre is the fencing price?
  3. I full heartedly agree with your wife's perception of most PI young girls, we have had a young PI's, girl & boy living with us for two and a half years and not once have their eyes wandered off their school work, 17 & 19. Don't get me wrong, both have lovely natures, not cross eyed or buck teeth, actually what I've seen of most young PI's that want to get ahead in life, they will focus on a future rather than a pleasurable moment in time. The wife's nieces are all the same, their Tatay keeps his bolo dipped in iodine incase a young buck gets too close. That's my perception of decent young PI girls.
  4. Your right about not much government literature on BB visa, but from my understanding and reading you have to get the appropriate visa to work. BB is only an extension of a tourist visa.
  5. › Forums › Expat Forums › Passports and Visas Jan 7, 2017 - Balikbayan is clearly no working visa. If you are married to a filipina you can get the 13a visa which allows to work in the philippines. Agree x 2. This is only a blog post but get the drift or your on your way home.
  6. Sorry to bust your bubble TerryM, but that information is incorrect, you are still a foreigner on a Balikbayan visa and unless you apply for a work visa and it is approved, YOU will be deported. The way the PI's are cracking down on laws regardless of which law, just join this bloke and enjoy yourself.
  7. Clermont

    Subic - Road Rage Incident

    The old fairy tale, once upon a time fits this post. Just of late the police have had a different view on foreigners, must be something to do with so many police getting the bullet for scallywagging the foreigners and locals. 62 police relieved of their duties in July for accepting bribes or asking for them. The PI's are coming of age in the international eyes for tourism and they are enforcing the laws that have been in place since the end of WW2. I remember seeing on SBS filipino news, the police had a blockade and anyone not wearing a helmet were taken to the police station and fined, not a handful, bloody heaps and all going crook. My suggestion to all, read up on PI laws, but when approached for doing something wrong, apologize, not argue and 9 out of 10 times you'll get a warning. From what I've read, the common laws are not much different than back in our home countries.
  8. I agree Mike, too many doom and gloom responses to posts, just be aware of your surroundings as you are back home.
  9. Clermont

    Budget help

    Yes Dave a link is only as good as what you want to read and if you want to argue, do it with someone else. I posted a post and you tried to turn it around to humiliate me. If you don't like something don't read it, this is not the first time you've had a snip at me but rest a shored it's the last.
  10. Clermont

    Budget help

    Most links are PI government links with codes, this is not but it is accurate. What's in the approved TRAIN Tax Reform of 2018? - PinoyMoneyTalk.com https://www.pinoymoneytalk.com/philippine-tax-reform-list-of-new-taxes/ Feb 26, 2018 - Implementation of said new taxation has begun on January 1, 2018 ... Everything about TRAIN Law and BIR Tax Implementing Guidelines ... New Personal Income Tax Rates and Income Tax Tables in the Philippines (2018) ... (2018) Rent Control Law for "Houses for Rent" in the Philippines ...
  11. Clermont

    Tax Reform

  12. Clermont

    Budget help

    Yes Dave, read the link.
  13. Clermont

    Oh dear ( another little bump on the car)

    Personally, I'd go for the scratches, rubbing out the cat might mean cooking for yourself.
  14. Clermont

    Budget help

    I've seen a few posts quoting rent prices, do any off you know there is a law in the PI's that controls the amount of rent a landlord can charge? It's in the Browse section under : Often needed links, go to, Tax reform, then click: Rent control law. Now before I get a pile of rubbish about how it is not controlled, it is there for the reading. Barangay Captains have been warned about referring complaints to the right authorities if they receive one. I suspect it doesn't mean mansion, but the normal 2/3 bedroom house is what I think it targets.
  15. Clermont

    Uber-less Manila

    Notice to all long noses: when wanting a taxi, duck into a shop front and let your partner grab the taxi, they rarely try to rip a PI off, then let her haggle the price.