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  1. And old trick is to mix dry cement powder in a container with flour or a edible powdery substance, rice will do. Once the rat/mouse eats it, it sets in their stomach and can't pass it, thus dying of constipation. Don't forget some people eat rats, not only your pets.
  2. It’s a bit like that in Australia but later in the year things will loosen up and you’ll have a choice, just keep your wits about you and practice good hygiene
  3. My understanding is, Sinvac was the problem, there's your answer to which vaccine to get.
  4. I'll add a little to this, banks are one of the worst, Foreclosed houses, they want the original price plus extra from when it was first built, they've pocketed the deposit plus monthly payments for say 5/6 years. The building is stripped of interior fittings, tiles broken, walls marked, doors & windows beggared, plus no ceiling. And the agents smiling face told me, " You can repair it " 50% of asking price and we started talking turkey, be careful they have more moves than a swiss watch with their add on's, they own it once it's legally foreclosed so all taxes and fees are their problem.
  5. I'll go along with that, at the moment we are doing up the Ancestral home and the builder the wife's sister in-law found has swung a hammer before. He had to install two rooms in the house, swing the doors, line the ceiling in the lounge room and build a new dirty kitchen and CR and shower room. In other words it was a shell with no roof on it when we started. I was asked if I could help repair it. Don't ever suggest pulling down an Ancestral home, cold shoulder and hot tongue is what's in store if you try explaining the economics of repair against building new. Well their dads (Lolo ) house i
  6. It was a sad day me laddies when they stopped drawing and quartering all that broke the law.
  7. From memory, the Corvid topic had a lot of mileage.
  8. What a load of bull dust, I'm luck there's censors or I would have used another word.
  9. As the heading say's, I don't believe a lot of the posts have got the right handle on the situation in the PI's, Manila hasn't given up on the Pandemic, they are just overwhelmed by the sudden influx of tests. The wife's son went to the public hospital for a swab and because there was a 8 hr wait he went to a private hospital and within the hour he was swabbed. Cost 1600 p for hospital and doctor, 3500 p for swab, results back within 6 hrs. Negative, but like a few have said, if you have money you can get help. Now over on Panay Island where the relies live it's different, one of the wife's ni
  10. No, as long as they haven't shifted the goal posts, After getting the first shot it's about two weeks before you get some immunity, the second shot gives you full immunity AS FAR AS THEY KNOW, there is still a lot about this disease and vaccines they don't know, their still winging it, time will tell , but I'm going with the mob and getting my jab.
  11. Sorry if this sounds like a rant, but how many times does this crap pop up. I don't care what your excuse is for being in the PI's, but like your home country, there's rules and if you don't obey them, the country is not at fault for enforcing the rules. As for corrupt officials every country has them, in there statement they weren't dealing with one person, it was an agency at different levels, come on please. As for the stolen Passport it's your responsibility to report it to your embassy as soon as your aware it's gone. Sorry no sympathy here and if their GoFundMe page draw more money, all
  12. I have a few different medicines and some aren't listed in the PI pharmacy, so the wife got onto Mr. Google and took a list to the doctor of what is available over there. Between the both, no problems, I'll survive.
  13. I hope thing will improve by Christmas too, I'll admit I was one of those cynical people knocking Sputnik and Chinses vaccine, but to date I haven't heard of any adverse reaction to them, maybe politics clouded the reasoning and science might be swaying my judgement as it should.
  14. They tried stopping Australians from taking their pensions overseas but when they sat back and worked out the number of overseas pensioner's, 70k odd, they didn't have the infustructure to accommodate them if they returned home and demanded their old age pensioner spot in an old age pensioner home. Discrimination is what was mentioned and yes it is normally twelve months before you can get a pension if you have lived overseas as well as medical, but their is ways around the medical and the pension. Once you've got your pension, that is the time to make up your mind if you want to live overseas
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