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  1. Just asking, why is he being held for 8/10 days. My wife is in touch with an hotel in Pasay For 2500 P per night twin share meals supplied, 850 P transfer car and requirements of only Four days if fully vaccinated. We have stayed in the Hotel and acceptable accommodation, not the Hilton but clean and friendly and the meals are Western/ PI cooked in their café/kitchen. After 3 days you are swabbed and if negative out you go on the forth day.
  2. Personally I don't mind a bit of PI music as long as they don't flog it at full volume and I think the best way to attract tourists open the bloody boarders and stop trying to rip them off when they land with over priced hotels.
  3. This attitude by the authorities of closing the boarders/opening the boarders, letting this country in/that country out without a world wide plan is just bull sh==. Then they go on about civil unrest and fining people that can't afford it even at the best of times. Where is their logic in trying to suppress a pandemic when they don't know how it works or can't co-ordinate their agencies to work together. Right at the beginning they said if you're double vaccinated boarders would be opened, sure there has been a hic up or two along the way, but not when people have made firm arrangements for travel and the carrier refuses to re-embers' your fare, then cry broke to the government wanting a hand out of tax payers money. When I was young, more than once I put a long haired lout in the pi== trough and jammed a sweetener in his mouth as he bellowed his peace slogans. And even to date I've sat back shaking the head about these activists and wishing I was young again, but after some of the shi= the government is trying to force on us, I'm going to buy a motorized wheelie walker so I can keep up to the demonstrators.
  4. I watched the video, but now with this new variant out of Africa I'll bet all bets are off and we're back to square one.
  5. I'm pretty sure before their deported they have to front the beak. To deport someone, even out of the PI's isn't as easy as writing it. That is why we hear of blokes rotting in jail waiting for deportation, they tried to fight the system and put up a defense. As for women issues when he fronts the beak, he'll get bail as long as he hasn't biffed her with witnesses in attendance.
  6. Does anyone know if an onward ticket is required if coming in on a Balikayan visa ?
  7. Are you ears-dropping on our house.
  8. Don't laugh, I haven't met a PI that isn't related yet. The wife when she goes shopping always has to go to the chemist for her health kick supplement's.
  9. Thanks but could you give me an link as my computer/ or me wont make it large enough to read, thanks.
  10. I'm a bit like you, all these changes certainly has confused me, I think I'll wait until the beginning of January then see if I can get in touch with the PI consul in Canberra. I'm a bit like him reading all this.
  11. I hope your wright on that time frame, the wife stuffed around with her password and then forgot it. Even her son over there can't do a thing about it. It has taught her a lesson, she is the type that will pick up 1 centavo In front of a beggar. Maybe she might get it back.
  12. Well, I could get into a long drawn out written verbal with you but I wont, As I said the Asian summits are the eyes of the Asian countries, accept it and don't argue. Sometimes you have to accept what is told to you if it makes sense.
  13. Now, now boys tis the time to be jolly, if you's can't have personal opinions you'll be put in the naughty corner. Actually they are catching more fugitives than ever before since they've started up these Asian summits and share information electronically. You'd be surprised what they know about you as you go through customs. And you'd be even more surprised what the local Barangay police captain knows about you if you come to their attention or not. enjoy.
  14. Bloody fool, what happens to the Sheila and kid, do the American gov put their hand in the pocket to support them, after all he's an American, I'll bet not. An OP the other day was talking about having to pay for a visa to stay in the country, it is only when you hear of something like this that you can understand where the BI is coming from and if you were sure they were going to get looked after, you'd understand their fees. Maybe before you get carried away and whisper sweet nothing into the ear of your next victim, remember it could be your flesh and blood your producing, take precautions.
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