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  1. He's lucky he got away with both ear's
  2. There is a lot of building going on around that area mainly subdivisions and is easily accessible to Manila, the Airport, plus the lower half of Luzon Island for touring. If you settle on that area there is plenty of foreigner's sprinkled through out and as far as thieving goes, get used to it and listen to what people tell you about prevention., Most of the area is a busy place and parts of the area you have quoted are flood pron, wet season is on your doorstep so be careful where you rent. Markets and malls are a plenty transport no worries, if your chasing night life, I'm married can't help there but be careful DON'T GO ALONE meet up with an expat that you feel you can trust not a girl you just met. A lot of houses in the subdivisions are owned by overseas worker and rent them out to pay the loan off, ask the forum for recommendation of a suitable deal before you agree. When you get into the area book into a motel for a week to sus the area out, use a bit of common sense and you'll be alright, good luck.
  3. Don't expect to be in and out in 30 min, half a day is realistic time and a fast lane bribe if you don't pay it, "come back in a couple of days sir," plus the place stinks of sweaty people, stick to the dog you know than the one you don't. And no I don't go shopping, she takes her son.
  4. We don't know your lifestyle or any of your preference's maybe if you wrote and told us, maybe we might be able to help a little more.
  5. I'll jump in here, Illo Illo is on Panay Island and from there you can visit resorts right around the island, it has it's own airport and sea port that services many of the Islands, it is an up and coming town with many projects being built, I wouldn't call it boring, it is a layback type of town, it sort of fits the people of Panay's lifestyle, layback not in a rush to do anything and happy to do nothing. FM, if you can't make up your mind, go for a visit and see, boot on the ground is a saying on here, nothing ventured nothing gained and I assure you you'll enjoy the lifestyle and the lifestyle of the whole island, no mad rushing here and there. Well I've painted a bit of a picture for you and you don't wont to go and see A place there's many a nice place to see on the island, good luck.
  6. I'm in the same boat as you, I tried looking up health insurance for when I'm over there and they all seem to want you to pay for the treatment then you have to ask them for reimbursement. What I've decided to do is put a certain amount away each month until you have a fair whack to cover a heart attack or a major opp. If you have to rely on reimbursement you still have to have the money on hand.
  7. Yes I feel it's going to be a problem for me, but keep tonged in cheek and just fix like you when their finished or I'll be like Onemore 52.
  8. Now you know how I felt. by the way did he asked to be payed before he left.
  9. The wife just bought her son a new house in a subdivision, of coarse Foreigners don't know how the PI trades men do things so keep out of it. Well I did and after cementing the front walkway, it had to be dug up major water leak, the plumber didn't glue a main elbow join together, in the bathroom the builder didn't put the washer in the join for the shower. The outer roof of the kitchen not waterproofed nor the downstairs second coat of paint put on. The rest by skype looks to be okay, the wife and stepson are peeved off that someone would do that to them after they negotiated a package deal. Me I'm silently laughing and although I could say I told you so, I think they have learnt a valuable lesson, the builder run out of money and wanted more to finish it off. A lesson here for all, it doesn't matter what country your in, tradesmen aren't of old and you have to be on the ball when checking their work out. I haven't been ask to foot the bill but I've just been asked if I want smoko, that's a sure sign I'm in the firing line.
  10. As explained to me, it keeps the mossies' away.
  11. Where have you been Tommy T and how's the house going.
  12. Thanks for that, I will be heading over near the end of the month for a month then finishing off my business when we head back here in Australia for a week then heading back to the PI's at the beginning of June. That Balikbayan pathway seems to be the way we'll go when we return.
  13. Let us know of any trouble, we are doing our test at the airport the night before, of coarse they changed our flights and we'll be squeased to get a printed copy before we leave the domestic to register on our International flight. Might be able to find a five year old to help us down load the APP's, flying QANTAS, good luck with your flight.
  14. Your wife is correct, she holds a promissory note until it payed off, but make sure there is a time frame on it.
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