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  1. I get what your saying, stop and have a think, how buggerd would the world be if a country took over a main infrastructor of another country, eg; power grid.
  2. Ugly maid, come-on, never seen one yet.
  3. Just a word of advice to all, unless your partner is paying tax to the PI government, forget mentioning any Suri-Suri activity or any-way they made a living. Don't forget a burocrate has to justify his employment and it will come back to bite you at the least expected time.
  4. You'll never live to be an old man Jake.
  5. Whew I thought for a moment a kangaroo had got loose in the top paddock Jack, fancy some-one insinuating one should change his opinion. Yes I understand where your coming from, Post counting, so called experts on the PI's, knowledgeable people on the PI people, this forum has got all and like has been said, some have only visited. That is one of the reasons I only brows now, a bloke writes something and before you know it a load of rubbish is written, nothing to do with what you have posted, if they want to chat, go to chat. I joined this site to gain a bit more knowledge before I retire in the PI's, I'm not the only one P off.
  6. Patient Jack, patient's, remember everyone is in lockdown and as age sets in, a bloke can only play with his JT for so long during the day, he has to do something with his hands for the rest of the time, so this is where a lot of this s=== generates from, Patient Jack.
  7. Reap what you sow, here comes Cappo and his cronies.
  8. Your right GeoffH, but along with the vaccines come another problem, how do you prove you've had the vaccine to get into a country. I can visual that from now on, in the bar code of new passports it will hold ALL vaccine information for all your health. Letters and health cards can be forged,
  9. Good on ya, about time some-one put a stop on scare mongering, it doesn't matter which country your in, common sense should be exercised.
  10. I don't know what's different, I'm TPI and pensioned as well. I've been in contact with them and that was their advice, my PI wife is even entitled to her pension for life when the grim reaper calls on me if we're living over there. Are well, all's good.
  11. From what I understand, I'm DVA, they will pay once a month into an overseas account at the exchange rate of the day. I think that you'll find you come under DVA Pension.
  12. Here in OZ you need a fiscal address not a post box when Government is paying. As a gov official told me, "You don't live in a post box, we want the address where you actually live." You can pay Government accounts electronically out of a bank account. Don't forget, you need a bank account and to get one you need a 100 point system, Google the points. Now to get a new card for your bank account, the card has to go to an Australian address, THEY WILL NOT POST/SEND THE NEW CARD OVERSEA'S. The banking Royal Commission has outlined the new rules and the Government has implemented them. With the issuing of new bank cards as the old one's expire, I think it is going to catch a lot of retirees out if they haven't got a fiscal Australian address.
  13. The language barrier isn’t as bad as it used to be with these modern language translators, whoever I’m yet to find a good Tagalog translation device. Most are academic based wording and the English wording doesn’t mean the equivalent inTagalog when translated.
  14. Actually you do still need a mail address, anything to do with government benefits, like pension an address is required.
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