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  1. Isn’t it bloody ridiculous, 19 pages plus scanning, uploading when most of it is stored on your passport, and people reckon the PI,s are backwards, all for a tourist visa, good on you Australia I wonder how many tourists you’ve put off going for a holiday.
  2. They left the phase, adult person out, but as it says ,per person is accurate.
  3. Well, I flagged last year that there was a shake-up in the banking industry and a lot of overseas accounts would be effected. Yes we all knew how to send money overseas but even the major money transfer people put restrictions on their transfers and Poli is no exception. I did a lot of research on ways to shift money cheaply and the only way I found is a currency conveyor. Brett i looked at DVA putting money into my wife's account, which they will, but you have no control over the exchange rate, it's the rate of the day. World-remit has always had a policy of not transferring money from, Australia to the PI's while transferring it from the PI's. Using cards is expensive, not only are you charged at the ATM, your bank charges you an international transaction fee as well. The currency conveyor charges less than world remit all up, and will exchange I think as low as $250.00, but you have to do a lot of proving it's you, It's all to do with this banking Royal commission and once your proof of identity is verified ,transfers are generally processed that day, even large amounts. We can't quote currency conveyor firms but if you need help, PM me. this is what we're here for, not worrying about money matters.
  4. If they take the offer up of the house, I'll chuck in for the rent if I can stay, thanks.
  5. Yes we tried sorting out banks here before and when we came over a month ago. Their all the same, if you haven't had trouble expect it, Snowy hit the nail on the head, money laundering, elicit money, and any unusual transactions. I think we are over our banking hypo, that's all it is but you have to play their game. The documentation and proof of were the money came from for the transaction, even our pensions being transferred. Ours was a government pension and when I asked for a hard copy of their requirements, as the Australian Government would need it, their tune changed, no requirement on Government transactions, other transactions we needed proof. We've nothing to hide and have documentation on all our money and as an added bonus I asked "have they sorted out their problem of the missing money last year", that's the mongrel coming out in me. My advice, if the bank is giving you a hard time, ask for hard copies and name of employee requesting it, they will baulk but you know you get a new person each time you want to talk to some-one so it's a never ending merry-go-round. We use an legit currency converter for all our transactions now and any problems are sorted by them, but I do sympathize with any-one having bank trouble.
  6. E bikes are cheap to run,
  7. You might want to reconsider who to blame, I've just been around the block a couple of times with a money sender and it worked out, it was the security built into the account but between us and the co-operation with the bank, ( namely asking for a managers cheque, ),we have got the first large transfer into the wifes bank account, The real test comes tomorrow when we transfer another amount while we are in the PI's Banks want you to use their services, thats what I think of their exchange rates.
  8. We came in on Sunday, Balikbayan visa, no onward ticket, no stamp in passport, no health certificate. I was under the impression they stamped your passport for Balikbayan visa but no, the wife told them we were coming in on one, she only got a speil on the twelve months stay, piece of pi==, a lot better than the arrogant Australia boarder force.
  9. One of them tec savvy trolls have got the your number JGF.
  10. Well after a lot of Hassell with airlines and banks I've finally got the tickets booked for Sunday on PAL, I must be a good guy, no-one wants to let me go or take me on their planes. I'm a bit like JGF with his ticket, I've never peed on the passenger seat, I don't eat raw cabbage before boarding the plane to cause discomfort to other passengers when passing wind, it's my money and I'll bloody well take it out of Australia if I want, all these things were to no avail, I still had to kiss bum to make progress. Now all you knockers that rubbish the PI's with there backward ways, go back home for awhile and try to live in your countries automotive electronic world, where you can't talk to any-one just a recording, but save an airfare back you'll need it. From Sunday this is me.
  11. Here in Australia I'm having a hell of a time trying to get a large amount out of the bank to send to a transfer mob, been banking with them for 20 odd years, now rules about money laundering come into play. Yeah I can still do it, but in smaller amounts day by day, wan=ers all there doing is holding up our transfer to the PI's. They can kiss this when I finish my transfers.
  12. My advise, steer clear of her when she's packing things or anything associated with her doing anything for the PI's trip. They take on a different attitude and a no no, don't suggest anything or give advise, just agree because it doesn't matter, if something goes wrong, it will be your fault no matter what. Good luck and enjoy.
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