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  1. Well Australia requires all inbound passenger's to hotel quarantine for 14 days upon arrival, at the passenger's expense. No good coming here, they've even stopped letting the Kiwi's in.
  2. Yeah your right Jack, the world news is full of rubbish like this, not only the PI's.
  3. As I've written in the past, these scum are being collected at the border and turned around, now the problem is, how do they get the existing Pedophilia's out of the PI. Do I dob a Foreigner in for a serious crime or not, ? has been tagged, what's your answer ?
  4. This topic interested me and I went back to the beginning, I'd already read most of the stories but the grey matter is not what it used to be. Anyway here in Oz we had a Royal Commission into banking last year and out of that, one of our banks was sprung laundering money for pedophilias in the PI. I don't mean the bank knew, but their was an account that the police had their eye on and some-one was making overseas deposits more than the allowable amount without being challenged. The bank looks like paying close to a billion $ fine for all their misdemeanor's, not only the pedophilias account, their was more. Now what has this to do with this post, well less than ten years ago a bloke could give the missus a biffing or he could sexually abuse some-one, even sweet talk a young lass to come home with him from over-sea's, then give her the arse when he felt like it , and nought was said by the authorities. Ahha boys, not anymore, you've heard about these Asian summits, well that's what their all about, stopping germs like you blokes have written about from even getting abroad. Here in Oz you cant even get on an international flight if you have had a domestic violence order against you, your wasting your time if you have a sexual conviction and if you get a young sheila into Oz, she is your financial responsibility for two years. Yes germs like what you's have written about, their days are numbered and their slowly being cleaned up from the Asian countries, that's why I wont give a foreigner a hand-out, PI's yes.
  5. JGF should be able to help you on his whereabouts, great mates, often drops him a line and brightens up his day.
  6. Well at least we're getting some indication of when Australians can start air traveling. Our prime minister told us yesterday, "Maybe towards the end of the year, but we're not working on a date." So seeing Australia is supposed to be the envy of the world in handling this virus, don't hold your breath for an air transportation date from PI. Their talking, New Zealand will be the first country where international flights will be allowed to and from and during these threads the question has been hinted at, (will passengers need a health certificate), the way the health mob are talking, yes, certain countries will be singled out and coming from some countries you may be required to isolate for 14 days.So all you blokes living in paradise , do as my grandson says, chill out, your host country hasn't run out of money and your pensions will keep coming.
  7. Well you can't say anything sensible about him, looks like he'll be having cold shoulder for his next meal. They are the sort of blokes that go back home and run their girl friends down, DI==HEAD.
  8. I hear what you say, how many of us have worked hard all our lives and when we retire we are still trying to hoard our money for that rainy day. Most of us are on pensions a guaranteed source of income, so why are we still trying to hoard what we get? And Kuya John you are right, money's not worth anything if you haven't got good health.
  9. Their reporting there is three strains of this virus, , this is the new scuttlebutt the media is sprucing. Getting sick of all this miss- reporting, one minute their test a couple of vaccines, then their saying it will take 12 to 18 months to find a vaccine. Very confusing when they found a vaccine for Ebola in a few months.
  10. Simple, goes on the size of the country X the population X the height of the people. Quite simple, it's all arithmetic's.
  11. Before this virus hit it was on the Oceana's topic of transmittable diseases. Visitors had to be inoculate for certain diseases before visa's were granted, I wonder how that will go now.
  12. It is wonderful that they appreciate the amount that you give them Jim, and like you , we have not forgotten the wife's relations or her friends. We transferred Peso's over to her brother and sister to buy their bag of rice each and fish so they can share amongst their immediate family. Each fortnight we will continue to support them while this lockdown is on and her son on Luzon buys victuals for the compound flats he lives in. They were all my wife's friends when she lived there before I met her and they had some tough times. Yeah it doesn't hurt us westerners to help out a little seeing we have a fortnightly income and most of them nothing. I know we can't help everyone but I think we can be a little bit more like Jim, God Bless,
  13. Just got our $750 each added to our bank account + our 6 monthly CPI increase in our pensions, still waiting on our second $750 Corona Virus supplement payment. Plane ticket money in the pocket for when this virus runs its coarse.
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