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  1. I've never known or heard of street kids slicing things, scallywags and rouges do that. The proper street kid only hassles you for money and gets annoyed when you buy food for him/her. As said, they have a pimp keeping an eye on them so for your own safety, DO NOT lay a hand on one. And do not learn the Tagalog swear words, you'll only get offended when they decline your offering.
  2. Just because a man say's his farts stink: is there a bit more to the story we don't know, enlighten us gosip mungers Tommy.
  3. I don't know, second cropping of rice comes off January/ Febuary, be a bit hard to stop workers from earning a crust.
  4. Buggar you Viking, Us foregner's have enough trouble as it is. I shudder at the thought.
  5. Whew, I'm pleased there leaving us forengers alone, the way some PI's talk, that's all we go over there for, sex, sex and more sex, there's more in life than that.
  6. You's are both wrong, it's a wigwom can't you's see the gooses bridle.
  7. Explore other options, Google drugs available in PI's as drugs in Weastern countries sometimes aren't available in the PI's. My doc in Oz worked out my med as a lot arn't available over there.
  8. What's wrong with that haircut, at least you can see which way your ear's are faceing.
  9. Ah Mike, reminds me of an old saying, " Many a fine tune has been played on a old fiddle. "
  10. One thing you left out is English speaking people: I know there is a lot of English spoken but a simple request in English might see something different produced or a pout of the lips and a blank look. Common for over there and after awhile it can get on you goat and if your weighing up the odds on if this is the lifestyle you want, you may as well buy that ticket home, it's not going to get any better. Then there is the bloke coming over to a girlfriend, they've communicated by email, messanger, or he has had a lightning visit and liked what he see's.This is the place for him, the girlf
  11. Why is it that people that live there have to justify living there. If I'm unhappy about a place I move on, if I'm unhappy about something I don't prat on and on, I have my say then ignor barbs and move on. If a person dosn't like the PI's, traffic, getting diddled because they don't know, or are slow learners, it's not the readers fault, why do we have to read about their inablity to handle hickups. Sometimes we make mistakes in life and we have to wear them, by all means let us know of the pitfalls where you stay in the PI's, maybe some-one can help you fix the problem, this is what the foru
  12. I get what your saying, stop and have a think, how buggerd would the world be if a country took over a main infrastructor of another country, eg; power grid.
  13. Ugly maid, come-on, never seen one yet.
  14. Just a word of advice to all, unless your partner is paying tax to the PI government, forget mentioning any Suri-Suri activity or any-way they made a living. Don't forget a burocrate has to justify his employment and it will come back to bite you at the least expected time.
  15. You'll never live to be an old man Jake.
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