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  1. Also, when buying shoes, both shoes aren't necessary the same size. Last time I was over there I was shopping for sand shoes, one fitted good the other one to the pair too tight. Asked the sales girl why this was, "Maybe sir you have different sized feet, " don't you just love them when they stump you with their answer's.
  2. Personally, I can't answer that, but you have to weigh the odds up, spend a little to be safe or penny pinch and hope you don't ever need the use of the vaccine, i know what I did and I can take on any of the nastiest the PI can chuck at me.
  3. Doug, I went to a Filipino doctor because a lot of the shots recommended were not necessary, but saying that, make sure you get the Rabies shot and the DPT shot, Diphtheria, phenomonia, and tetanus. Plenty of time to get the Rabies shots, but a must in Province area's, also take a wheelbarrow of money with you, they are not cheap here in Australia.
  4. Dave, Australia in January past a law in Parliament that all new arrivals have to be in the country for 3 years before they access any Commonwealth benefits. The onus is on the sponsor of the visa to supply financial support, pensions paid on retirement are a percentage of time spent in Australia, it takes a non Australian 30 years of work to be eligible for a full pension. Medicare, how ever is paid on arrival, depending on what visa they arrive on, seeing the sponsor is a tax payer and all eligible dependents go under his care. Sorry, tourist visa's don't fall into that visa category. Medicare is not paid for in any country outside Australia, get travel insurance for that. As for reductions in pensions: Australia pays a lot of add on bonuses, ( sneaky way of boosting the pension up to make it look livable to the world ) but after a set period of time these are taken off you, some at six weeks, others range out to twenty six weeks, until the flat no frills pension is paid. There has been years of talk about scrapping pensions for people not living in Australia, but with many thousands of Ozzie's living oversea's on old age pensions, what is Australia going to do with them when they return home, we have a problem housing the ones we have. It would be a foolish Government that tried to implement that law, then again, as for disability pensions, there are rumors, ( only rumors, ) that they are cracking down on them outside Australia. Disability pensions can be paid to underage Ozzie's before being eligible for old age pensions, they are to be assessed under the new disability scheme that Australia has been trying to implement for a couple of years now. Unemployment benefits are still payed overseas but for a set number of weeks. I have a lot of reservations about the path Australia is heading down, but at the end of the day, I'd rather be able to spend a dollar a day than get a lot in the hand and be broke tomorrow. I'll just have to learn how to eat rice and not steaks.
  5. Not a simple as that boys: Bank accounts, (even in joint name, ) are frozen until probate of will and also death duties are paid on all assets, including cash in bank. The last time I looked it was 1/3 of assets in death duties. Our money will be staying in Australia, ( no death duties yet, ) easy to transfer money over. As for property, conjugal owner ship is a big player over there, that is why the land titles are a mess and even exercising due diligent you can still be scammed for back taxes.
  6. Going through airports in Australia now is simple, like Geoff said, face scanning linked to a data base that holds all information, including what type of Visa you are entering the country on.
  7. I would do the same as you, but I would have all the facts layed out for him to see before getting in to deep ,were there is a child involved, a bloke takes a lot of convincing the child isn't his. For josh sake don't be like a bull at a gate trying to convince him and do it over a cuppa not a beer.
  8. Yeah you are right Jack, and I'm sorry Tom if I offended with my poor attempt at jest on this subject.
  9. Next year is a long way off, plenty of time to research past posts and online articles. No two situations are the same, you'll just have to work out what suits your situation.
  10. Question: Does it only work on the upper portion of the body or can it used to enlarge the wealth of the family jewels. Sheltered life.
  11. A wise man once told me, you learn something new each day, Enlighten me, what does HRT stand for.
  12. Yeah John, what I wrote is a quick basic of the process. Do your net research, but I use a vein needle and find the main arteries on the beast ( pig, goat, sheep, beef ) to get the blood out of the veins. Then I use a spray nozzle to inject the brine into the flesh and leave the meat in a solution of salty water for a day, then take it out of the solution and let it dry for another day. the reason to let it dry for a day is so the smoke can penetrate the flesh, smoke won't penetrate overly wet meat. Works well, and after a few attempts you will get to know how much salt to put in your water to make your brine. By the way, bring a good set of stainless steel nozzles over with you, research the web for outlets, as for stirrup pumps, and 20 Lt oil pump works well, Good luck.
  13. Good idea John, make sure you take over a good stirrup pump, pump for pumping brine into the meat and make up a smoker out of an old 44 drum, make sure before you put your meat into the smoker, it is dry. experiment with different types of sawdust as smoke can have different tastes, I use pine. Simple process, tastes better than store bought, just make sure the brine goes around all bones as meat will taint if blood is left in meat or around the bone.
  14. Tom, sometimes it is better to walk away from situations like you described, the PI's have a saying, its called" karma" maybe this might be the best course of action without getting caught up in legal processing. Just be wary of were you are at all times, only solicitors win at the end of the day.
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