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  1. Mike back in the late sixties Australia set up a scheme like what you are talking about. No-one thought it had bucklies of succeeding, but we are getting there 50 years on. Where the PI's have an advantage over all the western countries to make a go of this, they have all the information on our pitfalls of trying to implement our western schemes, then adapt with improvements to suit their country. Their helper is called the ASIAN summit, this is where all information is shared by each country and you would not believe the information they have about a singular person going through there boarder and government employees personnel files. So Mike I think it will succeed.
  2. I'm a bit like you Steve, very careful with what goes in the gob. I generally apologize when I can't eat anything saying, " I've a spoilt western stomach," which generally brings a round of laughter at my expense and saves face with the host.
  3. That's what comes belonging to the UN ,can't do that in a civilized country.
  4. Without going politics, it's world wide, they've a special jail here in Aussie for corrupt, polllies, cops and the so good incorruptible.
  5. I don't get that one, anything to do with Visa's have to be notarized, so my way of thinking Visa's are legal documents just the same as any other document. Not unless it states on the document it has to Notarized by a said authority of that country. I only quoted Visa's as most of us have had dealings with Notarizing a mountain of paperwork, when dealing with legal documents.
  6. I'm like you, use it, trust it and sign up is available on line. Use their chat box and they'll steer you in the right direction, plenty of cheap Micky Mouse knock offs, be careful. Also, when I asked it can be taken from country to country.
  7. What happened to the no political clause in the rules. Most of the posts are ill informed and think on it, if you became a PI citizen, how's the status of your pension payments.
  8. I've read a lot of posts concerning mozzies and bights during the night, no mosquito netting over there?
  9. No good me going back to Japan, to old to bother learning foreign words, I'd just have to take," come what mays" and be in the proverbial yet again.
  10. Good to hear your back on the mend. What about that vaccine that was floating about over there, is it safe once you've had dengue or is the verdict still out on that one.
  11. I have been studying Foreclosed properties and this is in all the literature, it says "use due diligent". As you are finding out it can become costly if documentation is not sighted, word of mouth doesn't hold water over there. The only recourse is to try and bluff the lawyer into paying some of the dues with a bluff of reporting him to the law society for his incompetent in handling a conveyance job. It is his job to compile all legal documents and make sure all taxes and fees are paid or get it in writing from you that it will be your responsibility. Foreigners do have a bit of legal standing over there, although the house might be in her name or 60/40, or other arrangement, don't let him talk to her in their own lingo, a must. The average PI doesn't understand law and are easily hoodwinked by technical talk. Good luck.
  12. It's a sad reminder that when going to a foreign country to adhere to their medical immunisation recommendations. I personally went and saw a PI doctor and Rabies immunisation was on the top of his list. Cost a lot, but it's worth it compared to the altenitve if you get infected.
  13. Good for you Geff your one off the lucky ones with a voice, me I've a voice on me like an old cracked pee pot, couldn't hold a tune no matter how much grog I drunk and when you want your guests to go home, dominate the mike on the karaoke machine, works for me.
  14. My wife had 1 son when we met, he's aged 36 now, never married her choice, brought him up by herself, her choice and you could not meet a nicer gent. We've been married over 4 years, he's been to Australia and every time we go back home to visit him, nothing is to much trouble for him when we need something. What I'm trying to say here is, it's the upbringing of the child and the discipline in their youth that makes a good sibling. But what I have noticed in the youth in Western countries and the PI's of late, is their attitude is changing with the access of internet. Maybe I'm getting older and grumpier but the PI children that haven't access to internet always bless you when they meet you, Western kids give a grunt, access to internet or not. Is this going to be the norm in the future for the PI's, I hope not but we can't change their attitude. I just ignore them when they take that attitude and generally an adult steps in and gives them a tongue lashing in their own lingo. Generally the next time we meet their attitude has changed back to respect. Yes I think the attitude problem starts from the very first meeting and if you show them your not their real dad, but a friend not an enemy, but have respect for each other and install boundaries of acceptable discipline guidelines to follow and follow them yourself, I believe you'll have a good relationship with the child/children you've accepted to be father too. Saying that, sometimes there are rouge diamond that just can't be cut and polished, good luck.
  15. Jack not peeing in your pocket, but from reading your posts over time, you and your wife seem to be both compatible, good on the both of you.
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