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  1. I take it you've got sympathy for all the service personnel that came up short while on shore leave. The communal system they had way back in them days was a squat system, and yes it was hard on the knees and forehead, especially when trying to put the strangle hold on JT when a pretty sheila walked in and squatted down beside you. Yes relieving yourself back in them times was hard on a young bloke straight out his mums arms and it was hard knocking the ladies back that wanted to render assistance when you were spread eagle on the floor. Times were tough back in them days, you young blokes don't know how good it is to have walls to steady yourselves, back then if you got a sideways movement, chances were you'd take two or three patrons out with you, but not once did anyone get angry, just laughed along with me. Yes it was hard relieving yourself back in them days, but I wouldn't have missed it for quids.
  2. It's stories like this that make you sad you've grown old. that's what the bloke needed, this is what she needed, the pair of them beating time on her rump.
  3. Come in spinner, that word is connected to what you become if you stir them up to much.
  4. Of course I'm correct, , have you ever heard of the card game called patience, well one time I couldn't get my point across with a PI niece and halfway through our one sided discussion, I picked up a deck of cards and started playing that game. quite rudely she asked what I was doing, I replied, learning how to play patience, I've never heard of it she retorted. O sarcasm is sweet as I walked off muttering, I know and her father had a grin from ear to ear. The moral is patients and let them know you are trying to understand their culture but she has to be willing to compromise to meet your cultural beliefs as well.
  5. Welcome: I take it your newly acquainted with the Filipino ways, Haha, Just a quick word of warning, regardless to some foreigners beliefs, the PI women are exactly like the ones we're used of back home. They never lose an argument, they are always right, they know what's best and they know a bargain even if their being hoodwinked. But in all honesty, they make beautiful partners, just a few strange habits for us to get used of, you aren't going to change her, just learn to understand generations of myths and get used of everything is generated around carmour. This bloke has learnt,
  6. Yes it's here to stay, they've finally woke up, there's money to be made out of lawbreakers. and the bonus too, its legal.
  7. Yes Jack, sometimes we forget we are only visitors and everything should be as how we envisioned our own countries should be, maybe a good optometrist would make a good living back home, there plenty of s---- Barack home to wing about.
  8. Thanks for detailed info, exactly what he needs with a sealed tank for storage of water during brown outs, keep at low level for safety, make sure you put a breather in the tank and gauze the breather for mozzies. cheap, simple and easy to get at for maintenance.
  9. I believe these laws are having an effect, in the last two years, I have seen in some areas a marked improvement in traffic behavior. As for smoking, (Just recently a smoker now ex ), you have the old die hard's and if you watch carefully, it's the younger generation they mainly target, the older ones mainly get a warning. Yes it's going to take time, but to build a house, the first brick has to be laid.
  10. They must have done their uni degrees in Australia.
  11. We use a pressure pump: when the tap is turned on the pump will start, but if there is enough pressure in the air bladder, ( Google pressure pumps ) the pump doesn't necessarily run. A little dearer first off, but the pump doesn't turn on and off all the time, save on points.
  12. Are you in Cavite proper ?
  13. Be careful of relies, they like to use them and of course, their all top tradesmen.
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