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  1. Clermont

    Very sick wife

    Yes Mac it is hard,, but you can't, the women has custody 99% of the time and being a foreigner you've got bucklies. It's hard, but instead of tearing your self apart, move on, if you don't your grief it will eat you up. like one OP said plenty of fish in the sea, just be a little bit more careful with the love you show your new partner. Most of us have been in similar situations in our home country.
  2. Clermont

    Decisions Decisions?

    I can vouch for that remark, nothing like that at the resort we visited, just the same dull old tee shirt, short wearing girls.
  3. Clermont

    Decisions Decisions?

    You need spec savers, bulges in the right place for me.
  4. Clermont

    Very sick wife

    It wasn't directed at only your posts, this segment had more twists and turns in it, that's why I quoted Dorothy Dicks.
  5. Clermont

    Very sick wife

    This is better than a Dorothy Dicks novel, I can't wait for the last chapter.
  6. Clermont

    Newbie question

    Another thing, make sure your money server knows you will be using a PI location when transferring or accessing money. New security systems came into effect while I was over there, I got caught but was easily fixed.
  7. Clermont

    Home schooling

    Honesty is not a common thing nowadays, behave Jack.
  8. Clermont

    Very sick wife

    Come on, your talking to friends on this site, I'm a bit like you, suspicious of people and my surroundings, but I can't honestly say I've never been scammed, diddled yes, scammed ?.
  9. Clermont

    20,000$ US for soon to be expat

    All the scare mongering that is written on this site about the PI's is no different to our own countries of a night. Advice is helpful, sure you have to be careful and only a mug walks around of a night in dimly lite areas. I talked to a few foreigner while I was there, all said, " listen to your partner" and they feel safer there than in their own country. In all the times I've been over their, that is my sentiment too, the average PI would give his shirt of his back.
  10. Clermont

    Scrub it... or it won't be clean.

    Thanks first for the wonderful time we had together while the wife and I were over there. I picked you as a smarter man than that, shame on you for even mentioning anything about washing. It's there domain and I would not dare stick my beak into it, somethings a man just has to sit back and say, " yes dear, no dear, okay dear," then when the dust settles, ask about breky, by the time she's finished cooking 9 times out of 10 she's forgotten about the help she wanted. Her response will be if she remember, they never wash as clean as her anyway so "I'll do it myself".
  11. Clermont

    Reationships and friendships

    Snowy, sometimes it's best to let sleeping dogs lie, just be around when he does need help.
  12. Clermont

    Visit no 3 begins

    Yes life's tough over here, we arrived here Tuesday for six weeks, we are doing Christmas with my wife's brother and relies this year. Looking foreword to chilling out and we are mixing western tradition with PI tradition, a little present plus 20 pesos for the children, and present for the adults, they've come out of the bloody woodwork, ha ha. The wife had a full suitcase full of presents for them, plus solar Christmas lights, yes Christmas time in the PI,s is wonderful. I hope the jolly old fellow can find me
  13. Clermont

    Making the Big Move!

    Paul if you have the big ticket items, the main thing is to do a budget and explain to the wife that is it when she wants to exceed it. They're very good at pouting and tamper chucking but stick to your guns. Also put a little away for emergency medical expenses, as you get older you will need them. A lot of expats live quite comfortable on less than $1800 aust dollars per month, just change your lifestyle to suit your finance. At the end of the day money isn't everything and what time we have left should be enjoyed not a chore tied to work.
  14. Clermont

    Visit no 3 begins

    Good luck with that.
  15. Clermont

    Seniors discounts and perks for Filipinos

    My wife uses her card all the time, but if booking local flights she has to produce it and me, no discount. I let her book the hotel rooms, it's a big saving when traveling around.