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  1. I thought I was last year, then after coming back home after six weeks tripping and not feeling well over there I went to the doc. Bowel cancer, full of old sh--, the Professor told me and within a few months the polyps were gone and so was most my bowel. Along with the diagnoses of bowel cancer the old Pro had picked up, a bit of lung cancer as well, and I went off to see the specialist, only a floater, we have to wait until it attaches itself to part of the lung before we can do anything with-it. I'd already had lung cancer and they'd cut the effected lob out, about 8 years earlier, technology had moved on, they'd caught it early enough this time and said it would be only Radiation. On the 4 Th, I on was on my way ( 5 ) hr drive to get the final health clearance for the end of the months trip, 4 weeks over there, spend a bit of time with a few blokes I'd meet up with previous. Old Oscar decided I wasn't going, he'd pulled the plug on the ticker and out of the blue I had a massive heart attack. From time of first feeling something wrong to time of last heart procedure was 5/12 hours, they also had to fly me 300 km. Now I know a fare bit about the PI hospital system and you wouldn't even have made it to a hospital, so before you go over full time, it might be wise to check the ticker out.
  2. A couple of years ago Australia went through the same thing, cranks misinforming the public about immunization. Australia fixed its problem by cutting off all government childcare allowances if a current immunization card couldn't be produced, it worked, except for a few extremists, their children are not allowed in childcare centres. Very little incentives for the PI people to follow Australia's example as there is no welfare benefit to forfeit. Maybe an expulsion from schooling if no vaccine evidence can be produced, that's one thing a half educated PI wants, their children with a decent education, maybe something like that might work, but they'll get there. As for you Poms, I shake my head in disbelief, don't tell me the do gooders have got you's bluffed.
  3. Just a little bit more on this topic, the clamp down on the law as us westerner's see it, has been going on for a couple of years now. JGF posted a bit about shop fronts being removed around Manila awhile back, other posters overtime have been commenting on various road infringements being picked up by the PNP, some saying it's a good thing, some clamoring it's a waste of time. I for one have noticed the crack down on illegal parking, shop front encroachment, even, believe it or not, trikes driving up the wrong side of the road, I think the crack down is here to stay. At the moment I'm in and out of the country a couple times a year and I can see the difference each time I visit and I enjoy the changes. As the wife's young nephews and nieces tell this old uncle, go with the flow uncle, hahaha.
  4. I had a problem with world remit last Christmas but had it soon sorted, I used my iPad over their instead of a computer here in Australia, their system picked it up and handed it on to security. A few chats on their chat line, (a lot better than ph.,) and the matter was soon sorted. Remember these services are into your bank account when you transfer money, I for one can put up with a bit of over the top bull when I don't inform them of my travel antennary. I suppose their a bit like the banks if you don't inform them of your travel, they cut your money off.
  5. Definitely not, the water is melting at the front of the ice block, that can only mean he had a hard nights work.
  6. Clermont


    Well boys, that's weird, Jack holding his tongue from commenting on over commenting, be careful boys the post could be contagious and yous could end up not commenting on everything.
  7. O to be so lucky you'd need a full block of ice to cool the jewels off after a hard nights work.
  8. Are we still quoting PI ice problems.
  9. Their trying that here too, call me ignorant but I refuse to go through a self serve, I have been known to leave a trolley full of groceries when I was told no more checkout attendants, use a self serve. Service is built into the groceries price and not only groceries a lot of other products as well. makes me cranky.
  10. I agree, maybe a few stores back home should follow their lead, I've had nothing but positive service, (except out of stock, ) from all staff whether in food, haberdashery, electrical, or so far anything else. Sometimes a bit peeved when their English differs from mine, but it's their country.
  11. Yes it is frustrating and sometimes you can't see reason for their decision. There are a lot of circumstances that we don't weigh up when making an application, as you indicated, not married long, her work history, many more things that we don't even think of. Like you said, tourist's get treated better. If she is with you, your legal to do business transactions back home, you do them just until she's been in and out of the country then apply for a business Visa. More than one way to skin a cat.
  12. Yeah that is correct, BUT that is dated 2016, If your taking more than 10 k Peso out, declare it, simple as that.
  13. Well I don't go to that much trouble, Last year I found a hamburger joint on Passy Rd and only 50 P each, bloody good too and the second one fills the gap left by the first. I'm slowly broadening my outlook on different foods over there. I will agree the older type PI women know how to cook better than the young'uns. Back in their flirty days, to land a good man, they had to know how to scrap a meal together out of nothing, there was no fast food outlets. And for you men that have older partners/wife's, you'll know what I mean, Meringa leaves, lemon grass, green paw paws, just to name a few. Yes when it comes to cooking and the ingrediencies, mine is plain bloody kuripot.
  14. It is a third world country I agree, but action is being taken to eliminate these senseless carnages we here about. It's a bit early yet, but in a day or two, the owner, cousins, wife even the dog will be charged and a hell of chest strutting performance will be carried out by DOTC. Then when the media finds another story, only the dog will be charged, and the others will be bailed to appear in court in 15/20 years time, that's how long the court system takes to here these sort of cases. Now Scott you ask about laws on over crowding on public transport, Trikes included, yes there is a law and in the last few years around more populated provinces they are stopping people from ridding outside the vehicle. Most drivers are only casual drivers,( Jeepneys included ) and when pulled up they are not allowed to drive a pay faring vehicle again, simple just use another driver, but the DOTC is wising up and starting to take the vehicles franchise off them, the owners are getting the message, don't forget it might be there relation the cops are trying to pinch. The laws are working as on this site we have read about getting pinched for, lack of helmet, ridding with flip flops, no seat belts, all the things that we get done for back home. Yes it is sad to read these stories, but they are not limited to just the PI's our own countries have horror stories too. I haven't got time, but one of the members might be able to start a new topic off, accident statistics over the last ten years, then we might see if the laws are starting to work.
  15. In the past we've read on this site about shanties being demolished that have encroached outside their boundaries, we've even grumbled about the crack down on vehicle related infringements. We've witnessed a whole island shut down, it took a lot of effort to reopen it, now, their is a bit of wavering in minds as to whether they can implement the clean up in Manila bay. Over the last few year, I've seen a marked change in and around Manila and Provinces I have visited, and I for one will put my money on they will clean it up. It was a good clean harbour back in the 70's and it will return to it's glory again.
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