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  1. We send money over by them, never had a problem, in the bank and draw-able within a couple of hours. Try ringing them, I once had a problem and rung them and they walked me through what I was doing wrong, very approachable.
  2. Clermont

    RANT- What cheese's me off

    It's got me buggered what you's are all talking about, faith, religion, honesty, never heard of it, is it a new type of woman or beer, these are the only two things a male person should be worried about. O and of course him.
  3. Clermont

    English and the Conversation

    Still waiting Jack: the answer is a cold beer, meaning you get one or a dirty look, meaning their beer is always cold.
  4. I shouldn't laugh at that one, but one never knows.
  5. No, a foreigner can't own land, in the original post the foreigner has a right to live there until his demise, which could be a week or a long time, depends on his relationship with the heirs.
  6. No good catching fish if you can't afford to look after them properly.
  7. Instead of hijacking another post, the heading is the question. For argument sake: I've got my life sorted, I own a house, maybe children, car, healthy amount in the bank account + a dog. I'm on a 13A, or balikbayan visa then the wife looses her grip on the perch. There is a law that allows you to remain in the house until you pass, but I can not find anything about the rest that I have mentioned. What sort of Visa do you revert to, can you still access the bank account, who owns the car?. If your grief stricken and decide to head back home, what can you sell up or can you drain the bank account, don't forget it reverts to an estate and a cranky heir could make things sticky. Don't forget Filipinos have got the law on their side, maybe another member has heard of a situation like this or been through it, I'd like to know, thanks.
  8. Clermont

    English and the Conversation

    Yes I agree, our accents can chuck them, but one universal phase is world wide and either you get what you asked for or a dirty look. Mind out of the gutter boys.
  9. Clermont

    Remembrance day

    In the Mania museum there is a lot of paintings and photos of "Manila burning" with the invasion of the Japan and the plunder and murder they committed while occupying the PI's. Worth seeing, very sad.
  10. Yes and not only immigration laws, civil, criminal laws although in some criminal cases it is alright to kill the neighbor if you catch him in the act of adultery. Basically, all laws are from the post war era and with a few little twigs, they have remand that way except never enforced until now. That's what is getting up everyone's nose.
  11. Clermont

    Medical cost

    Over here, the PI"s have a pretty good system, mainly local towns, everyone is a cousin, ha ha and when a rely of one of them needs an operation, the hat is past around. Never heard of one of them croaking because of lack of finance, they are committed to their older folks, shameful if you don't help, I'm told on a regular basis.
  12. As I've said before, the past catches up with the future. All Asian countries now are linked and when you fly from one country to another, if your flagged in one country by immigration, you'll be flagged in another. This is what these Asian summits are about, swapping information, if you've done something wrong in the past, consider a home grown vacation. Gone are the days of expats running from their past.
  13. Clermont

    knife crime in England

    This is what you get when you take guns of the people, .
  14. Mick as far as being stopped from leaving the country, you are right, but it has to be a conviction. If it is an accusation there is no legal requirement for the immigration in the USA to stop him from leaving. Now saying that, they also pass on his pending charges, whether known to him or not at time of boarding, and let the BI know they have a questionable person trying to enter their country. Let say, as been suggested, the wife has chucked a spanner in the works, he is in for a rough time trying to get back into the PI's. It won't be the wife filling charges, it will be the daughter and after a lengthy investigation, they may or may not file charges, but the bottom line is he has no recourse on a minor and he will still be blacklisted in the PI's even if the charges are dropped. My advice to anyone, don't tell anyone if you have a pi==ed off wife you are leaving the country, just hop on the plane and let your mates know by email that you like the place where you went to visit and your staying, sorry for not saying goodbye.
  15. Clermont

    Boy with cancer

    If by chance you come across a reputable charity that is willing to help this little might out, PM me and I'll see if we can make a cash donation to that charity. We'll be in Antique in December.