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  1. I looked into doing the same thing but Australia wont entertain the idea if both names aren't on the bank account, maybe your country might have the same rules, some silly notion about some-one trying to rip them off. Also looked into opening an account over their, no go if you haven't an ACR card, but others report they have opened an account, Arr well looks like I'll just have to be nice to the wife.
  2. Careful JGF, sounds like Capo is back, it sounds as though his pi==off.
  3. Welcome Jerry, like others have said, a fresh young insight and a long term knowledge of Philippine life, makes you more than welcome.
  4. If you don't mind, could you keep the price on the tiling of the bathroom, please. I just need a rough quote.
  5. Which subdivision is that Mike, not having a crack at you but I'm interested.
  6. What a pity. If you all decide to read the decree properly and follow the commerce side you will understand that only English is taught for this and that includes teacher's. Mike J is correct with his input and I do apologize but in the decree I read a few years ago, it stated only English was taught, I see they have set down guidelines for teaching. Thanks', Mike J this is what the forum is all about, learning and being corrected so other OP's can learn, not another Facebook page where garbage is talked.
  7. Tom, your pretty good at butting in and answering posts whether you know what your talking about or NOT. Now it is decreed by law that the national language is English, Tagalog is a native language, teachers teach English in schools, as a cultural learning and they will give lessons in the local dialect. Read the laws of the PI's before you run off at the mouth about teachers, most of us have relations that are involved in the tertiary sect.
  8. Clermont


    I do, how else are you going to colour your guests water.
  9. I thought I was crazy howling at the moon, but I'm pleased some-one else enjoys things in the night sky, try giving them a howl it relives all pent up emotions.
  10. Before I buy anything over there, I ask were warranty work is done. General answer, "they never break down Sir".
  11. Brett, no-one could beat the old Harry De Wheels.
  12. Steve google, I think his name is "Chan Road," and he goes through the process of inheritance. Don't let the old fellow give you the land or you buy it off him, like old 55 said, it isn't worth the trouble.
  13. We were heading back home to Oz, and I've even sat on their baggage conveyor when they buggerd up the wife's passport renew. Yeah a quick wit when they try to beggar you around helps. They bugger you around, you hold the whole process up. As for the Chinese, I'm 6', long armed and not overweight, all pric= and ribs is how some describe me, I've had the little fellows try that in Hong Kong and a loud bellowing voice telling them to get back in line while waving the arms around above their heads, gets plenty of attention and the people that try it soon fall back in line. Remember, after all no-one knows you, so don't feel ashamed, that's what I keep telling the wife.
  14. Yeah they again tried that bulldust on the wife and me last Christmas, we've been through the customs heaps of times, plenty off stamps to prove it. Nowadays I just sit down on my haunch blocking the passageway and tell them I'm too old to stand for to long. The wife chatters away and within a few minutes we were on our way. It's not the first time them custom people have had a crack at us, so now I squat down in the most inconvenient place to cause the most disruption, and when I finally get up, I give a little off balance wobble.
  15. Yes sadly there are jealous women over there and sometimes we marry one, mine is a beauty, no worries even when she carries on a bit. Calmly I tell her, " there is only one like you love, but if you can find another let me know and I'll weigh the odds up on which one to keep." Thank the lord she's not over confident in English or know when I'm taking the micky out of her when she gets into one of her woman moods.
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