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  1. I'm lucky I'm at that age where I can turn my head sideways and take a step into their space while saying UG. They don't like it when you invade their space and step back, that's when you shrug your shoulders and walk off pretending not to hear them. Been dealing with upstarts all my life, they don't know how to handle anyone in public with a hearing impairment.
  2. Yeah that's my understanding, but try convincing a PI especially your wife.
  3. I'm coming over using the Balikbayan route, do I have to apply for the visa before I start my Journey or get the passport stamped when I arrive ?
  4. Very good, and thanks Brett, it all seems pretty straight forward, just a lot of mucking around. I think I'll be getting my PCR test done at the Australian airport it will save a lot of hassle.
  5. I'm going to come over on a Balikbayan visa, do I have to arrange it with the consul before I come or do they stamp the passport on arrival. Don't forget we're in covered times, has anyone come that way?
  6. If that's the case about tests being done in that short a time, we might leave it until we get to the airport.
  7. Good one. That's handy to know, how much did they slug you for the test, and can you pay cash or is it card.
  8. Welcome Boinky 69, as I said in my last post it has nothing to do with Government restrictions, it is squarely a bank thing, them trying to make you use their transfer section by making it harder for overseas customers to use other money lenders. Well they got exposed and in Australia we have an Ombudsman that controls banking and after I explained I've talked to their complaints department and getting " sorry sir, I will look into it, " Knowing full well the problem hasn't been resolved, that's where you go. Anyway they back peddled and in a day or two I'll be sending money over, so we'll see if the complaints department have brushed up on there English and understand what is being told to them. Gee it's good to get the frustration out of the system.
  9. You are right Geoff, no where near martial law, just a health directive to try and save the people from getting infected. No worse, no better than our own home countries, just exaggerated. Some of us have seen martial law in it's worst in the PI's, it will never get like that again.
  10. Anyone bellyaching about martial law just wait until this Omicron Virus gets a foot hold in the PI's, it may not be as deadly as Delta but it is still weeding out the people with health complications and the young that don't know they have health problems. It is more contagious than any other variant, ( Double Dutch here, ) but not as deadly to the vaccinated. The reason why Martial law is talked about, it's to give their hospital system a chance to keep up to the expected cases, which will happen. Australia has been lucky and we have a top health system, but it is under strain with this new variant, we're copping a pisling with it now . Stop and have a think what problems lay ahead in the next few weeks for the PI's and I hope you's all come through it okay. Good luck.
  11. As I said I'd come back with an answer as to this silly SMS procedure. The bank emailed me and said they have re-instated my security question starting on the 5/1/22 and going through until 1/7/ 23, What I implied was, Worldremitt had an office in Australia and followed Australian rules why can't I transfer money to them as Pay anyone on my bank tab, I do to other people. The onus would be on them to do their security checks, that was my outcome, the other transfer mobs just didn't meet my standards. I hope this helps someone as banks are trying to dictate to customers
  12. Yeah Brett keep us all informed of your journey and pitfalls, just incase we're on the road earlier than intisipated.
  13. Watch her Slim, I think she's trying to pull a swifty.
  14. Come on you can't leave us hanging in wind, what happened .
  15. Star light bed and breakfast, meals cooked in house, takeaway just around the corner if you don't like there meals, manly Pommy meals, balcony not oversized but good enough, pick up at the airport, takes quarantine guests, I've stayed there 14 days and still cheap, the wife was in touch with them less than a month ago. On line, the address, Park Ave Pasay.
  16. Well first off, you aren't the only Person with a bit of money on this site and my suggestion, don't spruik about your wealth or dress in top of the range cloths when your over there. Another thing you haven't said whether it's only a holiday or fulltime, if it's a holiday splash your money around, draw attention to yourself there's plenty over there that will notice you and relieve you of some of it. Then again if your staying fulltime, invest in your daughters future, there's no need to lock yourself up in a condo, there's plenty of nice estates that are well patrolled and close to the city proper. The PI people aren't all scammers or crooks, most of what you've probably heard are half drunken yarns told over and over to make then sound plausible. What's been said may times to new visitors, keep a low profile and stay out of sleasy bars and enjoy your daughter and wifes company. Good luck Try a bit of his lifestyle.
  17. Things are changing all the time, I use online more security according to the bank, the limit is 300K for a transfer.
  18. I tried Westpac for a service, but that was only ph enquiry, next time I'm in town I'll do a bit of leg work regarding banks and transfers
  19. How did Remity get around the SMS code as it's a bank requirement, the SMS has nothing to do with WorldRemit and now I see WorldRemit has stopped accepting POLI transfers from Westpac. Of coarse you can still transfer money inhouse at a bank but at a low exchange rate and a high transfer fee. If your transferring Tens of thousands there are sites around but for the average Joe blow, we're screwed.
  20. Not as simple as that, It's not worldremitt, it's the bloody banks, there running scared because the royal commission got stuck into them about overseas money being freely transferred. My bank, the ANZ has implemented a system where they SMS you a code of numbers and you have to put them into your worldremitt transaction when prompted. Before it was challenged question's when doing internet banking. A bloke could transfer money while overseas using challenge questions, now because it's SMS no phone coverage while overseas. All is not lost, there is, I hope a loop hole but I have to wait until after Christmas to implement it. As for pensioners get onto centerlink they can put it into an bank account once a month, I wont go into the dramas, but it can be done, even if you haven't got a bank account in your name. DVA is the same but a lot more security around it at the moment.
  21. Yeah I put it all down to brown out's, nothing else.
  22. Doctors recommend the pill for women whom have just had a baby.
  23. Not a big fan of racing pigeons, I have seen flocks exercising just before dusk in the PI's so there will be some sort of guild there. I suppose it's just a matter of finding them, maybe Facebook might help.
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