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  1. As the heading say's, I don't believe a lot of the posts have got the right handle on the situation in the PI's, Manila hasn't given up on the Pandemic, they are just overwhelmed by the sudden influx of tests. The wife's son went to the public hospital for a swab and because there was a 8 hr wait he went to a private hospital and within the hour he was swabbed. Cost 1600 p for hospital and doctor, 3500 p for swab, results back within 6 hrs. Negative, but like a few have said, if you have money you can get help. Now over on Panay Island where the relies live it's different, one of the wife's ni
  2. No, as long as they haven't shifted the goal posts, After getting the first shot it's about two weeks before you get some immunity, the second shot gives you full immunity AS FAR AS THEY KNOW, there is still a lot about this disease and vaccines they don't know, their still winging it, time will tell , but I'm going with the mob and getting my jab.
  3. Sorry if this sounds like a rant, but how many times does this crap pop up. I don't care what your excuse is for being in the PI's, but like your home country, there's rules and if you don't obey them, the country is not at fault for enforcing the rules. As for corrupt officials every country has them, in there statement they weren't dealing with one person, it was an agency at different levels, come on please. As for the stolen Passport it's your responsibility to report it to your embassy as soon as your aware it's gone. Sorry no sympathy here and if their GoFundMe page draw more money, all
  4. I have a few different medicines and some aren't listed in the PI pharmacy, so the wife got onto Mr. Google and took a list to the doctor of what is available over there. Between the both, no problems, I'll survive.
  5. I hope thing will improve by Christmas too, I'll admit I was one of those cynical people knocking Sputnik and Chinses vaccine, but to date I haven't heard of any adverse reaction to them, maybe politics clouded the reasoning and science might be swaying my judgement as it should.
  6. They tried stopping Australians from taking their pensions overseas but when they sat back and worked out the number of overseas pensioner's, 70k odd, they didn't have the infustructure to accommodate them if they returned home and demanded their old age pensioner spot in an old age pensioner home. Discrimination is what was mentioned and yes it is normally twelve months before you can get a pension if you have lived overseas as well as medical, but their is ways around the medical and the pension. Once you've got your pension, that is the time to make up your mind if you want to live overseas
  7. That is the optimum phase, don't expect your home country to supply the vaccine free in an foreign country, get used to the idea, YOU"RE going to have to pay regardless of how many doses are sent to the PI's from your home country.
  8. Yeah nothing to getting the first dose, it's the second one that does the damage, make sure you've a good brand of super glue at hand, I've heard of blokes waking up in the morning minus their John Thomas and peeing on the bathroom floor because they can't put the strangle hold on him while waiting to get into the toilet. That's true full too
  9. Also, Australia has donated 1/2 billion dollars towards the vaccine for the Asian population, no word on what countries/islands that will be for. As for the PI's, the people are bucking about the Chinness vaccine being used. Once the wealthier countries bragging of being the first to start vaccinating wears off, you'll see these third world countries start getting their share. By the way HK, Australia is like the UK, ordered far more vaccine than our population and now we manufacture the vaccine. I think these pollies treat us like mushrooms, feed us on bulldust and keep us in the dark.
  10. Actually I wouldn't worry to much about the vaccine being in short supply, In another month or two it will be in abundance. I just watched on TV that there is only about 3 countries in the world that are vaccinating the daily amount of people they told the public they would. The vaccine doesn't last for ever and to save face they'll adopt a third world country to give the excess doses too, any takers on an argument on that statement.
  11. Australia just announced boarder to remain closed until June then reassessed. We've put aside enough to vaccinate the immediate family when can, cheaper than a funeral.
  12. Cappa got the arse for less, if you don't agree skip the topic and read on.
  13. I'd go 20 amp, just incase you ever have outdoor lighting.
  14. Bump your circuits up to 30 amps while doing it ,it will help stop tripping out, a must.
  15. Up to you but I'd disregard all electric wiring and conduit new wiring back to your breakers. Conduit doesn't look all that out of place with a bit of paint the same colour as the background. Remember, to do it properly is about the cost of a funeral, then you've got the trouble of breaking in a new missus or making a new kid, if it's you, well.
  16. The step son just bought a new house and the wiring is berried into the wall, no junction boxes. Nothing abnormal about that the contractor told him. I've taken pictures of how junction boxes and a bank of fuses work and he is chasing up an Elec to fix the house up safely. All wiring will be in conduits and each with separate safety fusses, eg: lights 1 fuse, power points another fuse, exe. I wouldn't even muk around chasing down a short if the wiring isn't properly protected and you can't have good access to the wiring, remember, no second chances with that stuff.
  17. Thanks for that, a bloke knows all that but it is good to be reminded of these little things that often get overlooked in the excitement of buying a new house.
  18. Brett, did you see the vaccination card they were waving about, shorly their not fair dinkum, even blind Freddy could forge that. As for opening up the tourist trade, I heard along the line, about October/November, just in time for Crissy, herd immunity will be struck in most Western countries and I believe what the Health professors are telling us, not gossip mongers.
  19. The Chinese vaccines still haven't got WHO clearance, as for the Pfizer vaccine I'd be looking at the authenticity of the paperwork.
  20. I didn't know doing that was good for wind, other forms of relief yes, well you learn something new each day.
  21. Just an afterthought, I wonder how many illegal's will get caught if they inoculate using passport and visas as proof of stay.
  22. Yes I agree all foreigner's will have to pay, just think of the drama if a foreigner gets the jab before a national. Anyway once they start rolling it out the wife has put aside for her immediate family to get jabbed, cheaper than a burial.
  23. Still carrying on like drama queens about this vaccination, take it or leave it and let us get on with the site as it was meant to be, 67 out of 17 mil dose had a reverse reaction, come on. Yes it's Monday
  24. Like I've said before, and there talking about it, on your passport chip.
  25. Jack are you going against the norm, paying rego, just not cricket old boy.
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