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  1. I've used this free site several times, works great. Good for next time. https://faxzero.com/
  2. No problem, it's all related and useful info. I also always keep nuts and flour in the fridge here. Years ago I was finding little worms that developed into small moths in my rice which I store at room temp in plastic. A friend told me to put it in the freezer for a few days and it works great, kills the eggs. So when I buy new rice I always do that now and after a few days in the freezer no more problems at room temp. When you wash it any dead eggs wash away (I hope ). I always like to keep whole wheat flout on hand in the fridge for an occasional Apple Crisp (great apple pie substitute and healthier) but been a long time since I made bread so wanted to get back into it. Been buying the Gardenia whole wheat bread here for years and it's OK but miss the homemade stuff, just a lot more flavorful, plus you have a better idea of what you're eating if you make it yourself.
  3. OK thanks for the replies, I'll check those out.
  4. For years I used to buy it at Johhny's on MacArthur, for like 60 or 70p a kilo, but they haven't had any for maybe 6 months now and I've asked a few times but they had no idea if they'll ever carry it again. Anyone know of a good bakery supply that might carry it? I was downtown today and asked at Angeles Bakery Supply (I think that's the name) by Pure Gold downtown and they don't carry it. Thanks for any info
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