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  1. PurpleHaze

    No deposit in my account.

    I've used this free site several times, works great. Good for next time. https://faxzero.com/
  2. PurpleHaze

    Whole Wheat Flour in Angeles or Dau?

    No problem, it's all related and useful info. I also always keep nuts and flour in the fridge here. Years ago I was finding little worms that developed into small moths in my rice which I store at room temp in plastic. A friend told me to put it in the freezer for a few days and it works great, kills the eggs. So when I buy new rice I always do that now and after a few days in the freezer no more problems at room temp. When you wash it any dead eggs wash away (I hope ). I always like to keep whole wheat flout on hand in the fridge for an occasional Apple Crisp (great apple pie substitute and healthier) but been a long time since I made bread so wanted to get back into it. Been buying the Gardenia whole wheat bread here for years and it's OK but miss the homemade stuff, just a lot more flavorful, plus you have a better idea of what you're eating if you make it yourself.
  3. PurpleHaze

    Whole Wheat Flour in Angeles or Dau?

    OK thanks for the replies, I'll check those out.
  4. For years I used to buy it at Johhny's on MacArthur, for like 60 or 70p a kilo, but they haven't had any for maybe 6 months now and I've asked a few times but they had no idea if they'll ever carry it again. Anyone know of a good bakery supply that might carry it? I was downtown today and asked at Angeles Bakery Supply (I think that's the name) by Pure Gold downtown and they don't carry it. Thanks for any info