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  1. Howard

    Philippines Expat Merit Badges

    Getting Hey Joe'd and then asked what's your name? Joe of course, my name is Joe!
  2. Howard

    Philippines Expat Merit Badges

    OMG, I forgot that one as I haven't heard it in a while, I don't know why? I used to always say while pointing "that way" and just kept walking! It used to drive me nuts too.
  3. Howard

    Philippines Expat Merit Badges

    No Balut here either. I've ridden a motorcycle on EDSA many times so I guess that deserves a Merit badge with an oak leaf cluster! 3. Riding on the LRT or MRT and surviving. I've done this many times too. 4. Living in a hut in the province with no toilet, refrigerator, AC or running water for 2 weeks. Been there, done that! 5. rode out a typhoon. Keep em coming!
  4. Howard

    Philippine Medical Tourism

    Interestingly I just ran across this story today: https://www.philstar.com/business/2018/10/23/1862499/survey-forecasts-131-medical-inflation-philippines-2018
  5. Howard

    Puerto Princesa Palawan

    Yes, all safe now.
  6. We owned a couple properties in the Antipolo area with only rights. Some of the nice things about it are you can buy and sell the property by just going to a local notary and have them produce a document that the new owner and seller can sign and it's a done deal. There is also no property taxes to pay if you only have the rights. The bad things are like someone else said, if the government wants to take the lot for road widening or something like that, they will. It happened to some friends in the Cogeo village who lost their roadside restaurant and house. The other is if you want to build something nice you should be hesitant. We have since sold those properties without a problem.
  7. Howard

    Which TV?

    We have the Sony Bravia smart TV. It's got a great picture but the sound is crap so I hooked it up to the Bose speaker. it's great that way but it's a bit of a PITA having to use the Bose remote to raise the volume when you first turn everything on. I also think the Wifi adapter in it is not the best because if I'm watching a streaming basketball game it will be guaranteed to pixelate or freeze up sometime during the game, but if I watch the game on my iPhone and cast it to the TV there is never a problem.
  8. That's nice speed! What do you pay a month for that? I noticed a guy from PLDT on my street last week running fiber and I was curious.
  9. Howard

    Filipino Cigarettes

    Yes Seth that’s what I have switched to recently but the soft pack yellows with the orange tax stamp are getting hard to find. These are the imported ones from Turkey and they are great!
  10. They are usually available here at the Power Mac Center in mid November.
  11. Howard


    Another thing to watch out for in Manila is always keep your backpack on your chest when on a jeep as they work in pairs too. The con is a girl will sit next to you and a guy next to her, while you are bouncing around on your journey she will move forward and he will reach behind her with a razor and cut your bag then grab whatever he can. It happened to me but I think he bumped me in the back during and even though I had no idea what was going on I started looking that way so I guess they stopped, but when I got off the jeep I saw that I had a big cut in my bag but nothing was taken. Growing up in the city I thought I had seen it all but they are very slick and resourceful here. Be careful out there!
  12. Welcome Roy, Looks good so far, my wife is from Samar also.
  13. Howard

    Coca Cola!

    Same here JD! I would never drink Diet Coke in the states because of it first having Aspartame and later Sucralose, and I won't be drinking this. Goodbye Coke!
  14. Howard

    Coca Cola!

    I noticed something yesterday about the bottled coke that is available now. It says at the top of the bottle "original taste, less sugar". After looking at the ingredients I see it now has Sucrolose. So, it is basically Diet Coke without the label! Pretty sneaky of them if you ask me.