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  1. It was about 3 years ago but I think that's about in the ballpark, I know I wasn't happy about the cost! I never got the last shot because they said that if I saw that the cat was still alive when it was time for the last one then it was unnecessary. This cat basically lived in the apartment building so I saw it a lot. It bit another foreigner that lived in the building about a year later when he was trying to break up a cat fight between his cat and that one. He didn't get the shots and I believe he's still alive but I wasn't taking that risk as the cat was known to catch and eat rats in the building.
  2. Unfortunately I had to pay.
  3. RIP, I got the Rabies shots here after getting bit by a street cat.
  4. That's funny! I don't know either, but they do sell a quality product and I trust them so I will keep buying.
  5. I use the Mega men vitamins from GNC. They are a little on the expensive side but I've been taking them for over 10 years now and it's nice that I can get them here.
  6. Anyone know a good, but not too expensive place to stay in or around San Juan?
  7. Welcome to a fellow Pennsylvanian! I belong to a nationwide MC group here called RGP or Rouser group of the Philippines. I'm in the Rizal chapter in Metro Manila but there is a Cebu chapter also. Here's a Facebook link to them(it won't let me put a link here, Just search RGP Cebu in Facebook). Just message them and say you're interested in maybe joining up or hanging out, I'm sure they will love to meet you as they always get excited to have a foreign rider in the club. The group is just a bunch of everyday Filipino's and a few foreigners who love to ride. Be prepared though, these guys and girls like to ride Sometimes fast and sometimes far! Have fun!
  8. I didn't have a PI license when I bought mine and I bought it at a dealership. They wanted a copy of my passport and I honestly don't remember if the wanted to see my license from the US.
  9. You can buy a motorcycle and put it in your name no problem. As far as a license you can use your Aussie license for 90 days. I would just make sure that you have a MC code on your Aussie license.
  10. The couple of times we got them they were not frozen. I think they are precooked and they are presliced too. We don't have an oven so one time I wrapped it in aluminum foil and heated it up on the grill so it was hot. We usually have some left over so the wife fries it up with some eggs. Very good ham in my opinion.
  11. Never had that one but the Fiesta ham is very good from Pure foods.
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