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  1. I've never renewed mine since I got it in 2016 but if your question is should you go and renew it now or wait until it expires I would think renew it now. why would you open a can of worms over an expired card?
  2. I prefer the S&R pizza to Greenwich, with that being said the wife and I were at the SM Pasig mall last week and we had pizza at a place Called New York Slice. It was probably the best pizza I've had here but expensive.We had the New York special pie and it was loaded with pepperoni, olives, peppers, onions, sausage and plenty of cheese and best of all no pineapple!
  3. I go to a local Sari Sari store for my bottled beer. Sometimes they are not cold and the guy will start filling from the ice bucket too. I always tell him it's OK and I'll try the other store to see if they have cold ones. I actually have come to like drinking beer with ice in it since I came here but I won't use the ice from the ice chest and I won't use tube ice either because it's tap water and I will get a stomach ache and the shits. In Manila they sell ice made from mineral water it's always a circle shape and hollow in the center. I will use that or 7 11 ice, but nothing else.
  4. Howard


    I don't have the NFL gamepass but I have gotten the NBA league pass the last couple of years and will sign up again next month. I only get the subscription to watch the Philadelphia 76ers because I really don't have time to watch other teams games. It's only like P500 a month. It works great! Except that most games start at 8:00 am.
  5. Pure foods makes a decent bacon.
  6. I can't say it drives my wife nuts Tom, as she is usually happy to see them. but she has told them many times to call or text first to no avail. Most of them also help her around the house with the dishes, cleaning and running to the Sari Sari store. As much as it sometimes gets on my nerves to provide extra meals and not have the run of the apartment I honestly don't know what they will do if we were away. Just recently we left early in the morning and went to a few places in Manila. On the way home we decided to catch a movie and got back like 9pm, her brother was at the tricycle stand at the entrance to the Barangay. I don't even know how she saw him or he saw us or how long he was there but I guess he was watching everyone that came in like a hawk. If we were away for the weekend I guess he would have slept there until we got back because the building has card access to get in.. Oh, and we currently rent but it is basically understood that I am the principal "owner" and they have always been and still are after all these years shy on me but it doesn't change anything!
  7. Sounds good. I’m in the Pasig city area so I’m known to hit the watering holes in Eastwood but it’s all good. Shoot me a message when your up this way and we’ll work something out!
  8. Welcome to the forum Sitra! I'm a US Army vet myself. If your ever in the Manila area, the first ones one me!
  9. Jake, The BT tech has come a long way. These speakers have a great sound, and can get very loud indoors or outside. they have a booming bass due to the passive radiators on the sides. Yes, you do have to charge the batteries but they have a long battery life, you can get 20 hours play time on the Charge 3 depending on the volume you are playing the music(I have averaged around 15 hours on 3/4 volume). Another nice thing is you can connect up to 200 speakers together with just the push of a button on both speakers. You can also play 2 of them in stereo as long as they are the same models. You can also hard wire them using a 3.5 mm cable from another device. I wouldn't recommend using one in BT mode connected to a TV though as there is a slight lag between the sound and video. I'm very impressed with them!
  10. I have 2 of the JBL bluetooth speakers. I got them at Robinsons and they do let you try them before buying. I have the smaller Flip4 and the larger Charge 3. I really like them and they are reasonably priced at like 5 to 6000 pesos.
  11. They need to do that in Manila! Just this morning I was about to order at Bonchon when a couple of roaches danced across the counter. This was at one of the large malls no less. It will never happen but hot water and soap in the bathrooms should be mandatory too.
  12. Make sure to teach them right!
  13. I wish I could limit the condo numbers...never a phone call...doorbell...someone is here! I don't know what they would do if we were out of town, they come unannounced, with no money for return trip, no food and expect to stay a week or more...Good point about the onward ticket for family members...That cost is expected also.
  14. Dave, I could agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.
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