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  1. I'm in the big city and surprisingly enough to me, I don't see many foriegners. When I do see one I usually do a head nod but rarely get anything back. Whether I get a reply or not I will just continue walking, same as I would have in the US when dealing with a stranger.
  2. You might have better luck trying to get a Union bank EON account rather than BDO or BPI.
  3. Whenever the wife and I are visiting family I usually rent/share a bike from one of them just for while we are there, and then only use the bike when we are going somewhere. I think I slipped the one cousin like a thousand and kept the gas full for him for the week last time. Maybe your girl has a family member that wants to make some cash?
  4. I don't think Leeches transmit any diseases. So if you see some on you just get them off then treat the cut with some antibiotic ointment. I worry more about mosquitos than leeches here.
  5. I've brought back regular Tanduay Rum and people were happy with it. I don't think they sell it in the states so it's a novelty.
  6. Thanks for the tip! I usually stick to Folgers every morning but I'll have to try some of this. Looks like there is a Batangas Best brand for sale here locally.
  7. You can use the APP called Carousell to find apartments in Manila whatever your budget. You can get it on the App Store or use the website. https://www.carousell.ph
  8. I've had at least 3 very nice apartments in Manila for less than 300 a month. I live in a 1 bedroom now that is a little more than 200. Sure there are more expensive areas in Manila like Eastwood or Makati but unless you need to live in a luxury condo surrounded by other Expats other area's have everything you need.
  9. I've never renewed mine since I got it in 2016 but if your question is should you go and renew it now or wait until it expires I would think renew it now. why would you open a can of worms over an expired card?
  10. I prefer the S&R pizza to Greenwich, with that being said the wife and I were at the SM Pasig mall last week and we had pizza at a place Called New York Slice. It was probably the best pizza I've had here but expensive.We had the New York special pie and it was loaded with pepperoni, olives, peppers, onions, sausage and plenty of cheese and best of all no pineapple!
  11. I go to a local Sari Sari store for my bottled beer. Sometimes they are not cold and the guy will start filling from the ice bucket too. I always tell him it's OK and I'll try the other store to see if they have cold ones. I actually have come to like drinking beer with ice in it since I came here but I won't use the ice from the ice chest and I won't use tube ice either because it's tap water and I will get a stomach ache and the shits. In Manila they sell ice made from mineral water it's always a circle shape and hollow in the center. I will use that or 7 11 ice, but nothing else.
  12. Howard


    I don't have the NFL gamepass but I have gotten the NBA league pass the last couple of years and will sign up again next month. I only get the subscription to watch the Philadelphia 76ers because I really don't have time to watch other teams games. It's only like P500 a month. It works great! Except that most games start at 8:00 am.
  13. Pure foods makes a decent bacon.
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