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  1. I found Hong Kong to be the easiest and Tokyo to be the worst.
  2. Howard

    Globe's Mobile WiFi Ripoff

    Get a globe tattoo sim for your phone. Load the GOTSCOMBODD90 on it. It gives you 2GB of data which is good for a week for 90 peso and unlimited texts to all networks. If you use it up just load it again.
  3. Howard


    I have to agree with you, I would not recommend learning to ride here, especially in Metro Manila. But it is the only way to beat the traffic, rather than sitting in it.
  4. Howard


    The quickest way to get around anywhere in the Philippines is by motorcycle.
  5. Howard

    N'ozzie new member

    Welcome to the forum!
  6. Howard

    Filipino Cigarettes

    That’s actually a pretty good idea. You don’t happen to know what that app is called do you? I might have to try it. Until then, I just got a carton of Swiss Marlboro at 2200 P not quite American prices, but damn close....ugh...Burp😜
  7. Howard


    Thanks Queenie, Yeah I guess 10 pounds was a high guesstimate! haha
  8. Howard

    Filipino Cigarettes

    Any other smokers out there find that Filipino cigarettes are really horrible recently? I got here in 2013 and smoked Marlboro lights made here for the longest time, they were great up until like last year. When they started giving me chest pains. I switched to the Winston lights soft pack. These have the orange tax stamp and are made in Turkey. No more chest pains! Now they don't sell them anymore, the new ones have a green tax stamp and are made here. same issue as with the Marlboro's, chest pains. I now only smoke the Swiss Marlboro lights which are delicious but expensive at 250 P a pack. I really should just stop but it's a habit I've had since I was 15 years old and it's one of my only vices these days! I'm just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience? or can make a brand recommendation.
  9. Howard


    Thanks Queenie, yeah it would be the same for me, just once in a while. So example if I shopped online at Walmart.com and brought some items, lets say some first aid things, some foods like mayo and mustard maybe a couple other items I would think the would send them all in one box to that place in Jersey or New York?, I would hope! I wouldn't think the box would be too big and probably weigh a couple pounds, maybe 10 at the most. You think that would be about 1000 peso charge? Thanks!
  10. Howard


    Queenie, What do they charge for something like that? I tried looking on the website but it's kinda confusing.
  11. If your probationary expires August 10th, why don't you just submit the paperwork this week for your permanant 13a? I seem to remember starting the process at least a month before it had expired.
  12. Howard

    Coca Cola!

    I've noticed a lot more of the fast food places saying no coke too, not just Mcdo but Jolibee also.
  13. Howard


    That's good to hear!
  14. Howard


    I'm wondering if this is being enforced in places like Eastwood that have outdoor cafe's as I haven't been there since this crackdown started.
  15. Howard

    Gold (jewelry)

    I would avoid buying gold here! Too many scammers. I once tried to see a gold necklace that I had bought in the states. I had a receipt from a reputable jewelry store saying the price I paid, and what karat/weight it was. The necklace also had a tab at the clasp with 14K on it but the guy insisted that when he rubbed it on some rock(magical in some way I'm convinced) that it was only 10K. I laughed and walked away. Gold jewelry is nice but it's really not a good investment because when you sell it you only get scrap prices for it. but it's nice in case of an emergency due to the pawn value.