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  1. I need a new ACR card, it expires next month. Does anyone know if I need to go through the appointment portal for that in Manila? or can I just go there?
  2. I did mine in Manila today. Went pretty smooth. One thing though, the appointment system gives you the time and date. I set up the appointment last night and try as I might to get an appointment for February 8th it assigned me a slot at 9:00 this morning. Luckily I didn't have anything else to do.
  3. Mostly the American laws that international banks have to follow if they want to continue to do business with American banks. Look up FATCA. Any American that opened an account here with a larger bank had to fill out a lot of initial FATCA paperwork when they opened their account.(Again, maybe not one of the local small banks...But they are not covered by PDIC insurance and if they fail or just disappear to the province...You're Screwed!) Overseas banks with American account holders have to submit paperwork every year on them. Are there laws like that from other countries? Probably, and maybe the banks here just find it easier to group all foreigners together when approving accounts. My guess on why it's hard for a tourist to get an account? because they figure it's a lot of work, paperwork and hassle for someone who might leave the country next week.
  4. I could never open a bank account here on a tourist visa but I've talked to others in this forum who have, I was turned down on numerous occasions even with a backpack full of US dollars( A couple thousand, less than 10). Now I could have gotten an account at a small, local Filipino bank where the Sari Sari store owners line up for hours to deposit their bags of 5 and 10 peso coins(I think one of them was called the royal bank of montalban), but no thanks! If I had to recommend the easiest, Real, safe bank I would say the Union Bank EON account. Good luck to you!
  5. I usually try the Vicks inhaler before resorting to the Zyrtec. Most of the time it will unclog my sinuses and I won't take the med's.
  6. I been taking the Zyrtec off and on for many years too Tom. Back in Pennsylvania I knew exactly what was going to trigger the allergies, pine trees, Spring time and tree pollen. Here it's a lot better and sometimes, like recently I don't have to take the Zyrtec for months. I really don't know what triggers my allergies here though, but I'm guessing it's the smog and exhaust of Metro Manila because if we get out and about for an all day trip I seem to have issues for a couple days after. Couple years back we went to Baguio and as much as the cool weather was nice I couldn't wait to get out of there. If you are close to Watson's you can get their generic ceterizine which I've been using here for years for a lot less, it's P10 per pill.
  7. I don't like the Eden cheese and if I get spaghetti and it's shredded on there I spoon it off. I do love grated parmesan on spaghetti and eating hard pretzels with extra sharp cheddar and mozzarella on pizza. but I also love American cheese which is also not real cheese and cheese wiz. My wife likes all of these and the Eden. To each his own!
  8. I bought a 180 Kawasaki Rouser a couple years back and rode the hell out of it before selling it, I paid like 65,000 cash for it. It was plenty of power for the city and for me and the wife to take long rides in the Rizal mountains etc. I've owned 3 Harleys back in the states and I really wouldn't want anything that big here, especially in Manila.
  9. Thanks for the advice Brett! I will avoid this. SM light for me as I'm not a big fan of the high alcohol beers, if I want to get wasted I'll do a few shots of Jameson with my SM lights!
  10. I've bought 2 sets of furniture in the 6 years I've been here. The first was cloth that basically fell apart in a year and the second is cloth also but it's held up for 2 years now but it's always been kinda itchy. It's hard to find good comfortable furniture here.
  11. That’s a shame. Maybe you should change carriers? I actually get much better speeds on my phones LTE with a globe sim than with my WiFi but if I was to use it all the time it would be too expensive compared to the monthly WiFi bill. But it is a great backup and I can switch over to it in less than a minute.
  12. You still are using the PC. When you turn on the WiFi hotspot on your phone you are creating a wireless network that you connect to with your PC... there will be a network name and password.... just search for wireless networks on your PC choose the network(ex:IPhone) put in the password and boom you are using the LTE from your phone. Just like connecting to a modem. Try it, you’ll like it! It also comes in handy when you change residences so you can do classes while waiting for your service to get reconnected.
  13. I just use my phone LTE and turn on the hotspot on the iPhone. I'll have wifi for as long as the phone battery and power bank(JBL Charge 3 speaker) last. But like you said my problem is usually the laptop. Bottom line, scheduled brownouts are no problem, and as long as I remembered to get a load on my phone and my laptop is fully charged unscheduled ones aren't so bad either.
  14. Welcome to the forum Brian!
  15. Try the Sandugo store. I wear a 10 but when my cousin was here he had no problem finding his size there. We usually go to the one across the highway from Ayala malls Feliz.
  16. I like the paper better. Every time I go somewhere now I come back with 2 pounds of coins in my pockets. I would imagine these 20's are pretty heavy so I better invest in a new belt to hold my pants up!
  17. I'm in the big city and surprisingly enough to me, I don't see many foriegners. When I do see one I usually do a head nod but rarely get anything back. Whether I get a reply or not I will just continue walking, same as I would have in the US when dealing with a stranger.
  18. You might have better luck trying to get a Union bank EON account rather than BDO or BPI.
  19. Whenever the wife and I are visiting family I usually rent/share a bike from one of them just for while we are there, and then only use the bike when we are going somewhere. I think I slipped the one cousin like a thousand and kept the gas full for him for the week last time. Maybe your girl has a family member that wants to make some cash?
  20. I don't think Leeches transmit any diseases. So if you see some on you just get them off then treat the cut with some antibiotic ointment. I worry more about mosquitos than leeches here.
  21. I've brought back regular Tanduay Rum and people were happy with it. I don't think they sell it in the states so it's a novelty.
  22. Thanks for the tip! I usually stick to Folgers every morning but I'll have to try some of this. Looks like there is a Batangas Best brand for sale here locally.
  23. You can use the APP called Carousell to find apartments in Manila whatever your budget. You can get it on the App Store or use the website. https://www.carousell.ph
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