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  1. Spitting in general is gross but I especially hate to see a woman spit. I guess I'm a geezer.
  2. We went up on Sunday and came home on Monday. I didn't see any construction equipment and other than a couple of awkward realignments, no construction.
  3. Yes, dried fish to sunglasses, all can be yours!
  4. I hope so. We threw out the receipt!
  5. The neighbor we bought our house lot from has a dog in a cage I have darkly nick-named Spinner. He goes 'round and 'round all day while his poor brain fries from the stress of his small enclosure. I asked M why they keep dogs in cages here and she said it's because, if they don't, the dog will run away. Well, hell, wouldn't you?! Living here is a process of opening your heart to possibilities and closing it to realities.
  6. I tend to use the internet less when I'm visiting a place so don't get too upset over choppy WiFi. I guess you could get used to having good internet up in the NCR, though.
  7. Dipping slightly south for this report: We went with friends to Camp Sabros near Digos City for an overnighter Sunday-Monday. On the way and on the return, we had lunch at Mer's in Digos. It's right on the main highway. It's a caferteria-type resto with a nice selection of dishes that are not always the same. On the way in I had pork bagoong, afritada, lumpia shanghai, chicken strips, and a tinola that was all broth with mulunggay. On the way out I had pork giniling, monggo with fish rather than pork, a really nice bicol express, and the tinola broth with malunggay. The food was all quite good but we found a baby cockroach in the container of pasabulong ube halaya cookies we bought from their store.
  8. My wife and I tried an Indian resto down near the BI. Neither of us liked it. I said, "But look at all of the Indian students eating here!" M said, "Maybe their mothers were lousy cooks!"
  9. Mine does not. I forgot to say that it's an 8kg model.
  10. Samsung here for 5 years. No temperature selection. Only a cold water supply anyway. Seems to work well.
  11. They're handy for the wavy edges of doors you don't wish to remove. And they don't clog like sandpaper.
  12. The "locksmith" who installed the dead bolt on our metal gate was using my wood rasp - my father's wood rasp - on the hole he cut in the steel gate. My wife gave it to him to use. I about had kittens when i found out. And everyone looking at me like there's no such term in Filipino for "single-use tool".
  13. Small sofa/couch that seats two.
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