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  1. Thanks, Geoff. I tried to limit my local agent search to agents or agencies with a decent number of listings on the sites and to those who had properties of P10M or more. I may have to branch out to other areas to hit someone who has access to expat clientele. I had considered that the 2nd or 3rd largest city in the nation would have a market for big homes on big lots but maybe it doesn't. Thanks again for your reply.
  2. Does anyone know a good real estate agent in Davao City? We're selling our five-year old house and lot but it seems like the agents we've contacted have no drive at all to make 5% on P13M. My wife says they'd rather make several small, easy commissions than work for one big payoff. I contacted a few listed as local on a Philippine real estate site but only two got back to us. Neither even wanted to come look at the place and both just wanted permission to list it! How in the world do you sell a house and lot you've never seen? Do the agents here make Brownie Points for having real es
  3. I know that mine was mailed from Washington State but with the USPS debacle I'm wondering about timing. Anyone get their ballot from any state yet?
  4. As a wearer, I can attest that the face shield keeps you from touching your face as well as providing "splash" protection. I *doinked* my shield three times yesterday, absent mindedly reaching to scratch my face.
  5. And I've been tasteless my whole life...
  6. My typical illness begins with a sore throat followed by a "scratchy" chest that make me cough and then a bronchitis-like interval. As I said, I've had variations of it since my first visit here in 2008. A head cold is rare for me so the sinusitis or whatever it was was bizarre. I've never *pulled* mucous from my nose in ribbons before. Sorry if that's too graphic but it shocked the hell out of me. I tried phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride with the sinus thing but only once as it's been taken off the market in the US and other countries. It didn't work so I didn't take any more. I also tr
  7. I had a bad cold early on in Covidtime. It was so typical for me that I know it was a variation of what I have gotten here since my very first visit in 2008. I just had the nastiest of sinus infections. It lasted three weeks and the mucous in my schnoz was like rubber cement. Now my COPD is kicking up again so my lungs are irritated and I'm coughing. I've been out just three times since March 15th, wearing a mask, a face shield and carrying a pointy stick to wave at people's eyes when they get too close. I've not had it. I don't want it. And I'm trying like hell not to get it.
  8. My wife and I were once at a resort down past GenSan here on Mindanao. The resto is next to a small grove of coconuts in which the resort had made a children's play area. (!) We were sitting there, waiting for the food to arrive when I turned to Menchu and said, "What kind of crazy person puts a play area among a bunch of coconut trees?" "Oh honey, they cut the coconuts off so the kids won't get hit." No sooner had she said that then *whomp* a coconut fell inside the play area. It made us both jump. We have two coconut trees in the yard here. A woman comes with a worker every fe
  9. Yep. I've been hiding a keg under my shirts for years but always the hunger question. It's probably like: She can see me walking around so I must be ok (after the fall) but she can't see hunger so she has to ask.
  10. An hour ago, I made a fried-egg-on-toast sandwich (with eggs fried by the MIL and put in a container on the table for me). I made it and ate it in front of my wife who was sitting at the table next to me. Twenty minutes ago, she asked, "Do you want to eat?" "I just ate a sandwich in front of you!" "I thought you might like to eat because it's lunchtime." "No, thanks. I'm fine." Five minutes ago: "If you're hungry, we have spaghetti." (sigh) "Okay, honey. Thank you." "You want it now?" "No, later." It's part of the deal. What's funny is, a few months
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