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  1. Notice how he also always talks about being banned? That's Trollwork. I'm through supporting their hobby. Adieu.
  2. To each his own but there are far too many reasonably sane and stable people in the world for me to put up with endless bullshit for a handful of paranoid delusionals.
  3. None of the men can be identified but the woman's name is yelled from the rooftop. Nice system.
  4. My only concern would be the amount of Vitamin A per serving. They way the kids who do our yardwork for us eat rice (mounds of it at each sitting), I'd worry about overdose.
  5. I am mostly allowed to look. My wife will even discuss with me the particular beauty (or lack thereof) of women I see. But you cray-cray if you think am touchin' that stuff.
  6. For aggregating and shipping I use ShippingCart. They lost a bag of tea at the height of the Covid lockdown in California and I haven't been happy with their tracking but I've received my packages (minus that tea which they reimbursed me for).
  7. For now, nothing. I'm waiting for the shippers to change their policy.
  8. According to my wife, LBC and JRS aren't even accepting shipments other than an envelope to the US down here. They told her it was due to a Customs clampdown. (?)
  9. I'd run the other way based on her bad luck alone!
  10. Got my second jab of AZ on the 9th. One hour and 15 minutes. No side effects except a very rare bruise at the injection site. Well, a second side-effect that was not from the shot but from the process: sore thighs from hopping up and down while playing musical chairs in the several lines.
  11. No vog in Davao. Quite lovely outside and the rambutan and durian will soon be dropping. Some lucky person could buy our house and have some drop right in their yard (broadly hinting).
  12. Scotland should be free from Britain and this idiot should be locked away for his own good.
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