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  1. I want to see if it's feasible to get one of these, once our house and lot sells. I just love how they look. Would the body save it at all from going over diagonally like a tractor? I could never ride a motorcycle.
  2. Here in my part of Davao City, the site was an elementary school with the waiting area being a covered basketball court and the seating rows of well-separated plastic chairs. My MIL and I were in row 7 with 14 in each row. There were empty rows behind me and the seating area was only ever about half-filled. We were not apprised that a BP check was needed beforehand until we had waited for more than 30 minutes in the seating area although there was staff there for that purpose. Once the BP check was done, we each received our BP on a small slip of paper which needed to be shown to the scre
  3. Slight fever and slightly sore jab arm yesterday with the first AZ dose. Both gone today. Am able now to do math in my head, though, thanks to the chip from Mister Gates.
  4. I got my first dose of Astra-Zeneca about two hours ago here in Davao. I just pre-registered as an A3 person with comorbidities last night and also registered my A2 MIL (just turned 68) as well (We have a QR code tracking system in place here in Davao wherein we all have a QR "pass" to carry and I used that website avenue which just opened up as a registration portal.) This morning, my wife talked to her friend who told her we should go to a nearby vax site, so we did. They allowed my MIL as they're working on the over-60 group but also allowed me to get the vax, out-of-schedule (I'm
  5. It falls under the PNJFCP, Mike: Philippines National Jobs For Cousins Program.
  6. That Mexican guy is a known space alien. Or a Bigfoot. Q told me. Too many nutters online.
  7. [tangent] Apropos of nothing, I watch a lot of British TV shows and felt like I had at least a rudimentary grasp on the economic strata there. I was surprised at Unforgettable last night, as one of the story lines is a maid who has been asking for a pay raise for the first 3 episodes is now blackmailing one of the leads for, as she put it, "£287. My overdue gas bill. And £9 an hour." That's US$399 and US$12.50, respectively. Surprising to me that a female Deputy Chief Constable would balk at a pay raise for a single mother who puts up with the DCC's caustic elderly mother. Also, that's qu
  8. If you use TurboTax online, there is a step in the process that let's you claim stimulus payments you did not receive. You should also check out the IRS site: https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/get-my-payment .
  9. Davao City has a dearth of chickens. Higher prices for pork are driving more chicken consumption which has led to a chicken shortage. GMall in Toril is a veritable wasteland for fresh meats - to the point where they've filled their meat counter cases with packages of vegething substitutes - and SM Ecoland runs out of birdies within hours of opening. How's the chickens where you are?
  10. It sounds like it's part of the MJFR initiative. You know, More Jobs For Relatives.
  11. I know that if I was an international terrorist or wanted foreign fugitive, I'd be using my real name to travel. Gosh, I bet they'll catch all sorts of international bad guys!
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