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  1. Davao City has a dearth of chickens. Higher prices for pork are driving more chicken consumption which has led to a chicken shortage. GMall in Toril is a veritable wasteland for fresh meats - to the point where they've filled their meat counter cases with packages of vegething substitutes - and SM Ecoland runs out of birdies within hours of opening. How's the chickens where you are?
  2. It sounds like it's part of the MJFR initiative. You know, More Jobs For Relatives.
  3. I know that if I was an international terrorist or wanted foreign fugitive, I'd be using my real name to travel. Gosh, I bet they'll catch all sorts of international bad guys!
  4. I checked in last week in Davao. No appointment. Another copy of the info pages of my passport required. Another form to fill up. P310 and about an hour's time.
  5. If foreigners are off the list, I imagine those of us who know a nurse or two will be able to pay a special "fee" for consideration.
  6. Davao City is supposed to be getting the Astra Zeneca vaccine next month. The city government has announced a working queue beginning with healthcare workers, the elderly, and ending with those who are indigent and ill seniors. After them, the jabs will then go to otherwise healthy seniors and then fat arsed medical messes like me. At least, Filipino fat-arsed medical messes. I hope to be included with them.
  7. Update: The web site and the app now use different language, saying the upgrades are causing delays but that transactions are being securely processed and will take longer than usual. I initiated a reload and a money transfer two days ago. I received the load yesterday evening and the transfer has only shown movement today.
  8. If you use Xoom for load or money transfers, know that they are experiencing incredible delays due to "system upgrades". Yesterday at noon,I logged in and got an "under maintenance" notice so I decided to wait to make my transaction. An hour later it was gone so I made my transaction. Here it is the next day and...nothing. The web site and app are now sporting a message about them upgrading their systems. I get the - purely speculative - feeling that something happened to cook their equipment/software in the middle of scheduled maintenance. So, just know that they are
  9. They do the same here on the main road once in a while. We've had to actually get out of unregistered tricycles before our destination because of it. And, yup, there is always a whole line of scofflaws lined up, waiting for the crackdown to end.
  10. That's great, Queenie! I'd never heard of a kudkuran, so thank you! For you he-men out there, here's one you might like.
  11. I was going to say, with a straw but haven't they outlawed those?
  12. Just a quick update: after further review, the wife says we did not pay the p300 and DO have to go back so a-going-back I will go. I'll file another update after that. Don't know when it will be though.
  13. I think we've seen enough of the emotionally delicate male leader recently to conclude that the statement is most like the fluid used to cleanse porcine-type livestock. (Yes, HOGWASH!)
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