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  1. Now that you've raised an ethical dilemma for yourself, I don't think you'd be comfortable in letting them starve. But as the owner of 30 cats I KNOW it ain't no cinch feeding a bunch of them. If you can tolerate them, my advice would be to pick two of the friendliest and take them in. You can't save them all.
  2. https://www.rappler.com/nation/255753-duterte-special-powers-bill-coronavirus-fines-fake-news Of course, everyone should be careful with what they post and repost and the opinions they share to begin with. And the opinion of a former SC spokesman won't keep you out of prison!
  3. From the Chicago Tribune: https://www.chicagotribune.com/coronavirus/ct-nw-coronavirus-stimulus-checks-benefits-20200327-cdujip744rfihiqnnvkvybiqwe-story.html
  4. Tommy, Madam General of the Fort tells me that we bought them at Wilcon.
  5. ShippingCart.com has now also suspended sea shipments from the UK. More information can be had at: https://www.shippingcart.com/sea-cargo-suspension.
  6. Kirkland is our backup coffee. We usually buy Seattle's Best Coffee. Walmart in the US had, I think, four bags that came to the same weight as two bags of the SBC in S&R for less than what we buy it here for. I didn't divide the shipping into it but we were shipping other things as well, so I figured I'd throw in the coffee at a slightly better price. We probably spent the same for the coffee but, like I said, S&R runs out of SBC all of the time. As for the costs, @OnMyWay started a good thread here on ShippingCart: https://www.philippines-expats.com/topic/29045-shippingcartcom/ Basically, the sea cargo is charged by dimension and the air cargo by actual weight. The last sea box that we shipped had 12 items and was $28. In 2019, we air shipped 7 items once for $31.
  7. Hanes makes a light shirt in 2XL that I like ($6!). Since I wear them every day, I replace them once in a while. M likes a certain brand of leggins. In the box that's on the way I have coffee (because S&R runs out of the kind we like), ancho chili powder, large-sized containers of cat treats (cheaper in the long run), two pairs of New Balance sneakers (styles unavailable here), snap lights and a few other things. We don't really buy that much which is another reason we started using a shipper. It was taking far too long to fill a BB box.
  8. I've used the sea service mostly, which has never arrived near their delivery estimate but has never been lost, either. We didn't want to keep pestering our Filipino friends to make BB boxes for us. I only use it for things I cannot find here in Davao. Air freight is crazy expensive but as has been said here before, if it's something light and you really need it, it's okay.
  9. Impatient as ever, I put a bottle of my home brew in the regular fridge on Monday night and sampled it last night. I was afraid it hadn't carbonated after only a week in the bottle but I was pleasantly surprised. It looks like stout but is modeled after Montana-brewed Moose Drool Ale. I've not had any Moose Drool but my kit ale uses a British-style yeast called Windsor. Right now, it's toffee and brown sugar with a bit of bitter at the end. I'm going to TRY to leave it alone and taste it again at the end of the recommended two-week carbonation waiting period. After that, these dark beers tend to just get better with time. Cheers to all, and stay safe!
  10. ShippingCart.com is down to air shipping only from the US. See the site for more info on waived storage fees and etc.
  11. Ration cards here, for the poor. I don't know what the rations are. Mayor Sara has just released another Executive Order clarifying the guidelines on our quarantine. Available on the city's Facebook page.
  12. Three beers from them just showed up at S&R here in Davao: the Double IPA, the IPA, and the lager. I thought the double was okay, as far as being attuned to the Filipino palate but the IPA tasted almost the same. I didn't see the point to the lager. With a million less expensive lagers available, why bother? I normally tough it out with Heineken or, in dire straits, SanMig. My days of going down to the beer bar and buying a dozen bottles of my fave Cebruery or Turning Wheels beers are over. P500 just for the taxis and P150+ per bottle? No can do no mo'.
  13. They're from Northern Brewer, online. I have two IPAs: Chinook, Dead Ringer (which is a clone for Bell's Two Hearted Ale), and a blonde ale 'Cashmere Blond'. They're all primarily LME. I don't have the wherewithal to do all-grain. You can get grains and supplies from BrewHa Brewshop on Facebook. They're in Tagaytay. They have a selection of malts, hops, yeasts and equipment. They will measure out to your recipe and crack the malt for you. I bought my first fermentation vessel from him/them before they went into business. I don't know how the lockdown affects their delivery.
  14. The pics are "broken", @Heeb. I have three more kits but not enough fridge space!
  15. I've got enough liquor to, as Lynyrd Skynyrd sang, float a battleship around. This is a kit beer called Caribou Slobber (in homage to the famous "Moose Drool"). It's a brown beer fermented with British-style yeast and put up in Heineken 640ml bottles. It will be ready in a few weeks.
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