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  1. My advice is to answer the following honestly, to yourself: 1. If there are 12 million women in my own country that I cannot have a successful relationship with, what makes me think I will find a successful relationship in the Philippines? 2. Is it really a relationship I'm looking for? 3. Why the Philippines?
  2. We had our guys fabricate steel frames with handles and then fill them with cement. Something you might want to think about.
  3. Followup: Our two ShippingCart boxes have both now been received. On the site, the first, received last week, has been marked as delivered. The second , received three days ago, is still marked as being on the way.
  4. Our barangay is still considered "moderate risk" for infection. So today, with our return to GCQ, I did...nothing. Correction: I did sit in the sun, in the driveway, for ten minutes, to get a little Vitamin D. Oh! The heady thrills of wanton abandon!
  5. Ask our Scottish members about banter. I guess everyone does it but I didn't realize it for what it was until I watched Still Game.
  6. I agree except to say that WESTERN sarcasm is not understood. Sarcasm in Filipino or the various dialects (and every language in the world) is probably very common, as is wordplay. Any humor above slapstick is lost on the under-educated of all nations.
  7. This is why I can't go to Ace anymore. Did I say that out loud?
  8. The City Government of Davao Facebook page has a draft version of Madam Mayor's impending Executive Order switching Davao City to GCQ from ECQ. In this draft version: The FM pass is still required, curfew times are still enforced, age and comorbidity restrictions are still enforced, mask wear is still enforced, and the liquor ban is still in effect. Clustering is lifted, religious services are allowed with safety measures, certain businesses are allowed to operate again, and transport rules have been modified. It's the ECQ wearing your mother's perfume...
  9. I honestly don't know, Tommy. You're supposed to stay inside of the boundaries of your "cluster" as far as I can tell. You could try the " I need to pay my poor, hungry Filipino workers" route as suggested. They might just direct you to the nearest remittance outfit. I wish you luck. I couldn't imagine having a project that important set off-limits to me!
  10. I *think* Davao City will move from ECQ to GCQ on the 16th. The mayor has recently said that a GCQ is not a green light for returning to "normal" but will be materially the same as the ECQ, with some modifications. And then yesterday, the City FB page posted national guidelines for GCQ. As I understand it, it will free up some businesses to reopen and the current FM pass will no longer be needed but people will still be required to explain their travels if asked and the ban on large gatherings will continue. I'm assuming the alcohol ban will remain as well as Madam Mayor herself does not partake of the elixir of life.
  11. It could very well have rained heavily at night without me realizing it. Or it may have missed us. I've noticed, from being caught in it while at GMall, that it can rain like crazy in Toril yet be much lighter over our house just a few kms away. I think it's a natural zone over that way. We've been putting on the AC in the afternoon as well. We only use the one in the master bedroom because it's where the PC is (and where I am). I normally put it on 26 or 27 just to take the moisture out of the air. I've never had it set lower than 23. Just this morning I woke up frozen with it on 25 and M had her microfiber blanket pulled completely over her head. Six years and I've only half-acclimated to heat.
  12. Not much rain here in my part of Davao, in spite of forecasts. The humidity is about 700% though, and it's cloudy and dreary. I've been getting lightning warnings from my weather app for three days but haven't seen any lightning (can't comment on far-off thunder with my ears).
  13. They are still calling for Yellow Warning rain in Bukidnon and Davao del Norte this evening/tonight while the prediction for the same time period is moderate to heavy rain in Davao City. The storm had slowed down since yesterday, still moving NNW if the reports are correct.
  14. Just FYI, maybe Davao City-specific: I had two shipments that were packed into the same container and shipped on the same, er, ship (due to Covid-19). The last update I had from Shipping Cart was on April 10 which stated they had arrived at "Korea Port". Fast forward to today, nearly one month later, and one box was delivered at about 1300 (o'clock). The website has not updated to reflect the delivery, some 8 hours later. Indeed, the website has not updated their status since April 10. If you have shipments in the tube, they may well arrive surprisingly, like a pimple on Picture Day.
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