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  1. If any of you millionaires are buying homes for relatives, hit me up!
  2. We're honest about it when people inquire. We tell them it's 12M if we have to pay an agent, 10.5M if not. People even freak out at that but the lot is almost 800sqm with a 3br, 3bath on it. Plus I had them use 6" block and quality stuff. We've had agents tell us, "We don't do jack ups." I never understood what they meant until just now so, thanks for that tidbit, Mike.
  3. We had it happen today again. The woman was supposedly on her way with the secretary of the client. After we spruced the house up and waited and waited, my wife asked if they were still coming. "Oh, ma'm, there was an emergency meeting between us, the secretary and the buyer and we can longer continue." The other day, some bozo repping Filipino Homes showed up with his brother posing as a buyer's assistant. He took a bunch of photos. Four days passesd and when I asked for an update," Oh, sorry sir, the buyer bought another property." We realized that he had made a mistake in chat when he sent a message to a uniquely-named man, apologized that it was meant for the buyer, and then showed up with a man who went by the same unique name. Filipinos.
  4. Yes, I am. We have several "non-exclusive" agreements with agents. I am thinking that agents must receive some sort of financial incentive at the office to "collect" listings. Or perhaps it's a prestige thing to have a 12M peso property even if your usual sales consist of shacks along the river. We rebuff agents who ask if they can list us now because we have so many but lately it feels as if they're almost scamming us for our listing info. To explain: an agent sees our Marketplace ad and asks if he can list us. We respond by saying, no, we have too many agents now. They respond by saying they have a buyer who's interested. Of course, we say, "Ok, if you have a sure buyer." They get the photos and actual location details and whatnot but suddenly it's, "Oh, sorry, sir. The buyer bought another property."
  5. Does anyone know if real estate agents here get anything from listing a property? I don't mean a commission on the sale and I don't mean from signing an exclusive authority to sell agreement with them. I mean just for having a property in their collection, even if they don't have the ability (talent, connections, etc.) to sell it?
  6. If everyone here was just sent home when they weren't actually working, that would save trillions of pesos.
  7. In my opinion, the more money you have - and spend - the farther removed from "the risks of living in the Philippines" you can be. But then why not live in Uruguay or Chile? Or Florida?
  8. It's exactly the same except when it's different, I guess, Jack.
  9. Went to do the annual report in at the Davao BI today. Before you go, here's what you should have copies of if you'd rather prepare at home than pay the copy center (usually found) by the BI office near you. You'll ultimately have to photocopy your receipt at the end and hand the copy in. I caught the BI website on a good day and it worked.
  10. Notice how he also always talks about being banned? That's Trollwork. I'm through supporting their hobby. Adieu.
  11. To each his own but there are far too many reasonably sane and stable people in the world for me to put up with endless bullshit for a handful of paranoid delusionals.
  12. None of the men can be identified but the woman's name is yelled from the rooftop. Nice system.
  13. My only concern would be the amount of Vitamin A per serving. They way the kids who do our yardwork for us eat rice (mounds of it at each sitting), I'd worry about overdose.
  14. I am mostly allowed to look. My wife will even discuss with me the particular beauty (or lack thereof) of women I see. But you cray-cray if you think am touchin' that stuff.
  15. For aggregating and shipping I use ShippingCart. They lost a bag of tea at the height of the Covid lockdown in California and I haven't been happy with their tracking but I've received my packages (minus that tea which they reimbursed me for).
  16. For now, nothing. I'm waiting for the shippers to change their policy.
  17. According to my wife, LBC and JRS aren't even accepting shipments other than an envelope to the US down here. They told her it was due to a Customs clampdown. (?)
  18. I'd run the other way based on her bad luck alone!
  19. Got my second jab of AZ on the 9th. One hour and 15 minutes. No side effects except a very rare bruise at the injection site. Well, a second side-effect that was not from the shot but from the process: sore thighs from hopping up and down while playing musical chairs in the several lines.
  20. No vog in Davao. Quite lovely outside and the rambutan and durian will soon be dropping. Some lucky person could buy our house and have some drop right in their yard (broadly hinting).
  21. Scotland should be free from Britain and this idiot should be locked away for his own good.
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