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  1. We currently live in NY so as of now both of my sources of income are tax free (ie: SSDI and VA disability pension) NY being a high tax state does concern me that in the future this might not be true. Yes my daughter is super organized ( at least quite a bit more than me lol) but being a college student not sure what would happen in the future once she graduates and begins her career. So thanks for this helpful advice add another thing to my list to investigate before the big move.
  2. Thanks a lot guys This is very useful info. I now have a good starting point for my choices. Thinking maybe open a few different ones just to be cautious cant have too many options when it comes to finances. My daughter who lives here will be my permanent address for things involving my SSDI and my VA compensation. Plus use it for other purposes.
  3. Thanks Brett for your info I didn't even consider that worth looking into.
  4. Hello everyone I hope everyone is doing good. It has been a long time since I have been on here due to work and living life. So as with everything plans have changed for me. Originally my plan was to already be living in the Philippines by now, but with covid-19 it has forced me to delay those until next year. I have a few questions that some of you good members can help me with. I will try and post each in the appropriate sections. For my first one I hope this is the right section for it, if not maybe the moderator can direct it to the right one. I am currently collecting from 2 sources of income both being deposited into 1 Bank account which is USAA. I have SSDI and also VA disability compensation. My question is should I change this to being deposited into 2 separate banks? I have read about sometimes being locked out of an account for different reasons and causing some to not being able to access their account. So with 2 separate accounts I should be able to be able to at least access to 1 of them always. Also any recommendations on banks to use here in the US? I am eligible for Navy Federal CU? Any one using them and I satisfied with their service? Thanks again in advance and I will post my other questions in the right forums for those. Have a great day and God bless Mark
  5. sounds like many old Master Chief's I knew lol. Does that include the dent in their stomachs where the coffee cup rested hahahahaha.
  6. And why is that? What kinds of questions? Seems kind of looking down ones nose at those who choose a younger spouse?
  7. From first hand experience I can tell you that when my late wife passed SSA was contacted directly by the funeral home we used. SSA did send her next month deposit but retracted it the next month. remember that you do not receive a check the month following death. Example if the die in March you will receive a check in April but they will rescind it at a future date. My wife died on May 15, 2017 we received a check in June and the money was taken back in July. It is strange that for SSA you must complete the whole month to collect benefits for that month.
  8. I am 52 and collecting SSD and have medicare with a medicare advantage plan currently. My thinking was when I do make the move over there to drop both the premiums I pay for MAP and the $135 per month for original medicare. But this could surely change that if they can provide a similar service while living there.
  9. Was just wondering if you are married for over 2 years. Why did you not try for a IR-1 spousal visa?
  10. When I tell friends and family that I am thinking about moving to the Philippines, The question always comes up. " Why would you want to move to the Philippines?" I don't say a word and just show them these 2 pictures....Outside my front door this morning. The place I would rather be this morning. Funny no more questions after seeing this. Have a great day everyone. Outside for more snowblowing for me.
  11. What is a hooker? Totally different meaning here in the States. Hooker=prostitute here in the US.
  12. Then a bonus No birthday, no getting older
  13. Jack my condolences to you and your family. may he rest in peace.
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