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  1. marine6357

    The day is finally here!

    Thanks Steve I do have window seats nice place to lean your head against. Lol no weak bladder for me thankfully. Good advice on just wear myself out then? I will try that.
  2. Well today is the day I am finally going to make my way to the Philippines for my long awaited vacation. I am flying out of JFK to Taipei. It is quite a long flight from NYC to Taiwan over 15 hours flight time. And then little under 3 to Cebu. Total travel time is just over 27 hours. Long time to stay awake. So hoping anyone can suggest a way to find sleep on these things? The longest flight I have ever taken before was only 8 hours from NYC to Frankfort so this is almost twice as long. Any help is appreciated. Have heard that benadryl could be of help? So any advice please give me. Thanks Mark
  3. marine6357


    Was originally Manila changed to Cebu flying EVA thanks for the heads up on taxi
  4. marine6357


    With the typhoon that just hit it has caused me to change plans and now will be arriving in Cebu on Friday the 21st. Which is better to use Yellow or white taxi from the airport to the hotel on Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City.
  5. What type of visa was this? I arrive on Friday to Mactan from Taiwan and will be entering for my first visit. Should get the 29 days tourist with no problems.
  6. marine6357

    This is one for the Scottish on here.

    Hey thought this was an English only forum...lol
  7. marine6357

    coming for 29 days in February. Gameplan?

    Not sure if I can link to a specific company but For the sim card I just saw advertised at one of the cell companies they are offering a free sim card with 300mb data it is called a tourist sim. Pretty "smart" idea.
  8. marine6357

    OLX Experience - Vacuum Cleaner

    That's the trouble with vacuums when they work the suck but when they dont they blow.
  9. marine6357

    Car hire

    Brett could you pm the info might be of use to me on my trip Baguio. Thanks
  10. marine6357


    Not to worry she is fluent in all 3 languages English Tagalog and Bisaya(Cebuana). Pretty smart cookie from what I have seen so far. She is also pretty worldly 37 years old and a nurse. So I don't think we will get taken for.
  11. marine6357


    Well if things dont work out then who knows? send me a Pm.... Joke lang...
  12. marine6357


    Or Omega Man
  13. marine6357


    Not a drinker haven't been for over 20 years so no worries. But thanks for the advice. She is not from there she is from Mindanao so not sure what she knows about baguio.
  14. marine6357


    Ok planning my upcoming trip here and was hoping to get any info about Baguio. I will be staying there for 2 to 3 nights the first week in October and wondering if aircon is a necessity in the room? Also is there enough to do there for 3 days time other then shop? any recommendations on places to stay and see while there would be great. Thank you in advance. I am open to anything for suggestions. I will be with a lady so not anything seedy please.