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  1. marine6357

    My first time

    I will do that for future images.
  2. marine6357

    My first time

    Leaving Bohol we then took the ferry back to Cebu and made our way to Mactan Airport for our flight to Siargao. Siargao airport is just a tiny little airport they bring your bags right to you after the flight so didnt really have to wait long. You can catch a van from there to reach any of the resorts near or in General Luna about and hours drive with them stopping off at many resorts. We arrived at our resort Malinao View (https://malinaoviewsiargao.com/) This was a nice place run by an American Expat and his wife. A little further out from the bustle of of General Luna but only a short trike ride to everything. I cant say enough about the hospitality of our hosts they made us feel more like friends then guest. The owners were very friendly and even gave a lift into town a few times when trikes or Haba-lhabals weren't around. Eric was able to help us find tours and other suggestions on things to do while there. Our first night was very relaxing even a small private beach across the road that we were able to swim and relax on. We spent the next few days doing a few tours Water tour of 3 islands Naked Daku and Guyam. Got some great sunset photos leaving Guyam. P1500 for this tour with a new friend we made Christine. Anyone that needs contact info for her please pm me. We spent some time at Cloud 9 area and caught The World Cup of Surfing. Pretty intense waves there and saw some great rides by International and Filipino surfers. Side note Guy from California won and a Filipino came in 2nd. On our 3rd night there we ate at A place called Altrove Siargao honestly some of the best Italian food I have ever eaten anywhere. The next morning we decided to do a land tour Of the island and rented a Binggo https://binggoride.com/ with driver who drove us all over the Island to such places as this and this Our last full day here my GF decided to try her hand at surfing and we schedule a lesson for her I think she did good her first time and told her if it was me I don't need any help learning to drown. Only regret was we weren't able to stay longer here. Really thinking this island might be where I will retire to. They will soon be getting a new international airport and plans for a few more modern conveniences. Was sad to leave here but on to my last few days in the Philippines and off back to Cebu for the last few days of my trip. To be continued.....
  3. marine6357

    My first time

    I will have to check that out next time. Should be returning in late January early February We will see if we make it back to Bohol. So many other places to visit so little time. We mainly stayed in the southern part this trip but looking at a northern areas next time Hopefully Baguio Naga and NCR area.
  4. marine6357

    My first time

    Thanks Jake
  5. marine6357

    My first time

    Thanks JGF I will give the good and bad of the places as I see them.
  6. marine6357

    Going back to Cebu in November to see GF...

    I have just returned from my first visit there and am in the process of writing about my adventures https://www.philippines-expats.com/topic/29475-my-first-time/ Reboot if given the chance I highly recommend here. We were lucky got to watch Siargao Cloud 9 World Surfing Cup.
  7. marine6357

    My first time

    Well it has been 1 week since my return to the US and I miss it already. I Just completed and 2.5 week stay in the Philippines and all I can say is what Gen. Macarthur said "I came through and I shall return". My trip began in Buffalo, NY with my flight to JFK from there it was a grueling 15 hour flight to Taipei with a 2 hour layover to Cebu. Total flight and layover time was just under 25 hours. Landed in Cebu around 10am local Had no problems clearing customs or immigration and was at the Taxi stand by 11am. During my ride to my hotel Crown Regency it took about 1.5 hours and I think I fell in love with about 10 different women on the street. lol I met the Girl I came to see there and we hit it off immediately. So right away i felt as I had made the right choice on coming. We spent 2 days in Cebu but really didn't do much because of my jet lag so just relaxed and tried to get turn around with my schedule of sleep. We then made our way to Alona Beach in Bohol via ferry. It was a pleasant trip and was nice to get some fresh ocean air. Our arrival in Tagbilaran saw us getting a taxi for a ride to Alona and our Hotel.(Vanilla Sky Dive resort) We had our room at a place a little off the beach and didn't really it finding to our liking so After walking the beach we found another place right on the beach and switched places to it.(Lost Horizon Resort). Wow what a difference that made. . All I can say is if you are planning to go here stay as close to the beach as possible. During this stay we did the usual day trips we did a land tour and and an Island tour. Which included Balicasag and Virgin Island This is a crazy place with food stands and other vendors set right up on this sand bar water to your knees and all. The next day we just hung out at the beach and explored Alona beach and all her restobars. Food was decent but nothing compared to what we found in Siargao. On our 3rd day we decided to take and Bohol Island tour which was quite an experience We took in the Chocolate Hills, Bilar's Man-Made Forest, Tarsier sanctuary, Floating restaurant along the Loboc River, Blood compact site, Hanging bridge and last to Baclayon Church . One of the oldest churches in the Philippines. I really enjoyed this part of the trip The next 2 days were spent just eating drinking and relaxing here in Panglao. I will post more of my trip over the next few days. But will say this I have no regrets whatsoever on my choice to visit here and looking more and more like my final retirement place of the future.
  8. marine6357

    Going back to Cebu in November to see GF...

    Not sure how far you want to travel but an hour plane ride away is Siargao. Just went there for 5 days a couple of weeks ago. The place is pretty cool laid back great beaches and a ton of things to do. If you go make sure to take the 3 island tour.( Naked Island, Daku and Guyam) If you or your GF want to learn to surf this is the place. Let me know if you are thinking about it might have some tips for your trip.
  9. marine6357

    Playing with fire.

    Do you write porn? Joke lang. lol
  10. marine6357

    2019 COLA announced 2.8% (US)

    Also found that there will be a very small increase for medicare of only $1.50 per month. Is not too bad it wont erode and increases to SSI significantly. https://www.forbes.com/sites/ashleaebeling/2018/10/11/social-security-benefits-will-rise-2-8-in-2019-while-maximum-taxable-earnings-will-increase-3-5/#4752a26affc9
  11. marine6357

    Cost of living

    For those who are collecting SSI or SSDI new figures out today and seems we are getting largest increase since 2012. Looks like 2.8% increase. And if you have medicare only increasing to $135.50 from $134 so isn't really eaten up by increase.
  12. marine6357

    The day is finally here!

    Thanks Steve I do have window seats nice place to lean your head against. Lol no weak bladder for me thankfully. Good advice on just wear myself out then? I will try that.
  13. Well today is the day I am finally going to make my way to the Philippines for my long awaited vacation. I am flying out of JFK to Taipei. It is quite a long flight from NYC to Taiwan over 15 hours flight time. And then little under 3 to Cebu. Total travel time is just over 27 hours. Long time to stay awake. So hoping anyone can suggest a way to find sleep on these things? The longest flight I have ever taken before was only 8 hours from NYC to Frankfort so this is almost twice as long. Any help is appreciated. Have heard that benadryl could be of help? So any advice please give me. Thanks Mark
  14. marine6357


    Was originally Manila changed to Cebu flying EVA thanks for the heads up on taxi
  15. marine6357


    With the typhoon that just hit it has caused me to change plans and now will be arriving in Cebu on Friday the 21st. Which is better to use Yellow or white taxi from the airport to the hotel on Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City.