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  1. With Sinulog and various fiestas coming up, it's not too late to get yourself some good earplugs, but hurry! You won't find them on sale here, I'm pretty sure, but if you can get a friend in Europe to send you some by courier they should arrive just in time! Wax earplugs (always pink, it seems) are the only ones that work for me - the orange foam things you sometimes get on planes I find quite useless. In Boots (UK) they're called Muffles, in Germany and other European countries they're called Ohropax, and in Norway, Soviro. If you try to order them online, you may find they won't send them to the Philippines, by the way. Use a friend or relative instead. This is not written by a grumpy old man who hates Sinulog, I really enjoy it, but I think most of us Westerners would ideally prefer somewhat fewer decibels. You form these wax earplugs so they fit comfortably into your ears, and you can use them when sleeping, resting or even outdoors during Sinulog, if your partner insists on sitting in the noisiest area to get the best view!
  2. It's VERY important to have a ticket out of the country. I've travelled all over the world and sometimes (perhaps foolishly) didn't bother to get one for a country where it was in theory required but internet posts suggested that they "never" asked for it. There may be contributors to these forums who've arrived in the Philippines many times without being asked for a ticket out of the country. But you can also be asked to show it at the airport in the country you're leaving. At the Cebu Pacific check-in in Hong Kong on the way back here, I was asked to show my ticket out of the Philippines, and I don't think I would have been allowed to board without it. The price of a single ticket to e.g. HK bought many months in advance is pretty modest, and well worth it for peace of mind when travelling!
  3. Yes of course you're right, I wasn't thinking quite logically (must be the holiday season). It doesn't make much difference whether you get a number of consecutive one- or two-month visas, or six month ones. But it did make a difference to the Englishman I was talking to, as he had a five-hour journey to the Bureau of Immigration, so he preferred to do that every six, rather than every two, months. A minor point is that two extra six-month visas fill up your passport less quickly than six two-month ones.
  4. Maybe there's information on this already, sorry I haven't got time to read through all the previous posts on immigration now in the holiday season - but anyway, this may be of interest to long-term "tourists" in Cebu province or nearby. At the Immigration Office in Gaisano Mactan Mall in Lapu-Lapu, I met an Englishman who told me he'd recently got four consecutive six-month extensions there. So if you don't feel like having a visa run to Hong Kong or wherever quite so often, you could try extending there. I've always found the extension process there very straightforward and quick, by the way.
  5. It shouldn't be a problem for the average foreigner with a Filipina wife or girl friend; I imagine they'd generally be happy to add vegetables to the meals to please him, or even serve up Irish stew, ratatouille or whatever, if he taught her how to make it. After some thought, I've realised why these non-veggie eating children and adults aren't all smitten with scurvy. It's probably because they mostly seem to consume these "milk drinks". I have Bear Brand in front of me now, and I can see it contains all the vitamins, iron, zinc, calcium, etc. (plus a whole load of chemicals). I sometimes wondered in my younger days whether a person could eat nothing but say, potato crisps all his life as long as he took all the necessary vitamins and minerals in the form of pills. Never really found the answer to that one... Maybe I'll find it here in the Philippines: you can just eat junk food all day as long as you also have a glass of Bear Brand!
  6. I'm a bit surprised there's no forum for Filipino food. I could say a few things about the excessive sugar in the diet here, but this post is about vegetables. When I was a little boy in the UK, my parents told me to eat up my vegetables, so I would grow up big and strong. And I imagine most UK parents still say that today. Well, I did grow up big and strong... From what I have observed here, it's a quite different story. Firstly, many meals don't include vegetables. Secondly, if they do, the children don't eat them and are not told to. Thirdly, children will sometimes be allowed to eat some snack instead of eating the meal at all. I asked about this non-veg diet and was told that children often never ate vegetables, but that they started to eat them when they became teenagers or adults. And yet the children here (apart from some of the poor ones) look perfectly normal and healthy, so maybe you can go through the first, say, fifteen years of your life without ever eating a vegetable. Any thoughts on this?
  7. Thanks again. That's a relief, sounds like I don't have to worry, so I can continue enjoying life in the Philippines. Just make sure I keep personal information to myself, be careful in choosing friends, don't make anyone lose face, don't talk to children, don't get angry in public, don't insult anyone...
  8. Thanks. The best thing to do would be to leave the ACR card at home when travelling abroad, as it seems it's never asked for. No problem with pictures of us together dated more than a year ago, I could even take a year-old rental contract with both our names on it just in case. But I'm still wondering whether it's actually illegal for my partner to be living with a separated (married) person when the marriage was not under Philippine law.
  9. There's always something... Here I am, happy in the Philippines in a good relationship, and I was planning to take my partner to Hong Kong for a few days sometime next year. Then suddenly I thought, hey, it says "separated" on my ACR card. What if immigration when we leave or come back notice that? By the way, I was married in another country and it's impossible for me to get a divorce from there. So my question is: does the adultery law apply if the married person was married in another country? If this might be a problem, as I will be renewing my ACR card before we travel and putting a new address, maybe I can just put "divorced" on the form this time instead of "separated"... And one thought leads to another - apart from possible problems in immigration, perhaps anyone who is jealous of us could report us to the police if they knew I was separated, or is it only the spouse of the person committing adultery who can do that? Thanks very much for info or advice.
  10. Yes, of course you're right. Many expat men here no doubt prefer to be single and prefer their own company, just as many men do in Western countries. But all men have sexual urges, and if you want to be alone and not get distracted, maybe it would be better to go and live in Siberia, where the women are covered in several layers of clothing almost all year, rather than in the land of beautiful girls in shorts and miniskirts!
  11. When I go a mall here, of course I see lots of foreigners. But I don't understand why so many of them (about half) are alone, i.e. without a wife/girl friend, when there are so many nice girls here, and it doesn't seem difficult to find one however old and fat you may be. Of course, they may have a partner at home, but I often see foreigners doing things which suggest they haven't, like going to the launderette or buying some few groceries that suggest they live alone. Maybe some of these foreigners are on this site, and I'm not being critical or judgemental, just curious. Everyone needs a bit of time away from their partner sometimes, but to me it's quite surprising that about half the foreigners are there without a partner. Possible reasons: to get some respite from a nagging partner, to avoid bringing a partner to the mall who likes to spend, spend, spend, the person doesn't have a partner because he prefers picking up different girls for one-night stands, the person's last relationship just finished and he's still looking for a new girl friend, the person is gay. No doubt there are some other reasons I haven't thought of. Any suggestions?
  12. I suppose if the only policeman likely to bother a man in that situation is a corrupt one, then maybe he could just give the policeman 10000 pesos to leave him alone. However, if that's the case, it also means that people who really are abusing children can pay off the police in the same way! I think the advice of always having an adult with you is sound. If I ever for some reason had to take a bus or ferry with a minor relative of my gf, and she couldn't come with us, I'd make sure that her sister, female cousin or female friend went with us.
  13. Some people on this thread seem worried by this law, but is there really any reason to be, as long as your motives are perfectly innocent and you have some "connection" to the child? If some busybody reported you to the police, don't the police use their common sense? There must be lots of people on Philippines Expat Forum who have a wife or partner who has a child or children - has anybody had, or know of others who have had, problems for some perfectly normal thing like walking to the sweet shop with your gf's nephew? I would guess that people don't need to worry about ordinary activities, especially when the gf/wife or her family member is nearby, but I would advise against e.g. travelling to another town with your gf/wife's child, but without her.
  14. Doesn't it depend very much on the dating site? The main one this girl was on was Cherry Blossoms, which I believe is a relatively serious site. She got no replies from Arabs or Indians. By the way, Cherry Blossoms has three times as many women as men. I was on Filipinocupid myself previously, a much bigger site, and there a number of girls write things like "Don't ask me to undress on Skype, I'm not that kind of girl", sometimes in quite angry tones, as if they were fed up with it. This suggests that Filipinocupid has a lot of those males, but no doubt also plenty of good potential husbands/partners too, just because there are so many people on the site.
  15. I recently tried to help a filipina girl whose English was not very good by putting her picture and profile on three free dating sites. I received most of the replies as she mostly didn't have internet access where she lived. It was interesting to experience a dating site "from the other side". I met my girlfriend on one, so I know a lot about what girls write. Now I found out what men write. I was actually pleasantly surprised, as there were very few who were interested in her as a sex partner. I imagine it makes a huge difference what the girl writes in her profile and what kind of picture(s) she posts. This girl is not unattractive, but she put a respectable picture and wrote that she was only interested in a serious relationship/marriage. So if that's what you want, ladies, put it clearly in your profile and don't put a picture where you're showing off your body!
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