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  1. Well, yes, red flags indeed... This woman who the Englishman met only briefly in March and has been chatting with him ever since has only just recently told him that she has four children. I think you should be upfront about things like that, in fact that's one of the advantages of dating sites. The important practical details are there for you to see before you even start writing.
  2. Well, I'm sorry but I don't see how you can get to know someone better by writing to them for months. Much of the basic information is already on these dating sites anyway, age, any children, smokes/drinks, religious or not, etc. Then you maybe need a couple of weeks to find out some other things and then I think you should MEET HER!! Still, I asked for opinions and I got one...
  3. I wonder how many Westerners have joined Filipinocupid and these other sites recently, with no prospect of meeting the girl(s) they're writing to for months and months? We know a girl who's been writing to a man in the US for two years and they still haven't met. I met an Englishman here in March who met a woman quite briefly, and at the time he didn't seem particularly interested in her, but since then they've been corresponding and will maybe continue to do so until flights resume. Maybe I'm missing something here, but I can't see ANY POINT in writing to someone for months and months before getting to know her properly. If I was alone in a Western country now and wanted a Filipina partner, well, I might look at some profiles now and make a few notes, but I wouldn't start writing to anyone until max. two months before I was 100% sure I could travel. Any thoughts on this?
  4. I think one of the lockdown rules that is actually in effect in Sweden is that you're not allowed to visit seniors. Anyway, comparing very different countries is futile. If there was another country very similar to the US that had tried a different system, maybe we could say something. Of course there are more mental health problems, suicides, domestic violence, job losses, etc. under a lockdown, and some weeks ago I was wondering whether lockdowns were worth the cost, on balance. But having looked at the recent figures for some countries I know well, I've come round to the idea that lockdowns are the best solution.
  5. On April 5th, I wrote this: "Well, the article in The Australian sparked a bit of a debate, which was the idea. I really have no idea whether the Wuhan way, the Swedish way or any other "way" is the solution." I had posted an article from an anti-lockdown commentator in Australia and at the time the Covid-19 figures for Sweden (which didn't have a lockdown, bars and restaurants were open) were similar to those in Norway and Denmark. Well, I've just looked at daily new cases for Sweden for the first time since the beginning of April, and they are still at the same level! Whereas cases in all the other Scandinavian countries have decreased a lot! And since Australia also seems to have managed very well with its lockdown since then, there seem to be very strong arguments in favour of lockdowns, however inconvenient we may find them. If you still have any doubt, take a look at the figures for Sweden and Norway, two very similar countries in terms of healthcare, climate and way of life.
  6. Well, that's fine. Chacun son goût. Some want to meet other foreigners, some don't. It would be a sad state of affairs if all the many foreigners who don't want to chat were wife-beaters!
  7. One thing I've learned is to keep an eye/ear on the news - I've had periods of my life when I scarcely listened to the news for weeks on end - and if Covid-19 or any other virus looks like it might cause trouble on this kind of scale, to make QUITE SURE I'm in the country where I want to be for the next several months. And that is not the cold, expensive UK!
  8. This MGCQ is the best news I've had for a long time! https://news.mb.com.ph/2020/05/16/barbershops-dine-in-services-religious-gatherings-to-make-comeback-under-mgcq/ Now we just have to wait for the next stage (MGCQ), where the most important thing for us oldies is "everyone shall be allowed outside their residence". I honestly thought the next stage would be PMGCQ or OVSMGCQ (partially... only very slightly...), whereby seniors would only be allowed out one day a week, or only allowed to go for a walk but not to the mall, or something.... MGCQ sounds great!
  9. Haha As I'm over 65, I won't be rubbing cheeks with any salesgirls for some time to come, even under GCQ. So I'm afraid you'll have to wait quite a bit to see whether I drop dead after 14 days (I'll try to post my dying words on this forum before I go).
  10. This has no doubt also been mentioned many times here, but there are quite a few Filipinas (and Asian girls in general) who are very submissive and willing to put up with a lot more than most Western women. One of my partner's friends wanted to find a foreigner online and I asked her things like "Does it matter if he smokes?" "if he's not a Catholic?" "how old he is?", etc. and she just said "any, any!" So some men use this to their advantage and treat their wives/partners badly and don't want to get to know other foreigners who might have different views and spoil their little set-up. After all, you can go to the police and have someone deported for domestic abuse (we know a case).
  11. That brings me to my point about common sense, which would suggest that even if aerosol spreading occurs, it is much less likely to cause infection. So until someone convinces me otherwise, I would say it involves an extremely small risk to talk to a shop assistant at a normal distance.
  12. I haven't had time to read all this thread and I don't know many other foreigners here, but I must say I've noticed a difference between here and another country with a lot of expats where I've been, Saudi Arabia. There, and generally in most places around the world, if you try to engage in small talk with a foreigner you don't know, they will normally answer you, smile and sometimes talk some more. Here I've found a number of foreigners make it quite clear in that situation that they don't want to talk to you, much less get to know you. Something to hide? I really don't know...
  13. OK Geoff, I won't say a------e again. I'm glad you replied anyway, because I was considering going off and increasing the lockdown suicide statistics as nobody seemed to care about my post After all, what is life worth if you don't get hearts and likes
  14. I lived in Scandinavia for a long time, and maybe I'm biased, but I tend to think the information provided by the health authorities there is as factual and objective as any. The Danish health authorities say the coronavirus is not airborne (I believe the WHO is still saying that), and the Norwegians say it's not "normally" airborne. Whatever the truth is, I think common sense tells us that you're FAR more likely to get infected if someone coughs or sneezes on you than if they talk to you. And it seems those who believe it can be airborne (how easily?) only think it can happen if the other person talks (and presumably is facing you). So I would guess it's well nigh impossible to get the virus from standing behind a stranger in a queue, even if that person is talking to his friend. Or even from talking to a shop assistant, unless that person puts their face really close to yours.
  15. Well, I hope you're right for the sake of those poor souls whose three years will be up soon, but I'm not so sure. I don't know if I would risk it. There is a difference: if you've been here for 1-2 years, you have a right to renew - you'll just be paying late. If you've been here for 3, you're not supposed to be here. If it got to the stage where you had to apologise and make a case for not having left, it would surely be an advantage to be a senior - as they seem to think that seniors are likely to drop dead if they go for a walk outside their house, it wouldn't be hard to convince them that you probably wouldn't survive a trip to the UK/US or wherever. (Whereas the statistics show that only about 15% die from Covid-19 even among the 'over 80s', which includes those who are 99)
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