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  1. I don't actually know, that wasn't one of the things I asked. I will ask when I'm talking to on the radio next time (we're locked down so the radio club rooms are closed).
  2. The picture I posted in the other thread of my friend's restored BC-348 seemed to be of interest to some of the members so I thought I would post this radio also. This is an ART-13 radio transmitter that saw use in larger USA planes during WW2 and for a couple of decades after then, it was generally used in combination with the BC-348 receiver from the other post. There was no power supply with the radio so Neil built one from scratch (it doesn't quite match but it's in the general style of the period) and then proceeded to get the radio into working order (I did say his skills put mine to shame right LOL). Wikipedia article about the radio
  3. I don't want to worry you but non-responsive conjunctivitis has been identified as a potential COVID-19 symptom, do you have other cold or flu like symptoms? https://www.aao.org/headline/alert-important-coronavirus-context
  4. Perhaps the two of you are using different types of devices? I don't use that website but I have noticed that the options on my Windows laptop are different to my tablet and different again to my phone when I used Netflix or Disney+
  5. One of the family members who is a recent police officer posted a picture of a voucher and then later a bag of rice (15kg maybe?) plus a bag with some other foods in it. I can't help wondering if he got the voucher and food early because he is a police office but that's not the sort of thing I can really ask. And to be fair they are still working on the quarantine so there is that. But most of the other family members have said they haven't gotten anything. I asked SWMBO to make up a list of the family households and we're going to organize a bag of rice and a small amount of peso for each after I get the settlement money for my house. It was my idea but she looked very relieved and then happy when I suggested it. I found out she had sent from her own savings to each household already for this week. The house is supposed to settle (finalize) this Friday but I probably won't get the money until next week.
  6. After WW2 there was the baby boomers... after this will come the virus babies (that's not a great name... we need to think of a better one) :)
  7. The state of Queensland held elections in Australia yesterday, they used social distancing (lines of people were 1.5 meters apart and restricted the number of people in the voting cetre and the voting cubicles were spaced apart). Despite all of that there was already some 'sources' saying the election should have been postponed. I really don't want to see elections postponed but voting centers ARE going to cause extra infections even with precautions taken. Personally I'd like to see some sort of online, electronic voting system implemeted at least during the lockdown period.
  8. That would work in those Baranguys that actually have a running vehicle, there is an old rusty suzuki multi cab that sits off to the side of the Baranguy with some faded sign writing on it but I've never seen it move and I sort of doubt it runs.
  9. The seniors first hour has been adopted by the two largest grocery chains in Australia also.
  10. Depending upon where one lives that might not be so easy for a sick person. Our house is at the back of the subdisivision and the Baragauy hall is over near the highway, it's several kilometers of walking up and down hills to get there. *edit* This is not a problem for SWMBO or the family because there is at the house my Innova and Christie Mae's Wigo and she, her papa and her brother all have driving licenses (one of the advantages of having a papa who drove a taxi for a living). I was just making the point that it's not going to be as easy as 'go to the Baranguy hall' for a lot of people. And once you get there what happens? That would vary from Baranguy to Barnaguy I suspect...
  11. It would be helpful for remitances. at least in the short to medium term if the peso was devalued because the same amount of sent US$ or Euros or AU$ would be received as more peso. I think they're right, a 3 month lockdown is not sustainable in the Philippines however I also think that a 4 week lockdown will not be enough to contain the virus. I forsee a situation where at the end of the short lockdown period virus infection numbers in the Philippines exploding. From a purely economic viewpoint and ignoring the human cost of that I can see why they'd argue that's the way to go. I'd like to disagree but I don't have a solution to the human cost of a long term lockup either. Both alternatives are going to result in a huge amount of harm :(
  12. You can buy tokens to use instead of a coin. https://www.ebay.com/itm/4pc-Key-chain-Token-to-unlock-Shopping-cart-trolley-1coin-size-large-Removable/231068443248?hash=item35ccc0a270:g:o2sAAOxy2HFSUMbK
  13. I told the family in Ozamiz a while ago that they needed to organise for someone there to have a bank account and an ATM card because Western Union do fee free sends to bank accounts but charge for cash pickup sends. And the fee would come out of their receive because I wasn’t sending extra to cover it. They quickly organised a bank account and card
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