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  1. Fairly sure that the conditions of use for Starlink prohibit sharing the connection with other households or across the community (under the standard plan at least).
  2. I enjoyed that... and you have to admit it's a lot better than most kareoke sessions To be fair we have several very good singers in the family so I don't suffer from bad kareoke as much as many.
  3. The PLDT fiber we have in the house at CDO has always dropped a lot during peak hours, how much has varied. It seems to get gradually worse and worse for a while, then it comes good again, I'm guessing they let it get over subscribed before they add extra capacity. Having said that it's seldom that there isn't enough bandwidth to stream Netflix or Youtube in full HD (and that hasn't changed according to SWMBO since I've been stuck in aussie).
  4. I have a suspicion that the reason the questions (which we passed) took so long was the staff were so busy due to it being close to christmas. I don’t have an issue with the questioning process taking 2 hours, my issue is that they don’t start it until you check in and I couldn’t check in until it was 3 hours before the flight. When we were at the airport 5 hours before departure…
  5. Happened to us also, SO was taken aside to be questioned. They were calling flights but by the time their questions were answered it had taken over 2 hours and we missed check in and the flight. Travel insurance wouldn’t cover it because they don’t cover immigration delays and we couldn’t get a refund from Philippine Airlines. Ended up getting a partial refund from my credit card company. The thing is… we couldn’t check in more than 3 hours before the flight and with a 2 hour delay that leaves little time to get through to the gate.
  6. There have been protests but the largest ones (in Melbourne) were the only ones that turned violent. And the thing is those protesters are in the minority and their actions are being condemmed by most of the people. Both major parties and the Greens are supporting lockdowns (to varying degrees), masking (to varying degrees) and vaccination. And that follows the general feeling of most people. It only takes a small percentage of a city of 5 million who disagree to get a few thousand protesters.
  7. There... I fixed it for you Australia has one of the lowest deaths per capita from Covid, only a couple of countries are lower (New Zealand is one and they're using a similar strategy). Short term pain for long term gain and it's got the support of the majority of Australia's population... that's democracy in action.
  8. You'd get more votes Governor Tommy if you hand out some of that Tanduay
  9. There is plenty of proof from multiple medical groups and government authorities. But you're too far down the rabbit hole for me to bother debating you so congratulations, you're now the first person I've ever put on ignore
  10. Yes that is the situation at the moment (not saying I approve of that, I don't, but it is the situation). https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/leaving-australia
  11. I was doing that until Covid hit so I could legally stay an Aussie resident but it's going to be more expensive and complicated right now, if it's even possible. The Aussie government aren't giving exit passes unless you can prove you have a good reason (and lots with good reasons under the regs are getting knocked back) or you're relocating permanently. The 6 months thing wouldn't meet the permanent relocation requirement I suspect. I would consult an immigration consultant in Aussie, this is a bit of a can of worms.
  12. You're correct but it's going to mean poorer service and higher prices IMHO. In my case SWMBO is still going to want to watch Filipino TV channels so I can't change from a TV and Internet package to just internet and I'd have to add a Disney+ subscription just to get the sports channels back. Not happening.
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