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  1. Because I spend half the year in Australia and half in the Philippines I tend to buy as much medicine as I can in Australia where it is generally cheaper (or subsidized in some cases). In the case of the Glucosomine and Chondriton Wagner have large plastic bottles with 200 in them and that's more than enough for 6 months. They cost $24.99 at Chemist Warehouse (about 1000 peso). *Edit* watsons web sit says they sell Glucosamine & Chondriton 90 capsule for 1595 peso (which sort of shows why I buy in Aussie).
  2. I use them, they help me a little (I've got arthritis). I take them daily except when I run out, I notice if I stop taking them for a few weeks my symptoms slowly get a bit worse. Then I go and buy some more and they slowly get a bit better. I dunno... maybe I'm fooling myself but it feels like they help a bit (maybe 1 or 2 points on a 10 scale?). I find that Voltaren (diclofenic sodium gel) is more effective but only works for a short period of time and needs to be reapplied. That's more something I use on my fingers so I can write and type with less pain (or ride the motorbike safely).
  3. Are you talking about annihilating the 'branch' or the entire religion? Because honestly, I can't see second one happening at all.
  4. Western media don't cover atrocities in developing countries with anything close to the level of media attention that they do atrocities in Western countries. I'm not saying I agree with that but it is what happens and whilst i saw coverage on the Asian news web site I read I saw almost nothing on Australian news web sites. It is never the less a horrendous tragedy :(
  5. Honestly, I've never seen the barbers here clean or sterilize scissors or clupper heads in the Philippines. In Australia they often (but not always) use a UV sterilizer but I've noticed that the chain barbers sometimes don't have them.
  6. I had forgotten until your post but I once got an infection in my big toe after a mani-pedi, since then we haven't been back to that shop and the ones we go to now do clean the cutters and other tools before use.
  7. I have a 'regular' mani-pedi shop in the mall in Cagayan De Oro and one in Ozamiz for when I visit (I actually prefer the Ozamiz one). I have the same sorts of issues trying to do it myself, spreading waist line, less flexibility and arthritis in my hands makes it difficult. SWMBO is happy to do it but honestly I prefer the 'experience' at the mall, it's part of a day out, get a mani-pedi, go and have some nice cooked food, go and see a movie and then go home. If you'd told me 20 years ago that I'd enjoy going for a manicure and pedicure I'd have laughed at you :)
  8. We have Globe at Home on a cheaper plan with a 2nd provider on cable, a PLDT reseller, because neither company is 24/7 reliable. With only one provider there will be times it’s not working. The first question is what type of internet can you get there? Fibre? Cable? ADSL? Wireless? And same question for TV?
  9. I agree see a doctor just to be safe, I have this problem also to some degree. One relatively cheap thing that helps is compression socks (although without AC they’re hot to wear). You could try sleeping with them on and also elevating your legs can help.
  10. SWMBO doesn’t get yelling angry or muttering in Cebuano angry, but occasionally I get the silent Tampo treatment. Most times it is a challenge working out what I’m supposed to have done wrong, so I tend just to give her some time and space and most times she’ll eventually talk to me about it. Sometimes it’s just language misunderstandings too.
  11. If you've got to have birds then cockatiels are one of the better breeds I think. My daughter in Australian has 2, although she's careful to keep them in separate cages so each of them bonds primarily with her and not with each other. I had never thought of small birds as good pets (having had budgerigars when I was a child) but they are actually quite affectionate (they can get quite crabby at times too).
  12. I'll just leave this here
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