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  1. True but you can drive for 3 months legally on an oversease license. Many people drive longer than that on an overseas license but if there was an accident it might have consequences other than just the accident.
  2. If a worker has a particular skill set that is better than most of his contemporaries then a lot of the time in a western country they end up earning more money or end up in a more senior position... I'm not sure that's exactly the case in the Philippines.
  3. If people want to do something that has a chance of reducing their chance of viral infection (works not just the new corona virus but also Influenza, SARS, MERS and similar) then following the WHO recommendations is a good start (I've linked the information below),. https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public
  4. I currently own a Yamaha 900 in Australia and I hate auto scooters too. Auto gearboxes and having your feet sitting on a flat floor just doesn't feel right to me but 'underbones' aren't scooters and they don't feel like scooters because they have footpegs, gears, hand and foot brakes (like a big bike) and some of them even have manual clutches as well (I have a 125cc underbone in the Philippines). But you want something bigger so... In the car, an Innova we travel at 80 kilometers per hour on the highway (that's 50 miles per hour) because anything faster than that isn't very safe where as riding my motorbike in Australia I normally travel at 70 miles an hour. But it's the Philippines and I'm not prepared to go that fast due toall of the vehicles and animals that randomly enter your path without warning. So you don't really need a big powerful bike here. RUSI hasn't got the best reputation (and that's being polite), if you don't want to spend too much then maybe try a Bajaj. They're sold through the Kawasaki dealers (not actually a Kawasaki but they warranty and sell them) and they are a definite step up from RUSI (albeit a step down from the Japanese brands). There is a full faired version and a naked bike version. Either of them will be faster than most of the traffic on the highways. https://kawasaki.ph/motorcycles/standard/rouser-200ns/ https://kawasaki.ph/motorcycles/standard/rouser-rs200/#show-content https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QM35Kw3qazk
  5. Honestly... I'd stick to one of the Japanese brand motorcycles, even if it means buying a 125cc or 150cc for your 80k cash price. For 80k you could buy a nice Honda XRM (just an example).
  6. SWMBO really doesn't like blue cheese either and none of her family do, they all react to it like most of us do to balut. Maybe I should buy some crackers and blue cheese to have next time they all have balut
  7. True... it's hardly got the same benefits as the mile high club
  8. Just read on CNA that the Philippines have stopped issuing visa on arrival for Chinese nationals (link below) https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/wuhan-virus-philippines-suspends-visa-china-visitors-12360506?cid=FBcna&fbclid=IwAR2BaSCZKSgI2dBDcw9LB9ogBGT5Jrvp_9y6H3qRwu_GZW7wEFn2UoNuEu4
  9. Sounds like a job for a local subcontractor, maybe you could borrow the guy from the other thread when he's finished cutting off the rebar he's balancing on
  10. Not sure a wife they have to give away for free on a bus is the one you really want
  11. There are already jets that are certified for single pilot use although generally the pilot needs a single pilot type rating and they are still on the smaller end of the scale. However single pilot commercial turbo-prop operation is increasing rapidly and there are strong motives for lower profit, regional, short haul services operating out of smaller airports wanting to make cost savings to go down the single pilot path in the near future.
  12. My issue with glueing panels in place isn't if they hold or not (most times a glued panel is actually stronger) but rather with what do you do if later it is damaged or needs replacing, It can become a big job to remove to repair or replace then. Did I mention I hate glued in passenger vehicle windows?
  13. Marine ply should work. I'd paint it first. Can you nail or screw it in place rather than glueing?
  14. I would argue the problems with that plane were caused by human error (no not just pilot error but human). It is true that the computer over rode the human pilot because the computer got data from the plane that said that the plane was in an unsafe attitude so it pushed the nose down. But the human bean counter deleted a second back up sensor (included in the design as standard and fitted by some airlines at their own cost); in planes where that second sensor is fitted the problem doesn't happen, the computer gets two conflicting inputs and then notifies the pilot rather than taking control. The second source of human error was the lack of familiarity of some of the pilots with what was happening. An experienced crew who knew what was happening managed to land safely but less experienced crews took too long to realize what was happening and too long to implement the procedures once they did. I'm not 'blaming' the pilots, I was a pilot and I know how much 'workload' can effect your piloting but I do wonder how much emergency training pilots get these days in third world airlines (as distinct from hours in the cockpit). I guess what I'm saying is that the Boeing 737Max situation isn't just a result of computer automation failure, it's more complicated than that.
  15. Easily fixed by using a VPN on your device, the local wifi can't see what information you are sending or receiving. I've seldom had much luck with the wifi at hotels or condos either but last trip to Manila I rented a condo not too far from NAIA in a big group of them (can't remember the name) and the condo had almost zero cell phone signal on Smart or Globe (and the wifi wasn't working). Worked elsewhere in the building, just not that condo (cell and wifi). Needless to say I left a comment on their airbnb about that.
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