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  1. I agree with your comment about buying used property, I found it impossible to find out all of the fees and costs up front (and some amounts weren’t small). Our title took ages as well.
  2. GeoffH

    Philippines Expat Merit Badges

    I don’t think I’m eligible for any of those because I don’t live in Manila but one of my more interesting experiences was riding (driving) one of the family ‘motocabs’ (Motorbike with passenger sidecar) in peak hour traffic with the owner (cousin of SWMBO) and 2 of the family children in the sidecar. The expressions on the faces of the locals when they realised a foreigner was driving a moto cab had all of us laughing.
  3. GeoffH

    Anyone on Globe Anti-Bill Shock plan?

    DSL (ADSL and ADSL2 and VDSL) are systems that use existing voice telephone lines to transmit your internet. LTE uses 4G mobile phone wireless to transmit your internet.
  4. GeoffH

    Anyone on Globe Anti-Bill Shock plan?

    With Globe we get 8 to 10 Mbps, with Parasat it varies a lot more, roughly between 3 to 10Mbps.
  5. GeoffH

    Anyone on Globe Anti-Bill Shock plan?

    We’ve got the Globe 10mb 100gb plan as well as a Parasat unlimited 10Mbps cable plan (I think they resell PLDT). The Globe is more consistent in speed but we keep running out of quota with it.
  6. GeoffH

    Shall we put the Christmas tree up

    I actually offered to buy a new tree for this year last week and I was surprised to hear ‘later, it is not time yet!’.
  7. GeoffH

    Solano, nueva vizcaya, cagayan

    You aren’t talking about Cagayan in Mindanao? But rather the other one? *unsure because I don’t recognise the other 2 localities*
  8. GeoffH

    The C/R ( Comfort Room for newbies)

    The inside CR at the main family house in Ozamiz has not flushed since I first met SWMBO, they use a bucket and a tabo. The shower head does not work either, bucket and tabo. Everything is clean, they wash it a lot and it doesn’t smell a5 all. Rather than fixing the shower and the cistern ran a new water line to a new faucet in the CR which they use to fill the big 50 litre (ish) tubs which have the table in them. The outside CR has been set up the same way. They fitted a new elevated water tank and a pump so they have pressure to the new faucets in the 2 CR rooms and a local ‘plumber’ (neighbour) put a T piece into the water pipe the goes to the kitchen so it is also fed from the new tank. They are pretty careful about keeping everything clean (college educated head of family) but tabo is how they prefer *shrug*.
  9. I can’t imagine trying to convince SWMBO, or the family to not eat rice... ’Does not compute’ lol.
  10. The more hospitals the better yes, but how much hospital can you build for 500 million pesos? I suspect it would be restricted in th type of services it could offer. But yes, more health care in under serviced areas is a good thing.
  11. GeoffH

    Legal Capacity To Marry Gone Wrong!

    There are numerous newspaper articles claiming that the audio of his torture was uploaded from his LTE capable Apple watch but some tech web sites have said that is unlikely. Some sources have suggested that this 'Apple watch' story was created as 'plausible deniability' and the audio most likely came from a Turkish bug in the embassy.
  12. GeoffH

    Free to air TV

    I thought the one we looked at at the mall only had 12 channels?
  13. GeoffH

    Electric Fan Rant

    We've got ceiling fans on the bottom floor only (which is kitchen, sala, media room and CR) and the hot air tends to flow up to the 2nd floor (bedrooms and CR) and then onward to the 3rd floor (visitors bedroom and storage) and you can often feel a hot breeze exiting the ornamental window vents. The 3rd floor does get pretty hot for the reasons you mention. No solution will be right for every type of dwelling.
  14. GeoffH

    Electric Fan Rant

    Those do work pretty well but I thought they were only for outdoor use? Using one inside might promote mold maybe? And that's already a problem in the tropics.
  15. GeoffH

    Electric Fan Rant

    Do you really need remote control for a stand fan? A wall mount I can understand (it might be out of reach). We bought 2 stand fans for 1500 pesos about 2 months ago in Robinson's (they had a promo where the 2nd one was discounted) because we're trying to reduce how much we use the AC units. They didn't have remote controls but they're solid seeming units and they move a lot of air.