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  1. This link is NSFW so don't click on it if you're easily offended (but it's funny... and... sort of relevant) Chopper Read HTFU - as performed by Ronnie Johns
  2. I like the face palm meme for that :)
  3. Well they do have 'Paris - Tennessee', it's even got it's own Eiffel Tower
  4. If you ask the Brits then 'Australian' is pretty much a synonym for 'badly behaved colonial'
  5. Yes at first I was telling them, still had issues. Now I don’t bother.
  6. That could be read as being negative 😉
  7. What would you put on the sign? Phil-it? No... that sounds fishy. What about Brit-il? No... the sign would break Have to be Phil-brit (doesn't really have the same ring as Phil-Am though).
  8. I don't know about Tim but I use a VPN primarily for Australian bank websites, I've had issues with access being blocked when trying to send money from my Australian bank account to the Phippines when the bank website detects that I'm in the Philippines. OTOH using a VPN with the endpoint set to Melbourne I've never had issues because the bank web site software sees an IP address that locates me as if I'm in Australia. And it can be very difficult to reactivate web site access from the Philippines.
  9. I've had reasonable luck with Express VPN, some of the USA end points work with Amazon Prime and others work with Netflix to give the full libraries not the reduced foreign library. If it stops working then just try another endpoint, in my experience there's always been at least one, generally a few that work. Downside? Express VPN is more expensive than Nord (unless you can get a promo) and almost always more expensive than PIA.
  10. There is a problem for small and medium sized hotels which stops them from competing with the booking chain websites. The conditions agreement for being able to get bookings from those large booking sites includes a clause that prohibits the hotels from advertising on their web site a price which is lower than the price advertised on the large booking site and breaches of that can (and have) resulted in hotels being removed from the booking sites. And because in many cases up to 50% of booking come from those web sites they can't afford not to be a member (as per figures quoted by hotel operators speaking confidentially). But because of the high commissions they're losing a lot of their profit and/or have to increase prices across the board which means we pay more.
  11. GeoffH

    Are You Rich?

    It doesn't surprise me but then SWMBO has zero desire to live in Australia, in fact she doesn't even like Manila much because her first language is Bisaya (she'd consider Cebu area if I needed it for medical reasons but that'd be as far as she'd want to move. She likes being close to her family, and honestly... so do I most of the time).
  12. Pretty sure thats in Australia. I'm surprised he wasn't more scraped up to be honest.
  13. Happy Birthday, may you have many more :)
  14. Anyone without rabies pre-exposure 3 injection vaccination doing that Air BnB experience is putting themselves at risk. Anyone (like me) who's had the Rabies pre-exposure vaccination course (3 injections) could do it I guess but why would you?
  15. I don't risk amounts of money that I can't afford to lose in Philippines banking accounts, at the end of the day 500K php is about $13800 AUD, yes it's a lot of money but it's a small percentage of my money/assets and it's worth the convenience of having money local. The alternative is keeping $10,000 to $15,000 in a safe in the house (which we don't do) and honestly that's got its own risks (and not just losing money risks). If you're talking about amounts larger than that then they're kept in Australian financial institutions or (more likely) invested.
  16. To a degree that is true, in Australia for example the limit is $250K AU$. But it is more limiting in the Philippines because 500K PHP is a limit that more of us expats are able to exceed compared to our limits at home.
  17. This is why we have BDO and BPI accounts and we keep the balance under the guarantee limit.
  18. If you watch Season 2 of 'The Orville' then one of the episodes is about a crew member who programs the simulation (holo-deck) for a porn program. So I'm going with yes
  19. A water hose with a trigger gun on the end for washing your bum, common in the middle east and parts of asia. I'm quite happy using one instead of paper but I still don't like tabos. Sometimes called a bidet (although technically that term should be used to mean the in toilet type water sprays). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OSDKHiwZm8
  20. I went a different way when I was sending money for the condo, I did many smaller transfers (some using World Remit and some using Western Union). It took almost a month to transfer the money doing that but at the time I didn't have a bank account in the Philippines and we had problems trying to transfer a large amount to SWMBO's bank account in the Philippines.
  21. A junior beauty contest in Australia with that a publicity photo of the winner on a bed like that would no doubt cause controversy because the photo would be regarded as age inappropriate in Australia but it's the Philippines, many things are regarded and done differently to the ways they are in 1st world western countries. Does that mean I'd let my daughter pose like that? At age 13... like that? Hell no.
  22. That only works for us Aussies when there are no Scotsman nearby... they're better at it!
  23. It could get worse... you might come back in 50 years time and find out that the only legal beer in the Philippines is Red Horse
  24. Are good quality panels and inverters easily available in the Philippines? Say Fronius or SMA inverters or something of that quality? Or is it only chinese sourced panels and inverters?
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