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  1. GeoffH

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    I have a cousin who's way way younger than me, we went to school together. She was born on February 29th
  2. GeoffH

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    11 months in the year would save on wages
  3. I would call the cousin who is a Police Officer...
  4. Lightning doesn't always strike the highest object, it's more about the electron path and the resistance to ground (as my limited understanding has it). This strike hit a car despite the light pole nearby being higher, happened this week in Bendigo only a few kilometres from my house, the storm was LOUD (I'm in oz right now and will be until after christmas). https://www.9news.com.au/national/2018/12/10/15/13/moment-lightning-hits-parked-car-in-bendigo-victoria?fbclid=IwAR1KxCD2fGhbJ3VF-JN_XYT9w-H4T-1ydj-l1QNtXI85cuNGFmqb2QvYe7k
  5. I think you're generalizing about 'western civilization' from your personal experience of it. There are western countries (and some non-western ones) that have significantly lower violent death rates than the United States (I'm not having a go at the USA, just quoting statistics). The USA is sitting at 5.35 and New Zealand and Australia are a little under 1 but Singapore (which is an Asian country is only about 1/3rd of the Australian/New Zealand rate at 0.32), the Philippines OTOH is a bit over 11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_intentional_homicide_rate
  6. GeoffH

    Are You Rich?

    Those figures don't say if they're gross income or net income, I'm over A if gross but under by the time (Australian) rental agent fees, council rates, land tax, income tax and child support are deducted. Being retired (and on part rental/part superannuation) fixed income I don't feel rich (more so given that I'm earning about half of what I did when I was still working).
  7. GeoffH

    Electrical dangers in the Philippines

    You're getting us aussies confused with the Kiwis :)
  8. The figures quoted for percentage of GDP for 'remittances' has been running at around 10% of GDP for some years. I would think that a reasonable percentage of that is related to foreigners with wives and girlfriends and families whether resident or not (although yes some will be from Filipino OFW). Of course even if it was half (which I doubt) it'd still only be 5%. I remember reading somewhere (and I can't find the reference) that it was actually more like 2.5% to 3%. https://www.theglobaleconomy.com/Philippines/remittances_percent_GDP/
  9. GeoffH

    Electrical dangers in the Philippines

    Multiple earth rods could cause ground loops if they're at different potentials? Standard procedure in Australia is a single earth rod with circuit breakers on each circuit.
  10. GeoffH

    Electrical dangers in the Philippines

    Or earthed to a copper pipe, that further down the pipe has a plastic section.
  11. GeoffH

    Electrical dangers in the Philippines

    Which is why I really try to buy so called 'double insulated' products where possible.
  12. Reading this makes me grateful for the traffic in Cagayan De Oro (didn't think I'd ever say that!).
  13. GeoffH

    Bringing DVDs and player

    I have not tried doing it but if it is possible to set the Globe modem into bridge mode, if it supports that you could add a router on one of the network ports that supports VPN use.
  14. GeoffH

    Bringing DVDs and player

    We have Globe at Home and I run a VPN on my iPhone, my iPad, my Microsoft surface and it also works on SWMBO's Macbook and Samsung phone. Or are you talking about setting up a VPN on the actual modem itself?
  15. GeoffH

    Hmmmmmmmmmm Empty Morning

    I just realized that the child passed away, I'd missed that sorry :( My deepest sympathies to you and your family.
  16. GeoffH


    Exactly why I have a Kindle with a Kindle unlimited reading plan.
  17. GeoffH

    Bringing DVDs and player

    I have a set of SONY noise cancelling head phones, I agree with Huggybearman in that they're good for cancelling that droning plane noise but don't really do anything for other non constant noise. Just a suggestion, try them on in a shop, if you're going to wear them for 8 hours plus it's really important that they're comfortable.
  18. GeoffH

    Electrical dangers in the Philippines

    I can't read the description Arizona Kid, do they have some sort of circuit breaker on the board?
  19. We live in a house but the condo we have is managed by the developer (maybe because tower 3 of the complex isn't finished yet?).
  20. I wonder how many shops will actually do this? And how many shop staff will just say "that's not for foreigners"...
  21. GeoffH


    For those new to ethernet over power devices it might be useful to know that if you have power sourced from more than one board then it will probably not work between the 2 power 'networks'. I ran across that issue when I tried to use them between the main house and a separate building out the back of the house.
  22. Western food that the family eat? Pretty much restricted to McDonalds (and only when there are no tables in Jollibee).
  23. GeoffH

    The Car Service!

    They're still used and still legal in Australia but only in some circumstances, you're only allowed to repair in the main tread area and for smaller puncture holes (like nails or screws). Repairs to the sidewall aren't allowed and to be classified as a 'permanent' fix the plug has to be inserted from the inside of the tyre with glue. There are also plug kits which use 'strings of rubber' which can be applied externally but they're regarded as a temporary fix, I've seen similar ones for sale on Lazada.
  24. Unlike some other Toyota models the Innova is an Asian marketed and designed vehicle and I strongly suspect the driving position was sized taking into account the range of common driver heights in Asian countries. I fit fine in the drivers seat of ours but I’m only 5 foot 8 myself.