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  1. Well yes... I am older than when the photo was taken
  2. The benefits of wearing a motorbike helmet during a crash are undeniable and I always wear one. A full face helmet is more protective than an open face but some times I wear an open face because when I was younger that's what was available and in budget so I'm used to them. More important, in my opinion, is that some cheap helmets sold in the philippines are much less protective than good quality branded helmets. In my opinion it's well worth paying a bit more for a branded one from a motorbike shop. I hope your bro in law has a quick and easy recovery.
  3. Daughter caught it, like a cold for her, sore throat and a cough. I caught it last year, put me in bed for over a week and took me a month before I could walk around without feeling short of breath. A mate caught it 2 weeks ago and ended up in hospital on oxygen (not ICU just in a ward). He's still suffering the after effects. There's no guarantee how the disease will progress.
  4. I was told that the PRA won't process SRRV applications unless the applicant is in the Phillipines which requires getting a 9a visa from the embassy. I didn't get anywhere with the Melbourne consulate either when I tried a while back. It is supposedly possible to get a 9a for the purposes of obtaining an SRRV...
  5. I really don't understand why people would just stand there... I'm not saying run like crazy but I'd at least be walking inland.
  6. There is no guarantee that a future mutation will be weaker (assuming you're talking about how sick people get).
  7. I don't go fishing in the Philippines (even though I enjoy fishing) because some locals see it as stealing their food or income and I try to keep a low profile and avoid annoying the locals.
  8. Sorry CL, it's difficult to tell who know what and a lot of new posters are not just new to the Philippines but also to Asia in general.
  9. Most motorbikes in the Philippines are full automatic (twist and go) scooters or semi-automatic underbones and most are 110cc or 125cc (luxury scooters are 150-160cc but most rentals won't be that big). There are also a gradually decreasing number of 100cc and 125cc commuter motorbikes with conventional gearboxes (although some oddly have the gear pattern different to western 'big bikes'). The closest things to real motorbikes that are actually commonly used (and then mostly in rural areas) are the Honda XR150L and the Yamaha XT125 either of which would be my suggestion if you're looking for a motorbike rental (and not a scooter).
  10. Or to check that it hasn't gotten infected maybe? Probably both actually...
  11. There is some help reaching some affected areas, 'Australia In the Philippines' have been working in Surigao. It seems to be very low key though... there hasn't been much news coverage about it (other than the inital typhoon reports).
  12. What you're describing doesn't meet the definition of 'martial law' although it would be annoying. I quote from the US DOJ web site... Martial law involves the temporary substitution of military authority for civilian rule and is usually invoked in time of war, rebellion, or natural disaster. Mindanao was under martial law for an extended period of time during and after the Battle of Marawi, we went through military checkpoints and had military vehicles of all types flying and driving past and over on a regular basis. That's NOT what's happening in the rest of the Philippines.
  13. The daughter has just tested positive to Covid, she's got a headache, a very bad sore throat and body aches (double vaccinated). She's isolating at her mothers place (who isn't there). If you have't had it yet it's no longer a matter of if you'll get it... it's when you'll get it.
  14. We've have compulsory mask mandates (no faceshields). There are yellow plastic chains dividing the buses into sections to enforce spacing and you have to enter via the rear seat. Children are allowed out but schools have been mostly closed. Seniors living at home are not under restriction but any seniors in a managed care facility have been effectively locked into their rooms for the last 2 years. Also Australia has very wide spread and strongly enforced vaccine mandates, many thousands of people have lost their jobs for refusing to be vaccinnated. Admission to sporting events, cinemas etc, basically everything except for 'essential retail' is restricted to the double vaccinated. Multiple people are being fined many thousands of dollars (here the first offence fine starts at $5000 but it varies from state to state and with the offence committed). Some have been jailed for 4 to 6 months. When the government say they will arrest you... here they actually mean it and do it. So no... it's not 'the same' but Australia is VERY serious about these regulations.
  15. Australia has had 2 years of quarantines, curfews and more lockdowns than the Philippines. Except for a noisy (and small) minority people are mostly ok with it... it's seen as "the lesser of two evils". It's been my observation that people from the USA stress about this sort of stuff more than most of the rest of the world.
  16. Maybe? It does ring a faint bell (the memory isn't what it used to be). I'm still holding out hope for this year to go back haha
  17. Skyscanner is my goto website as well... I've used expedia and booking.com sometimes too.
  18. Yes... we have permanent christmas lights wrapped around the spiral stairs from the ground floor to the second floor, they were so difficult to put up that no one wanted to face taking them down. The last few years they just turn them on during the ber months and off during the rest of the year (to be fair... not very obvious).
  19. It's ok if you've got lounge access... or the wait isn't more than a few hours. No lounge access and a 12 hour connection wait isn't fun though.
  20. I sort of feel the same way about zip lines...
  21. PAL and Cebu Pacific were the only airlines with direct flights to the Philippines from Melbourne, Australia so I used them a fair bit.
  22. It wouldn't be good for the Philippines for PAL to go bankrupt so it's good to see them making some progress. However personally I wouldn't feel comfortable booking too far ahead with them just yet (where as I used to book 2 or 3 months ahead of departure).
  23. Yes... myGov wants to send SMS verifying access to their website everytime. Need a phone for that also.
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