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  1. A long long time ago when I was doing pre solo flight training vertigo on approach was carefully explained by the flying instructor... I thought back to tower climbing and I couldn't help but laugh. He... didn't appreciate it and I had a rather awkward conversation after landing until he realized what I was talking about
  2. Firstly welcome to the forum. Secondly as one tattoed person to another I will say that the Philippines has an active and increasing tattoo scene. I have had both touch up work (for several tattos I got when much younger) and some new work from a family member who has a tattoo studio. There is (or rather were pre covid) regular tattoo expos and competitions held (although I never went). I am lucky enough that a family member is a talented tattoo artist (or just artist as the locals tend to call them). It was the case some time back that tattoos were only found on bar girls but increasingly younger filipinos (both male and female) are getting tattoos. There is still somewhat of a group of (mostly middle class) filipinos who look down upon people with tattoos (a bit like the attitudes in Australia towards them 20 or 30 years ago) but even that seems to be changing. Although as you know there will always be people (always without tattoos) who look down upon those of us who have them. Tattoos are much less common in the provinces than in the bigger cities however and I'm not familiar with Tagaytay so I can't speak to attitudes there. As to suggestions the first thing I'd do would be to get a local SIM, you should be able to do that at the airport, if not (due to Covid or the time of arrival) then almost all malls will have a shop that will sell you a SIM and load. I'm sure others will have more suggestions
  3. If you look at the video at 0:39/0:40 there is a black rope from the top of the metal pole leading downwards towards the middle of her back and it is under tension. That looks like the guy rope for a waist type tower harness to me (which is what we used to use). These days it is more common to use a full over the shoulder, cross over and down around the thigh type but the simple around the waist types are still available (and a lot quicker to climb with).
  4. I saw the pole behind her and I assume she is wearing a tower belt fastened behind her back.
  5. I'm not sure why people are making such a big deal of climbing to the top of the tower? When doing antenna maintenance the guys I worked with used to climb up towers hundreds of feet in height, I only did the smaller ones but I wasn't as fit and it's damn hard work climbing up hundreds of narrow ladder steps. I worked in the country so we did towers but I knew guys who did the same thing for the masts on top of sky scrapers. It requires proper safety harnesses and some training (and a degree of physical fitness for the taller ones) but it's not rocket science. The harder bit would be getting the drone shot right.
  6. I would suggest that I'd fit into the group that says "once everyone has had the chance to get the jab you're on your own" which is slightly different. It is true that everyone in most first world countries has had the chance to get jabbed (children aside for most of whom the risk is very low) but that isn't the case in many middle income countries like the Philippines (and is true in almost no low income countries). So as much as I'd love to be able to return to the Philippines (and I would!) I undertand their attempts to contain the virus using social restrictions. However once that issue is dealt with I'm definitely in the moving on group.
  7. One of my banks has mandatory 2 factor authorization but the other one has the option of using a code generator app on my phone (one that is registered with my bank branch). The downside of that is the app is linked to the phone (and to the OS install) so I can't upgrade the phone and if I had to reinstall the phone OS while I was in the Philippines I woud lose access to the code app. So I persist with 2FA.
  8. I keep a low $ plan active in Australia when I go to the Philippines and put the SIM into a cheap phone that will roam onto SMART in the Philippines (or GLOBE but most seem to roam onto SMART). It costs me $9.90 Au $ (about $8 US) per month to keep the number active, I have tried other methods but none have been as reliable. I doubt you'll find a reliable and free solution, the free options won't always be reliable and the reliable ones aren't going to be free.
  9. Large commercial drones are very different to consumer drones like my DJI (and probably your drone), they're heavier and have better stabilization.
  10. My reading of the current rules suggests that the NSW no hotel quarantine system allows for home quarantine so you need to either be a NSW resident or be staying in a house with a NSW residient (in which all household residents can also isolate). That will alter and become easier on November 1st as you say.
  11. As is her skirt... I'm not convinced it was done using green screen. It's UAE... occupational health and safety standards for employers probably isn't a big issue.
  12. I have an arm cuff machine at the house in CDO and another in Australia plus a wrist cuff one I bought for travelling. You have to be more careful with the wrist cuff type to keep your arm still and at the correct elevation to get a reading similar to the (easier to use properly) arm cuff readers. As to BP being higher when tested at the Doctors... yeah I tend to see that too. What I tend to do it take a reading in the morning and the evening for a couple of weeks before a Doctors visit and save it in the machine then take my BP tester with my when I visit the Doctor so he can look at the results. It seems to make him less reliant on the single reading taken on the day of the visit.
  13. I probably should have said "we don't have any trees nearby because I live in a built up subdivision"
  14. Ahhh ok... sorry didn't think of trees, we don't have any nearby.
  15. Have you thought about the old Phils standby of putting broken glass on top on the walls around the property? I'd think that would stop at least some monkeys...
  16. This is so so true... this forum is like a quiet bar with a group of the lads sitting around having a beer. Lots of the others are like bars where you're walking along and someone hits you over the head with a pool que Happy to give the 'club' forum a try.
  17. Yes, I watched that video yesterday evening and I too believe that the Phils is gradually moving towards opening up again. The real question is when and to what degree which remains at this point unknown. I am hopeful for early next year though, possibly even for Christmas (no I have no reason to assume that, I'm just hoping haha).
  18. So that means we get to 'voice our opinion'... once per person... about the moderators... right?
  19. Being serious for a moment... there is increasing evidence that whilst Pfizer and Moderna create a higher initial immune response that Astra Zeneca declines in protection slower. The outcome of that is that the Pfizer/Moderna RNA vaccines will probably need booster shots sooner than Astra Zeneca (and the Russian vaccine made using the same general method).
  20. https://www.amazon.com/Dildo-offensive-sounding-Sleeve-T-Shirt/dp/B07W78YT5G
  21. I grew up in Castlemaine and I thought we had it bad (they call us castle maniacs) but Dildo
  22. They've been sailing with a Philippine Frigate (not sure which one but one of the new ones).
  23. For those expats with an interest in ships, the Australian maritime task group of HMA Ships Canberra, Sirius, and Anzac will be docking in Manila Habour tomorrow as part of Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2021 (information from 'Australia In The Philippines'). https://fb.watch/8fSoWX3Axf/
  24. Fairly sure that the conditions of use for Starlink prohibit sharing the connection with other households or across the community (under the standard plan at least).
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