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  1. The vaccines we have now cannot reduce the viral load in the upper respiratory tract but there are vaccines in development which are expected to be able to do so because they will be administered Intranasal and/or orally. It is true I haven't made the distinction between the current interim vaccines and the medium term ones that will become available in late 2021 / early 2022 but we were to be fair talking about medium term outcomes such as vaccine passports.s And I maintain that is is still unclear to what degree a person vaccinated with one of the current high efficacy intramuscula
  2. Hong Kong flu (in 1967-70) killed over a million people but over time it became an additional type of seasonal influenza as it gradually evolved to become less dangerous to it's host. It is common when viruses jump species that fatality is high but as immunity is aquired across the population and the virus adapts to become less fatal and often more infectious it becomes less dangerous. That doesn't always happen (look at Polio) and it depends to a degree upon the rate of mutation of the virus. But many immunioligists and research scientists believe that it's likely that SARS Co
  3. It's not possible to test for that at this time because no one knows what genetic factors contribute to increased risk of developing serious disease rather than mild or asymptomatic. There is some preliminary research looking into the issue but results are some way off.
  4. The vaccine protects the vaccinated person from serious disease (no matter which Covid vaccine you get) however some people will still catch Covid even after they're vaccinated (but they won't get seriously sick and their viral load will be a lot smaller). What is unclear right now (because the safety testing wasn't testing for that) is whether these few people can pass on the virus. Until it is certain that they cannot (or that they can) then maintaining social distancing and masks is a precaution that does no harm and might well help (and in addition there is a small safety effect
  5. He didn't say we "couldn't share opinions" he said some things should be kept to oneself. My old granny once said to me (and it was one of the wisest things I have ever been told) "If you aint got anything nice to say then don't say anything at all". And she was right, nothing good ever came of putting down other people just for the sake of doing it.
  6. Vaccination is only one part of the layered defence against Covid, it is reasonable to maintain the others whilst the vaccine is still circulating. I wouldn't be surprised to see Covid become a seasonable disease eventually with vaccination being something taken by older citizens on a yearly basis (in the same way that Hong Kong flu did after 1967). But that is years off. That doesn't mean that vaccine certificates (or vaccine visas if you prefer) won't be required for international travel, many airlines have already said that they'll be requiring them on certain routes in the near
  7. Normally going to another country wouldn't be impossible for Aussies and Kiwis even now (assuming the person has funds available). An aussie or kiwi passport holder can fly into the UK (and self isolate for a period) then stay up to 6 months, then they can fly to the USA where they can stay up to 3 months then return to the UK (rinse and repeat if necessary but I doubt it would be). During one of those periods a spot on the entry list to Aussie (or NZ) will come up (but it might be a bit of a wait and the tickets into Aussie and NZ aren't cheap right now). This is not goi
  8. *edit* I'd rather not talk about the details honestly.
  9. I've got various radio and electronic interests and qualifications and a friend of mine is a filipino radio journalist and radio show host. I was introduced to her by my friend with the words "this is the only one I'd recommend for you Geoffrey". Still very happy (abeit stuck in aussie by closed borders due to coming back to sell an investment property).
  10. Hmmm... in Aussie 'Absentee voting' is the term used when a voter attends a polling station in another district than their registered voting address and where their name won't be on the voting roll for the district. Such votes are made and placed into sealed envolopes and details are later checked for eligibility and to ensure people haven't voted twice. Where as a mail in vote is where a voter has ballot papers mailed to them with postage paid and addressed tamper proof envelopes included (2 layers - 1 inside the outside one) fills it in and mails it back. I am finding (as I
  11. True... the nearest Jolibee is currently roughly 8000 kilometers away!
  12. I wouldn't argue with that but I don't have a problem with mail in voting (noting that I'm an aussie). I honestly believe that the voting should be made possible and accessible for as many people as practicable in order to obtain the result that most closely reflects the views of the citizens of a country (and not just those who are fit enough and well enough to attend in person). But YMMV (and it probably does)
  13. We have two family members with trikes, one has a Kawasaki motorcycle attached and the other one has a Honda motorcycle attached. If the budget stretches to it I would suggest buying one of the 'commercial' single cylinder models from a japanese company becayse they are designed for the extra weight of commerical carrying use. The TMX from Honda and the Barako from Kawasaki are both good choices. There is a case to be made for choosing the 175cc Barako II which comes factory fitted with a second set of rear shock absorbers if the trike is going to be a large model carrying more pass
  14. I think many would want to jump this band... err wagon
  15. The face masks don't bother me, maybe that's because I'm used to wearing a motorbike helmet (and a balaclava in cooler weather which is basically a face mask anyway). The social distancing doesn't bother me, I grew up in the country where people gave other people more space and the cities feel less crowded now which I actually prefer. Lock downs... that's not as easy but social media, web sites like this and zoom has made it much easier than it would have been 30 years ago. If it starts to bother me then I just tell myself "This too shall pass" and go and do something els
  16. I suspect lots of expats expect Filipinos to do 'western things' and act in 'western ways' and sure they do sometimes but the Philippines is their country, in my opinion we should be adapting our behaviour to them not the other way around if we want to make friends (I've got a couple of close friends in Ozamiz, not so much in CDO).
  17. Express VPN is hard to beat if it's in your budget, if it isn't then I suggest Surfshark (which is reliable, cheaper and quick but you'll have to work harder to get streaming video working sometimes).
  18. Similar to Cagayan De Oro, which has 100 mbps fiber (although our suburb has 30mb hybrid). !00 mbps fiber is supposed to be coming but it's been a couple of years and not yet. But honestly, I'm ok with 25/5 VDSL in Australia why would I want more than 30 mbps in the Philippines?
  19. The Philippine peso tends to follow the US dollar the the USD is dropping against most major currencies. That's my 2 cents (sorry 1 peso).
  20. The Aussie dollar is up against the Philippine Peso which is good (well for me at least).
  21. *shrug* I don't see drug addicts as a high priority for help (just my opinion) because it's mostly self inflicted. People choose to stick a needle in their arm or snort drugs up their nose, people don't choose to catch Covid (although some people don't take sensible precautions to minimize the chance). Now if you're talking about babies being born addicted to drugs that's a different matter, they didn't have a choice... their loser mother addicted them in the womb and they deserve societies help (being innocent of any offense).
  22. It would be more accurate to say that the US don't do much contact tracing or follow up of test results rather than that testing isn't done to be fair.
  23. And yet Australia is on the list and we have very few cases of 'traditional Covid' in the community and the only cases of the new varient were detected in incoming travellers during quarantine testing, it isn't in the general community. Americas testing is that haphazard and their health systems are so busy that no one could say if the new varient is there already or not.
  24. There is already a vaccine for TB, it's mostly given to children in countries where it is common (most western countries have the disease under control and no longer mass vaccinate for it although I'm old enough that I was vaccinated against it at school). And the Philippines has in fact an active BCG (TB) vaccine program however many rural and poor communities don't as a rule seek out the vaccine and there has been a great deal of vaccine hesitancy since the Dengue vaccine problems which is a problem that needs to be addressed. There is also a very active Polio vaccine program (mostly s
  25. I suspect it is more likely to be that your local link supports higher speeds and that the international links (or trans island links if you aren't in Manila) are where the problem lies. If you're streaming international content and it buffers try streaming local video content and see if it does the same. The other possiblilty is that your local node is congested.
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