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  1. Just a comment, I'm not sure if Cool-Aid is aware that the restriction on foreigners owning land does not apply to condominiums (that might be an option).
  2. That is a great outcome!
  3. GeoffH

    Repatriation:  Yes, you can go home again!

    Really? Surely if the only factor they’re deciding upon is age then that has to be age based discrimination? In Australia that would be against the law. There is a time before benefits apply (5 years maybe? Not sure).
  4. GeoffH

    Less you forget

    Several tradies who were using trailers set up with all of their tools had the whole trailer stolen from them over the last year around Melbourne. It seems to have stopped for now, not sure why. But even with insurance... that would really hurt a guys abilty to start working again.
  5. I read in another thread that some people had done an extension and not been given a sticker just a receipt, just happened to me (and yes I was told to keep the receipt). I’m heading back to Oz again in a couple of weeks so I guess I’ll need to show the extension receipt when I leave so I don’t get fined for overstaying. What I’m not clear about is when I come back again? Maybe I need to keep it for next trip? Maybe as long as I have this passport? Any one had to go in or out with no sticker and just a receipt yet?
  6. GeoffH

    Repatriation:  Yes, you can go home again!

    That’s like a rain check... but the bank froze your account right ;-)
  7. GeoffH

    Manila Airport

    As a ‘totally unbiased’ ex Melbourne resident... I can only say... pretty much yes :) (unless you’re one of the 1% and can afford to live in a bayside suburb).
  8. GeoffH

    Who holds the purse strings

    I have Australian assets and income, I look after that. SWMBO owns a taxi (pays a driver to drive it) and has a small business, she looks after the money from those. We discuss large purchases together. I’ve said this before but I honestly think she is better at budgeting than I am. I have been very lucky to find a partner who does plan for the long term, although she does get a bit sad/frustrated at times when she talks about how some of her family “don’t understand - they think we have money and are lying when we say we can not afford that”. But we always discuss together how much, who and when we help. Summary... each of us is holding one end of the purse ;-)
  9. The Avanza is a surprisingly good city car for 4 people (or even 2 with a huge luggage space). It is much easier to park than the Innova although for highway driving and carrying 6 or 7 adults the Innova is better. The Rush is basically a rebodied Avanza with better safety equipment and styling so that might be an option. Another choice without spending too much would be the Mitsubishi Xpander, latest figures show it out selling the Rush (it’s a bit wider and has a bit more passenger room. The seats fold flat for better carrying of large objects too. In my opinion SUVs (no matter how nice they look) and trucks (no matter how cool they look) are much much poorer city vehicles if you’re only having one car. The Innova is not any better in the city than an SUV but we need the seats sometimes. But SWMBO and I use the Wigo unless we have to take the family also. Roads here are not designed with large vehicles in mind, just something to consider.
  10. Sorry guys I didn’t realise that only worked with desktop type keyboards with number pads.
  11. GeoffH

    2 Motorcycle questions

    And even if you can ship it there you will still have the difficulty of changing the registration region and details on the motorbike. As a foreigner, maybe not quick or easy to do. And warranty on a bike bought elsewhere... possible problem. And Mindanao has check points, some will want to see bike papers, another possible issue, trying to explain why a foreigner is riding a bike from Manila to a check point guard with probable limited English. Davao has a large Yamaha shop and will likely have the model you want in stock.
  12. We have an Innova in Cagayan and an Avanza in Ozamiz. I have to disagree with the room for ‘larger’ drivers comment above. I’m (to be blunt) fat these days and the width of the Innova makes it much easier to get comfortable in than the Avanza.
  13. GeoffH

    Filipino Jails

    I suspect most Filipino cells would not have room for dancing :)
  14. They did not staple mine, good thing probably because I don’t think it would go into the e-passport scanner at Melbourne airport if they did. I just have a loose receipt. One time I came into Manila the immigration officer wrote the wrong date (and I didn’t notice) when I went out I got a LOT of questions and had to provide copies of plane tickets before they let me through. I’d rather avoid a similar experience coming back in again to not have to face issues due to questions about dates not matching.
  15. You are correct I think, often it is not what we say but how we say it that leads to a particular response in return. But I’d still classify that as part of ‘doing my best’ and before que sera sera :)
  16. Even before I came to the Philippines I always tried to do my best and past that it was... que sera sera (which roughly means ‘whatever will be will be’, although Doris Day fans might prefer ‘what will be will be’). That isn’t so different to Bahala Na which might be why I feel comfortable with attitudes here?
  17. GeoffH

    No deposit in my account.

    I used eFax for years until I retired, it worked well.
  18. I travel in and out of the Philippines a lot and my regular (why does this happen?) is people turning up to check in (without having paid for checked bags just carry on), invariably in groups with multiple bags arguing with check in staff because they have too many bags/too much weight and they either can’t or won’t pay the extra. Last trip (just one example of many) leaving Cagayan at Laguindingan airport (where there are only 3 Cebu Pacific check in counters) two of them were held up for about an hour forcing everyone else through a single check in counter. When someone started arguing about bags at that one they somehow found a way to check one of the groups in and moved this new lot to one of the stalled counters. No point getting stressed about it... it’s just the way things are *shrug*
  19. I hear you! Doing assessments for already ‘trained’ heavy vehicle drivers isn’t much better :)
  20. My aunt signed her home over to one of her children. Later on the child married, later they got in financial trouble. Then they divorced... the partner claimed half of the house which was then sold against the wishes of the mother and the child and both were forced to move out. Each case is obviously different but it can happen. The aunt ended up living in a transportable unit with no child there and no house.
  21. No, I wasn't aware that was an option. I do 4 trips to and from Oz each year and pay for an extension each time I am here. So it would be cheaper for me. But the embassy is in Sydney and Melbourne only has a consulate. I can't help answer your question but I would be interested in any comnents also.
  22. We’ve been thinking about renting the condo out since we live in the house, I can’t help but I too would be interested in any suggestions. *following*
  23. If you are using a Windows PC then press and hold the ‘alt’ key while typing the numbers 0163 then release the alt key and you will type a £ sign. There is another number for the € but I can’t remember it because I mostly use Apple since I retired.
  24. GeoffH

    Hunting/target shooting?

    Thank you for the information, I was aware of the prohibition upon foreigners owning a guns but I was not aware it was so broad.
  25. You are going to attract some attention even in a Land Cruiser any where except for scattered up market enclaves anyway. They aren’t common in most areas unlike Fortunas, Hiluxes and Innovas. Toyota does have the largest dealer network, which is why we went that way.