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  1. I have no doubt that’s true but the Aussie McDonalds burger meat tastes more like ‘ground beef’ is a fair part of the patty mix. Here the burger meat is much blander…
  2. I will definitely mention the issues at the 1 month service, I’m not going to be riding outside of the subdivision until the registration is processed which will be after that anyway (maybe 6 to 8 weeks for that?).
  3. A short update, the bike is fun to ride and seems well suited to local traffic and I am happy with the design. The dealer seems to have skimped a bit on the assembly/pre-delivery (unlike the Honda dealer a few years back), SWMBO told me they only assembled it the morning we picked it up so a rush job maybe. The rear brake light (foot lever) wasn’t working… that was adjusted when I pointed it out at the shop. The headlight was pointing up in the air, we adjusted that at the house today. The clutch lever/left switch block were at a different angle to the right brake lever/switch block by about 20 degrees so we adjusted that here too. Life is more fun in the Philippines 🤣
  4. Stay hydrated and check your O2 level with one of those finger oximeters each day if you can. Most people are fine but your oxygen level can drop well before you feel short of breath. If the pulse oximeter starts beeping go to a Doctor / Hospital you might need supplemental oxygen. You can buy them at Watsons. Wishing you a quick recovery.
  5. During the Covid pandemic when I was stuck in Aussie I loaned my old Honda wave underbone motorbike to SWMBO brother so he could get to his new job. I’m totally aware what ‘loan’ means here and I wasn’t expecting it back. My plan when I came back was to buy a motorbike with gears and I’d been researching what to get without spending a big amount that would be reliable but still have gears, clutch etc. I had a few ideas and I was ready to go shopping but strangely SWMBO was quite ‘no not yet Geoffrey’ (which isn’t like her) so in the interests of maintaining domestic harmony I had just about decided to put it off for a while. Then last night, after dinner at the mall… SWMBO gives me a gift box… with a key in it. It turns out she had been planning all along, since we ‘loaned’ the Honda to her brother to buy me a motorbike. Which is a really big amount from her budget… so I am very happy and grateful 😊 Today we picked it up and I rode it back the 30kms from CDO to the house (and It was a lot more fun and comfortable for me than riding a scooter) 😁
  6. Just did my first extension and the office had information sheets (very large ones) fastened to the counters. It was very quick, there was only one other person inside the office so I was in and out in about 20 minutes. FYI the photos of the extension information are below for inital extension, 30 & 59 day extensions, 6 month extension and over 6 months extension. Click on the individual photo for a better image and my apology for the angles I didn't want to be too obvious.
  7. I neglected to point out that the .txt file I use is a shared Dropbox file... not sure about 'encypted'? I thought all Dropbox files were stored that way and we didn't need to seperately encrypt them? Also if I'm accessing a web site that is in any way important or that might need a payment then the VPN is on.
  8. A nipa hut is not insect proof… that’s a step too far for me ( those nipa styled houses are NOT nipa huts ).
  9. We had malunga soup as a side dish with lunch today… the broth is fine but not fond of the leaves.
  10. I use Google Chrome auto generated strong passwords for everyday website use and a cloud stored .txt file (with local backup) and copy/paste to enter them for important stuff like banking.
  11. I like both but prefer Express VPN’s user interface. Honestly though it’s a bit like Apple vs Android… they do the same job.
  12. Yes, it will definitely effect the price of Red Horse… that is a crisis of huge concern
  13. I am at the house near CDO now… am enjoying being able to finally relax 🙂
  14. Phones do but I’m old fashioned and use either my wrist watch or the clock in the car to tell the time (despite owning 2 smart phones). My phone would have been correct… if I’d thought to check it, the wrist watch and the car clock don’t however auto adjust. And thanks for the ‘welcome backs’ guys 😁 I’m still in Manilla but going to CDO soon.
  15. Not only did I not have a problem with the phone there was a man saying phone photo of documents was ok. And they didn't ask for the health cover at all. This was arriving at T3 NAIA... so your experience might be different.
  16. I am waiting at the gate for the flight to Manila no issues with electronic documents in Aussie, but if I'm going to have issues it will be at the other end. Will update you after I land Clermont.
  17. Got my second test result and this one is signed and endorsed with QR code as ok for travel and I have checked in at Bendigo airport, my baggage will be transferred through to the international flight and I have both the domestic and international boarding passes so should be trouble free at Sydney.
  18. OK one health pass is registered and I have a QR code as well as Traze and I have a QR code for that as well. And I picked up a new laptop backpack. I know... I'm rambling crap... but at this point I'm over it. I just want to be in the Philippines again.
  19. OK second sample taken, my sample yesterday was negative (although outside the 48 hour window) so should be fine. Another small problem, my backpack (which is my normal carry on) doesn't fit my new Dell laptop so I'm off to the mall shortly to see what they've got I hate leaving stuff to the last minute but I've had no choice this time as I spent the last 4 weeks shifting furniture and only got it done just in time.
  20. Follow up -: The reason why my watch was wrong was daylight saving time ended on sunday night (with all of the rushing round trying to get the house empty and the real estate agent organized I completely missed that) and my watch was still set to summer time (it was an hour out). Also the second sample submission yesterday did not alter the collection time on the result form (despite what the Bendigo collection center said) which I just received so that's outside the 48 hour window (by 14 minutes). I have heard of people being refused bording for being only a short time outside the 48 hour window and I don't want to risk that. So I booked another test online (with a second $145 fee) and I have a (electronic) sample collection form. If I go in this morning before midday then I'm still within their 'return result' window and I expect to get the result overnight (early in the morning like this dud one). I'm planning to be there at opening time (this time to ensure I stay within their collection window). The downside is I will only have an electronic PDF of the result because the print shop won't be open before I fly out on my domestic flight *sigh*. This RT-PCR thing is... ugghhh... won't swear on here.
  21. I was trying to stay within the 48 hour window but closer to the earlier time limit because I have a connecting domestic flight that leaves early in the morning. Because I wanted a printed copy of the results I was trying to ensure I got the results on the day before I flew out but I over thought it *sigh*. The testing clinic seem confident that the second sample they took (inside the 48 hour time frame) will be the one used for my certificate so it should be ok. They have changed the rules to allow Rapid Antigen Testing but only if it's done by a laboratory (and it has to be within 24 hours of departure), the one at Sydney Airport claim they can have those done and the results available within 15 minutes so that's my backup plan.
  22. I stuffed up... my watch was wrong and I ended up getting my RT-PCR sample taken 14 minutes too early. Luckily when I checke my email on the computer I realized it was actually an hour earlier than I thought it was (watch was an hour out) and when I rang them they told me to come in and they took another sample with a later time stamp and modified the compter record. Hopefully that doesn't cause issues when the sample results are sent to me otherwise I'll have to hope I've got time for a test at Sydney Airport (maybe... maybe not).
  23. Yes I was aware of that one... for any Aussies still yet to travel the information about the 'international Covid Certificate' for us Aussies is at... https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/international-covid-19-vaccination-certificate-proof-your-covid-19-vaccinations?context=60091
  24. Thanks Dave, I had watched videos about the One Health Pass, I think I can't do that one earlier than 3 days before travel. Interesting about the uploading Documents thing... that was one thing I was concerned about... thanks.
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