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  1. Some interesting feedback thanks everyone I’m a fibre technician engineer but don’t fancy tackling the cables out in phil 😝🤟🏼. Will still keep an eye out, there’s time to learn still what would work. An online travel agency franchise was looking fruitful to tie in with my love to travel and take pictures everywhere. Might just expand on the social media front and build the following up pre moving to hopefully help others along the way but if successful gather an income. Have a blessed evening all 😉👍
  2. Still a a few decisions away from making the thought a reality in moving over to Philippines. In the meantime whilst still in uk was wandering if anyone has any help or advise in getting an online business (ideas?) in preparation to establish it whilst still working here. Only looking at make 500 pounds / 700 US dollars plus a month? Thanks
  3. Hi mate, what is a genuine idea to look towards in an online business in the digital nomad sense? I hear a lot of people delving into crypto currency and such like but you just never know if it’s just a scam to get you into a pyramid scheme like Herbalife etc? Thanks
  4. He’s got kids with another is all we know and my gf said she seen his cousin when we were last back when she’s with me so if he was going to complain he would of done that time?
  5. Hi guys food for thought sure. From .Clermont I respect all advice all give young or old on here the fact that people are willing to help says a lot about them so I’m nothing but appreciative. In regards to the 21k mate to support on I think that’s just the uk baseline to accept another. My salary is above 30k so I should be fine. Something you said in regards to getting a second opinion I think ok that’s something I will definitely do because I have also read that even though my gf was married with no parental consent before 21 she was still married to him after 21 albeit separated. I think this Atty was using this point along with witnesses of his physical abuse to her and then the fact he has a child with her he’s never supported. But whether that’s enough I don’t know... the system is such a minefield. 🤯. We don’t even know where he is. It’s been 10 years since she last seen him. Yes .Snowy79 I do think age is against me to retire.. not necessarily that it can’t be done but yes I think at 35 I still have too much energy and with the inability to work there after that it would be tough. however after a few years of eating letchon i think I could come back and rehearse for santa 😂😂. I was in phil for the month there in November and the pounds I put on were remarkable 🤣🤪
  6. Thanks to all for your responses 😀. I think tbh it’s a now or never shot to go with the annulment and try and get her to the uk. As you guys are saying it’s getting harder so the sooner I try the more chance we will have I guess. In all honesty I’m trying to utilise my current position to benefit options in the future to us. I know now if we start this process and are successful then we’re open to the option of getting her to the uk. I have a solid job with no history of unemployment and earn above the threshold of 21k I believe it is now to support the visa application. Have my own house etc so I figure use these now and apply. If unsuccessful a life in the Philippines is possible and sometimes appealing but as a lot of you guys have said in my previous posts... retiring at 35 is not enjoyable it can get boring out there so that’s my thing to consider. I think I’m swayed to the idea of bring the good lady to uk work a little longer make some more money and then settle in phil but time will tell. Nothing ever seems easy does it guys 🤪
  7. Really @Kuya John could you enlighten me of the Hong Kong situation and why that is so please? I think it’s imperitive that I get married legitimately in Philippines then mate. I have no issues with me passing all the criteria my side in the U.K. What was the reasons of the uk immigrations refusal for your lady if you don’t mind me asking? thanks
  8. Thanks @Jollygoodfellow Just need find if I can get the her married to me to come uk now? she married previously in a church so I know we can’t do that again but I think a civil marriage is fine it’s just making sure we get married legitimately to satisfy immigration
  9. Thanks as always @Jack Peterson your most helpful 😊. We have a good atty and paying a good price to get it done within a year as the gf has good grounds but with everything you just want to check spending the ridiculous amount of money getting her annulled if she can’t come to the uk is pointless and I’d save the cash and buy an island out in phil 😂😂.
  10. Thanks @Jack Peterson what I’m gathering from my research on the positive side of things is that it’s 30 days after the annulment if uncontested and still no sign of ex (he’s been gone 10 years) that she can remarry? But then there’s lots of negative stuff on google too so just don’t really know who to trust which is why I asked you wise bunch 🤗. If she can remarry in the Philippines to me I just want to know if I can legally get her to uk from that? I read somewhere they need off the nso a certificate of some sort proving she hasn’t been married before? im hoping someone on here has the experience or knowledge of this situation and the procedures taking a Filipino to the uk 🇬🇧 thanks
  11. Hi guys, Been together with my girlfriend for over a year now. Was aware she was separated but married before. Went to solicitor and found she has grounds for annulment being she was only 20 and none of her parents signed papers or present. However the big question is please. Can when the annulment is done can we marry and move to the uk. I am a uk man myself. Does her annulment to another Filipino give her lawful clearance to marry me and move to the uk. TIA Shaun
  12. Yes can confirm I’ve spoken to @i am bob and what a great help he’s been! Top guy! Thanks
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