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  1. I know but i do like around osmente circle besides negative also have positive. IT park mostly about office workers mango have holidaymakers and more diverse but i might try it for next month thats always best.
  2. So at the It park there are not these outdoor pharmacy sales staff following u around with blue pills?
  3. Yes i might have found a new hotel in Ramos street that offer monthly deals its not spacious but branbnew rooms and smart design price 22500 without electricity i might take it.
  4. Monthly condo or monthly hotel rate deal would work fine for this period.
  5. Hi, Well the title says it all... And if possible a spacious Cebu hotel room 25-35 sqm. Thanks in advance
  6. Hello, i am trying to buy Nestle drinking water in Cebu but so far i was unsuccessful some people tell me its in Robinson and 7/11 others say its not in Phillipines. Any input would be highly appreciated.
  7. Yes nothing is very easy and most propery owners make returns 3-5% max after their complete calculations but some make steadily 7-11% returns while some basicly make no real returns whatsoever. you need to be hardworking skilled motivated organized and buy units for bargain prices or u be screwed from the start. Then still not easy as probably more condo owners will give short term renting a chance so that means less bookings a month.
  8. Yes well the Makati and or the fort area are way to expensive for me a 4 M pesos unit would be the max that i am willing to spend on it. Yes you do make excellent returns with the place.
  9. Well in most Countries rentals by Airbb are perfectly allowed but perhaps in only some condominiums are not cooperating with this if the residents comitee is against it.
  10. Are there condos in Phills where short term rental is not acceptable by some law or is it always up to the owner of the unit? approximately u have the unit now months or years? Do u have enough data to calculate estimated rental returns for the first year? I just curious about the estimated figure.
  11. Hi Scott thanks for the kind words and for the advice you are so right ­čśâ.
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