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  1. Nylsel Joy Aneslac

    College Costs In Philippines

    going to a state university is not a problem .. I myself can testify because i graduated without the aid of my family.. All i did was went to local government and asked for a scholarship, luckily they granted it to me. my problem that time was my expenses but i manage to work side by side and selling stuffs n my classroom. then finally, i graduated BS Business Ad. . willing students will find a way and will use their initiatives .. getting forced student will blame parents of their shortcomings .. savage
  2. Nylsel Joy Aneslac

    New car for 17 months still no Registration plate

    we paid P500 a pair of temporary plate bearing the conduction sticker , since plate number hasnt been assigned.. Well, just follow this format so you wont get penalized .. There's no problem driving cars with no official plate just make sure to have a temporary one. We cant blame the new administration for this its all the previous admin's fault by means of corruption... they hire other country to make this , where it can be done easily by filipino company alone. The foreign company would not want to pay the tax in the boc because the govt official assigned got more than what the tax in the boc asked.
  3. Nylsel Joy Aneslac

    Cost of living

    average daily spending for an average class filipino is P500. Hence, atleast 30000 monthly budget would be enough .. save the rest for your booze