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  1. Possibly ipis? I have been bitten or seen people bitten on the eye or lip by those big cockroaches and it swells up pretty big. At least cockroach is what we attributed it to due to our wise old househelp
  2. Really sad case. Good chance it will not turn out well regardless of whether he gets treatment as Retinoblastoma is most likely in this age group and is hard to treat. My prayers are with him. Thanks to all of you trying to help. Hopefully, if inoperable, they can at least make him comfortable. If inoperable, hopefully no one operates.
  3. Sorry to hear that. Auto accidents have to be the worst risk of the Philippines of all. Condolences to your wife and all of her family.
  4. I agree that in the beginning it makes sense to work with a group that already is working on the ground rather than trying to recreate the wheel. After getting oriented, it might make sense to do something focused and directed where I want my emphasis. Yes, "free" is a strong motivator. Studies have shown that even a small co-pay (like 5 dollars) reduces the amount of ER visits in the US. It is probably always good for people to have skin in the game. Thanks for the input!
  5. Sorry- come here almost daily, but usually not logged in.
  6. Thanks for this link. Yes, this is exactly the kind of thing I have done before, but not in the Philippines. Maybe I will join them for a mission just to learn more about the situation on the ground. I have lived in the Philippines before and am specifically interested in helping in the Philippines, but never have done any medical work there before. Probably the best thing I ever did on a mission was arrange for one charity to buy the deworming meds and have the other charity administer them. We were able to deworm 5000 kids. Yes, they just get the worms back, but literature has shown that the kids do measurably better over time even with a single deworming. That 6 months where their body is able to benefit from nutrients helps them long term I guess.
  7. I have done this kind of work before, in central and South America. I have never done it on my own freelance, but with a large org. The org negotiates all the details and the countries generally cut you no slack. You basically dig up every certificate you ever earned, fill out lots of paperwork and then get cleared to do whatever it is you specifically negotiated to do for the country for the specified period. It would be ideal to not be so constrained. Besides, most the missions, excluding surgical and dental services, dont really help that many people- even though you see many people. Most people come because it is free and you try to wade through all the chronic disease (High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Back Pain or complications of chronic diseases) that giving a few pills of whatever is not going to fix, to catch the rare acute illness ( like baby with pneumonia) that you can actually treat. That is why it seems free form like Bruce seems much more ideal. Help people when and where you think you can be useful.
  8. Super glad to hear that you are feeling better.
  9. Yes, I saw a copy of that somewhere and no- the US does not provide reciprocity with the Philippines. My current thought is to try to get some type of "internship" utilizing a local physician as the responsible mentor and working under their direction and licence. Some charities advertise this kind of experience. Helping people in the Phils seems worthwhile. Ending up in a Phils prison does not. I appreciate the feedback. I pretty much know there is no easy way to accomplish this...it is just a matter of looking for the most safe and effective manner to accomplish it. That is why all thoughts and ideas are appreciated...besides just the good will of anyone willing to think about my issues.
  10. Could be lots of things. Does not really sound like Gout. You said that you do have some difficulty lifting things. It could be a partial (likely not complete) rotator cuff tear. There are 4 muscles of the rotator cuff and unless you are very strict with your testing the others not torn can help you and mask the one that is injured. Pain at night causing difficulty sleeping is a textbook symptom- not sure why, but it is a text book symptom.
  11. Like I say I am specifically ignorant of Philippines law ( I have practiced in a dozen countries in South and Central America though). A country that makes you apply for a volunteer visa seems one that is protective of their space- a new concept to me- volunteer visa. I am totally interested and hopefully Bruce responds as I say it seems he feels free to do what he feels is right. Generally being registered as a health practitioner does not give one any rights to practice in another country unless there is formal reciprocity. I can find no evidence of such on the web. I would love it if there is. It is all good and no one really cares until you have one bad case and then all the scrutiny and finger pointing begins. At least that is my experience in medicine.
  12. If I was you, I would go back and work in the states until you have enough credits to qualify for Social Security. 40 quarters or 10 years. I am not sure how many years credit you have currently. I think it is all good when you are young and have many options for work and are in good health. I would be very wary to not have a safety net for once I could not work anymore. There can be a long gap between unemployable and death (although that gap can be narrowed if you dont have any funds for food or healthcare etc.). I would not think anything is stopping you from bringing her to the states if you marry. She could work in the states too and get SS. Early 50s, both with social security benefits to kick in at 62..you would be in a much better position. Full Disclosure: I am the kill joy that always ends up doing what I think is the smart thing and never does what I actually want to do. I pay a great price for my extreme conservatism.
  13. Interesting. I never knew them when they were outside the country. However, when talked with people, I would sometimes get a different vibe (maybe somewhat stuck up...but I think that is too dramatic) and sometimes would ask if they had been outside of the country. 100% I was right. I always presumed it was going out that changed them not the coming back!
  14. Thank you to all for all the very informative content. I have been lurking here for awhile learning what I can. I was not able to PM Bruce directly, but it may be just as well as there may be others with good info. I am a medical practitioner who would like to perform some service in the Philippines. I lived there for two years in my younger years and want to be more active in a charitable way as I wrap up my career here in the states. I would almost look to do things other than medicine (teach etc) just because I dont know all the pitfalls I could get myself into. Bruce seems to be going around and just "doing the right thing" and sometimes that seems to involve the practice of medicine. Is there any official clearances you need or that are available to make this legit or is that even needed? I am so unfamiliar with Phils law, that I would not know where to begin, but fear being my own worst enemy and getting into trouble with the authorities. It sure would be nice if you could help people and not have too much personal liability. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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