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  1. Hi All For some strange reason I did have a post on here. That no linger seems to the be case. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Richard
  2. This is very true. She will have to pay the tax on the portion that takes her over the threshold. The UK and Canada do hold a double taxation scheme in place with each other, therefor if taxed in the UK, Canada will hold no liability on the tax.
  3. Hi Steve Thank you for the understanding.
  4. Hi and thank you for the welcome. Not advertising, eiuld rather habe the chance to make people aware. Alot of people do not understand at the moment. Yes i do work in the industry and therfore come across this daily.
  5. Hi all, For expats from the UK are you aware that a QROP is no longer permitted for a suitabke transfer. You will be charged 25% in tax as you are living outside the EEA. Do you hold a current QROP in Guernsey? 317 have no been de-listed and no longer offer flexi drawdown. For expats from the US. Are you aware that your 401k or Roth IRA can be transferred to a suitable jurisdiction in the UK. Fully compliant with the US as funds still invested in US markets. I would be interested to here from people and there thoughts on this matter. I will soon be joining the expat mar
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