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  1. I am really pissed off when I leave home predicting that there's a heavy rain so I bring an umbrella but later on the sunshine so bright like if there's nothing happen.
  2. I used to live in Los Banos too and I see the weather there is quite fine, my Lolo said if it going to rain heavy you will feel a continuous blow of wind or heavy wind so be prepared the rain will fall anytime so pick up your things and collect all the clothes hanging on the wire outside and move inside your house.
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    Salamat Jake. I wish your right Cast, I am pure Pinoy my dad is from Laguna and my mom is from Bikol. Tbh I am on vacation and will go back soon in the Philippines.
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    I wish all the love and greatness with you two.
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    I just don't know where to start my intro so my fingers and eyes drag me in here. I hope you guys wouldn't mind if I stumble here. Hi to y'all, I'm Bryan Filipino runs in my blood, I've learned a lot here already just by lurking around and then decided to join in. Please excuse me in advance if I seem blunt or terse at times. My English and grammar are not that good enough though I'm trying to learn and fix. I look forward to exchanging ideas and discussion topics with all of you. Thanks for keeping me in.