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  1. The Philippines is a timewaster of a country, you waste your time and money. I considered it a 4th world country. And yes I'm leaving soon,..thank god..
  2. I went to my local Barangay office and sure enough I got a Proof of Residency Clearance, it came with my pic on it and finger prints,,Then off to the the BOI office here in Cebu, I got administrative fine of 600 peso, (200 per month that I was late, 3 months late), legal research fee of 10 peso, amendment fee of 500 peso and express lane fee of 500. What is this express lane fee anyway? I only see one line to pay the fees.... Oh well...
  3. When you did your change of address, did you have to go to your local barangay office to get a change of address for BOI?
  4. I have moved twice in the last 4 months, but have not notified BOI yet, thinking of going to BOI soon to do so. Has anyone informed BOI after the fact when you have moved? I'm on a 13A visa.
  5. Back when I was around 26 I took a 700 mile bicycle tour. All except the first 3 days by myself. There were some days I would stop in the afternoon for a break at some local bar to have a draft. Have to replenish all those carbs I burned riding 70-80 miles per day. What kind of a bike do you ride? Me I like a road bike, but cannot bike here in Talisay City in Cebu do to the bad air and the dust so I bike indoors. I ride about 20k everyother day....
  6. After reading this article, and seeing how filipinos drive here in the Philippines, it most likely was the filipinos fault. Filipinos do not know how to drive, they go to slow, drive down the middle of the road, drive over the broken white lines on the road, etc., I'm sure you all have seen how they drive. Just plain stupid, it they do not know how to drive properly they should not be driving at all...just plain stupid people....
  7. I ran across this on another chat board: Note: If your child is in the PI with only CRBA/US passport, you need to make sure you get your child his/her PI passport if you do not your looking at costly fees from the BI (Philippine Bureau of Immigration) exit permit and or late fees, when the child exits the Philippines. One plus is with both US and PI passport your child will have Dual Citizenship, with out hassle of paper work/fees down the road. Does this mean that if you leave the Philippines with your newborn child who just has a US Passport, he or she will have to pay BOI fees, ect. Has anyone heard of this before?
  8. I just upgrade my computer from Windows Vista to Windows 7 Home Premium. I have some WPS word files that I cannot open now in Windows 7. Does anyone have suggestions on how to convert them over?
  9. I have been here in the Philippines for almost 3 years now, and have had way to many Mosquito bites, so far no Dengue Fever. I spray allot around plants that my wife has outside, I think I have been lucky so far. But there are 6 or 7 different types of Dengue Fever so you could get it 6 or 7 times.....if you see standing water outside, just put some bleach in it and that should help.
  10. Yes my thoughts also, as soon as I can get a Visa for my wife and daughter we intend to leave the Philippines for the US. Like you said "the crime is just one of a number of things that has made me change my long term plans to live here".
  11. OK...lol watching this video. I did not know that an island can tip over like that, but I guess I'm not as smart as the boneheads in our government...
  12. Does anybody on this forum know someone on Guam by chance? Either friends or relatives? If so I would like to chat with them about living on Guam.
  13. I need to correct my first post it should be "Out Patient Department Clinic"
  14. Unbelievable price! I own my own business and the premium is $490 a month for medical insurance. That's around P20,000. Every visit to the doctor is a co-pay of $25 or another P1,000. Every service, for example, an MRI or surgery is a co-pay system up to a maximum of $2,500 (P100,000) a year. Yet I feel fortunate to be able to afford medical insurance. The waiting rooms use to be filled. After the 2008 economic collapse, there might two or three persons ahead of me. Membership dramatically dropped. Many small companies were eliminating medical coverage as a benefit to cut costs. There is a bit of a hustle going on. I went for a routine eye exam and the clerk was trying to schedule another appointment a year later. This was before I even saw the eye doctor! The nurse schedules my routine visits every 90 days. Is it because I am getting old or is it the co-pay? Yes unbelievable price 100P is about $2.39 !!! Routine visits every 90days?? never heard of that before, and yes I think its your co-pay.
  15. Sorry, I forgot...Chong Hua Hospital is in Cebu City. This link might help. http://www.cebu-directory.net/chong-hua-hospital-140.html
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