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  1. Hello, arrived on Saturday, and got our Balikbayan stamps! Now we have to apply for the SSV. Warm regards, Perla
  2. Thank y'all for your kind & most useful advice! Will do as advised, and report our experience! Bye for now! Philippines here we come!
  3. Departing for the Philippines tomorrow. Please, keep your fingers crossed that we can enter with a balikbayan visa. Have a nice weekend everyone! Perla & 'Mike the Fritz'
  4. Perla

    What about books, cds & dvds?

    Dear Mike J, many thanks for your most valuable information. Perla & Mike
  5. Perla

    What about books, cds & dvds?

    Dear Queenie., thanks for your kind advice. I think we'll go for the regular move with a container hoping that the books will escape taxation. Have a nice weekend. Kind regards, Perla & Mike
  6. My wife (German passport) thinks "balikbayan" does not apply to her as she is a retiree and has not been working for 17 years.
  7. Good morning, thanks for your most valuable and interesting advice. My wife will accompany me, BUT she has to return to Thailand twice to arrange for the move of our household. She will move to Thailand for good in February. Right now she is a holder of a German passport. Have a nice day everyone. Mike (Perla's German husband)
  8. Hello, my husband (& I) will travel to the Philippines on Saturday. Please, correct me: My husband has a valid return ticket. He will automatically get a 30-day visa. He will be able to extend his visa to one year before expiration of his 30-day visa after payment of a fee. I shall join my husband in February, leaving Thailand for good. Kind regards, Perla
  9. Perla

    What about books, cds & dvds?

    ... AFTER he has gone for a Burton or bit the dust!
  10. Perla

    What about books, cds & dvds?

    Hello, thanks! My husband's special library of international military history is the result of a lifetime of systematic collecting. He might claim that he considers donating it to the Philippine Military Academy. Have a nice day! Perla
  11. Perla

    Newbie introduction

    My apologies! I hope you can forgive me!
  12. Hello, With MP3 & YouTube cds are practically worth nothing. Same applies to dvds. And old books? How will they be taxed? Only professional booksellers would be able to put prices on books. I'm a retired librarian myself. Anyone with experience concerning such items? Thanks a lot! Kind regards, Perla
  13. Perla

    Newbie introduction

    ? Sorry, but I am not aware of having posted anything in an incorrect form!