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  1. ok so there are a couple of neighbours but their shacks don't look wired to anything. i'm only a couple of minutes from a main road, so not totally in the sticks
  2. one more thing... is this antenna included or separate? any specific type? cheers
  3. nice one. sounds like you found a good spot. thanks for the info
  4. no, doesn't seem to be operating in pangasinan. sky was not great in the condo. at 9pm everyone gets home from dinner, gets online and the signal disappears
  5. last time i dealt with pdlt was in quezon city and they said it would take two weeks just to see whether they could install internet in my condo. even then there was no guarantee they would be able to. so i went to sky instead, which was not great, but they installed the next day. so i'm thinking they will be fussy about setting it up in what is basically a farmhouse.
  6. hi, about that internet. i've got a house in alaminos that's not far from town - less than 10 minutes on a motorbike - and need to install internet. is it easy getting hooked up? i got one of those globe wifi anywhere things but they're basically rubbish. i need something reliable that comes in a cable. possible? i've searched online and not really got anywhere except for the address of the shop in town. thanks
  7. right. not sure how that happened but thanks. i'm listing on as many as i can and will be listing it here too. cheers
  8. hi, i'm trying to register at property24 and it's asking for a PRC number. i've searched online and it seems to be something developers would have but i'm just a land owner. can't progress without filling it in. any help? thanks
  9. also, mine was made in pangasinan or zambales but they delivered and installed and even came back to re-align it when we complained that it was not flat enough - for free
  10. omg... you can buy a proper full size pool table - snooker size - with whatever you want carved on the side for about PSP40,000. i guess you are still in the kiddie pool when it comes to ball games.
  11. san mig light is for girls. drinking and droning will be illegal soon in a lot of countries. probably still safe doing it here though. since you have children, you may want to be careful. the effect a drone has on the human body is similar to a blender. there's a thought to sober you up.
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