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  1. DirkSquirrel

    PRC number

    right. not sure how that happened but thanks. i'm listing on as many as i can and will be listing it here too. cheers
  2. DirkSquirrel

    PRC number

    hi, i'm trying to register at property24 and it's asking for a PRC number. i've searched online and it seems to be something developers would have but i'm just a land owner. can't progress without filling it in. any help? thanks
  3. DirkSquirrel

    Avoiding fake land titles

    useful stuff. thanks
  4. DirkSquirrel

    Pool Table Room

    also, mine was made in pangasinan or zambales but they delivered and installed and even came back to re-align it when we complained that it was not flat enough - for free
  5. DirkSquirrel

    Pool Table Room

    omg... you can buy a proper full size pool table - snooker size - with whatever you want carved on the side for about PSP40,000. i guess you are still in the kiddie pool when it comes to ball games.
  6. san mig light is for girls. drinking and droning will be illegal soon in a lot of countries. probably still safe doing it here though. since you have children, you may want to be careful. the effect a drone has on the human body is similar to a blender. there's a thought to sober you up.
  7. i think you need to work on your flying and camera skills - i know it's not easy piloting drones. no need for the lens flare filter either. get more practise in so you pan slower and people have time to absorb what they're seeing. nice looking place though.
  8. DirkSquirrel

    climbing frames and slides etc...

    i just ran this through google translate but i'm still not sure what you're trying to say. i was born adult. weren't you?
  9. DirkSquirrel

    climbing frames and slides etc...

    yeah, bumping heads dude, that's the problem. young skulls damage easy, they're not as thick as some of the other people on the forum. good luck mate!
  10. DirkSquirrel

    climbing frames and slides etc...

    sorry, but this dude was born in 1977, a couple of years after video games became popular. just because he was too poor to afford them doesn't mean they are not important. i could insert a very appropriate quote from cartman here but not going to because i might get banned.
  11. DirkSquirrel

    climbing frames and slides etc...

    oh yeah, i forgot to add that i'm not looking for climbing frame stuff any more. i bought some goal posts for the kids so they can learn football instead of that inane basketball everyone seems to play here. if anyone fancies clubbing together to support the national philippine football team then i will gladly support them. being a boro fan for nearly 50 years, i've had a lot of experience with supporting losers. but i am deturmined to turn them around. anyone with me? "did we quit when the germans bombed pearl harbour?"
  12. DirkSquirrel

    climbing frames and slides etc...

    i'm not a supporter of the so-called nanny state britain has turned into thanks to our european "friends". far from it, just sensible advice from the son of two solicitors who dealt with hundreds of idiotic injuries that could easily have been prevented. you learn to spot potential hazards. if bouncy castles were available "home size" when we were kids, then you're argument stands. but they weren't. don't join the weeping mothers and fathers of previous victims. merry christmas http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/9701945/Alarming-increase-in-bouncy-castle-injuries.html
  13. DirkSquirrel

    climbing frames and slides etc...

    obviously you've never been on a bouncy castle. kids get brain damage from bumping heads
  14. DirkSquirrel

    climbing frames and slides etc...

    thanks everyone for all the suggestions. i genuinely wish you all a very merry christmas. i went to SM department store yesterday and they were selling a fairly big kind of "wendy house" with rooftop base thing, slide and swing. takes a few days to order and i need to pick up from there. now all i need is a truck...
  15. DirkSquirrel

    climbing frames and slides etc...

    are crash helmets included or sold separately?