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    I have both visited and worked in many parts of Malaysia since the late 80's. Penang was the first place i went to and it's a nice cruisy island with great food and friendly people. The thing about Malaysia is that it's a boring country and there is the muslim factor too they don't seem too welcoming to us foreigners. The Chinese are more welcoming. I was just in Langkawi and there is a large expat community living on yachts, but i found it to be the most dull and boring place that I have ever been. The best thing about Langkawi was getting the ferry to the neighboring Thai island Koh Lipe. Such a refreshing place with a high energy good vibe after Malaysia. Langkawi is really set up for Arab Islamic tourists. Besides Penang the city of Kota Kinabalu (Borneo) is not bad and has nice nature and beach resorts, but once again very dull. Labuan nearby is good fun if you're single but pretty seedy and gets boring quickly. As you say the visa's are good and it;s the only country that we can actually own land, but the boredom will kill you.
  2. Hi AC, Out of interest did you proceed with your plan and how is it going so far ? Cheers, Willy
  3. To answer your question about Siargao and the lack of vegies etc is because everything is imported from the mainland and next to nothing is grown on the island itself. Having a good supply is paramount. There are many foreigners with successful businesses on Siargao and other parts of the Philippines, but it's true what most people are saying and only invest what you can afford to loose. Another problem in the Cloud 9/ GL area is garbage collection, there is a very big problem with that at the moment but hopefully it improves especially with the rapid growth of tourism and flight arrivals on the island. Good luck with your new venture, you will never know unless you try .
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