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  1. One thing I prefer about living here is the fact that the low and high level corruption is all highly visible and pretty easily understood by the normal everyday citizen.. It is blatently obvious for all to see. Back home in the west,the powers that be are way more advanced in regards hiding their ill gotten gains.. They have smoke and mirror technology now that you would not believe.. The Main stream media are all bought and paid for and I could rant on and on about why they do not expose these scumbag elite hierarchy in the papers or on TV ..he he I`m happy my kids all grew up here an
  2. Test or no test?? Cap of Beer tests Covid positive! Thats me [email protected]@ked!! cap of beer.mp4
  3. To these pharma companies,6 million USD holds no more value than one of those Filipino 5 cent coins with a hole in it. To say that they bribe doctors,scientists,politicians etc in order to make trillions of usd is no conspiracy theory. It`s a very smart business strategy is what it is!!
  4. Agreed. If the bastards forced me to have it,along with a 6 figure sum, I would comply in a heart beat. As Human beings we are all going to die sooner than later anyway so might as well go out with a bang!
  5. So it`s OK to accept bribes as long as you perceive it being for a valid reason based on your personal beliefs? Fait enough!
  6. AstraZeneca takes $6m hit after 'faking conferences' to bribe doctors straZeneca today coughed up $5.5 million (£4.2 million) to settle a highly embarrassing foreign bribery probe, amid claims that the British pharma giant faked conferences and offered gifts to local doctors in Russia and China who bought its drugs. Britain’s number two drugmaker — one of the biggest international pharma firms in China, with 45,000 staff — falsely recorded improper payments in China and Russia as bona fide business expenses, the US Securities and Exchange Commission said. Some bribery allegati
  7. Yes it would be absolutely impossible as I do not own a cellphone!! Never did..Never will! lol
  8. Now this vaccine I would consider..
  9. They come with spacers which is larger than the wire tile lifter.. We leave them in place for about 10 minutes,then loosen,twist and pull out.. If your adhesive mix is good the tiles do not move. Worked good for us.
  10. Mike. If you look back at the tile pics I posted you will see we used a variation of the wedge system. The main difference with the system we used is that they are reusable again and again. We also use them for wall tiles.
  11. Yes.. Isn't that ironic! Gives me goosepimples. If DOLE have already put out an advisory that Employers can not make vaccinations a mandatory requirement for it`s Employees ,then what would be the point of an un vaccinated security guard asking it`s customers for a Covid vac passport in order to enter?? Don`t you think that would be a bit pointless?
  12. Personally I would much rather give credit to the inventor by buying his product directly.
  13. Sounds like something one sector of society were forced to endure in 1939 in Nazi Germany. What mark can we place on the disgusting unwashed this time in order to segregate them efficiently from decent upstanding citizens and residence?? A yellow star?
  14. Look! The clever and wise amended the amended amendment again. https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2021/03/19/2085487/philippines-revises-travel-rules-allows-entry-all-filipinos?fbclid=IwAR0eFEcg_0-aESq91IwAUv-q09tFJSSjz9Ih6nfcQhAKMt3zz0SO_Ylh5nw&utm_campaign=COVID-19%3A PH allows entry of all Filipinos&utm_medium=push_notifications&utm_source=izooto
  15. My Mrs reckons that a lot of Filipinos are saying that the rising case numbers are fake news. They are saying that this is because the authorities are worried about the low confidence in the vaccine. In other words.. Scare tactics. Makes sense.
  16. They realized how gullible and easily manipulated the herd are.
  17. Poor kids.. Missing out on the very best years of their young lives. So [email protected] SAD.
  18. They probably used the same Accountant that managed the Yolanda donation fund.
  19. For those foreigners that want it, they can either probably purchase it here for extorted long nose prices or fly back home and get it done there.. At least these two choices are available for you. This is all great news for me.. The deep and sticky bog bureaucratic procedures and red tape in the Philippines should hold up this un wanted vaccine much much longer than even I first expected! Cool.
  20. The old fella below is an old school UK tiler that invented a tile levelling system that I believe would work here.. Not something I have tried here yet but who knows.. Perhaps I`ll order his invention from him if he delivers to the R.P and give it a try one day.
  21. We must have 10 large Hardware stores in our Province.. None have Acrylic based levelling compound ! I may have found it on Lazada once but the price probably put me off that idea!
  22. Evil Dr. Fauci asked about vaccinated persons and double masking by Rand Paul! I think what the Evil Dr. is saying is that vaccinated persons must continue to double mask because they are not protected and cannot protect others from new variants. FAUCHI RAND vid.mp4
  23. So this time it looks like they allow Foreigner BB`s but do not mention 13a holder exceptions. Country is a political basket case.
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