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  1. Who's Charley ? Is that a generic name you use ? Is that like Filipino's calling expats Joe ?
  2. But we can do our share and try to educate out neighbors. Just because laws against speeding are not enforced does not mean we to should speed, and so on. Run a copy of the no burning law and give it to the offenders.
  3. There has been a law against open burning since 2000. See Chapter Vl Section 48 , number 3. Also see Section 49 for penalties. http://emb.gov.ph/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/RA-9003.pdf
  4. TunaT

    Do you remember White Castle Hamburgers?

    In Michigan we had White Castle and Top Hat. They looked and tasted identical. I don't recall if they were one in the same companies. You Cebu folks have all the goodies. I doubt I'll ever see them in Dumaguete. But, "one never knows, do one" ? I'm an early 1940's kid so I remember them well. Yummy.
  5. http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/news/regions/655066/longtime-dumaguete-grocery-store-razed-by-5-hour-fire/story/ Longtime Dumaguete grocery store razed by 5-hour fire DUMAGUETE CITY - Local grocery store Times Mercantile, which has been operating for more than 30 years, was among the establishments destroyed by a five-hour fire that broke out along Dr. V. Locsin Street of this city Wednesday dawn. City Fire Marshall Chief Inspector Manases Bautista told this reporter that the fire, which reached the third alarm, started at a ready-to-wear (RTW) clothing store beside Times. Because the fire caught clothes and parts of the building were made of light materials, the fire spread easily to its neighboring establishments, waking up residents of nearby boarding house behind the RTW store and Times Mercantile. Residents of the said boarding house immediately fled the fire; as a result, some of them sustained minor injuries, Dumaguete City Police deputy chief Senior Inspector Fortunato Villafuerte said, adding that two motorcycles and a pet dog were among those reportedly engulfed by the flames. The fire incident was reported at around 3:16 a.m. Authorities arrived at the scene two minutes later. Firemen battled with the flames for a little over five hours. The fire was declared under control at 7:23 a.m. Bautista added that part of the reason why it took them five hours to control the fire is because they had to withdraw potentially explosive materials, such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tanks and insecticide bottles. "Lisod kaayo (isulod sa may boarding house) kay daghang sige'g buto-buto. Katong kinatumyan gyud, delikado tong masudlan. Usa ray entrance adto, kay ang ubang entrance ug exits, na-block na man tungod sa debris (It was difficult to get through the building because there were a lot of things exploding. There was only one entrance we could use, as the other entrances and exits were blocked by debris)," the fire marshall said in an interview. As of press time, investigators were clearing the area and have yet to determine the cause of the fire as well as the estimated cost of damage. News of the fire shocked and saddened Dumagueteños, as Times Mercantile is one of the oldest business establishments in the city. Dumaguete expert Ian Rosales Casocot, a professor at Silliman University and a Palanca Award-winning writer, noted in his Facebook post Wednesday that this was the second time the store was hit by fire. In 2000, Times' old location on Perdices Street was also engulfed by flames along with fellow grocery store Ricky's, which eventually reopened and transferred to a new location. The incident killed two people and "reshaped how Dumagueteños did their after-hours grocery shopping," Casocot said. "With Fortune Mart also gone, only Ricky's remain of the Dumaguete of old," Casocot noted, referring to another "business icon" which closed in 2014 after decades of operating in the city. No casualties have so far been reported after the fire broke out. —KG, GMA News
  6. TunaT

    Proof of life form time again !

    After just talking to the wife because it has been quite a few years since I open that account that only I can draw from, she says the account was opened that way at the request of the U.S. SSA but, the U.S does not trust the system here therefore still requiring the annual mail in I am alive report. Oh well. That's the way it is.
  7. TunaT

    Proof of life form time again !

    Well it is starting to appear that perhaps that is not a common practice here with most banks. I thought most/all banks operated that way here at the request of the U.S.S.S. administration. Shame on me for assuming. So perhaps my BPI bank can notify the U.S. S.S. of how it works here at their bank. I can also notify the U.S. S.S. and tell them and see what they think. I am just trying to save my government and myself some money. That is probably a foreign practice wanting to save the taxpayers money I know. But every little bit helps.
  8. TunaT

    Proof of life form time again !

    Been doing it for 8 years at the BPI main branch in Dumaguete.
  9. TunaT

    Proof of life form time again !

    Mine comes in June.
  10. TunaT

    Proof of life form time again !

    I have been here for 8 years and have to mail that form to the U.S. every year. How do you do it on the computer ?
  11. TunaT

    Proof of life form time again !

    At my BPI bank my U.S. S.S. check goes to a direct deposit dollar account that only I can access by going to the bank in person. So to me it is a waste of time and money to mail that form to the U.S. every year seeing I am the only one that can draw on that account.
  12. My wife says I will live to be 105, should I tell her she is wrong ? I don't just sit at home and vegetate, I just don't have a need or desire to seek out any groups approval. advise , or input. I am old enough to think for myself. I am way passed the peer pressure age. Stick around sonny, maybe you'll see my 100th birthday add in the newspaper someday. Many here are way too young for me, we'd have little in common. Well, I guess it's time for this old geezer to get back into his rocking chair. LOL . And only because I like rocking chairs. Always have. Rock on. :o)
  13. I am only 74 so I remember most if not all of my grade/elementary school friends. Check back with me in 20 or 30 more years and we'll see how I do then.
  14. TunaT

    Scavengers at the dump

    Perhaps DU30 should shut down Dumaguete to tourist until they get the mess at the dump cleaned up and the new dump open. And the roads and traffic fixed. And the polluted water at Silliman beach. And , and and.
  15. TunaT

    American arrested for drugs in Dumaguete

    Is it just me or has this thread gone so far off topic that it doesn't make sense to click on the title anymore ?