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  1. Recently it seems to be more the airlines that are checking.......... BTW the return ticket has been a requirement for decades though not always demanded.
  2. Absolutely Not true! 10 to 15 minutes away in Quiapo/Roan area you can find; tons of electronic products & components including PV panels and LEDs every power tool you think of tons of screws (yes, those too), fasteners, etc electrical fixtures replica guns bookstorres toys eye wear It is less crowded during weekdays - avoid the weekends. Still arriving early in the morning is better. The LRT stops in that area; Carreido (spelling) station BTW The Manila Immigration Office isn't so far from there. Get the visa early and then shop/walk till you drop
  3. Tourist visa no. The only relationship recognized is a legal one; marriage, formal adoption ,............
  4. Only the beans are powered
  5. There are fairies everywhere here.......................but understand on Mindoro - too bad because it is cheaper. Then I guess Subic/Olongapo is the best option (IMHO). Not such a bad drive - highway is pretty good. Lots of expats haunt the place. I have developed a technique for looking at but not appearing to be looking at ladies tantalizingly attired. I call it the 'slow scan'. You can see her (the lady you are with that is) just about to say something but then doubt closes it.
  6. Most are rather decent though the ladies outfits can get a bit skimpy.
  7. I don't recall any nice sandy beaches around Batangas. Most are rocky. For a sandy beach the closest to Manila is Mindoro to the south or Subic to the north. Subic has good shopping options. Or further north is La Union. Back when I was there there were no malls around Mindoro but SM has more malls now than 7-11 has outlets.
  8. Is that a personal recommendation? £29.99 for 60ml ?!!! At that price it should be endorsed by Pamela Anderson
  9. that's Hash as in Hashmark # This isn't Amsterdam ;)
  10. It used to be that SMART has better coverage in the more remote areas, but it seems Globe has caught up. The availability of SIM cards at the airport depends on what time you arrive and which airport. For example, the airport in Cebu had SIM sellers but the rate for a week (the maximum length of time available from them) was twice the normal price.
  11. My comment is Not aimed at you - just in general. One can see many 4WDs around the city - like you need it in the city I had the use of 2WD van - no problem whatsoever despite living in the far reaches of Quezon Province. If you don't know how to drive (in the boondocks) then I guess you need 4WD.
  12. I think OCW transfers amount to something like 10% of the GDP.
  13. TWO years! Could have told them the same conclusions after 2 minutes!
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