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  1. Gary Wak

    speeding in uk returning to philippines

    my pinoy wife works in uk if only fine ill pay it but theu k only useing speeding get more money out drivers and it pisses em of a tad you go to them about other issues and they dont want know
  2. Gary Wak

    speeding in uk returning to philippines

    i will get wife pay it . shes in uk .
  3. Gary Wak

    speeding in uk returning to philippines

    Many times, these warrants are not actively pursued when the case involves something minor, such as a speeding ticket. "Not actively pursued" means local cops don't go out of their way to serve you the warrant. Take for example that you were cited for speeding in the next county over from where you reside. If you don't show up to court on your court date, a warrant will be issued; however, picking you up on the warrant probably won't be carried out unless your name is run through the system in that county. Police officers usually don't track people down to serve this type of warrant. i have been in philippines for over 3 months now . and not planning returning to uk
  4. Gary Wak

    speeding in uk returning to philippines

    the system is pretty easy to understand i had friend visit from usa and he used my motor bike and was done speeding asked for pic and yes a man in black leather was speeding lol . so gave name and address of friend in texas, speeding was dropped, .
  5. Gary Wak

    speeding in uk returning to philippines

    it still is civil but you have think they have serve summons for court if they dont and you can prove you was out country . if you return to uk and they do arrest you at airport one night then bail easy . means i dont have worry about hotel first night back in uk lol, if they deal with it in your abcense then not pay it it goes to county court ( add 50% ) for collection again long way send baileff , and philippine law enter my home and i will shoot you .
  6. Gary Wak

    speeding in uk returning to philippines

    sorted as i thought as car is not in my name they will wright to RK they will write back giveing my name and address in philippines so as police man said 99% time they wont even bother chaseing it up to much trouble catch someone in philippines ex below Hire car , letter sent back "recorded delivery " with NIP explaining the situation and company address in Algeria ....mid sahara region he also sent copy of work visa and country work resident permit to confirm he was in fact out of the country letter came back explaining no further action would be taken he later came back was stopped nothink . so looks pretty clear and like some you i have pinoy license also . so all,s good in sun and on beach just got make sure im not kidnapped and killed now the uk might not pay ransom pmsl .
  7. hi lads i was done speeding by one cameras in uk while haveing a break there, will they try get in touch with me when i return to philippines any one else had same problems . thanks
  8. Gary Wak

    Buy or Rent?

    this guys talkign sence trying sell house is untrue they think anyone selling house is desprate for money and you ,ll have sell it for such low price i had house in zamboanga and had neally give it away and if you rent it out keeping the upkeep cost you more than rent you ,ll get rent for few years and see if your both happy you might not like women or family after you have lived with her for a few yrs at least you can walk away ppl change when you live with them 100% time you will see diffrent person and as house has be in her name just be carefull .
  9. im zamboanga i took uk license in and whayyyy done come bk in hour .
  10. Gary Wak

    zamboanga city Home - gaz here British

    oppps sorry got my age wrong lol i was 40 odd not 30 :(
  11. Gary Wak

    zamboanga city Home - gaz here British

    hi when we first went there i was only 30 odd and lived there for over 10 yrs, and there was about 6 white ppl and sad say lot those died fron natural reasons being a lot older than me , and meet couple british guys shall we say into wife swopping and other stuff that wasent good :( ,most my wifes family were and still are coast guards and live all in area we live one road in and one out of village , but getting firearms was very easy with permits ,i still think today we never had problems there because we used go shooting every two weeks at local jail, and locals new we carried and could use the firearms we carried at time 40 cal s&w m&p we dont go out late at night , and use common sence i still feel safer in zamboanga than in uk (Birmingham) because your white ppl assume your rich and to local standards we are thats every white person, white ppl in zamboanga are here but as i said a lot strange white ppl so we keep away from many western ppl, and live quiet life with my wife and family only visit us now and then because my wifes family all work for coast guard we have never been asked for money help from them we do help but throu choice we have 4000 sqr mtr lot and house so im very lucky i meet my pinoy wifeand her family . but in process rebuilding our home and putting guest house so hopefully any western ppl that visit zamboanga need place stay thats 100% safe be welcome stay . and be nice company for me also .
  12. Gary Wak

    Budget help

    i live in zamboanga just outside city as couple we live on about 12,000 a week and that confy miind you the wife cooks all local foods and we dont drink excesively but its good life .
  13. well we lived in zamboanga for 13 yrs had 5 yrs back in uk what a dump the uk is turning out to be so in April going back to home in zamboanga city . to rebuild our home before pension time in 3 yrs , so a few yrs work ahead doing complete solar system on home hybred,/ water system of roofs to run toilets and washing maching /clean kennels also, if your going have building work done in philippines allways wise be there to watch and make sure its done to your standards ( or at least how you want it not how they think you want it . ppl allways say zamboanga isent safe manly ppl that have never been there we have never had issues there really never, .
  14. some us are bit fatter lol .