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  1. Sorry, I did not get the "detach the head joke". I cannot comment further nor defer about any visit. Stay Safe and Good Luck to All !!
  2. It could have been a "Hit" carried out by ISIS members or an affiliated terrorist group such as Abu Sayyaf. 4 out of 10 Abu Sayyef members were killed on Bohol back in April 2017 There has been a U.S. warning out since that time for citizens to be careful or not visit Bohol, southern Cebu, Palawan, southern Negros and specifically Illio & Dumageuste. This warning was in addition to the warning already in place for all of Mindanao since 2016. I have reading more & more about foreigner's being killed in the Philippines and it has not been restricted to just U.S. citizens because of our War on Terror, I have read about Canadian, German, New Zealander, Korean and Chinese being either kidnapped for ransom or just killed outright. Everyone please take care and review your personal safety methods.
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    Thank you everyone for the greetings. While I am no stranger to International travel (mostly Thailand), I have been to the Philippines many times before but that was 31 years ago. I have also been to Australia, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Hawaii, Canada & Mexico. So most of my questions will center around safety & personal security and transportation issues in & around Cebu Island & Cebu City proper. I have 6-months to read up here and online to gather info and make a solid plan for my 3-week visit. I'll make sure to search the Forum here to make sure I don't rehash a topic that has already been covered or ask stupid questions. As a side note, it is currently 32F here and we are expecting our 2nd snowfall this winter here in the southeastern U.S. in a couple of days, wishing I was already there in Cebu in shorts T-Shirt & flipflop's. Cheers to All, Eric
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    Greetings All, I just joined here on Christmas Day as your newest member. I was forced into it by the fact i managed to reach my maximum limit of viewing my quota of 70-Free pages in just a 24-Hr. time frame as a visitor Ha ha Great Site !! Tons of information here and it is very well run, Thank you all for making it work and contributing to it. As a sign of goodwill during this holiday season, I have made a generous donation to your site cost to put you all over the 1/2 way point of the $2,000 goal. I hope my effort will be taken only in the spirit of Christmas giving. Eric