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  1. I'm embarrassed to say I can't find where to sign up for non-filipino Philhealth. Anybody have the link?
  2. Thanks for the info, cant believe Ive been here 6 weeks already.
  3. I go get my extension the end of the month but it's my 58th day, do I have to be here 59 days to get an ACR card?
  4. .Been here a week, so far so good. Customs was pretty easy to get through. Learning my way around and realizing I'm too big to get in and out of the sidecar gracefully.
  5. There are those of us shooting blanks but don't want to catch anything
  6. Well 8 days before I move. I'm both nervous and excited.
  7. Roadhawg


    Good advise, I plan on using a strip for all kitchen applicances
  8. Roadhawg


    Thanks for the advice. Since these are for kitchen appliances i'll won't leave them plugged in when not using them, I just hate to leave them behind
  9. Roadhawg


    I know Philippines is on a 220 system but I wanted to bring some kitchen appliences, stereo, ect with me. Will all these run if I use a step down converter and what type of converter should I use?
  10. Once I arrive and my 30 day is up what kind of Visa will I apply for. I won't be getting married or anything like that.
  11. What kind of Visa should I get
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