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  1. Roadhawg

    Newbie question

    Spent a few weeks in Manila will get masks
  2. Roadhawg

    Newbie question

    Got a big box of Alka Seltzer from Sam's club
  3. Roadhawg

    Newbie question

    Yes, have lots of time left, just got it last year.
  4. Roadhawg

    Newbie question

    Alrighty...... With the help of the good people on this forum I think I'm ready. I have my plane ticket to Cebu City I have my burn ticket I have a furnished place to stay in Mactan Balikbayan Boxes loading and about ready to take to shipper Got a new phone since my Verizon one won't work Notified my bank about international card usage. Golf clubs ready to go anything I'm forgetting? I'm sure there is
  5. Roadhawg

    Newbie question

    Nor sure where to put this so here it is. Unless somebody know anything negative about this place it looks promising. http://www.expatapartmentsmactan.com/
  6. Roadhawg

    Newbie question

    I have a J3 now so that will work.
  7. Roadhawg

    Newbie question

    After some research it seems my Verizon CDMA phone won't work there so looks like a cheap new phone for me. Any recommendations?
  8. Roadhawg

    Newbie question

    LOL you may rethink that, I'm not done asking yet.
  9. Roadhawg

    Newbie question

    OK I've reached my quota of dumb questions for the week... Thanks
  10. Roadhawg

    Newbie question

    I didn't know they made a dual sim phone. Thanks for the info. Please excuse my ignorance, when I get a new sim card does it automatically give me a new number?
  11. Roadhawg

    Newbie question

    and yet another question, I'll need my own section soon lol. What is the ACR card and does everybody need one?
  12. Roadhawg

    Foreigner living on the streets

    Not to sound flippant but bring him a McDonalds meal and ask if he's hungry. Go from there.
  13. Roadhawg

    Help me with Netflix ?

    I'm still in the US and get my Netflix, Amazon through ROKU. Will I need to put my ROKU through a VPN to continue to get the US versions>
  14. Roadhawg

    Newbie question

    Surprise... have another newbie question.... Did you guys get a cell phone there or did you bring yours and get a different sim card? I actually did a search before I asked. I we about 175 on my phone and didn't what route to go
  15. Is it best to have a dollar account or both dollar and Peso.