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  1. Everything changes here in political season. Suddenly the administration is pro US and declining China and the disputed islands. Every day you hear of another previously unpopular policy or position that's changed to appease. Either people are extremely gullible or leaders have extremely short memories. Oh well, if I said it it has to be true, unless I totally contradicted myself in an earlier tirade......... in that case, you misunderstood and I was just joking.
  2. What a great idea and effort. We need that so badly here in Northern Mindanao. I would gladly help start one here, or donate to those who are making the effort. Thanks for the info Mike!
  3. I think it's a good idea for those who already have the initial vaccination. I will get the booster when it's available.
  4. Jolly, I think it ridiculous that the landlord would charge for that since the AC belongs to the landlord and nothing was specified in the lease. How much does he want to charge you? I think I would consider bringing the dispute to the barangay captain as there seems to be no basis to charge this to you. My thoughts my friend.
  5. I agree with most all of what has been said, and without any doubt, businesses lack virtually no competence in the supervisor/management positions at any level. Most places I've been to use their security guards as their day to day supervision with a complete absence of even basic supervision. I believe this is primarily due to the " King Syndrome", which is when a person who is elevated into a management position, suddenly starts acting like the King and dumps his/her responsibilities on those below them. They are now "above" the workforce and want all to know it . Example....My wife and I went in to a department store and in their furniture area, we found an item we were looking for....but it had a slight damage that I knew I could fix myself. I ask the clerk if they would offer a slight amount off, and he stated only the manager could authorize that. I ask him to please confer with the manager, and he stated "he wasn't allowed too". My wife and I, then said we would talk to the manager. The clerk told us where his office was, but ask my wife to not tell the manager he told us or he would get in trouble. We proceeded, knocked on the door, and a secretary answered and ask us to please wait and she would get the manager. About 15 minutes later, she returned and told us that it was company policy that the manager was not allowed to talk with the customers. That, my friends, is the reason why these rankings Mike J shared with us continue to doom this country.
  6. One More, this is just my thoughts.........It doesn't matter who you use to get your shipment from its destination, when it gets to the Philippines it slow, slower, and slowest. I have found that the shipper from the origin has to hand it off to a local shipper and that's where it falls apart. Good Luck my friend.
  7. Is there a waiting list? I'd love to get on it.
  8. HK.....unless I am mistaken, Cignal is owned by PLDT corporate. I don't see any way someone could afford or want the Cignal service. But then again, who knows........Thanks for the info.
  9. Jim, HK, I have found that with PLDT it really doesn't matter what they are "required" to give you, etc. PLDT is a master of deception and the problem Jim is having has been going on for over a year. If you read the articles from their corporate leadership, their goal is increasing revenue, and the only way they can do that is through increased customers, and attempting to increase the fees the current customers pay. This is why they have had a constant marketing campaign trying to get you to increase to their 200+ mbps, when in fact, everyone experiences high mbps rates during low usage times, and.....everyone experiences low mbps rates during high usage times. You get what you get and if it is slower speeds than you pay for, there's not a thing you can do about it except get mad, leave, and wait 2 months for new service that's even worse. If you call and report it to get it fixed, they act like they don't have a clue what you are talking about and there must be a problem with you, not them. They take you through the basics of trouble shooting, and when it shows nothing, they tell you to keep a log so you can prove it to them. If you try to call right when it's happening, you can't get anyone to answer the phone. But then I get a message from them the next day "We see that you called our help line.....are you having problems, if so, please call us." You call them, and you start the process all over again. If you ask for a Service Tech to come to your house, they will do all they can to deny this. When you demand it, someone will show up during one of the low usage periods and claim there's no problem and close the help ticket. Bottom line...... they will not acknowledge they are over selling their capacity and your only option is to quit..... and they could careless as they just make room for the next person in line. Our only real option is to wait until another fiber company comes our way, or hope Elon Musk's Starlink comes our way. I truly apologize for my long negative ranting about this but PLDT is one of my few "triggers" here in the PI as they don't even hide the fact that they are scamming their customers. Good Luck my friend.
  10. RBM......I would suggest FUBO with a VPN. I use Express VPN and it's easy to set up and they have customer service that will help you with most any issue. I am able to watch most all of the sports venues and it works good with all of my streaming apps, such as Prime, Netflix, Philo, etc. I'm able to put it on my cell phones too so I can have my banking apps and other info apps that require me to be in the US. Good luck.
  11. My My, I didn't know my Aussie buds were having to deal with that. I must say I'm quite surprised! I hope it's not in the future for the US, but chances are it is. Another headache to deal with. Good luck my friends.
  12. Geoff, are you saying you must have an exit pass/permission to travel from Australia even if you are a citizen?
  13. You should qualify "longway" as long as you have a DD 214. It saves you a good bit of money.
  14. Yes, any country that's allies with the Philippine military should qualify for the Special Expanded Courtesy Visa. That's the route I took and it is considerably cheaper with good benefits. I would strongly recommend it for those of you who are retired or veterans.
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