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  1. Az Kid.......you might want to give eFax a try next time you need to fax. They had a 30 day free trial and maybe still do. in any case, it's simple and online so it's immediate. Good luck my friend.
  2. That will worry your shorts off if your money doesn't arrive on time. They (the SSA) swears payments are not affected by the shutdown.....and since the process is entirely automated, I tend to think it might be an issue with an administrative mess up like you think, or maybe a bank issue (which has happen to me once). Good luck my friend and I hope you see your cash asap.
  3. I live in Northwestern Mindanao (Dipolog City) and I burn premium 95 octane every fill up. No problem with availability at all Ninpo2dan. I really like the Lexus SUV's, some the best on the road. But I would caution you about having or driving a vehicle of this class and value on the roads in most cities. There's never a doubt about "if" you will get it scratched or dented (or worse), it's only a matter of when. Give it some thought......good luck my friend.
  4. Good info OMW.....thanks for sharing. I'm very close to your situation. I think I will email James O'Neil to see if he can provide more info. It was my understanding that it would affect my military benefits.......but it seems I'm wrong (nothing new ......just ask my wife ) I will share any info I get with you.
  5. MAC.......Thanks for sharing part of your life with us, even as painful as it must be for you. I know personally it will be hard for you to completely move on until you know there's a wooden stake through this blood suckers heart, but trust me, karma is alive and well in her world. Ignore the cold heartless comments, and know you've got a lot of friends and supporters here who wish and want the best for you. Time is the ultimate healer and I assure you there's a great lady and partner waiting for you......just be patient my friend. Good luck to you MAC and please keep us posted on your progress....... Most of us are always here...... day by day...... Peace to you and God Bless.
  6. Drop the 011 Mac. It should be just as I typed +63 88 387 1216. Include the +.
  7. Hi Mac......Here's a number for you......+63 88 387 1216. I called the number from here in the RP and they answered. Good Luck my friend.
  8. Hi Terry........I lived in Costa Rica prior to the RP and have been here a year and a half, give or take a few days. Although CR is not El Salvador, it is Central America and similar in customs, etc. My experience has been very positive, once I digested the customs and the predominate trait and fact the people in the RP are of a passive nature and do not like or accept confrontation in any fashion. They are submissive to authority figures and one of the worse things you can do in public is embarrass or humiliate another person. This may be hard to believe, but traffic here is worse and riding through the middle of town in a motor cab during rush hour is more exciting that any wild roller coaster you have ever been on or heard of. All that being said......once I made my adjustment, I really like it here. The diet is slightly different, and chickens and pigs have very short lives here. Safety and security is very fluid and depends greatly on what part of the country you live in. I live in on the wild and dangerous Mindanao Island, in the North West portion, and I have never had a problem or felt threatened. That being said, I never let my guard down and I have eyes in the back of my head. When I find a person staring at me, I stare back and that seems to make them disappear. I have good friends. a good life, and my Filipino wife is the best. Cost of living is much much better than CR and I am content with the products and food that is available. All in All, I am very happy with my move here. Good Luck to you my friend and let me know if you have any specific questions. John
  9. OneMore.....email is . Thanks
  10. OneMore.....sorry this is a bit of a tangent.......but are you aware of anyplace in the RP where one can get a Belgian Malinois?
  11. RBM I thought this was a characteristic of most all males in RP. (I said "most" not all). From what I have seen, when it's a male driving up to the gate they will honk the horn and never budge from their seat. But if it's a female, they will get out and open the gate. And it's always a female who comes from the house to open the gate for the lazy occupant of the vehicle. I guess they have decided that the lady opening the gate for the man is a way of honoring and submitting to them..........?
  12. Good for you Snowy......... you did exactly what I would have done. There's no good ending to his story and approach and without a doubt it's a staged setup. But I must say.......one I've never heard of before.
  13. Mac, my daughter is a Dr in Colorado and has visited me here only once. She has no connections here but recommends caution when dealing with Dr's here. Some are great.....but some are not.........the Philippines has no system to validate a Dr and their ongoing practice. If you have questions, or need something validated, I'm sure she will find the time to help any way she can........... By the way........2 questions....what symptoms has she been experiencing......and second...... how long has this been going on? Stay focused Mac....... you can beat this. God Bless JW
  14. Mac....... My sincere compassion to you, your wife, and what you are going through. I've been following this since you posted it and I must say, you have some really unique issues you are dealing with....... If I may, let me share my thoughts with you.......first and foremost, you say the biggest issue for you is the cost of the injections. The simple solution to this is switch to B-12 pills or gel caps. I checked with a trusted Dr (my daughter) and she assured me that they are a suitable alternate to the injections.....and much much cheaper. Also she told me that for some people the pills are more appropriate because the pills release over a period of time and people who absorb the B-12 slower than others can pass the injectables unused or unabsorbed B-12 out. She also told me that hospitals and clinics greatly inflate the cost of the injection for profitability and to pay the bills so to speak.......... But the one thing that really surprised her was how extremely rare this condition is, and that it mainly affects people older than 60 years and those with African heritage. The fact that your wife has been diagnosed with this, considering her age and other factors, makes this even more rare. Her advice and my advice is to try to get a second opinion............ and you can do this with medical records and test results. She doesn't actually have to travel to another Dr or hospital. She suggested you ask the secondary medical opinion......."does my wife have Pernicious Anemia, or does she have a vitamin B-12 deficiency"? Pernicious Anemia is extremely rare in your wife's genetic class, but a B-12 deficiency is extremely common in her genetic class (especially in the Philippines due to the diet most are on here). Remember, the primary source of B-12 is meat, eggs, and milk products.......these things can be scarce in the Philippine diet at times.......... These are just my thoughts Mac.......and what I have collected from checking around. Good luck to you my friend and God Bless your wife, you and your family. I'm in Dipolog, but still quite a ways away.........but I'm on your side.. JW
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