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  1. Tommy I have something similar that happens to my Fire Stick and after months of trying to figure it out, I have it narrowed down to the Express VPN. At first thought it was the PLDT signal (varying strong and weak continuously..... and the Fire Stick requires a constant strong bandwidth via the internet signal or it pauses or locks up), but then, I contacted Express VPN and they told me to switch to either Washington DC, Atlanta, or New Jersey. So I did that and it seemed to solve the problem. After a month or so it happened again, so I immediately switched from Washington DC to Atlanta an
  2. Oh my Dave........I think you hit the nail on the head..........No matter how hard I have tried, nothing will stop my wife from spreading financial details, as well as other details with her sisters and mom. Her family can tell me exactly how much my groceries cost. The day after my monthly deposits arrive, her family is aware of them....... and they start the sad stories of their money crisis for the month. I've learned to redirect all of their requests back to my wife............ let her deal with it.
  3. Jolly, There's a person at the Cebu BI that might be able to help you........... PM me if you're interested. Otherwise, I agreed. According to the published BI guidelines, you're good. It seems in my experience, ladies in the BI are strict to the rules and unflexible, but the men can be persuaded.......... Good Luck. j
  4. On My Way........I'm having identical problems to yours. Rebooting, etc, makes no difference. Interesting though........my wife is on a monthly prepaid Smart program and she has no problem at all??? and she's sitting right next to me. Something is fishy.......just no sure what.
  5. Ice, I flew Korean Air 2 weeks ago, and to be honest with you I was a bit disappointed. Not long ago if I flew them it was a 1st class experience. But now it's more like flying an American airline where the only time you even get a smile is when you are getting off the plane. The flight is ok, but the aircraft are older models with small seats. I had 1 stop and 1 3 hour delay. Good luck with your flight. John
  6. Amen Brother!!! I can definitely relate........and saying no is useless. No amounts to nothing more than a slight pause in your words.
  7. I say BRAVO to this gentlemen for having the courage and "nads" to take the path he did. No matter what the nay sayers comment, this man just saved who knows how many men from the same fate. Both the husband and wife admitted to the scam and I have no doubt many good honest pinays who know these 2 will shame them tremendously/
  8. Yes I agree Jack.........UrChoice is great!!! Enjoy my friend.
  9. Jack and Eddie........... I try to eat out with family at least once a week here in Dipolog.......My favorites are Melting Pot, Grandma's Best, and Chicken Ati-atihan (behind the plaza). There's others for delievery etc. Good luck and enjoy. john Save
  10. The Chinese will give Duerte 22 telephone poles and Duerte will claim a new political break through with China. Issue settled.
  11. It seems from the video that the gunmen acted in an organized, cover each other, manner. Similar to a police or other type organization. Additionally, when looking at the bodies and build of the 4 gunmen, again they look similar to police versus druggie hit men. Just my thoughts........
  12. You can get it at Lazada.com.ph in the Philippines.
  13. I think you're exactly right Eddie! I look forward to meeting up with you all at the next meeting. I'd be happy to give you my thoughts on Dipolog. Take care. john
  14. Just wanted to say "thanks" to all of my Dumaguete Friends for your advice and comments on your city and where to stay. We stayed at Bethel Guest House and it was a pleasant and enjoyable stay. I must say, you all have a wonderful city and area, and it became very obvious that there are a a lot of you in this area and you all seemed to be pleasant and happy. Everyone I met was was cordial, welcoming, and very helpful. I hope to see you all again very soon. Cheers! John
  15. Sounds great. we will try to include that date. We followed Jim and Dave's advice and made reservations at Bethel. Thanks again to all of you for responding and helping us out. Take care and see you soon.
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