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  1. Yeah better only true facts. I get mine from Karan the hair dresser on facebook.... 😜
  2. Well we have 3 confirmed cases on our sub division, 2 dead and one recovering in hospital, the dead are 80 and 46 years old, not sure the age of the recovering one, also an ambulance was called to house near me, old guy there who has problems with breathing all the time, they spent 30 Mins in the house then left, saying he did not have the right symptoms for the virus, we are staying put, which we have done for the last 10 days, just the maid goes out for essentials every few days or so, so that should be our only avenue to bringing it home, but what can you do, essentials are essentials, as you can't bulk buy in our hypermart, so one trip every 2 weeks like before is not possible,. But fridge is full of beer, chest freezer full of meat, spirits on stand by..... So all is not lost.... 🍺
  3. Might be time to make my own, back to Saudi days, in the pic, 5 gallons if white wine, 5 gallons of Cider..... And 5 gallons of Red Wine
  4. Maybe a week..... Depends if any mates pop round
  5. It will come here as well..... So stocking up
  6. No I'm on rashens...... 🍺
  7. Well after most shops have sold out, managed to get my hands on some beer, and 3 more on the way..... That's this weekend sorted ... Start panicking again Monday... 😜 Before they ban the sales....
  8. They are offering £3500 in the UK to be infected to study and trial new drugs
  9. Some good advice to the op, I would first stop the payment to her, go somewhere else which he has done, and seek the legal advice he mention's, what ever anyone's circumstances, if you are marrying a much younger women, she is obviously not seeking long term love or relationship, and in most cases, financial payments for a better life not just for her, but for a usually Large family, and when they suddenly can't live have the life they are used to...... Well you know the rest ...
  10. Had this on the phone for years, I paid the initial sign up around 6 years ago for $1 for life, so I can also point the phone camera at any plane in the air as they fly over, gives me all the info on the plane, really good app..... Especially if your picking someone up from the airport, you can track the flight to see exactly what time it will land
  11. There will always be snowflakes, take no notice, never seen anything you have posted to even raise a slight cringe, whoever messaged you, perhaps the one getting upset as your not following his thought train, or...... 🤔
  12. You think...... What has that to do with changing the ops subject.....
  13. See the brain dead hijackers have taken over the main topic ax usual.... Back to the op, save your money up, get the hell out, give her your number only, never where your staying, watch her fall in love with you again when the money stops...
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