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  1. I would have thought eating more would help cut the problem
  2. Been there done that..... Better we talk in May 2020.......🤔
  3. The mighty Sheffield Wednesday won so all's good....
  4. I have to go to Bogo City, as I'm conducting training there for some contractors on 1st and 2nd August, I will arrive Wednesday afternoon, and leave Saturday morning, 1st question, anyone know a top notch hotel in Bogo City? 2nd, is there transport from cebu and back, I dont want a bus, I mean a good car with driver, and if anyone knows approximate cost as I'm sure this will be all cash transactions
  5. Yup, I'm on a tourist visa for over a year, and I'm flying around a lot, never done it, never been asked, as a tourist you can't get credit, so no clearance required, my experience anyway.
  6. Where I'm from there called Ladies Hockey and rounders (baseball) .... Both for girls.. 😜
  7. We have a neighbour here straight across from us. Built a four story house, the mess blowing around was insane fir over a year, now, she is crazy let me point out, now if she sees anyone drop a cigarette butt she goes ape shit, she has raised the walkway for her car. Any one walks on it, and not on the road, she pours water on them from the balcony, she walks over the road and scraps food from plates in our bin.... So some do keep things clean.... 😂..... And just now someone washing there car 4 houses up, water is running past her house in the gutter, she has gone ape shit with him as the water should not come past her house.... Can't live with em, and you can't live with em
  8. Olongapo buzzes on weekends in season. Or when a ship comes in, either military or cruise, but normally Monday to Thursday even in season it's quite
  9. Of course its a cctv, you can see the menu panel on the right, the screen is filmed by a phone, glad you guys aren't in my defence team.... Lol
  10. Mick

    Visa extension

    Just been to renew my visa. For only the second time, after my 1 month finished, to get a second month is now P7500 for 1 month with the new regulations in a out post BI , trip to Hong Kong next time me thinks
  11. No need the 55 days, I flew in a week before from work
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