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  1. Me been ridiculous.... 4 years.... Think you have answered your own question, my criticism was, if your policing and wanting links, and who can do what.... Then you have to request for all posts, people have there own minds, and own experiences and if they believe 4 years, thats OK, there problem... I know I wouldn't, but I'm an adult and can type in the Google search bar, but sometimes that info, how ever false it seems, you can research, it's a stating point, and it's nothing personnel, one member posted his info on an issue, and suddenly links, proof, names etc required, ok he's from Leeds 😜..... Maybe your right........ Joke..... WAWAW
  2. The mask was tongue in cheek, but not a joke, just making a point, and you even answered it, so no I was not joking and yes its on here..... Attached for you to read again, if your policing this forum, then rules apply to all, not selective information, and lufc... (I hate Leeds) always gives good info based on HIS situation, as I do, if you dont trust it fine, but others may find it informative, I started a thread about building a pool, I was going to post daily the progress and costs, but stopped as you might need proof, such as invoices and bills, maybe if I hold a newspaper up with today's date next to it... 🤔, I agree somethings should be moderated, that's your job, just delete it, but if people are asking for Info, and if I hear something, I will share, just because you don't see any evidence does not mean it's false, but you can always ask Karan from Facebook the bathtub bomb seller for the truth..so just post a rule that unless there are links, photo and names and date of births, relationship to informer, its against forum rules
  3. Well I for one think policing and cutting people down over reports that certain things will be relaxed in GCQ or not, and you might drown if you wear this mask I think I can see where a disaster could arise for some.... Unless you pick and chose and play God... The internet is an open forum, people have different observations of things, and if there gulabul to belive everything they read, and sent capable of searching for the same info on the internet to check for them selves, then I agree with your policing methods, approve the death by mask, and thin the herd.... Darwins law... You can't pick and chose based on your beliefs, that's not free speach, but enforcing your view on others..... Mmmm
  4. Can you post proof.... No fact checked news allowed on here... 😂.... I have one of those masks, I think it's great, can't understand how you could drown using one anymore than with a normal snorkel
  5. When I built a couple of houses around 6 years ago, I met with 3 builders, showed Them a house on the internet I liked. And told them to do a preliminary design and floor layout, and price psqm, with breakdown, to include all permits, including electric, water connection, and sign off for deposit back later, all 3 around the same price, depending on type of fittings and fixtures, worry and stress free, and no drama, I did go there once or twice but nothing to concern me, and we had agreed payment structure with last payment once all signed off. And our government deposits back, I think we paid 18,000 peso a sqm, each house 2 level 120sqm.
  6. There already missing the $ from tourists and OFW's, won't happen in my opinion, maybe just while this thing is still in a media frenzy.
  7. I had this conversation with the wife a few nights ago, I actually said to her she should start her own cult/religion, make us rich....
  8. Agree with all that. But why in this day and age are people writing mails, if I was looking, It would be straight to video chat, make sure the picture is who they say it is, you learn a lot more I'm sure on face to face video than messages and mails, and If you can't be arsed to waste time talking to her for a few months, your going to be in for one hell of shock when you finally meet, remember these girls are talking to lots and lots and lots of men at the same time, me and a mate sometimes when drunk and in the mood, (he likes the online girls) , I will send the girl a message who he is chatting too, and we both talk to her at the same time, can be some really funny outcomes when you see how they play the men...
  9. And the sad thing is here with the Church, deep down the people know it, but are pressured into giving donations for fear of gossip, or being ungodly, religion is the biggest scam on this planet
  10. Oh yes and it's very top heavy...... I was told 10 years ago here, if you want to get rich in the Philippines, become a priest or a government official.... And from experience I can confirm both are true
  11. Pipe work done ready, start the slab tomorrow if no rain....
  12. So we can use it all year round not just these hot months, for me no problem but the wife's nesh.......
  13. Only me and the wife...... No extended family here.... 😁
  14. Yeah I have got a clorenator (maybe spelt wrong) as well..... Slow progress today too dam hot
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