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  1. Yeah I'm off ortigas Ave, not so bad here for Manila, everything in Easy reach without going in to the metro area
  2. My dogs are bigger than your dogs... 😜
  3. Yeah, Cainta, Rizal, Manila
  4. Just about there, time to enjoy it
  5. Mick


    They are craft beers IPA stands for Indian pale ale
  6. Mick


    Was just in london. And it was £4.80 a pint of IPA
  7. When I used an agency for my GF, it was only for convenience as they only provided a tick list of required documents and submitted, no garentee of anything, and the cost was around $160 for the service, with the visa fee on top, as we covered all requirements she got a 2 year multiple entry visa with a stay of 3 months max each visit
  8. Just for info, I landed back in Manila last night with the wife, and got the year visa again, this now is just a stamp with entry date, no expiration date, so questioned him, he said you are in the system so it's automatic 1 year.... Mmmm so let's see next time I leave.
  9. Mick

    Bletchley Park

    It's about the side of your enemy not where your from and time in motion , people chose there own standards later, 😜 right or wrong.... Just saying
  10. Mick

    Bletchley Park

    It comes from the sword and jousting, hence if you were left handed, you got burnt at the stake for being a witch, the sword was worn on your left to draw it easy with the right hand, and you attacked your foe with him in front of you to your right, so you could draw and slash in one movement , and when jousting, you held it in you right hand and ran at your opponent with him on your right..... There ya go...
  11. Mick

    Bletchley Park

    Wow did my first training in Bletchley Park..... 1981 I think, there was still all the old ww2 era stuff there then, before they did anything with it, pinched an old ww2 trench phone... Lol
  12. Slowly slowly getting there....
  13. Yeah dont think they do fish size masks...... 🐠
  14. Yeah already koi in the pond