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  1. Of course its a cctv, you can see the menu panel on the right, the screen is filmed by a phone, glad you guys aren't in my defence team.... Lol
  2. Mick

    Visa extension

    Just been to renew my visa. For only the second time, after my 1 month finished, to get a second month is now P7500 for 1 month with the new regulations in a out post BI , trip to Hong Kong next time me thinks
  3. No need the 55 days, I flew in a week before from work
  4. Gunna be a long night
  5. I meant to write this a few weeks ago but forgot, I landed back in terminal 1 around 3 weeks ago, and went to get a taxi, in a grab its normally around 550 peso to my house, but at 3am empty outside so I thought I will get a normal taxi, there is a price board out side for the white taxis, and it's 740 peso to my place, as I'm a smoker and just finshed 16 hours of flying, I normally find a taxi who will let me smoke with the window open for an extra 100 peso, any way I thought I would try the yellow taxis there.... Big mistake, I went over to the desk, straight away they started putting my bags in the boot (trunk) then hit me with a price of 2000 peso.... After laughing at them for a few mins I said give me back my case, which started a big paw wow, and me shouting so loud the security came over who also said it's a fair price, I took my phone out and pretended to video (was still turned off from the flight) and asked the driver the desk and the security to repeat the cost and started filming them and the car number plates, they took my luggage out, all hid there faces and the security guard suddly no English.... So I walked over the road and got a white taxi for 740 as stated on the board, and he let me smoke. I have now heard this from several people here telling me avoid the yellow taxis.....
  6. Change your number pronto.....
  7. Just say no........ I had it when I first came here, they wanted a 1m wide strip of land from me to increase there plot next door, but then I could not build the house Size I wanted to rent out (made the difference of a 2 bed or 3 bed) , they tried reporting me and the wife to any authority that would listen to stop our construction , all told them to go away. They have not spoken to us for 7 years..... Great outcome, I just get the odd report from others that the white rich guy is tight.... Good enough for me
  8. According to some British news outlets. It was the fault of the New Zealand gun man..... So there you have it...
  9. Mick


    Just had a 5.9 not far from Manila, towards Angeles City, rocked the house here in Manila and the Pond water splashing around, to a point I felt sea sick
  10. When this happens to me, I put mine on high beam as well to blind them, might as well both have burnt retina's, I have also been given the finger for doing it back, so I'm sure some don't even know its either on, or it's the right thing to do as it's "dark"
  11. Trouble is, you then run the risk of a stay over
  12. Yeah the deep fried Mars bar..... Mmmm
  13. The finest game liver pate on the planet
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