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  1. Just buy it in a locals name, I was told by the Barangay here, that an air rifle is OK for me to use on my property, but I cannot take it off the property and if anyone asks it belongs to my wife.
  2. I bought a Gammo USA off Lazarda...
  3. As I mentioned it's a mix, I have a couple of expat mates here, maybe a beer once a week or so, as I think you sometimes need someone on the Same wavelength to have a good bitch with and solve the world's problems, which incidentally I'm great at after several Migs
  4. Ah that's 3 words.... Thats "Go xxxx Yourself" ­čśť
  5. One thing I always do if I'm drinking in places like Makati where it's full of foreigners, if they come over drunk and suddenly they want to be my best mate, they get blanked, but then again met some nice guys, so it's a mix, but I'm always careful who I invite in to my world, 2 expats I know here, we chat now and again, and I used to have a beer with them, I even went to one's wedding, both have asked me to lend them money, one wanted $20,000 the other $800, both got the Same answer.... 2 words, ends in Off...
  6. Wow your ferral already... Like me
  7. I have been burnt once, so Im one with a nod of the head, I was sat outside the hogs and hops on a Sunday lunchtime enjoying my beer and a smoke, when a Dutch guy introduced him self, I had a bucket of Heinikan beer, so invited to take one, which he did, then he complained it was not his taste, he still drank it though, so he went inside and ordered his San mig light, which he had 3 of, then time for him to go, he went inside for which I thought was to pay his bill, he came out, said good by, when I got my bill his beer was on it, he told the barmaid I was paying, so i too now tend to just nod say hi with a nod, and look away now...
  8. Mick


    In Landers, they have Tetley tea,.... And yorkshire tea.....
  9. Try Landers in Pasig, you join on the visit, good for bulk buys
  10. The bar I drink in, In Eastwood the manager was telling me due to the Chinese moving in to the area for the on line gaming, his takings have gone up over 40% in the last 8 months, he even closes the bar some nights, as the Chinese pay him $2000 for exclusivity if it's a high ranking Chinese birthday, drinks and food on top of that
  11. A few large jack n cokes does it for me
  12. It's on the map below where it says Holland tulips, the round counter
  13. I live near you stve, if you turn right out of the airport there are some other white taxis, and a board giving fixed prices, Its 740 peso to my area, and normally the driver lets you smoke for 100 peso tip
  14. I use a place in eastwood mall, it's a counter under the esculators, near the entrance, or one of the entrances anyhow, usually a good rate there.
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