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  1. Mick

    Salaries for Helpers

    Yup we pay 5000 live in as well
  2. Coding is a big part. Most families where I live now have 2 or 3 cars, which means more family members can drive, its had the opposite effect they wished for, plus throw in the local coding like Pasig, of odd and even numbers, only way to guarantee a car availability is 3 cars, which means the other family members who once had to get public transport, or wait for the car to come free, now have one at there disposal.
  3. Mick

    Visit no 3 begins

    Tough in the Tropics
  4. Mick

    Finding your wife or girlfriend.

    When I'm full of SM I dont care.... ­čŹ╗
  5. Mick

    Finding your wife or girlfriend.

    I get her to dump me in the closest bar, and she comes to me when she's finished.....
  6. Mick

    Making the Big Move!

    Hi Paul..... My take on this, also having worked in thd Middle East for more than 22 years, I'm only 51, and in October I decided to call it a day but on a temp basis, I made a plan, get out, and enjoy a 4 month break, finish work on the house, build my garden ect, after 2 months one thing I have learnt, you have to wind your neck in, I did the holiday thing for a month, as I have done for the last 8 years here, and painted everything red, then checked the bank, and I as thought, once here you cannot live that life which I knew, but wanted to prove it anyway, so I'm planning to start again in February, but look for short term contracts. Maybe 3 month ones. It's not just the money, I'm starting to get bored, need something to tax the old grey matter, I'm planning to do the contracting again for the next 5 years, now everything is finished here and paid for, it's money in the bank, and if I can get back here every 3 months for a month, great, but the wife will be with me anyway, as she has lived where ever I am for the last 7 years, I would say go for it, quick as you can and enjoy, if you get bored, look for short term contract work back in the Middle East
  7. Few photos for update. Starting to take shape old boundary wall down now, so opened up nicely
  8. I'm also looking for 16 lengths of 1"x6"x3m treated wood, in Cainta, Manila
  9. Mick


    Must admit, first thing I tought my Mrs was how to make Yorkshire Puddings, meat and potato pie, and proper mash.... Now she's better then me.....
  10. Mick

    Brexit turmoil

    I saw a video on YouTube from a debate in the European Parliament, it stated that the UK leaving was the same as 19 of the smaller nations leaving, and money is needed from the UK indefinitely to fill tbe pension pot.... An unelected corrupt regime...... We should just put the middle finger up, and start again on our own
  11. Mick

    English and the Conversation

    My favorite is she will say..... Over there, without pointing, or pointing her lips. I'm just expected to know where to look
  12. I know and a see the arguments, but something like this. I'm sure he would not be allowed to fly from the USA, can't see how a pissed off ex can muddy waters all the way from the US of A, unless his ex is from Philippines
  13. I know I'm thick, but I can't imagine how an exwife can get you blocked in another country, if she filed some trumped up charge like kiddie fiddling, I'm sure he would not be allowed to leave the country,
  14. Must admit I did it in NNIA, was late for a flight, well not late 2 hours before but after 1 hour hardly moved, so clear I was never going to check in in time, so asked the porter if I could check in at the Senior Citizen desk (I'm only 51) and I gave him 200 peso, he went and asked, and came back and told me go to the desk and put 500 peso in your passport..... Which I did and with some very good slight of hand, the lady took the cash, and checked me in