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  1. Don't take too much negativity from some comments. yes the bars are a deterant only, opertunist thieves will walk on, no matter what you do, if it's a determined one, they will find a way, I had bars on windows in Spain, they hooked it to a car and just about pulled the wall down, but I think these are far and few, I'm on a sub division in Manila 8 years, cctv, bars on windows, not had a problem, although I did have an iraqi mountain dog, dead now god bless her, but that helped but been without now for 2 years. Hope I have not tempted fate writing this.... Lol
  2. Mick

    Are Filipinos Racists?

    Did not say that's when it originated, just the Germans used it for the 2 reasons I stated
  3. Mick

    Are Filipinos Racists?

    As I said depends where you look, I worked for Siemens for 19 years got called it a lot, and a guy showed me a picture of a rifle stuck in the ground marking a grave, with 2 helmets hanging that looked like a lime in the silhouette, I was also called Inselaffe which means Island Monkey, did not take offence sticks and stones.... But when I child is going through it, different matter and needs addressing
  4. I dont belive the excuse of a broken sea cable, as the Philippines has a total of 9 landing sites giving it more diverse protection than most countries, one of the problems here is long cable routes causing high latency, poor installation, and lack of MTNC, one operator is investing 1.8 billion USD over several years to resolve this, starting January all over the Philippines
  5. Mick

    Are Filipinos Racists?

    Certain websites mention the term limey is derived from the 1st World War due to the shape of the soldiers helmit when you place 2 together, also they Mention the lime thrown over the dead to stop disease so it was adopted as propaganda by the German troops, As for Pomey this is an Australian term for prisoner of mother England..... We call them Bread Stealing B@s7ards....lol but all on good fun
  6. Mick

    Are Filipinos Racists?

    Try to make this quick, I have a very good friend for more than 18 years from Pakistan we worked together all over the world, he calls himself a Paki, as its an abbreviation of Pakistan, now you have to say Pak, or you are classed racist, I was in a bar in Schipol Airport on my way back from leave, 6am in the morning talking to some guys, about this, and an American woman asked to join us, of course we agreed, as she was drop dead gorgeous, hearing half the conversation and I mentioned Paki again, she throw her glass of wine in my face and as she walked away shouted back...... you Brits are all racist..... Mmmmmm so Paki is Racist, as an abbreviation but Brit is not..... Worlds gone mad sorry to say.
  7. Well, work starts on the land I bought next door, starting with clearing and levelling then the perimeter wall, plan a Japanese style garden with koi pond, will keep updating the pictures, land is half what you see, @273sqm
  8. When I first started coming here I was tipping heavy, until the Mrs saw it, and was not happy, she said 20 or 40 peso max, that was 8 years ago, now we tip 100 peso no matter the bill size..... Unless of course the tip is equal to or bigger than bill
  9. As much red wine as you can keep down does the trick for me....
  10. I was in Zimbabwe around 18 months ago, and we needed a new battery for the car, admin rang everywhere, finally found one, and the price and sent a driver, it took him 2 hours to get there. The price went up from $80 to $110 in those 2 hours, people were being paid in IOU letters, and trading them for food, it was crazy, in the airport there was one small bottle of water in the shop, it was $20, and the airport was running on generators as no electricity, so I think we are still OK here
  11. And only one team in Yorkshire...... The mighty Sheffield Wednesday
  12. The Mrs just reminded me of how bigger thieves some "craftsmen" are, I had forgot, around 2 years ago, I had some vanity lights fitted on her dressing table, brand new copex, cable, fuse board, lights and switch and all dodgey wiring replaced, including a separate fuse box just for the Aircon units, now as you know most electrical plug sockets and switches are push connectors here and do sometimes come loose, I'm in the middle East and she calls me saying everytime she pushes the switch it sparks and the lights flicker..... No brainer.... A wire has come loose in the switch, OK get an electrical guy and tell him to reterminate the switch, or even buy a better one with screw connectors, next day she calls me saying he checked and its all old wiring in the house and needs a complete rewire..... With a quote of 100,000 peso.... I was home in a week, took the cover off, one wire loose..... And as mentioned this was all brand new 2 years ago and is still like brand new as I had it checked when I had the Air cons installed and shower heaters ...... Thieves
  13. Mick

    Foreigner living on the streets

    Where is this bench exactly....
  14. Not sure if this is true or not, but it came from the guys mouth, while his wife was sitting there so I do t have any reason to doubt it, he was shopping with the wife in Manila in a Market, and as he was stood bored waiting for his wife to pick up every potato should could to check (these are his words) a small child grabbed his hand and held it, now he said that he looked down and the child was not even looking who's hand if had grabbed and was oblivious to everything, but before he could even say anything an angry mother quickly followed by all people in the vicinity where shouting and causing a seen like he was about to abduct the child, the shouting was loud enough for the police to arrive quickly who took him and his wife away from the crowd and after hearing the story, needed money for lunch, and advised them not to shop in the market again.
  15. Mick

    Kanu tax

    Just done the same, land where I live is 9000 peso a sqm, plot at the side went for 8600 after negotiation got mine for 8200 as I stayed well out of it, and they paid all the government dues and community fees owed, start the wall tomorrow as it will be a 270sqm garden added on to my house