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  1. Just say no........ I had it when I first came here, they wanted a 1m wide strip of land from me to increase there plot next door, but then I could not build the house Size I wanted to rent out (made the difference of a 2 bed or 3 bed) , they tried reporting me and the wife to any authority that would listen to stop our construction , all told them to go away. They have not spoken to us for 7 years..... Great outcome, I just get the odd report from others that the white rich guy is tight.... Good enough for me
  2. According to some British news outlets. It was the fault of the New Zealand gun man..... So there you have it...
  3. Mick


    Just had a 5.9 not far from Manila, towards Angeles City, rocked the house here in Manila and the Pond water splashing around, to a point I felt sea sick
  4. When this happens to me, I put mine on high beam as well to blind them, might as well both have burnt retina's, I have also been given the finger for doing it back, so I'm sure some don't even know its either on, or it's the right thing to do as it's "dark"
  5. Trouble is, you then run the risk of a stay over
  6. Yeah the deep fried Mars bar..... Mmmm
  7. The finest game liver pate on the planet
  8. Waiting for my toast for these bad boys
  9. Also remember, the "compulsory land purchase" is used to drive prices down for someone to make a quick buck.
  10. Reminds me of my time working in Nigeria, we had a very old German CEO, he was around 80 years old, and still going strong, always had 3 girls with him to bow to his every whim, he never moved his ass to get anything, anyway one day we were having a BBQ and he turned up, with his girls, he sat there and the girls set up in front of him, a small table cloth, knife and fork. Spoon, and Salt and pepper pots they had in there bags, at a cave man bbq in the Bush??..... tables were used cable drums .... I asked him later why. His answer. "Don't let yourself fall in to the gates of hell and eat like the locals, and that counts for all daily routines, I'm also educating them in manners" this has stuck in my mind since that day, you can act accordingly, but dont lower yourself, you never know, something might rub off........... Eventually
  11. Mick


    Well in October last year my contract ended, which is quite normal working as a contractor on 12 month renewables, so I thought right, I'm going to try this retirement larky, I had lots of work to do on the house and the new garden, so was very busy, the last month, I have had the chance to sit back and enjoy it, and reflect on life, I have realised, I need to work, need something to keep the grey matter working, so I'm going to look for another contract maybe not as intense as other contracts I have had, but Im not ready to retire, I always planned to retire at around 56,..... 51 is too early, its not about the money, its more boredom at the moment, and missing the crack, as the last 23 years only worked in the Middle East and Africa, so starting Monday, I will spend an hour each morning seeing what's out there.
  12. We have no water from 5pm to 7am everyday, first time in 8 years this has happened there is enough water in the pipe network to keep the wc filled up just takes around 10 mins for it to fill, we have bought some water containers and filled them, but to be honest we water the garden, shower and cook now before 5pm, so apart from the early shower, it's not really causing us any drama
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