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  1. Mick

    Ultra Lottery

    So which one of you in Cebu has won the lottery
  2. Mick

    Accident Scene Callousness

    Reminds of my time in Nigeria, bodies just stay on the street, and there's lots of them, until they almost pop, then they put tyres and burn them, if you touch them, it's your responsibility to Bury them, we had one outside our compound, it was eaten by dogs, and eventually crushed in to the tarmac by traffic, horrendous
  3. Your missing the point I did show them, and told them they can take the details but not have it..... They wanted money, and gave a choice, 1000 if they take it and spend a day getting it back, or 500 cash to make it go away, when I have actually committed no offence, so I dont count myself lucky at all, if more people stood up when they have done nothing wrong, it might actually make a difference for everyone instead of fueling the fire and encouraging and promoting corruption
  4. I was told this by another expat so tried it, and it worked. I don't think they would post anything back to another country from here as chances are it would never arrive. I got away with it, maybe next time not, but this time of year in Manila anyway the police are topping up for Christmas ­čÄů
  5. Mick

    3 days to go

    Job done......
  6. Sunday day of rest..... But moving along
  7. Mick

    WIFI Repeater

    Looks like mine, just plug you laptop in with an rj45 patch cord, enter the address on the instructions http...whatever..... and easy set up info, make sure the password is same as your main router
  8. Mick

    Sky Sports

    Think outside the box.....
  9. Mick

    Sky Sports

    I bought a box in the Middle East, for $40 and you paid $100 a year for full sky package, all UK channels, and USA, and around 3000 channels more. Brought it here and it worked fine and my Internet is not the best , took it back to the Middle East, and then it got damaged in transit, will try to find the info and post it, as I'm going to get another one. I remember it was a Korean make, X6500 or something like that, will try and find
  10. Moving along....
  11. Mick

    3 days to go

    When we applied for the marriage papers, we asked the question, they said first we have to take them to the local office in Marikina which is why we go on honeymoon Tuesday instead of Monday , and get them stamped, before we travel, then produce the documents they will provide us on return so I get the visa. Anyway let's see, no bubble to burst, just another load of paperwork later if your right, plenty of time, no rush
  12. Mick

    3 days to go

    Yeah something like that....
  13. Well in 3 days we will finally be Married, after 9 happy years together. Struggling with the vows I have to write, got a few ideas off the Internet, will try and mash something together, just hope no rain on Sunday and all goes to "her" plans.... Lol. Then off to Thailand for 2 weeks, forget about work and chill as much as possible. Then next step start the process for residency, starting with returning from the honeymoon with the marriage papers and get a spouse visa at the airport..... Hopefully
  14. Imagine how this will be for me, when I applied at the British embassy for my attested documents to get married here, I have a Birth certificate with one name, then an adoption certificate with my new name, the staff at the British embassy who are Philipino, could not grasp why my passport name was same as my adoption papers, and not my Birth certificate.... So I see some fun times ahead
  15. As I only still come here as a tourist, as I'm normally flying around for work, I never carry anything, my biggest problem here is traffic police, paid many a black fine for coding, my car is coded Wednesday but now in Manila each area has its own, last Thursday I'm going to the BI office in Manila, to extend my visa for the first time. As I'm getting married next week so not travelling and I crossed over the new yellow lines for buses as I needed to turn right, I was stopped as I entered the yellow lane 10m too early.... they wanted my ID and licence I informed them I'm a tourist, I dont carry a passport for security reasons, and my licence does not belong to the LTO, so it's illegal for them to take it, after 15 mins of me refusing to give cash, as I told them to write the ticket, as I'm a tourist, so how will I pay. Then then told me to piss off. And don't cross yellow lines again....