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  1. That's the best second half in Rugby I have ever seen...... Well done Japan
  2. Just for info..... I have a UK free vpn..... If you log on to a free UK based server. You can down load ITV.Hub....just make up a UK Post code.... All world cup matches are on there free.... Did not have one second of drop out for the game last night
  3. Similar to me, went to a local bar, walked in, girls sat there doing there hair,.... Sorry sir we dont open until 5pm.....but is 5.45......ah OK sir sit down will serve you soon...... 6pm.....no service so I left
  4. There are a lot of jealous people around the globe feel hard done by. Blame the English for there own short comings.... Myself i love it, always brings a little smile and a self worth feeling that I'm talking to a half wit
  5. So you are all aware of the rules.... received_366323367586877.mp4
  6. Had something like that yesterday. Went to a well known shop looking for a 32" smart tv for my nippa hut, ready for the rugby world Cup, discussed all tv's on show with the sales guys, they showed me how they all work, so decided on the Samsung, they then went further with that one, with the big sales pitch, I even managed to get a wall bracket thrown in free of charge.... Great I will take it..... Sorry sir no stock, please come back in 10 days.... Ffs.... Why not start with that pitch
  7. Mick


    Manila. In such places like Makati. BGC, and Eastwood near to me, they have all the types of restaurants you mention in abundance
  8. Sounds more like a wind up to me.... Or too far up your own arse....
  9. And I get better the more beer I drink .... Like when I play pool....
  10. I have to spin it out while drinking..... 😜
  11. Shoot them..... That's my nightly entertainment
  12. Mick

    Land costs

    Heading says land prices......
  13. Mick

    Land costs

    In Manila now, it ranges from 19000 peso a sqm to 22000 peso a sqm to build a house of course you can go higher depending on the fixtures quality. This excludes land
  14. Mick

    Land costs

    Yes just the plot
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