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  1. Drive towards antipolo from you, there is a place on the left side going up the hill. And they deliver same day
  2. I could not find hammerite, but I got some metal paint from wilcon in a can, can't remember the make, but it's lasted and still looks like new
  3. Somwtimes it has to be done
  4. If they want to get in they Will, bars only stop the opportunist thief, if your neighbors looks easy. They will take that
  5. Or sea salt, or toothpaste. Also hot water and vinegar
  6. Mick

    BBQ time

    Almost ready VID_20200105_130831.mp4
  7. We don't get a lot of groups here, don't really see them, and it's quite, only real issue for me is, you know when someone is walking down the street, as each house dog starts barking, so you can tell which way they are walking, and when they have passed, and as I mentioned before, there is a curfew in this village, no one under 18 allowed in the streets after 10pm, unless they are with a parent.
  8. They will see all the work going on to the house, and jealousy kicks in, unfortunately some are like that here, and of course, they will see you as the financial person paying, and that too will piss some people off, only way they can hurt you is acts of vandalism that cost you money to put right
  9. I tend to do the same, love to cook anyway, probably eat one in 20 dishes the maid cooks, I like my mash, pies and so on
  10. Or they look and think. He will have a heart attack soon..... Money in the bank..... 😂
  11. I think it depends how desperate the girls are for cash, our youngest daughter is in dumagete at uni, some of her friends are dating older men to get money to help with the costs of studying, one of the main costs is renting a place to live, the ones not needing cash, just think of them as whores and Dirty old men, that's from our daughters mouth not mine, she has told us some weird stories, even her, only 20 years old, getting approached by men in there 60's trying there luck, I won't tell you her reply to them, as trying to keep this clean.... 😜
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