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  1. Heeb


    If it weren't for the wife I would probably give Spain a go, i love it there but I've only been as a tourist. I did some research and I don't believe they tax government pensions.
  2. Heeb


    Personally I think I can do just fine with the expense of two home fronts, it's my wife that worries me, she watches the YouTube channel "foreigner farming in the Philippines" and she's ready to start a piggery, which her brother would take care of, where in lays the problem, my opinion is that a business like that will not be successful unless you personally manage it which I'm not willing to do, when I retire I don't want to do anything but relax, travel and pursue hobbies. I understand her motives, it's all about setting up her family but we've already given more than enough over the years, it's time to take care of ourselves.
  3. Heeb


    We are across the street from a nice residential park with walking paths, including a Japanese garden, it's surrounded by old craftsman homes and bungalows, restaurants are within walking distance. I thought about AirBnB, I just remember the last couple times I rented an AirBnB in Portland, it was like interviewing for a job, so there must be some risk if owners are so selective.
  4. Heeb


    Sometimes after a few beers I post things that I regret, even though it what true she is my sister. She currently stays with my mom and dad who are in there 80's in a two bedroom townhouse, my dad is okay with it but my mom is English and she can't let it be, no one can spew venom like a bitter old English women IMO, she's old school "you made your bloody bed now lay in it" My poor dad is caught in the middle and that's why I will ask her to move here to defuse an explosive situation.
  5. Heeb


    I'm considering letting my sister stay at the house so she can watch our cats, the problem is she's a complete mess, she's an unemployed ex flight attendant who can pound twice as many beers as I can, and we're talking double IPA's, none of the airlines will hire her anymore because she has two DUI's. The last time she watched our house for us when we went on vacation she burned the kitchen down, my one experience with renters was even worse. I'll probably go with the psycho sister plan.
  6. Heeb


    December 31st is my last day, retiring on 50% of income but we will be paying less taxes, no more money going to 401k's and all the bills will be payed except for the mortgage, our disposable income will be about the same in the end. The dilemma is what to do with the house here since we still owe on it. Do we rent it out, leave it empty or sell? The home prices in my neighborhood are going up on average 15% per year and that's almost triple what my mortgage payment is per year, if I sell and decide to come back after a few years I would probably be priced out of the area. Everyday I think about the different scenarios in my head and it's driving me nuts.
  7. I recently did the Pre-Check, it was very easy, just go online and fill out the application on the TSA website and pick an appointment date. I think it was like 80 dollars.
  8. Heeb

    Blown away guy

    Would Maxell tape dude be happy in the Philippines?
  9. I've only seen them in the Philippines, here in the states inline water heaters are in the utility room mounted to a wall.
  10. The heater coils are inline withe the shower head in a metal chamber, I think they were called Bagwan heaters, the controls are inside the shower as well, you turn a knob for low, medium or high. not really safe IMO.
  11. I remember back in the day while I was taking a shower I noticed the metal cap on top of the water heater wasn’t screwed on straight, so I decided to give it a little twist, big mistake, the wires and electrical poles are completely bare underneath there, I don't know which hurt worse, the throbbing I took or my butt from hitting the shower floor. I was almost Darwined from the planet that day but my junk was still in order so I carried on and had a story to tell my friends.
  12. Well it's Sunday morning here in Spokane and the wife just left for work, it's my home alone day, so what to do? I used to think about retiring to P.I. mostly when I was at work, on my days off not nearly as much, now I think about it constantly. Last summer I went on a motorcycle trip to Alaska with some friends, it was a rough trip for me because of my back and tent camping I couldn't get a good nights rest, it was hot at times, 99 degrees, rainy, and we went through a snow storm. One of the riders called it quits and headed back home at day two, I wanted quit at day four but my friends talked me out of it. As I sit in front of my computer on my day off, still in my drawers, I wish I was on that trip right now, even thought at the time I said never again. I know when we're living in the P.I. I might have those same feelings so I'm keeping the house here for awhile, I really would love to sell it because I'm tired of the upkeep, I'm hoping that we will love retirement over there so I can sell. I was also thinking that maybe we could take breaks from the Philippines to another country but with a dog it might be difficult.
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