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  1. That sucks, I had resigned myself to getting nilch because they were using tax data from when I was still working, such a poor way of rolling these stimulus’s out, I’m not sure if I filed these taxes today in time to get the next round or not, might have to wait until 2022.
  2. I just did my taxes on Turbotax and they asked me if I received any stimulus money and I answered no because I never did, well it shows that I'm entitled to the money based on our 2020 income and it auto-generated into my tax refund, $3600 dollars! It's called the "Recovery Rebate Credit" by IRS, instead o 142 dollar refund I'm getting $3742. hopefully now I'm going to get the next round since I've filed.
  3. I had a good experience with Samsung washer/dryer warranty service, other than the paperwork involved.
  4. Thanks, we will be going back in June or July so I hope I can get a balikbayan stamp again when we return, I'm on 9a tourist as well, I'll probably just fly to Manila.
  5. Lat year my cell plan was in temporary hold and I ran into a problem trying to apply for my wife's social security, I lost my sim so I couldn't reactivate it. When I went back stateside I reactivated my T-mobile to a military overseas plan which is cheaper, I have an I-phone also with electronic sim, even though I now have a monthly bill it's worth it, I can also make and receive calls to the USA for free using WiFi calling and logins are easier using the phone for authentication.
  6. Are you a military retiree? If you are and you're near Subic you can join the RAO (retired activities office) and get an FPO mail box, no problem sending credit cards since it's through military mail system.
  7. My feeling is that most people here in the Philippines that have co-morbidities severe enough to succumb to Covid are most likely dead already due to low life expectancy and lack of health care, not all but most. I don’t believe the low death numbers are related to the draconian measures in-place here at all. I included a short video I took 3 weeks ago in San Pedro Laguna riding in my brother in-law’s new three wheeler that he borrowed money for the down payment to buy. The video is about 5 minutes but I edited it down to one, there are two people wearing masks, one guy in the street and me in
  8. That's just a dirt smudge from some old tape glue, I doubt the person who did this knows what an apostrophe is, I don't think there's any gang activity here on SBMA but could be a wannabe, I did think it was possible it was supposed to mean respect, the letter W next to it appeared a few days later and that's what got me overthinking.
  9. maybe you’re right, maybe there’s a local gang named speck or its also the last name of someone living here,
  10. I took this photo of some bus stop graffiti here in the housing area at Subic Freeport, what do you make of it? My thoughts are, and I hope I’m just thinking to hard as usual, are that the W might be a white power symbol, and the ‘speck’ possibly a reference to the killer Richard Speck who killed eight student nurses in Chicago in 1966, some being Filipina, one Filipina survived by hiding under the bed. My mom was a graveyard shift nurses aid in Chicago heights at the time and I remember being scared when i heard the story, I was only five. There are some younger kids including some cauc
  11. I know this is off topic but it's kind of funny, I remember my first VHS I bought here in 83 in P.I. i bought the cheapest one and it was still like $300 dollars I think, it didn't even have a proper remote, it was tethered buy a 10ft wire to the unit. They had video shops that rented out pirated VHS tapes in town so my GF rented flash dance and invited the neighborhood kids to watch, about half way through the movie it cuts over to a porn video of some guy with a huge boner getting a knobber, I tried to shut it off really quick but only pulled the remote cable out of the socket, took me an et
  12. Ha ha, don't remember, i should have bought her a laser disk, that would have been funny but an expensive joke as i actually owned one.
  13. Many years ago before I got stationed here I tried the penpal thing, can't remember the name of the service, I had already been to the Philippines on deployment in 1980 and felt a deep attraction to Filipinas. I think it was the third letter that I got from her that she asked me for money to buy a VCR, and they were expensive back then, this was the end my penpal experience.
  14. I think it's immoral and should be illegal, I know there's gold diggers everywhere but this is pretty rampant from what I can tell, I know this niece in particular is from a broken family and poor but we have supported her and most of the others, anyone who couldn't afford to go to school or eat we sent the money so they could, we paid for her college and she dropped out the first year and became pregnant, I hate the fact that even thought my wife condemns their behavior she enables it.
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