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  1. I saw my niece writing down some math problems on a piece of paper yesterday, it looked like trigonometry so I asked her what it was, she said “it’s pie seeks”....confused, I asked her “what’s pie seeks? I’ve never heard of it before” then it dawned on me, I says “you mean physics”? she starts laughing and gets embarrassed and says yes.
  2. I have many sea stories but because of my vices I can’t recall most of them.
  3. I bought an Instant pot off Lazada last year, the price was decent if I remember.
  4. If you maintain a US address they wouldn't even know you were here correct?
  5. Italy has a large population of Chinese workers making those made in Italy expensive handbags and clothing, also a lot of Chinese tourists, I think the virus was around in Wuhan long before it was reported, since according to this article a lot of them have direct connections to wuhan. https://rmx.news/article/article/tensions-between-italians-and-chinese-migrants-existed-long-before-coronavirus
  6. For me it was good because I knew I was going to travel out of the country at some point anyway so I didn't have the hassle at BI or have to pay the money to extend, I also didn't have to get an exit clearance when I left.
  7. My stamp is for 59 days, I'm going to go to a travel agency that a friend recommended and have them work on getting an extension, I think i have to get an ACR card now, it sure was nice having the balikbayan stamp, if it was still possible I would fly to Hong Kong and back with the wife to get another, it would be cheaper.
  8. I don't think there's a single ball field left on SBMA now, used to be so many, we had the base basketball and softball teams that would travel, also the intramural and bar leagues year round. even after Pinatubo the fields were cleaned up and we were playing softball again six months later. If I remember correctly the George Dewey high school gym collapsed during Pinatubo killing 2 people.
  9. I pretty much just keep my mouth shut and don't allow an opening for conflict, I know if I'm involved in any traffic accident that i may not be able to avoid it so i try to be careful. Having spent 2 years on legal hold in the mid 80's and going through the Philippine court system your chances of winning a court case against a citizen are very slim, you can literally be stabbed by a local and defend yourself only to be charged with a crime because somehow you provoked it and your defense response is now frustrated homicide. Back in June I had a strange encounter here in the Freeport, I was rid
  10. I think most come here for the females, not all but most, and when they get married they no longer have any reason to deal with the problems in this country, a lot of the 5 year statistics are inline with the timeline of dating then marriage or marriage and having a child which the expat doesn't want to raise over here, some of those same people will divorce and find themselves back over here to do it all over again. What I don't like are the hypocrites that sing the praises of this country and then when they get what they come for they turn on it because it no longer fits, I'm not saying that
  11. I stayed at the Conrad Manila, they gave me a free upgrade to a bay view room, it was really nice, best place I’ve stayed in the Philippines, they had electric blinds and I was able to shut out all the light and crash all day, very quiet, when I woke up I had an email that my test results were in and I checked out.
  12. I ended up flying with PAL from LAX, I originally had a ticket with EVA but they cancelled the Taipei-MNL leg on me three times, the Seattle-Taipei flight wasn't a problem, when they cancelled the flights they never bothered to cancel the 1st leg, as if I would decide to just go to Taipei and stay, they also charged me for the rebooking when I changed dates, one of the agents I talked to said the problem was with the Philippine government changing the rules sometimes in mid-flight and expecting compliance. For those who decide to go with PAL make sure you bring a face shield, it's required for
  13. When I was emailed the test results, down in the fine writing is a link to register for a medical certificate, I did and took a photo of a barcode, which I assume they registered somewhere, I think depending on where you live it’s on the honor system, maybe they do spot checks but I doubt it because there are a lot of returning OFWs, my wife did go to Bicol when I was gone and since they had right checkpoints they had to stay inside the house for 14days and then another 7 days were allowed to go out in the yard. It was also on the honor system but the neighbors turned one of my nieces in for b
  14. Yes, not sure how they keep track but it really doesn’t make much sense since I’ve already been in the car with mask of course but I’m in the same home as my wife, niece, brother in-law, and said ugly maid, actually I’m probably more likely to catch something from them since I was just tested and I flew business class with nobody really near me and the flight attendants are wearing full chem gear. I have an Exercycle that I can stay fit with since it’s raining anyway.
  15. Well I’m back home since last night, landed in Manila at almost 4am and had my Covid results back by 2:30pm the same day, 3 hours in EDSA traffic and another 1.5 home. We have a new maid, I think my wife searched the whole Philippines for the ugliest woman and asked her if she wanted to be our maid, no other qualifications required. It’s good to be back anyway.
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