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  1. I just use the tried and true method of getting old. https://www.discovery.com/science/ears-nose-get-bigger-old-age
  2. Both Netflix and Amazon Prime are available in the Philippines but the content is watered down big time for both. On Netflix you won't even see the programs your not getting but on Prime you will, however when you try to view it will say "not available in your region"
  3. Natural gas is subject to supply chain problems. When a pipeline exploded in Canada in 2018 it caused all kinds of problems on the western grid, it happened in early fall when there wasn't a lot of water to generate hydro, prices shot up as demand increased. Natural gas plants typically only generates about 250mw where a newer generation nuclear plant is around 2000Mw. Windmills? don't get me started.
  4. Unfortunately it has to be uploaded to the intercommunicate website before I can get an import permit. I'm going to try just uploading the the vaccination again as per instructions, I'm not sure what determines whether it's "applicable" or not. I only have to upload item 3-8 for a one time pet importer.
  5. He has Napoleon complex, I say we novichok this cassock, give him a taste of his own medicine.
  6. I use ExpressVPN, the only streaming service that detects it is Amazon Prime but I can usually change my city location and get it to work again. Hulu, Netflix, NHL, ESPN HBOMax I can confirm all work good.
  7. It was a man and a woman not married, she's a university professor, I don't know what he does. Two buyers had escalating bids, it ended up going 10% over asking price. They are financing but putting a lot down. There's just not enough houses for sale out there right now and buyers have to be aggressive when something comes to market, rents are through the roof. If there is a market collapse it probably won't last long, In my opinion we've reached a point where we have too many people in the country and they aren't building much now maybe because of construction costs. How many Ukraine refugees will end up settling in North America? More people, families will double up to buy homes, I believe they are already because there's a lot more cars parked in the street now, which irks me because it creates one way traffic in the narrow streets. I suppose with gas prices going up and inflation it will put some people over the edge and force some distress sales or foreclosures, there might be a window of opportunity in the near future.
  8. I'm going the opposite way to the P.I.
  9. Bureau Of Animal Industry https://www.bai.gov.ph/
  10. Okay forum police I know this subject has been broached before but I'm looking for current info. My house sold in one day (double what I paid 5 yrs ago) so I'm scrambling to tie things up here. I'm bringing two Siamese cats, in 2019 we brought our dog so I'm somewhat familiar with the process but it looks like some things have changed. For instance it's unclear whether the heath certification has to be issued within 10 days or 30 days. Also they are asking for some documents that they didn't require before like an affidavit and pet passport. It looks like It's a catch 22 situation also, in order to get the import permit I have to upload the documents to the inter-commerce website, one of them being the health certificate but I can't get the health certificate from the USDA without the import permit. I emailed the BAI with detailed questions about the process but only got a reply with a link to the inter-commerce website. So if anyone has recently been through this I would appreciate any advice, thanks.
  11. I love riding over there, the chaos keeps me on my guard and the challenge makes riding fun again.
  12. They have a lot of shirts and shorts, very large sizes as well, I'm not sure about underwear, the socks are expensive. i think the owners get clothing from discount stores or closeouts stateside, I've seen some TJMax tags on some items. There's some really good quality stuff in there like Banana Republic etc. I think I've seen the owner or one of the owners, a white guy showed up to supervise the unloading of a big truck filled with boxes of items. They did really well when the cruise ships and tourists were around pre-pandemic.
  13. Prices have gone up. I was on a 9a visa for just shy of 6 months and I maybe it was 3k average for 2 months extensions, I think I paid 4k the first time maybe because of the ACR. If I wanted a 6 month extension I had to travel to Manila because the local BI couldn't do it.
  14. I hope to still be riding motorcycles when I'm 70.
  15. I have a friend who's overstayed, it's really his own fault, he just kept on making excuses, his biggest excuse was he couldn't get back in and didn't want to couch surf until he could. Now he's dug himself a hole that keeps getting bigger. On top of that he isn't vaccinated so he can't go anywhere.
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