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  1. Heeb


    Does anyone know if the NFL Sunday ticket on Playstation works in the Philippines?
  2. "Maybe you are more of a "Just Dance" kind of guy?" It would be break dancing if I tried that, I'd be in traction for a month.
  3. So I bought a PlayStation thinking it might help pass the time away in the Philippines, what a mistake, when did video games get so complicated? I downloaded "call of Duty WWII" and I can't even get off the beach at Normandy, how can I get shot to pieces when I'm running behind a tank for crying out loud, and Madden NFL plays the most annoying music, I would take it back but it's already packed, only 3 weeks until departure, to do list growing instead of shrinking, bank account shrinking.
  4. Heeb


    The CO2 bottle is already on the way in a balikbayan box, I emptied it before it was packed.
  5. Heeb


    That's a good idea, I have a stainless steel one somewhere, forgot about it, just have to get the grind right and no plastic flavor in the coffee...brilliant.
  6. Heeb


    But they would need an adapter to fill the bottle. I'm not sure if it's a universal thing, they may have different fittings over there.
  7. Heeb


    Does anyone know if K-cups for the Keurig coffee maker are available in P.I. and are they expensive? My wife likes her K-cup coffee, also how about Breath rite nasal strips or any equivalent knockoff brands, I have a deviated septum and can't sleep without. I'm also bringing a standard 5lb CO2 tank for my beer kegs, I will be brewing some beer and have just shipped a couple 55 lb bags of maris otter malted grain, can I get this tank refilled over there, probably a dumb question but have to make sure.
  8. I don't cook much but I do BBQ
  9. My wife always cooks too much food, I used to just go along with it but we are retired and food is expensive, she cooks enough for an army at lunch and I'm thinking I have leftovers for the next 3 days but she's already cooking something else for dinner.
  10. If you ever have to do the Heimlich on yourself make sure you give it your best shot on first attempt. A couple of years ago I was eating dinner with my family at a restaurant and my sister stood up and grabbed her throat, I got up and gave her the Heimlich and she was already passed out, she doesn't even remember me doing it, it was just a small piece of food, it was very surreal everyone in the restaurant was staring at us. My mom says I should have "just let her bloody go".
  11. Well I decided to have my implant finished here in the states, I just dropped $950 for the crown and it will be installed in 3 weeks, in the end it was only $1500 with insurance, there was a sale at the time when I started the procedure, my other 2 weren't much more. The one I had done on my upper teeth the dentist ended up going through my jaw and into my sinus cavity, he did some procedure to patch it up but I had bone graft coming out of my nose for about a week. They do call it a crown here in the states BTW
  12. I seem to be getting the cold shoulder from my sister, happens from time to time, it's been a week since she answered my texts. I do have some of her old luggage here at the house and it is all Travelpro stuff, I don't think she ever uses checked baggage so she probably doesn't know that much about the durability of hard shell luggage anyway.
  13. I will ask my sister, she's a flight attendant, they are the experts, she uses the warranties a lot, wheels, handles and zippers are usually the weak parts.
  14. I've never been able to sleep with a fan blowing on me, I'm a hot sleeper especially after a few beers, it can be low 60's in the house and I will be uncomfortable. I do believe in order to deal with the heat outside you have to go without aircon in the house and let your body climatize but not sure if I will be able to cope, it's one more thing to keep me from getting sleep.
  15. Maybe I'll hit you up for their information when we get there. By the way, off topic question, do you know if the old base housing units still have 110v outlets?
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