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  1. Old55, you were 100% correct these speakers need to be on stands, these ceramic elephants were already in the place we are renting, I had them on the shelf and they sounded like crap, I have some proper stands coming by balikbayan soon. Didn’t have any problem with customs. If the New Zelander I’m renting from is on this board, sorry dude I will take them off your elephants if you want me too.
  2. Heeb

    Barber shop

    I was stationed there during the Mt. Pinatubo eruption, I was deployed to Desert Storm and missed the first couple of eruptions but arrived back home before the big one. After the eruption it looked like the jungle was completely flattened and a lot of the weaker structures collapsed, the lahar was very heavy like wet beach sand mixed with gravel, the Air force personnel and all dependents including my wife were evacuated to the states, after shoveling that stuff for a few days I volunteered for deployment. One rainy season and the jungle had already bounced back. The base will probably never look as nice at it did back then but for me I think it's the best option, it's very quiet, and has good security. My wife's house in Laguna was burglarized one week after we arrived, thankfully we were upstairs in a locked room and they didn't get anything from us, the relatives downstairs lost 3 cellphones and some money, not a lot. Also there's way more food options then back in 1992, the beach scene isn't good because you now have to pay and it's overcrowded but I get bored at the beach anyway. You definitely need a car here and I think I'm going to toss in my man card and get a scooter, parking is a hassle sometimes and there is traffic at times, not on the scale of manila though.
  3. Do you have any dentist recommendations around SBMA? My wife has a problem tooth and it needs to be addressed before it gets really bad. From my experience a tooth can go from mild pain to extreme agony overnight and usually happens late Friday before a long weekend.
  4. Heeb

    Barber shop

    It’s probably the female monkeys, back in 1984 I lived out in Olongapo and I had two pet monkeys, they used to sell the smaller ones on Magsaysay street, the female would boss around the male and chase him until I put a mirror in there, after that she would look at herself most of the time and didn’t bother the poor guy anymore.They escaped one day and I never saw them again.
  5. Heeb

    Barber shop

    They weren't around this morning until we took the trash out, then two big males starting sifting through it, my brother in-law yelled and stomped at them but they didn't go far, I suspect maybe the weekenders are feeding them as well, the security office is across the street so I'm not sure i can get away with shooting them with an air rifle, I might try it from the back anyway, at least earn some respect from them. The Kiwi that holds the lease for this place said he thinks the monkeys got his jack russel but he isn't sure. BTW where would I find an air rifle and would my wife have to purchase it?
  6. Heeb

    Barber shop

    We are in Binictican by the Subic Homes, this morning I went to walk the Shih tzu and they were all over, sitting on the carport and roof also In the street, decided not to walk the dog, the knuckle brain niece left the door open (with the A/C on) and the dog went out there and started barking at them. We were planning on having her watch the dog while we traveled but I don’t think I can trust her.
  7. Heeb

    Barber shop

    Thanks, Had a nice haircut at GQ, the Subic International Hotel Laundry was expensive 55p per kilo, decide to buy a Samsung washer/dryer combo, the laundry room in the house was converted to a maids quarter but looks like there's a place to hook it up in the storage room where the water heater is behind the house, I bought a couple of wood pallets from PureGold to set it on, they have stacks of them in the back, I paid 140 peso each. Seems like I'm in monkey central here, there's a palm tree in front with some fruit in it that they really like, hopefully it's not in season all year long. The old base sure does look different and very shabby in a lot of areas now, we went to the Royal Duty free which used to be the old Navy Exchange and commissary, they were having a 25 year anniversary sale, what a mad house and very little courtesy, some woman stepped backwards into my cart without looking and blamed me for jamming the back of her heel, I wasn't even moving, seems like the better off people here are very snooty, I just sucked it up since I don't want to have any confrontation with a local, she would have heard a mouthful from me back home.
  8. Any folks that live in Subic Freeport or nearby know where I can find a decent barber and laundry services? Also what is the best cable company to use at SBMA? Thanks
  9. Frequency converters are very expensive, voltage converters are not, for appliances that are resistive like a toaster or water heater the frequency doesn't matter, if it has any type of motor or pump the 50hz will make it run about 17% slower and create more heat which can burn the equipment out or significantly reduce it's life.
  10. My wife and I went to BDO bank to find out if she could use her U.S. identification to remit a large sum of money we needed to by a used car, we talked to the bank manager and he said "sure no problem" so I transferred the money through Remitly and my wife goes to the remittance counter while I have a seat. My wife comes back and tells me the bank is offline, I ask my wife if the girl had any idea when it would come back on, she goes to ask, comes back and says "no she doesn't" I ask her to find out how long it's been out, she comes back and says "it's been offline since last week" I don't know what bothers me more, the fact that the bank manager nor the teller thought it was important information to tell us or that my wife didn't bother asking the teller on her own.
  11. The husband of my wife's niece has been in prison for a few months now for selling shabu, she says they sleep side by side on the floor and his body is now covered with a rash and he gets no sleep, I'm pretty sure he will die in there but he must have known what he was getting into. They have 9 kids and I remember my wife telling him years ago after about the 5th one to get his tubes tied, he said "it was god's will that he have as many babies as possible" We have sent them money over the years for food and paid for all of his children's schooling and put one through college. We just arrived in the Philippines last Tuesday and all the children that I remember from last time I was here are grown and have children, this place is one big baby factory.
  12. Heeb


    Does anyone know if the NFL Sunday ticket on Playstation works in the Philippines?
  13. "Maybe you are more of a "Just Dance" kind of guy?" It would be break dancing if I tried that, I'd be in traction for a month.
  14. So I bought a PlayStation thinking it might help pass the time away in the Philippines, what a mistake, when did video games get so complicated? I downloaded "call of Duty WWII" and I can't even get off the beach at Normandy, how can I get shot to pieces when I'm running behind a tank for crying out loud, and Madden NFL plays the most annoying music, I would take it back but it's already packed, only 3 weeks until departure, to do list growing instead of shrinking, bank account shrinking.
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