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  1. I think what you will find along the Philippine coastline are 1) Rocky areas with no beach. 2) A nicer semi-clean beach that is a resort with huts and some rooms for rent 3) A secluded beach with no people but only because it's very remote and hard to access, most likely swampy areas making it hard to get to on a motorcycle or by foot. 4) A beach that is basically a residential area for locals, small huts close to the water and many banka boats, it will be dirty and local dogs will roam free. Don't even think about it during rainy season or summer because you will be constantly wet and the heat will suffocate you.
  2. Yes. we went there in February before the Coraziness started, loved it even despite the island hopping touts.
  3. I would love to live on Boracay but the wife would never go for it, are you allowed to have a motorcycle there? Not really a motorcycle place though is it. As I was typing this something occurred to me, I haven't seen a post from the "Arizona Kid" in a long time, did you guy's run him off, or did he go away pouting? I hope he's okay, does anyone know his status?
  4. I think the secret is not be too aggressive, just go to the mall and try on a shirt in the men's department or something, I've been flirted on even with my wife with me, I'm not allowed out to the mall by myself anymore. That being said, who knows the story of the girls flirting on me, my niece works in an SM store in Laguna, and she is late thirties but has three kids and a granddaughter, her husband is awol, not the ideal women to date for sure.
  5. Here in the Philippines you can rent a place in a high end area for a reasonable amount compared to what it would cost to purchase it, that's why I don't buy. I probably would have purchased a lease here in the Freeport back when they were still affordable but I don't think they are anymore, that being said the rents aren't really cheap here either.
  6. Me too, I have 3 years also. I'm hoping I can get this done online while my wife is still here in the Philippines, it's good to hear that she won't need the birth certificate, if she has to appear in person hopefully the embassy as OnMyWay said will be an option. Thanks for the info!
  7. What I meant was, she is applying for social security retirement benefits, she worked in the states for 30 years, she's turning 62 in September, sorry.
  8. So my wife is three months out from 62, and she's been on my case about applying for her since I said I would when she got to the three month point. Well I didn't get far, I needed to verify her My social security account before I got started, and it's my stateside cellphone which I lost the sim card for since I'm using the same phone as I had stateside with a P.I simm, so it's a good thing I'm going back stateside for a bit, I had them send me a reset letter to our Washington home. After reading some of the possible documents they may ask for I'm looking for advice from anyone who's wife was also a naturalized U.S. citizen and applied for SSN while here or even stateside, they mention "original birth certificate" which we don't have and it would be difficult get right now, if there's anyone who's gone through the process any advice about the process would be appreciated. I had a friend who had his social security hijacked, he went to apply and found out someone was already receiving his benefits, seems like it's easier for criminals to apply than actual beneficiaries.
  9. So this morning I went to pay my water bill at Subic water, normally I would just pay at the Duty free but they screwed up my bill, I had to wait with a number and they let about 15 people in at a time, they had designated chairs for proper social distancing but there was a big rotating industrial fan that was blowing over everyone sitting there and several people around me are coughing, with mask but even so, we also all had to use the same pen outside to sign up on a clip board. Well I took a nap when I got home and woke up with a sore throat, most likely snoring, i know it can't cause symptoms that fast but it made me worry about my flight in two weeks so I decided to purchase the PAL flight insurance and this is what I got. WARNING RE COVID-19 Policies purchased after [23th Mar 2020] will not provide any cover for claims directly or indirectly arising from, relating to or in any way connected with COVID-19 (or any mutation or variation thereof or any related strain). We will not therefore cover claims relating to any inability to travel, any decision not to travel or any changes to travel plans, nor any medical or health related loss or expense incurred, as a result of COVID-19. Refer to the FAQ for more details.
  10. I live in the freeport, and I would say it's cheating if you don't have a monkey sitting on your roof...or Aeta people selling mangoes on the side of the road.
  11. I tried to research as best I could, I couldn't find anything that says it's okay if only in transit, every advisory mentions landing, I probably should have called Narita to find out. https://www.mofa.go.jp/ca/fna/page4e_001053.html 001316999.pdf
  12. I think that's correct, when I searched for my flight several of them were sold out.
  13. If my final destination was LAX it wouldn't be too big of a problem but I have to travel the next day on a different airline, I don't think it probably even enters their thinking that the US isn't like the Philippines and I can't just hop on bus and go home. I had previously purchased a ticket on PAL that was cheaper with a stop in Japan and it took me all the way home, then I read on a Japanese travel advisory that I wouldn't be able to stop in Japan, they have a restriction on travel from most countries until the end of June (subject to be extended) that spooked me as I would think the restriction will be extended, so I cancelled and bought the nonstop to LAX, it gets in too late for a connecting flight and PAL doesn't offer it so I purchase an onward ticket on Alaska the next day. Back in the late 80s I was screwed by PAL but indirectly, I had a return flight home on Korean Air but was denied boarding because I hadn't reconfirmed my return flight 3 days prior, my fault I guess but I had never done it before and was okay, I ended up stuck in Manila for three days on standby, I remember there were airport people that were walking around selling boarding passes for $100 for the flight I was bumped off of and I thought it was a scam, I should have done it. What I found out was that the Philippine government at the time had some protections in place for PAL, if their flights were not at 100% capacity for the same destination, foreign carriers could only fill to 70% capacity, therefore they were selling those empty seats, only in the Philippines can a scam be run at an international airport.
  14. I mentioned in another thread that I have a flight out on Jul 7th to LAX with PAL, well I got an email this morning and they changed my flight to the 8th for "logistical reasons", they did give me the option to cancel or change dates, the problem is I had arrangement for a hotel and onward ticket the following morning, sucks because I had a really good deal on an upgrade to first class on that next day flight. I know with the virus we can't expect things to run smoothly but it seems like every time I fly out of here something goes wrong. So I have a question, has anyone flown out of here with a BB stamp after 6 months stay but before it expired WITHOUT an ECC, my understanding is I don't need it but there's so much conflicting information, thanks. I was also wondering if they will give me a BB stamp on my return without my wife with me.
  15. FYI I think the travel restrictions aren't as strict in reality , my wife wanted so badly to get rid of our 5 nieces that she had her brother and nephew come here from Laguna in a van to pick them up, they had no travel pass, the nieces did get travel passes and 4 of them are under 20, there was no problem at all, we finally have some peace and quiet. I have a flight out on PAL to LAX the 7th of July, i originally booked a flight to Seattle with a stop in Japan but after research there's a ban in effect for foreigners coming from the P.I. it's until June 30th and may be extended, i didn't want to risk it so I went with PAL.
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