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  1. The neighbor next to me in the Freeport has some expensive cars, Ferrari and Porsche 911 turbo, they are the real deal, got a close up look when my dog urinated on his wheel. They don’t have proper registration so I don’t think he takes them outside the Freeport. There’s a few others around with high end vehicles as well. Me, 2008 diesel Fortuner.
  2. Skip to 16:40, thoughts? I would have been looking for an exit, definitely not arguing with them. He must not have been watching the Spaniard on the news last year.
  3. We had the Pfizer shots the day after we landed here in Washington state, no side effects, the second shot is 21 days later. The vaccine is paid by the state but the cost of administering it was paid through insurance.
  4. The wife and are are scheduled for the Pfizer shot next week the day after we arrive in the U.S. I'm only getting it in case it's required to travel in the future or if it helps with travel. I always got really sick from the flu shots in the navy so I'm not looking forward to it.
  5. The wife told me it was donated but I don't know, she says it's cheaper here and better selection then the province, maybe because of the sea port.
  6. Peso's, I sat outside in the car waiting for my wife one day and they were bringing in truckloads of boxes, balikbayan box size, I'm not sure if this is donated stuff or they're working with someone on the other end shipping.
  7. It's on Magsaysay left side, I don't know the name, yes very good quality, there's several shops but this one seems to have more men's shirts than others and a few larger sizes, even some 3xl polo's, all new. When they get a new batch they start out at 99p and the price decreases every few days until it reaches 29p, then they liquidate everything.
  8. I got my upper body workout today trying on polyester shirts that are too small for me in 92deg heat and humidity, I felt like Houdini trying to get out of that straight jacket. I did manage to find a couple of shirts from Hong Kong for 29p each, they have Cantonese writing on them but I don't care, as long as they don't say "I take it in the arse" I'm good, "not that there's anything wrong with that", they appear to be brand new, mostly I saw football club shirts that are bright and good for biking but maybe 1 out of 50 on the rack are my size, and I'm allergic to whatever they washed them in
  9. I thought about that too but from what I'm reading the Philippines treats the a positive antibody test as a covid case, you would have to then have the RT-PCR test to prove you don't have the virus currently, which brings me to the subject of travel to the U.S. Passengers are required to get a negative covid test within three days of departure "The negative pre-departure test must be a viral test (RT-PCR or Antigen) that was conducted on a specimen collected within 3 days prior to flight departure from a foreign country" The problem I see here is that if you opt for the antigen test you might
  10. One morning after my wife and I first started living together I kissed her at the door and said "see you later alligator" as I set off for work. When I came home she was upstairs in the bedroom and the door was locked, I had no clue what I had done. Finally she let me in around bedtime but I couldn't get anything out of her so I tried to get some sleep for work the next day, of course just as I'm about to drift off she starts crying, I plead with her to tell me what I did, finally she looks at me and says "you call me alligator" needless to say I didn't get any sleep because she couldn't be co
  11. They’re worried about a few people who must get tested twice and do a mandatory quarantine, yet if you go to the barangays you won’t see anyone wearing a mask.
  12. That sucks, I had resigned myself to getting nilch because they were using tax data from when I was still working, such a poor way of rolling these stimulus’s out, I’m not sure if I filed these taxes today in time to get the next round or not, might have to wait until 2022.
  13. I just did my taxes on Turbotax and they asked me if I received any stimulus money and I answered no because I never did, well it shows that I'm entitled to the money based on our 2020 income and it auto-generated into my tax refund, $3600 dollars! It's called the "Recovery Rebate Credit" by IRS, instead o 142 dollar refund I'm getting $3742. hopefully now I'm going to get the next round since I've filed.
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