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  1. When I was emailed the test results, down in the fine writing is a link to register for a medical certificate, I did and took a photo of a barcode, which I assume they registered somewhere, I think depending on where you live it’s on the honor system, maybe they do spot checks but I doubt it because there are a lot of returning OFWs, my wife did go to Bicol when I was gone and since they had right checkpoints they had to stay inside the house for 14days and then another 7 days were allowed to go out in the yard. It was also on the honor system but the neighbors turned one of my nieces in for being out on the patio.
  2. Yes, not sure how they keep track but it really doesn’t make much sense since I’ve already been in the car with mask of course but I’m in the same home as my wife, niece, brother in-law, and said ugly maid, actually I’m probably more likely to catch something from them since I was just tested and I flew business class with nobody really near me and the flight attendants are wearing full chem gear. I have an Exercycle that I can stay fit with since it’s raining anyway.
  3. Well I’m back home since last night, landed in Manila at almost 4am and had my Covid results back by 2:30pm the same day, 3 hours in EDSA traffic and another 1.5 home. We have a new maid, I think my wife searched the whole Philippines for the ugliest woman and asked her if she wanted to be our maid, no other qualifications required. It’s good to be back anyway.
  4. About the QR scanner, I overheard a girl tell the flight attendant that her phone couldn’t scan the QR code, the flight attendant said there was a manual way to do it but anything to make the process easier imo helps. I’m at my quarantine hotel now, about half way through the flight they handed everyone around seven documents to fill out, you’ll have your passport number memorized by the time you’re done because it’s very redundant and the same stuff you entered into the Red Cross QR scanner form before you set out, they are all of different sizes with some being small which makes it hard to keep all together, on top of the immigration stuff I had and the barcode for the covid test. I’m the guy that can manage to lose my movie theater ticket while waiting in line to get in so it was pretty nerve racking, there were various stations and I didn’t know what paper went where. You also have to verify you have a hotel so have the confirmation letter ready, they will ask for your mode of transportation also. FYI, make sure you go to the bathroom before landing because they give no opportunity to do so once departing the plane. The swab test was the worst part because she does both nostril and just when you think she can’t go in any further she does, and then some, the throat swab will make you gag. I will post when I get my results and the check out process, just waiting for an email and trying to wind down.
  5. I just finished the check in process at LAX, sitting here waiting for my flight on PAL. Make sure you have a phone with a barcode scanner with you and of course a pen, the paperwork has already started, plus even though you already have a Red Cross CR code you have to scan a barcode they give you for a post check in process, asking mostly the same questions as the Red Cross and the slip of paper they ask you to fill out after check in, not sure yet what to do with the paper yet, the only thing they asked for at the check in counter is your passport, they just look for the VISA. Check out counter at LAX opened at 5:30 pm for a 10:20 pm flight.
  6. I’m not an advocate of nukes but they have prevented a war with a major superpower like China or Russia, in my opinion because of this we are spending way to much on defense. I think the modern aircraft carrier is a big floating target now, a weapon of the past, smart weapons and drones are so stealthy now I’m afraid they could simultaneously hit our fleet really hard before we even know it, yet our submarine fleet has a good chance of surviving with enough payload to respond. Wasting money on wars in the Middle East is too costly and will never accomplish anything, too many religious divisions, look what happened with Iraq, there was a reason a strong armed dictator controlled that country. Remember the Camp David peace talks they used to hold almost every year, what a joke.
  7. “Mutual destruction”, preventing WWIII for over 60 years.
  8. I was thinking of buying a laptop while I’m here in the states but changed my mind for that very reason, I don’t like bringing them with me and they just end up on a desk. I bought another mini pc, I now have three, they are only about 5” x 5” x1” this one has a quad core 8th gen i7 32gb ram and 1 TB SSD, the nieces will get my older one and they can plug it into there small flat screen in the bedroom for school work or whatever. I’ve never had much luck with laptops holding up for me, my phone is good enough for traveling.
  9. That’s what I gathered, I checked the cost of some schools around here and it was over 10k per year easy
  10. My wife is trying to talk me into hosting two of her nieces on F-1 visas, she talked to someone from DWSD in Laguna and they told her it’s the fastest and easiest way to adopt them, I did some googling and I can’t see how this could lead to an adoption and it looks very expensive, if you could share your thoughts on the subject it would be appreciated.
  11. That would be fun for sure, been awhile since I went desert shooting, used to do it in San Diego a lot in the olden days”, used to see the occasional border crossers. I’m getting better at dealing with my stress by just not dealing with it, basically I’ve just given in and it’s actually liberating to say ‘F’ it, I don’t care about the diamond earrings, I don’t even remember buying them, she will never get a pair from me again because I think expensive jewelry is stupid to begin with. I imagine back in the Stone Age some cave dude showed up with a shiny rock and got laid by some cave hotties without having to drag them by the hair, next day every swinging caveman is out looking for shiny rocks and it all started right there, our whole monetary system based on getting a piece of cave @u$$y.
  12. Well I got my Visa today, only took one week, I also found a copy of our marriage certificate certified by the county of San Diego, it’s beat up but it’s readable, found it in my military record. BTW, other than your passport don’t send the consulate anything that you need back, no originals needed, they only send you the passport back with the stamp.
  13. My wife’s family is just as bad, I talked to her today and she’s upset that someone has stolen her diamond earrings that I bought for our anniversary a few years ago, they were in her purse in a plastic bag, it’s not the first time she’s been ripped off, sad thing is it’s her house in the province and all the people living there are freeloaders. She’s headed back to Subic to square our bills away but she said she’s going back and hiring someone to investigate. She wants do give everyone a lie detector test. Over the years she tried to set them up with businesses but they just end up selling or pawning the equipment or eating the pigs and chickens, She’s been through some tough illnesses including cancer and went back to work too soon and they never even stopped asking us for money. They’re lucky she survived because they would be cut off immediately if she died, I’m glad we never petitioned any of them to come to the U.S.
  14. I lived over there for eight years before moving to Spokane, this commercial pretty much sums it up, of course when you visit it’s always sunny.
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