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  1. Maybe I'll hit you up for their information when we get there. By the way, off topic question, do you know if the old base housing units still have 110v outlets?
  2. I'm jut going to pay the $950 for my crown here in the U.S. and be done with it, I've already been through the hard part, then I will cancel my insurance, If i have any teeth go south in the Philippines I will have them extracted pending a trip to the U.S. for an implant procedure, I prefer that to having a root canal, I hate root canals and they seem to fail a lot. I just don't think I would be comfortable having anything major done over there, I'm not saying there aren't good dentists over there, it's just finding one that worries me.
  3. Does anyone know how much the crowns cost in the Philippines? I've had 2 implants done here in the states for $3k each and I'm in the process of getting my third, I have the implant installed and the required waiting time for the crown to be installed, which will be another $950 with insurance, I'm wondering if these are universal and maybe I can save a few bucks by waiting until i get over there in Oct.
  4. Thanks for responding all, I think I'll just stop worrying about everything until I get there, I have enough to do on this end and my wife is stressing me out because she's not dealing with retirement well like I am, we leave in two months.
  5. You're right, looks like maybe they brought them back just for 2019 with the euro4 and then discontinued them.
  6. For those on Tricare I have a question, we currently have Tricare Prime which i understand isn't available overseas, should we cancel that and go with standard or just pay out of pocket while over there and keep the Prime, that way we could come back and use prime for any major medical problems. My wife is on a lot of meds so maybe I should just cancel the Prime so we can make claims for services.
  7. That was my original plan Innova 2.8 diesel E, until my wife decided she wants to buy a Mitsubishi L300 but for a hauling business, her brother has her believing they can make money with it, maybe they can but I'm skeptical, so my budget for vehicles has taken a huge hit. I'm still more likely to buy the Innova in the end but darn it's going to hurt. Any thoughts on the money making opportunities for a Cargo van such as the L300?
  8. Does anyone have any experience with these little Suzuki APV's. We are looking to buy a new car when we arrive (Oct 07) and I don't want to spend a lot of money, my preference is toward Toyota because I've always had good experiences and have owned a half dozen over the years but I don't want to shell out 30-40k dollars not knowing how long we will be there, and having moved so many times in my life because of the military I know we are going to take a hit with buying things we need when we arrive. How about the Chinese brands like Foton? They all seem to be gutless as far as HP but almost all the cars are over there it appears. Would I even fit in one of these, I'm 6'4"?
  9. I emailed the Consulate in Vancouver B.C.about this, I received this reply from the Philippine consulate in Vancouver: Thank you for your email. Please be advised that you have to apply your visa at your country of origin, we have a Philippine Consulate in San Francisco.
  10. My uncle worked in a shipyard in Barrow-in-Furness and he died from Mesothelioma at age 52, he did smoke a pipe though.
  11. I'll just put a bullet in my wife's luggage to distract them.... ...wait...probably not such a good idea, I would most likely be the one to go to jail.
  12. I had a friend who had Harbeth LS3/5A's, great speakers that I couldn't afford, I read a lot of reviews before I made the purchase and I was worried it was all just hype. I have them set up in our basement which is mostly cement and probably acoustically similar to cinder block, after setting them up properly it was amazing how beefy these sound for bookshelf speakers, I haven't had any problems with the app that people complain about. They provide me with a good sounding system without have to bring separate components. I'll send a PM about cables and stands, thanks (if I can figure out how)
  13. Last time she went by herself and used her dual citizenship certificate on arrival, she stayed for 9 months and didn't have any immigration hassles.
  14. I remember in Subic around 86' it rained 29 inches in one day, there were several landslides on base and shit river flooded Olongapo City.
  15. I could probably go to Vancouver B.C. and get her passport renewed but it's not worth the hassle and cheaper to get a throw away, I'll just buy a ticket, thanks.
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