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  1. I’m just saying they will probably at best reach 30% vaccinated unless they force or pay off the masses. I read a recent article that said 40% of Filipinos are now willing to get vaccinated but I don’t believe that survey is accurate at all, I don’t think they went into the slums and boondocks and asked any of those people, these are the ones going about there business not wearing a mask, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.
  2. I think it was poor people like my wife’s family that got 5k and those are the people they need to give incentives to vaccinate.
  3. But they already did two rounds of 5k stimulus payments and it was controlled by the barangay so nobody got payed twice.
  4. I think for my relatives getting vaccinated isn’t even a consideration, unless they take the vaccine into the barangays and set up shop in like a basketball court they won’t bother. Maybe another round of payments with the stipulation that those who want to receive the 5k peso must get vaccinated.
  5. I know which ones you’re talking about, UK and Austrian couples. I’ve seen them do YouTubes promoting BMW’s for which they get a discount or a free rental from what I can tell. I don’t see the harm in it since they’re doing tourism a favor. There’s some beautiful place in P.I. for sure but one thing I don’t like is when they over glamorize a place that I know isn’t that nice, it’s so bad I stopped watching, they are quite the turd polishers.
  6. Stubhub comes to mind, if you sell extra seats to a concert on the street corner it’s illegal but it’s legal on Stubhub and they make mint doing it, it’s caused the prices for sporting events to skyrocket.
  7. I had tickets to see Zeppelin in 76 or 77 in Chicago but something happened to Page’s son if I remember and they cancelled. My sister still has all my old (scratched) vinyl and claims they are hers. Did anyone else get the 13 free albums for a penny deal from Columbia clearing house and fail to pay for the 8 albums afterwards? I was so scared, they kept sending threatening letters and I was only like 13 years old.
  8. When I went through base indoctrination in Cubi Pt many years ago when I first got stationed here they covered driving in the Philippines. They discouraged it but said however if you do there’s really only one motor law in the Philippines, it’s “the law of gross tonnage” whoever has the biggest vehicle has the right if way. If you’re on a bike you almost don’t exist, your a fly to be swat if you get in the way. I’ve had some close calls but i’ve learned to mitigate them by just giving way even when I have the right of way and hugging the shoulder, unfortunately I get my share of flats because
  9. I brought a bike back with me when I traveled last year. Most airlines will allow you to bring a bike and it’s counted as one piece of luggage. I went to REI and asked them for a bicycle box and they gave me one but it was pretty big so I decided in the end to buy a bicycle travel case. It was expensive but worth it when I was rolling it around LAX waiting for my flight. I had no problem with United or PAL. I sent a pic of the case.
  10. That’s actually a sore subject for me, the SBMA administrator banned bicycles on that road because of this accident. That’s on my main route, she’s overreacted once again. It was an unsanctioned race and she’s going after the participants as well. I don’t think the riders knew it wasn’t official, there were flyers posted. She should punish the organizers only, sadly this is how this country is run sometimes.
  11. Those were my thoughts as well. I think only the super wealthy get to own franchise’s in this country also, it looks like guaranteed huge profit to me. A big mac meal isn’t that much cheaper than in the U.S. $2.90 in US dollars against $5.66 stateside, yet the labor here is peanuts in comparison. The difference in supply is negligible as Macdonalds has suppliers around the world and a bigmac meal in Japan is only $3.40.
  12. We were bumped from LAX-Manila then rescheduled on standby to Cebu, then the day before our flight we were rescheduled to LAX-Manila. The 10 day hotel quarantine was no picnic and I won’t do it again. There was only one chair in the room and the back was straight up vertical no recline. We had a Flinstone’s bed and the food was terrible, dried fish and rice for breakfast. If I leave I won’t come back until things are normal. I wonder if they realize the hardships they put people through when they change their minds about rules every few days. Catching an international flight isn’t like flaggin
  13. I flew out last month and they didn't ask for my ACR card. I presented it but she waived it away, she only wanted to see my ECC and also my visa extension paperwork which I wasn't expecting, I did have it with me luckily.
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