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  1. Heeb

    Electrical dangers in the Philippines

    I've only seen them in the Philippines, here in the states inline water heaters are in the utility room mounted to a wall.
  2. Heeb

    Electrical dangers in the Philippines

    The heater coils are inline withe the shower head in a metal chamber, I think they were called Bagwan heaters, the controls are inside the shower as well, you turn a knob for low, medium or high. not really safe IMO.
  3. Heeb

    Electrical dangers in the Philippines

    I remember back in the day while I was taking a shower I noticed the metal cap on top of the water heater wasn’t screwed on straight, so I decided to give it a little twist, big mistake, the wires and electrical poles are completely bare underneath there, I don't know which hurt worse, the throbbing I took or my butt from hitting the shower floor. I was almost Darwined from the planet that day but my junk was still in order so I carried on and had a story to tell my friends.
  4. Heeb

    Leaving you Comfort Zone?

    Well it's Sunday morning here in Spokane and the wife just left for work, it's my home alone day, so what to do? I used to think about retiring to P.I. mostly when I was at work, on my days off not nearly as much, now I think about it constantly. Last summer I went on a motorcycle trip to Alaska with some friends, it was a rough trip for me because of my back and tent camping I couldn't get a good nights rest, it was hot at times, 99 degrees, rainy, and we went through a snow storm. One of the riders called it quits and headed back home at day two, I wanted quit at day four but my friends talked me out of it. As I sit in front of my computer on my day off, still in my drawers, I wish I was on that trip right now, even thought at the time I said never again. I know when we're living in the P.I. I might have those same feelings so I'm keeping the house here for awhile, I really would love to sell it because I'm tired of the upkeep, I'm hoping that we will love retirement over there so I can sell. I was also thinking that maybe we could take breaks from the Philippines to another country but with a dog it might be difficult.