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  1. I used to go spearfishing here in Subic back when I was in the Navy, mostly at night around the reef snorkeling, I was thinking about taking it up again here but not at night since I don't think I would be comfortable now that it's not a base. I gave up on the idea after reading the Subic Marine rules and protection pamphlet, it was confusing but from what I can tell it wouldn't be allowed in the areas near Cubi pt that I used to go.
  2. Back in the 90,s I visited my wife's' house in Camarines Norte, it sat above a valley with a stream winding through it, very breathtaking view, we swam in it a few times and it was crystal clear with a nice little waterfall. A decade later when I visited it was totally polluted and the rice fields around it gone, a Chinese company that was building a highway nearby had used it for a dump, very sad.
  3. I think it's getting worse also, mainly because there's more people.
  4. That's exactly what I was thinking, I remember the dealer telling me the 7 day rule and to make sure I had a copy of the bill of sale which he provided to show the officer if I was pulled over.
  5. The reason for the 7 day grace period is to give the owner time to get the vehicle registered, which of course is a joke. What takes DMV back home a few minutes once you get through the line takes months here. I think part of the problem is the dealers wait until they have enough vehicles to register to make it worth the trip to the LTO, so it could be awhile before the dealer even presents the paperwork to LTO
  6. But the rules allow you to ride the motorcycle for 7 days after the purchase with the bill of sale.
  7. I guess if it came down to it I could find the proof needed.
  8. Thanks, I will ask a local if they know a place around here. I rode the hell out of my bike before I was actually legal, the bill of sale didn't have a date on it so I figured if I was stopped I would just say I bought it a few days ago.
  9. So I bought a new motorcycle in December and I now have the registration certificate, now what? I still have the white "for registration" plate on the back, do I continue to drive with this or do I make my own plate and how? Are there places to have one made...I'm confused. The guy at the dealership didn't communicate very well when I picked up the certificate of registration, I had to wake him up from a nap and he wasn't in the mood to chat.
  10. This is the next door neighbors dog at my wife's house in San Pedro, it's covered in mange and the leash is too short for it to properly lay down, it barks all night constantly. I thought about buying it from them but they would probably just get another puppy and tie it up there. My wife said something to them but they just don't care nor does anyone in the neighborhood apparently.
  11. I didn't know that chapel was still there, my wife and I used to go there back in the base days, they had protestant and catholic services.
  12. Married with Money = Wife spending it all and me wishing I was single in the Philippines I'm also 58 and retired and just like Freebie alluded to in a post earlier, since we retired six months ago we are together all the time and she just gets on my nerves, I don't know if I would've ever found a girl in the Philippines that has shared interests with me and if I did she probably wouldn't be very nice to look at, yeah I think I would stay single if I was in Bows position. I met some guy at the mall, he's 62 and rides the same BMW motorcycle here that I had in the states, he does triathlons and rides mountain bikes, he was there to take some "pretty young lady" to the movies and he had a big smile on his face, he seemed really happy. My wife like most filipinas is snap happy with the cell phone camera, I look at photos of myself she posts on Facebook and I've got the 1,000 yard stare, it's really sad because I'm actually trying to smile.
  13. I tried all of them, I remember trying it before too, I remember getting in on a suggestion from another site but I couldn't navigate for some reason. I'm pretty sure that I have the firmware because otherwise I would be able to access the setting without going through admin setting
  14. I just tried it again and I get this...Username or Password Error! I read a few responses on the thread, my Tagalog isn't that good but it looks like others have the same problem.
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