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  1. Does anyone really believe it's possible to social distance in the Philippines, maybe you're in the province or live in a gated community but i have lived in Laguna in a poor area which is pretty much what the whole metro Manila area is. it's way too dense and large families with relatives are packed into tiny homes, you can spit across the street to the other side since the streets are so narrow. The power goes out and they all go outside, the water shuts off everyday so they fill up a trashcan at night and they all shower with the same bucket.
  2. I might mention that a lot of people actually flip burgers trying to make a living, also there's a lot of waitresses at restaurants that live off of tips, in a lot of states they don't receive minimum wage, they get like $2.00 per hour which hurts them when they apply for unemployment benefits since it's wage based. I was adversely affected when I was on unemployment years ago since I worked for a contracting company, a large chunk of my pay was per diem which isn't calculated for unemployment.
  3. Almost 50% of the deaths have been in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, in some states it's over 60%, if I remember correctly the first cases in Washington state were nursing homes which to me means the virus was already in the general public first, we should have been concentrating our efforts into protecting these people. My brother is staying at my home in the states with my 82 year old mother who has CPOD, he has food delivered and if he has to go out he quarantines himself from her and has turned off the HVAC and uses space heaters when cold.
  4. Understand, I agree with your earlier post, we aren't experts but there's enough data out there for us to come to the conclusion that this virus is dangerous for older people and the immunocompromised but not much worse than the flu for everyone else but the impact on the economy and quality of life has a huge impact on everyone, even people who didn't lose there jobs are affected by this, investments have taken a hit, and possibly higher taxes are looming, homes will be worth less. I went through a tough period after 9/11 as I was an aircraft avionics tech, I was living in Seattle and was laid off along with 30,000 others in the area, I had a mortgage and was out of work for a whole year, I applied for Walmart jobs and 500 people would show up for the same job, couldn't get hired because I was "overqualified". I ended up taking a job in mobile Alabama at Singapore aerospace working on boeing 777 and left my wife at home, i lived in the back of an Astrovan and slept in rest areas in 90 degree heat, I had no money for a hotel. My alternator went out in the middle of nowhere, and it's a miracle i had a spare with me, i spent half of a day trying to get a stripped out bolt, I almost gave up and if I had a gun I might have shot myself....seriously, it was and option i considered, I was worth more dead than alive. Lucky for me I got the call to start a new career outside of aviation, and I only had to move across state. I feel for people that are in similar situations, even with unemployment it's not enough for most and it's still scary not having a job and no prospects of finding one, and this situation is way worse than post 9/11 which mostly affected the aviation industry. I need to add that even retirees on a pension will see impact, austerity is looming, social security, medicare, medicaid, government pensions will all be on the chopping block.
  5. I thought I had posted a pro-Swedish approach article, did I read it wrong
  6. https://www.yahoo.com/gma/sweden-stayed-open-during-coronavirus-pandemic-model-future-090400880--abc-news-topstories.html
  7. The mail system is notoriously bad here, U.S. service members using the P.I. mail system instead of FPO/APO mail was one of the many ludicrous demands by the Philippine congress to extend the contract for the U.S. bases in 1992, along with sailors paying Philippine taxes on their pay, there were just too many show stoppers.
  8. When I was in the navy in the mid 80's my friend and I spent two years on legal hold for bullshit charges, the judge, prosecutor, and probably our Filipino lawyer were all just waiting to get paid, we showed up for every trial date in our dress whites and nothing moved along, eventually our lawyer worked out a payment to the defendants with some amnesty group that helps U.S. citizens in legal troubles, it was a lot of money.
  9. yes I just edited my post, my wife can walk the dogs now and I can ride my bike but not outside of binictican, which will be a very boring ride since it's so small
  10. Thanks, maybe it's better in MECQ for now, at least the gates will remain closed to all traffic, let Olongapo adjust to GCQ first before they make a rush for the duty free. Unfortunately I'm the only one in the household that falls between 21 and 60, so I guess I will be walking the dog.
  11. Where did you get the details from? I haven't seen anything on the SBMA administrators page, just the letter requesting ECQ and going to MECQ.
  12. I just found out a Filipino friend of mine tested positive for the covid19 antibodies in California recently, he believes that he had it in the Philippines before he left, he left just before the EHQ started in Manila because he worried about panic. He has a condo in Makati and visited me in Subic about 3 weeks before he bailed, I remember complaining to him while we were shooting pool about having pink eye and still coughing after being sick. This goes along with my thinking that my wife and I had this as well as a lot of her family members in Laguna, he said he had a cough for a long time that he just finally got rid of recently and thought he was having panic attacks that he's never experienced before because he was short of breath, no fever, my wife just recently got rid of her cough that she's had since early February, it was only at night when laying down for the last month. I really think the virus infected lot of people here and we need more antibody testing to see what the death rate really is for all age groups.
  13. It wasn't me, someone else, it wouldn't bother me if it was me, I was trying to be funny but my writing skills aren't good enough to pull it off.
  14. My friends and I used to make a point of traveling through the Yakima area on our motorcycles on the way to Portland for training, loved the smell of the hop fields in early Autumn, there’s a brewery on Birchfeild rd called Bale Breaker that has their own hop farm with a tap house in the middle of a field, freshest beer you will ever taste, good times.
  15. Well I logically thought the best thing to do was to retire at the end of the year, and pull money out of the 401k in 2020 to lessen the tax burden, I also thought it was a bad idea to buy a house when we moved to Spokane from Seattle in late 2008 because I knew the housing market would start collapsing in 2009 since it lags Seattle, we could have saved big $ in both situations but I was overruled by a 4'10' 95lb women who claims she's 5', she's an emotional thinker not logical at all, I have to admit the idea of retiring in the summer to enjoy it versus the cold of winter was enough to persuade me. Imagine though if we had arrived just before lockdown here and got stuck in limbo before we were setup properly, I guess that's one positive thing to look at. And before you call me P whipped AZ, I used to have a pair, and I did put up the good fight for many years but it was a war of attrition, and I just got t0o tired of fighting it.
  16. The stimulus checks are tied to adjusted gross income which includes 401k income since it's only tax deferred, I think I'm probably just going to have to take in in the shorts.
  17. I'm using my U.S. address, and I used my checking account to pay my taxes, I also receive a VA disability so they have no reason not to pay out. It doesn't bother me too much since it's not the full $2400 but if they pass a bill for $2,000 a month I will be upset, like I said in an earlier post there's a flaw in the way they are paying out, I'm retired now, and living off of significantly less than when I was working but the stimulus is tied to my 2019 return, someone suggested I file now but it won't help because I worked until July when I retired last year, and I also pulled 150k from my 401k to finance the move over here, and that gets reported as income. No I'm not hurting but there's also plenty of people that are getting the stimulus checks that are currently working and doing fine, it's also meant to stimulate the economy as I understand.
  18. I filed taxes in 2019 but I owed, we should have received something though by my calculation. This is what I got: We are unable to provide the status of your payment right now because: We don't have enough information yet (we're working on this), or You're not eligible for a payment.
  19. So far after one week I'm happy with ExpressVPN, I tried some other VPN service when i first got here and it was a joke so it turned me off on using a VPN but now I have found the light, I have it on both PC's and my phone, it works in the background and I haven't had a disconnect yet.
  20. Yes it’s been in the news for quite some time now, it appears to be revenge politics imo
  21. Who gets to decide what's the truth? It appears to be whomever is in charge.
  22. It's not an age thing, I'm 58, and I don't look that old, even in the street in front of my house they tell me to go in, including the maid and anyone else from the house, we have four nieces from Laguna that got stuck here with us, also we can't walk the dog, which has now become 7 dogs, our Shih Tzu had puppies before the lockdown , they're three months old, and we should have been rid of them by now, as far as I know there haven't been any infected here locally in the freeport, which is on lockdown, we can't leave, it's not good to keep people cooped up like this for long periods of time, and GCQ isn't going to be any better since the nieces are under 21 and my wife is 60.
  23. I'm going to drink a bottle of virgin coconut oil and make a swim for it.
  24. I received an Amazon package today that I ordered before the lockdown, I don’t know if it was just sitting at the distribution center the whole time or if it arrived from the states recently, I suspect it was here in P.I. already. I also got an email from Lazada that a package I ordered in February is on its way, same thing, I think it had already arrived from China and they were waiting for restrictions to ease up, so now I will have two beer bottle cappers
  25. I haven't had any problem with USAA or NFCU, even the phone apps.
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