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  1. We had a filipino neighbor in Binictican who kept a rottweiler in a cage maybe 3x3 feet in the direct sun, it had a piece of metal leaning on one side for shade, one day the dog was gone, not sure if it died or what. We also had a few strays that were running around the whole time we lived there. I saw other smaller dogs like shih tzu's in cages in driveways as well, broke my heart. I wish I had known there was some enforcement because I would have called. I just assumed that there wasn't since it's the norm all over.
  2. I've only seen small dogs in restaurants and malls, they must be in a dog stroller or have a diaper on.
  3. Back in May it was arranged at the airport in Manila, there's a cattle call when you arrive, they look at documents and make sure you have a hotel booked as well.
  4. Well I did bungee jump and zipline in Thailand but I was much younger and invincible of course. The bungee jump was from a very high crane into a concrete swimming pool with no water. They weigh you with an old rusty bathroom scale and hand you a membership card with your weight printed on it, so you can skip that step next time I was told . I remember on the way up in the elevator the operator says to me "nobody die here Pattaya bungee jump" I says "that's good to hear" then he says "two people die Phuket bungee jump" ...yikes. Anyway it was a thrill so I did it twice, I was not sober.
  5. We stayed in an Airbnb in Baguio before covid and it was very nice but the caretaker and his family lived on-sight, it felt like we were being policed the whole time.
  6. You couldn't pay me to get on a roller coaster in the Philippines, and I love roller coasters.
  7. Bunker down Mike, I’ve went through two super typhoon direct eye passages when I was stationed in Guam, I was in a “typhoon proof” home with typhoon windows. I watched other peoples roofs and cars blowing across a field behind our house. Rain will go sideways and come in through every crack so put some towels down. I hope it weakens before landfall.
  8. Yes I’ve done this 3 times now and it feels like juggling chainsaws, it’s even worse trying to get back.
  9. Thanks, my dad liked to be around people so it was especially hard I think. Because of the covid fog he was confused and it must have been torture. The staff said he wouldn't know who was there in the room anyway but he most certainly did. I patched in through video messenger and he was very pleased and knew who I was despite the tiny phone screen. My mom thinks he was waiting for someone to show up before he died.
  10. https://www.accuweather.com/en/hurricane/west-pacific/rai-2021 You can click on the red typhoons to get the predicted forecast wind speed and zoom in and out for a more accurate trajectory.
  11. I had a three hour layover in Tokyo (Haneda) I never even talked to a gate agent, I walked off of the Manila flight and went straight to my gate, I only showed my boarding pass to get on the plane. When I flew in September the U.S. requirement was three days prior for the covid test but most other countries it was 72 hours. When I went to the clinic to get my test 3 days out they told me I had to come back the next day because I was outside of the 72 hours and I would be denied boarding. I went to another clinic and they said the same thing, I told them I'll take my chances. I called the ANA gate agent and they told me I was good if I was going to the U.S. as it was indeed 3 days. So people were getting bumped off of flights but not to the U.S. I can't say that I wasn't a little nervous. If I was flying back now with the 1 day rule I would probably schedule a late evening flight and get the test done early morning the day prior.
  12. My dad died from covid last Friday. He had all three shots and only went out to place his bets at the off track. I flew out to Chicago to see him but no one was allowed in the room, he was alone for almost two weeks. On the day he died my brother and mom were allowed a compassionate visit wearing PPE, my brother was with him when he passed, I had flown home the night before. Shortly before he died he asked my brother if he really had covid and he said "yes dad". My dad said "but I did everything right"
  13. My opinion is that there was more crime and corruption during the Marcos regime but I was mostly exposed to a sailor town (Olongapo) and Manila. I also remember martial law and having to be off the street by midnight. I think a lot of these people lived quiet lives out in the province with no phones and little infrastructure which is almost gone now. Also the Marcos family has done a good job of repainting themselves through well done YouTube videos, I've caught my wife watching them. https://www.rappler.com/technology/social-media/study-says-youtube-networks-spread-propaganda-marcos-martial-law/
  14. We got our deposit back minus the A/C cleaning. I was prepared to right it off since the landlord lives in New Zealand now there's not much I could do. They had their former maid go through the house to check for damage. He wanted to pay me in bitcoin at first but my wife wanted none of that.
  15. I just paid for 3 A/C units to be cleaned, it was deducted from the deposit.
  16. I have a T-Mobile virtual sim on an iPhone 11, it costs me $55 a month which includes an international plan. I have no problems receiving texts, and I can call anywhere free of charge when I’m using wifi calling.
  17. Does anyone else feel that we are headed towards another nationwide lockdown?
  18. There used to be about six or seven softball fields on SBMA. I see the remnants of some of them, there’s bleachers over by the river and some dugouts near Remy field.Sport were big, even had full contact football leagues, the base teams traveled to different bases throughout the asian theater.
  19. Speaking of buy one take one. I buy the six pack 100% Dole pineapple juice wrapped in plastic all the time. One day I see a sign buy one take one. Off I go to the checkout counter and get charged double. “Sir the free is already with the package” So the sign should say buy five take one I say, I gave up trying to explain because I knew I couldn’t win with logic.
  20. Looks like you don’t need 5k to buy off the people to vaccinate, 1k will suffice. https://news.yahoo.com/thousands-jam-philippine-vaccination-sites-044812351.html
  21. Same thing happened to me last year. My wife was sending me documents for her social security from Camarines norte and used LBC in Daet which is a three hour drive. They sent it to an address that doesn’t exist. In my case oddly enough it wasn’t UPS they used but rather DHL. I thought my wife had screwed up but she sent me a photo of the receipt and it was correct. She drove back to Daet and they said “nothing they can do” so I had her send a new one. Even from the province everything goes by courier up to Manila first.
  22. I’m going back soon but without the wife. I won’t come back until the quarantine stay is lifted, did the 10 day one in May. I don’t think I will ever be able to stay in either place for long periods, I start to miss where i’m not. Actually my wife has forced my hand this time because I need to find some work, she bought some beach propert in Cabangan Zambales and my safety net is almost gone, I feel like I’m sinking in quik sand. Im not looking forward to working but happy to go back. Snohomish PUD is hiring as well as The California ISO but I don’t think I can do shift work again, going to have to find some contract work. Oh well, time to cowboy up I guess. Amazon?
  23. Sorry, that’s what happens when I do it on my phone, I don’t know how large it is. Thanks whomever edited it. They gave me one in each arm.
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