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  1. An e-trike may be your option. I've seen a few expats driving or being driven around by their wives/girlfriends around town. It cost around 30-40k pesos.
  2. As far as the arrival area goes, rather bland but functional. I’m sure it’ll look better as they decorate as time goes.
  3. Flew back to Clark today. I did the one pass registration thing about 18 hours before the flight, as soon as I got the negative antigen result and received a barcode allowing me to board the flight. Kept checking for QR code for BI to send me for express lane processing at immigration 1 to 4 hours before the flight, but itnever came. However, it was a very quick process through the immigration and out the door.
  4. I drove there for a few nights in March. Drive there and back were just horrendous, as those impatient kamikaze drivers nearly killed me too often as they kept passing me around blind curves. One small justice, a pickup truck that nearly killed me on my way up flipped over on its side almost at the top of the mountain before the PNP checkpoint. It just wasn't worth the trouble so will not be going back.
  5. Did you go through an adoption with your step-daughter? I'm just curious because I will be starting the process with my step-son.
  6. I’m envious. My rent and car loan alone are 54k, and the rest for our family of four are..way up there. I need to reevaluate our budget.
  7. I ran into a same problem three years ago. I finally gave up and got married in Hong Kong. Filipino pride has something to do with not changing their minds, especially after their ego being bruised when being presented with facts.
  8. A letter they gave me at the embassy indicated I should have the card within two weeks, but didn't indicate how it would be sent and no courier fee was collected as was the case for CRBA. Looks like I'll have to email them.
  9. Got the CRBA and US passport for my son and just completed the application process for his Social Security Number at the US Embassy. Now I'm wondering how long it will be until his Social Security Card arrives. Anyone? How long did it take for your children's card to arrive?
  10. My Linksys router is connected to one of the ports in the Huawei modem/router provided by Converge, so I have the option of connecting wirelessly to either router, one with VPN and one without. Like the other posters, I mostly use it for banking and streaming services.
  11. My wife has been wanting to visit the US and told me about the long wait time for an interview, so we've discussed, perhaps going to a third country like Thailand where wait time is considerably shorter to 10 days. US State Department does allow interviews to be done in a third country, however, discourages this path, recommending interviews should be scheduled in the country of residence in their website. I am curious as to why the long wait in the Philippines vs other countries.
  12. I use Linksys WRT3200ACM loaded with ExpressVPN to get around the 5 devices limit.
  13. Having gone through a surgery a few years ago here in the Philippines, I can definitely understand the frustration. Any reason why you were looking for A+ blood specifically? According to compatibility chart, A+ person can receive O+, O- and A- blood, with O+ being the most common blood type in the world.
  14. I don't have anything to add regarding Schengen visas, but... I need to use up some of my airline points before it expire, so I've been looking at flying to Europe in March. While researching, I've noticed EU countries do welcome US citizens with travel originating from the US, but it does not indicate if they will allow entry for those travel originating from another country, specifically the Philippines. Also Philippines is not included as a safe country in the EU countries lists. I've not looked further into this, instead decided to fly to London first, if I do decide to go, where entry requirements appear easiest, and go from there. In your case, things likely will change by the time in summer you are ready to fly to Europe.
  15. According to this vlogger, 13A and SRRV visa holders do not need to have travel medical coverage. Good news for some of us
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