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  1. Youngster


    I'm also taking a small appliance back this month and will be using a step down converter. It shouldn't be a problem as long as the converter at least matches capacity load of your appliance.
  2. Sorry for the late response, we’ve been traveling the last few days. I understand the process now. Thanks all for the info.
  3. CENOMAR should indicate I am married. So I would just need to provide NSO with my divorce decree and I am free to marry?
  4. After reading through this post, I’m still not quite sure about the process. I married a Filipina in Manila some 30 years ago, and we divorced in the USA. I am now looking to marry my current filipina girlfriend in the Philippines. So do I need to file for recognition of divorce with the Philippines Court before I can remarry in the Philippines again, possibly having to wait up to 2 years? If so, are there any other options? Marry in Hong Kong? Do a K-1 VISA and marry in the USA/ I would appreciate any suggestions.
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