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  1. This is my experience with US based cards, but YMMV. As for replacement credit/debit cards for those about to expire, banks will only send them to my US addresse only. I know that because I requested for those new, not yet activated cards to be sent to me in the PI, and they refused. One workaround I found was, I would ask my relative who collects my mail to go ahead and send pics of front and back of my card which I then activate. After a few days, I would call the bank and report it lost, who then gladly sends it to my PI address, in my case, Schwab debit card and an Amex Card, bot
  2. I pay 3,199 pesos per month for 75mbps internet and cable with all premium channels from Converge. I am getting 75/75 up/down speeds and around 50/50mbps up/down through a router loaded with ExpressVPN firmware. I'm in the US at the moment but am told internet service at my home has been going on and off since the typhoon hit, and they are still waiting for repairman to show up.
  3. I guess this is the reason why they haven't refunded my throw away ticket for the flight in February that they cancelled. Oh well.
  4. According to one BI official in Angeles City I've talked to last month, you can enter/exit alone if you possess 13A, but I never thought to ask if possible with only marriage certificate.
  5. I thought those married to Filipinas, whether having 13A or not, were always allowed back in. I've been following VFamily on YouTube who just returned from the US to Bohol with only his marriage certificate and a copy of his wife's passport.
  6. As for Converge, you can pay with cc on their website.
  7. It's right next to the Clark Airport. Going there is the fast way to get your package.
  8. May 19, ordered an item. May 21, ordered another item. May 30, Both shipped via UPS through Louisville, KY, Korea, China. June 2, Arrived in Pampanga, cleared custom and scheduled for delivery the same day. But rescheduled. June 3, handed over to a local service for delivery. Delivery rescheduled. "Address issue, but resolved." June 4. No update. June 5. I live 15 minutes away from UPS warehouse, so went there. Told to go to another warehouse a short distance away. No problem picking it up, and employees are very accommodating. Warehouse is full of packa
  9. No activity/shipping info since ordering it 2 days ago. Will update you.
  10. #OnMyWay, thanks for the info. I didn't think Amazon would ship here. Ordered an item and it is supposed to be here between May 21 and June 10, but I'm guessing I'll get it by June 10 or later.
  11. I bought a TCL 4k TV from Abensons, but not a fan of smart TVs. I brought over Amazon Firestick 4k and use that instead.
  12. I've been through both. Cebu traffic is not really that bad compared to Manila.
  13. I'm on Converge 25 mbps plan in Angeles. Per the contract signed two months ago, they guarantee lowly 30% of the plan speed, but I have been getting 25 mbps or slightly higher, this going through a VPN router.
  14. I got a secured credit card while opening dollar and peso savings accounts back in January, primarily to get the wife a supplementary card for her to use in emergency. Unfortunately, she's since encountered quite a few "emergencies" every month at various stores in the malls. Anyway, credit line was 80% of money held in a secured savings account, and no interest if paid in full by due date. In the Angeles City S&R recently, there were HSBC sales staff approaching customers to apply for their credit card. For foreigners, they do require 1) a PI government ID, like PI driver's lice
  15. I'm also taking a small appliance back this month and will be using a step down converter. It shouldn't be a problem as long as the converter at least matches capacity load of your appliance.
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